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  1. Yildiz 28g ejector, 30” barrels multichoke like new only had 200 cartridges through it bargain at £400 800 or so cartridges available as well
  2. I have a yildiz 28g that has only had 200 carts through it, bought for my daughter really who has no interest so am looking to move on
  3. I have a yildiz 28g ejector 30” barrels and around 800 cartridges based in Norfolk if of interest
  4. Contact George at Proper Cartridges he is close to you
  5. I would recommend joining the working clumber spaniel society as I found them very helpful and so various training days etc. A few year since I had mine. sedgehurst are a good line. if on fb take a look about and depending where you are I am sure someone on the committee will help you as they want to further the breed
  6. empire cartridges do a 5 shot load in steel and is cheaper than JC i have a slab to try out over the next few weeks
  7. Have had harkila and comfy straight out if the box and wore well. now have dedito which are really good as well. I had danners many years ago where insulated and gorged lined and at that time cost an arm and a leg but certainly lasted very well and if I had had them stored properly when I moved out they no doubt would have lasted a lot longer.
  8. It would make sense to try to build your client base up before jacking the job in if you can as will ease the financial strain. chainsaw and spraying tickets would be a good start, a mate I know is always looking for good people on a saw, and someone else I know is always looking for grounds maintenance staff, may be interested in sub contract labour. as said before green waste disposal can be costly so a friendly farmer or you will have to ring around for prices and factor it into your quotes if the customer wants disposal. if you have space you could charge for disposal, compost it yourself and then sell it back to them as compost. I just had to get a tonne of topsoil delivered and it was £42 at mated rates so you can see how you could soon earn off it. accumulate plant and tools as you go and keep every receipt you can think of. Including the courses you go on. get a valuation if any plant and vehicles you currently own that you will introduce into the business. if you need an accountant drop me a line as are pretty local to you.
  9. I shall be giving then ago this season so fingers crossed they work as well as he said
  10. Duravit d code for basins, toilets etc take some beating and arent badly priced and are available easily online
  11. It is worth getting a price from them, they do charge £99 admin fee If on fb it is worth a go as I had more luck in fb than auto trader. Also if you know what you want for it you could always try your local 4x4 sales to see if they want to buy
  12. Have you looked on some of the fb pages as there some places going in a shoot in the fens if I can find the details I will let you know
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