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  1. Funny thing my go practice phined to ask if they needed to fill in the form and to request payment, but my renewal hat already come through- happy days
  2. Look for Osmo they do various products with varying sheen finishes and tints. we use it on most of our internal doors when fitting wanting a unpainted natural looking timber
  3. You will have to call him in his mobile number as I don’t think he is a member of Pw
  4. I bought a 2006 freelander a month ago with 3 month warranty from a local dealer where we agreed on things to do one of which was a binding noise coming from the rear brakes. Anyway everything was meant to have been done! There was still a noise from the rear brakes so It went back and they said the rear sliders needed a good clean etc and that all was ok. Anyway took it up the road and still not fixed so it went back again, theyhave fitted new rear discs and handbrake shoes and adjusted 1 hand brake adjuster was partly seizes and returned motor Friday night to say all fixed no noise.
  5. archi

    Kitchen Paint

    I have used Dulux trade diamond Matt which is a scrubbable paint mixed to a chosen colour Covered well and seems to work as it should i don’t think the colour match to F&B was a brilliant match though but the merchants such as brewers of kent blaxill should be able to advise armstead Laing is also part of the Dulux brand but cheaper and they do a similar type or paint
  6. Arktis falklands coat has never let me down
  7. Get the one you like then you will be happy with what you are shooting just order the Rio royals from just cartridges if you need to. I tried 100 of them and found them really good as well many years ago
  8. archi

    Laptop Help

    Exactly the same as I bought for our daughter
  9. archi

    Laptop Help

    Just had to do the same thing went on eBay and got a new Lenovo, didn’t read the small print it came with free DOS! So has to buy windows operations system. we have office 365 so then put that in as part of a family subscription £70 per year for around 6 machines. the only good thing was that our computer tech guy said the Lenovo laptop was a good spec. have bought refurbed in the past but find that aren’t brilliant. i think the Lenovo with microdot operating started is around £400 off eBay - quite a few sites do 0% payments spread over 3or 4 months, paUp all credit al
  10. I think they have to pay the vat on the difference between the selling price and what they paid for it originally.
  11. My old le chams have perished and so need to replace and was thinking about the gumleaf royal zipped boots has anybody got any feedback good or bad? archi
  12. As per title I am looking for a flat bridle leather slip lead 1.3m long 1/2 wide with a stop. is anybody able to make one?
  13. Yes had a set done around 4 weeks ago top job done as well
  14. Got a message just before due to leave to say he had sold it so it was probably was a good one
  15. I’m off to look at an 09 plate hse today supposedly fsh with 125k on the clock with no bodywork damage for £4k see if it is too good to be true, photos so far look ok
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