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  1. I got some good stuff if kcb leather from his fb page that you warm up and apply to warm boots. 2 treatments and they seem to be a lot softer and better than when I used nikwax
  2. Wellies recommendations?

    Dedito look good £65-£85 look like a lechameu copy not worn them tho
  3. Browning 525 20 Bore Sporter Forend?

    From Browning maybe but unlikely to ever match the stock. that or get 1 made and colour match
  4. Wellies - Dunlop or Aigle?

    Dedito do some neoprene zip for about £90 look ok and their leather boots seem to get good reviews so might me worth a look.
  5. Aldi Wellies

    Me too seemed bargain and rude not too at that price
  6. 16 bore

    One for sale in the private section
  7. Browning Heritage II

    I shot one for a day when I was looking for a new gun and really liked it but i am a browning fan. i went for a mint B2G which was the same prices as a new heritage. a friend has one and has had it for 3 or 4 years and must be out 3 or 4 times a week with it and shoots a lot of steel through it with no issues.
  8. Car Discount - LR

    I think you are wrong on this by a long way. yes no one pays list price but the basc are fleet terms which local dealers won’t offer to a one off customer. i tried numerous dealers, Carwow, carfile and some others and no one could get near to basc which was 20% off the price before vat along with the same off all extras and foc metallic paint. it worked out at 25% off the list price and was by cheaper than buying a 1 or 2 year old used car!
  9. Car Discount - LR

    I think if you log into the basc site under motoring tab with you membership number you can then see the discounts per model. that or drop them an email i found them easy to deal with and got a good discount off my ford, better than any broker as discount is before vat. the dealers should be able to tell you the discount but you will need to quote your basc number and speak to someone on the fleet side
  10. the times page 3

    Prefer the other type of page 3👙 😂
  11. Help

    Easy to source online specific to your car and are dirt cheap just google search
  12. Herefordshire gun shops

    Oh well still not too far to travel😁
  13. Herefordshire gun shops

    Park street guns carl Russel & co atkin grant & laing stutley bros donaldsons
  14. Jeremy Gower : Thomas Crown Tailoring

    Tried fb with no luck but have since had a text apologising and say there was an issue with RM so hopefully all should arrive tomorrow and panic over. it was really the lack of returning calls that got me worried.
  15. Jeremy Gower : Thomas Crown Tailoring

    Well that’s what hope but when the calls don’t get answered and promises not kept what else can one think. i hope I am wrong but think the £285 has gone