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  1. I need a new cartridge bag

    An old syndicate member used to have such a cartridge bag I’m sure I’ve seen them for sale on eBay etc. probably best to get another cartridge bag. our syndicate is similar with a good chance of duck so we always carry some non toxic in 1 pocket and lead in the other, then on duck drives just empty the lead out and grab the steel cartridge bag
  2. Worst movie you have ever watched.

    No in 36DD at least 😁

    I’m out so should be yours

    Can you please confirm the pit to pit measurement across the chest please so I can check if the correct size. As if OK fit wise I will definitely have it and pay tonight
  5. Lakeland terrier wanted

    Wanted working strain Black and Tan Lakeland terrier pup must be out of working parents
  6. Bornaghi do a 36g steel in 70mm case i got these from Just Cartridges
  7. conveyancing

    Try Ward Gethin Archer have used them in the past and all went well
  8. Dog or Bitch

    I would go with which ever pup you prefer when you go as no doubt one will appeal to your more visually. Also a lot of RED in the pedigree, could be quite hot
  9. benelli m2 butt pad

    Or try John Forsey
  10. Ranger Wildtrak or L200 Barbarian

    I would say try to get a demo one to try of each as then you can compare them better than a 15 minute test drive. we had a wild track on demo and it certainly drove and felt agricultural to say the least especially the gearbox.
  11. Perazzi cracked forend again!

    By b2g forend has a crack in it that the action end and this was glued with epoxy and also reinforced inside with fibreglass I believe and the re finished and has held over the last 2 seasons with some big shells going through it.
  12. Eley lightening 32g 3s or 36g 3s found they kill well and bit too much recoil gamebore 36g 3s are also good but have a thump. did try bornaghi 36s 1s but found them a bit severe and caused my previous gun to double discharge which was painful
  13. Car allowance and hmrc

    Pretty sure there’s a form on the hmrc website to download and use. a quick google search should throw up a link. dont use an agency to do it for you as they will take 25% or so.
  14. The Barbour one has a wind proof and weatherproof stop liner in it much like the dunmoor fleece shooting jacket and I have always found both good on both counts. obviously you would want to be in a thunderstorm in either for a long period but the Barbour does stop the wind and has kept me dry in the past
  15. I have the Barbour version that I have had around 5 or 6 years and it is top drawer wore it Saturday with a shirt and ex mod lightweight top under it and was toasty whilst out and about. was expensive when bought but worth it.