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  1. Insulated box and 4 panels with roof easy to erect and keep clean as no wood to get wet and smelly etc.
  2. I have had harkila for around 5 years or some and found them great. Will probably try the diotto boots next time as they seem to get good reviews
  3. I was forced to shoot the mk60 for whole season whilst me other gun was having woodwork sorted and I used Eley pigeon Hv I think where 32g 7s or 6.5s and it didn’t make a mess of any birds that where shot all season with it being 3/4 in each barrel.
  4. Miroko mk60 high pheasant has a high comb as standard and was virtually right for me out of the box and I virtually have a trap gun stock set up on my B2G game gun
  5. Stephen Roberts @ Towerbird Gundogs based at Audley End, is a spaniel man so should be ideal. i have used him in the past 👌
  6. Me too no update Sent 2 or 3 PMs and no response but logged in yesterday so a bit baffled with no update!
  7. has anybody heard anything yet regarding despatch/delivery dates?
  8. Many thanks Happy to wait for it to arrive
  9. Think there is one other that hasn’t received his as well
  10. You shouldn’t have any issues with a B2G if you get one from a reputable dealer
  11. Pm sent if can reply with answers I may well take it!
  12. Have you got the Navy in Uk 48?
  13. archi

    BASC membership

    It should be on the website but likely to be 18-20% + vat off list price I would have thought
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