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  1. Question is who makes the Aldi branded ones
  2. Yes it will be a thanks for the offer but will keep my cash in the bank Yes my sister who works in the N&N said we are 3 weeks of peaking and it could last for 3 months so am keeping my money safe
  3. Just had the little syndicate I am in at East Carleton near Norwich saying they are going to postpone this season. Followed by call from a friend doing a roving syndicate like last year but say day booked will be payment in full up front with no refunds being offered by the shoots, decisions decisions
  4. My neither same for Lush
  5. Anthony Poolman he shoots about 20k per year pigeons that is
  6. Many thanks for the heads up
  7. Is an Ulrika 26” barrel with narrow rib Yes is a mobile choke briley would be good if available
  8. Just picked up a mint beretta 391 auto today for £400 cant have shot 100 carts by the look of it. only 1 choke used and not a mark on the stock. if anyone has Teague 5/8 extended choke going spare then drop me a line.
  9. Just picked a mint 391 auto up and ideally want a Teague 5/8 extended Mobil choke!
  10. You may well find someone will run a pup on until the time required for you to take it home this is what I did with my lab
  11. You should get around 20% off the net price before vat on the L200 which is supplied by Tyson Cooper. you just have to email them with your request and quote your basc membership no as long as you have been a member for a year. similar sort of deal available on the navara and new wildtrak
  12. Fortis clothing sold by country covers i believe i have their falklands jacket and can’t fault it and is probably 10 years old
  13. Pretty sure Dave at Recoil Systems can help as I think the green pad has enough flex to fit a miroku stock
  14. We have a tempur memory foam mattress but whilst was expensive has been really good and solved my back problem
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