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  1. archi

    Laptop Help

    Exactly the same as I bought for our daughter
  2. archi

    Laptop Help

    Just had to do the same thing went on eBay and got a new Lenovo, didn’t read the small print it came with free DOS! So has to buy windows operations system. we have office 365 so then put that in as part of a family subscription £70 per year for around 6 machines. the only good thing was that our computer tech guy said the Lenovo laptop was a good spec. have bought refurbed in the past but find that aren’t brilliant. i think the Lenovo with microdot operating started is around £400 off eBay - quite a few sites do 0% payments spread over 3or 4 months, paUp all credit al
  3. I think they have to pay the vat on the difference between the selling price and what they paid for it originally.
  4. My old le chams have perished and so need to replace and was thinking about the gumleaf royal zipped boots has anybody got any feedback good or bad? archi
  5. As per title I am looking for a flat bridle leather slip lead 1.3m long 1/2 wide with a stop. is anybody able to make one?
  6. Yes had a set done around 4 weeks ago top job done as well
  7. Got a message just before due to leave to say he had sold it so it was probably was a good one
  8. I’m off to look at an 09 plate hse today supposedly fsh with 125k on the clock with no bodywork damage for £4k see if it is too good to be true, photos so far look ok
  9. I bred mine at about that age and as long as is fit and healthy should be ok maybe discuss with your vet, I did
  10. Just that they couldn’t manage it in the end i think someone made an error and didn’t follow the instructions or write them down properly.
  11. Just be careful as I bought a nearly mint b2g from them on the understanding that they would fit a curved horn pad and re finish the stock when I collected they had fitted an ebonite pad with a straight edge and the stock was finished with a french polish type of finish rather than oil. it just took the edge off the purchase
  12. Iroko goes silver with age as does cedar not sure if you get cedar decking though
  13. archi

    New coat.

    Arktis falklands jacket by country covers
  14. I have had a longings watch for well over 15 years now and only ever had to change the batteries and is worn 24/7 seems to keep the time spot on i can’t tell you model though but did buy the wife the same brand over 10 years ago and it has been spot on as well
  15. Wouldn’t bother from what I have heard and seen 2 of my mates tried the 20g version and didn’t think they had great stopping power. i tried the 12g and whilst ok wouldn’t say that where any better than std cartridges that cost a lot less.
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