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  1. 2014 72k miles full service history, full mot, Bose sound system. Panoramic roof, full electrics, sat nav, heated seats great condition £25995 ono
  2. Yes just spoken to Dan and just need to package it up and have the job done it deserves looks like there was lent much sold applied in the first place. thanks for the helpful comments and recommendations.
  3. Many thanks will he you a call later in the week to discuss time frame and likely costs
  4. Many thanks I have.m Chris Tanner locally who is ex Gallyons so hopefully should be able to give me some practical advice
  5. Have you tried George at Proper Cartridges he loads copper plated so may sell you some
  6. Is Hp proofed out of the factory so pretty new (early 2000s in think but am unsure until I find the paperwork) think I will have to take it for a 2nd opinion would be nice to have some ideas on costs and any pitfalls
  7. Just had a call to say by B2G centre ribs between both barrels are loose. any of you with gunsmithing experience Able to advise what the best course of action is and what might be a fair price? he was saying about trying to chemical fix them rather than full strip and re blue etc! my worry is if not correctly relaid will not then not shoot to POI? As is a modern gun and HP steel proofed want it done right and not a short term fix, that or chop it in?
  8. I had one of these and had it opened to 3/4 & 3/4 and shot it for two years using eley lighting 32g or 36g 3 shot and gamebore mammoth 36g 3 shot steel with no damage. i sold it as once my B2G came back from having the stock refinished it just sat in the cabinet. the lad I sold it to us still shooting steel through it with no damage. i felt the eley shot the best through it and it killed well at distance
  9. I have an unopened slab if 250 eley fourlong paper cased 410 cartridges is there much of a value for these?
  10. archi

    Volvo XC60

    I can do you a nice Audi SQ5 in white if interested
  11. Looking for a border Terrier pup ideally from working lines! any pointers in the right direction gratefully received
  12. 2016 1 previous owner, FSH, white, black leather interior. B&O sound system upgrade Sports Mode upgrade £25500 if the photos don’t uploads pm me your email address and will see do them on
  13. We have a samsung one for about 9 months and seems to be good so far
  14. When I had my issues he had been out if the country a lot with none or very little email access. he did come good so you may well have to chase him again
  15. Use zinser Bin sealer then emulsion works a treat
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