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  1. archi

    Woodburner.. Morso 6143 vs contura 510

    Have a look at Rais
  2. archi

    Car scrappage scheme

    If a basc member might be worth contacting them to see what deals are available and if u get the scrappage scheme as well
  3. archi

    20 Bore recomendations for Game

    Mate has a pair of MK60 high pheasants in 20g 32” barrels. He has had one of them opened up to 1/2 & 1/2 and shoots steel through them. They do feel nice and seem to handle well with felt recoil
  4. archi

    Which Browning / Miroku

    Just buy a secondhand B25 and get a few better quality gun
  5. archi

    Browning 425 20g too short- Help!

    A nice bit of buffalo horn fitted and polished up looks good, got that on mine. or a leather covered pad. Both won’t be the cheapest option but will look better than a 1” black pad or a badly matched walnut extension
  6. archi

    Varnishing over epoxy

    I think you can get a clear resin which they often use on live edge worktops etc to fill the cracks etc. might be worth a look
  7. archi

    Goretex Jacket and trouser outfit

    Have had Barbour in the past with no issues. what about schoffel one of the most popular brands and is now by coat of choice for game shooting. i don’t think you will go wrong with any of the main players just pick the one that fits and feels the best. I thought harkila felt too heavy and stiff as a like a lightweight coat to shoot in. i don’t tend to wear over trousers unless absolutely hammering down as water proof lined plus 4s which stop the rain from going into the wellies
  8. archi

    cressingham charity clay shoot

    If you mean the Brian cross memorial shoot at gressenhall in Sunday then yes it has been cancelled
  9. Me too just ordered some to put on my buffalo horn crook so help when collecting up after each drive.
  10. archi

    Shirts for Shooting

    Cordings also do really good shirts and while prices last a long time and if bought in the sale are then very good value
  11. Is the Brady magazine still available?


    1. archi

      Brady Cartridge Magazine

      Is this still for sale?
    2. archi

      Ski Boots & Kit

      Pretty certain snow & rock have a sale on at present by the looks of their website.
    3. archi

      Ski Boots & Kit

      Have you tried snow & rock as I am sure they do boot fitting and also sell atomic boots. im pretty sure this is who I use to stretch my boots at one point