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  1. archi

    BASC membership

    It should be on the website but likely to be 18-20% + vat off list price I would have thought
  2. Uk fixings or uk.farnell.com sell them individually might be worth looking at www.its.co.uk as the might also sell them
  3. I shot quite a lot of 3” steel 3 shot though an Mk60 high Pheasant 3/4 & 3/4 choke with no issues just have good kills
  4. I have just picked up a cracking bitch up from Rye McKnight at Gunnerah gundogs in Anglessey it was a long trip from Norfolk but well worth it.
  5. archi

    Best vacuum

    Miele cat/dog bagless hoover £239 from John Lewis was amazed what it took out of the carpets after using it straight behind a vax really strong suction, you can see the carpet lift up as you use it. highly recommended
  6. Steven Roberts @ Towerbird gundogs. based at Audley End. he favours the old type do should be able to help. he has a webpage
  7. Ribeye for me pink in the middle and with a nice bit of colour to the outer. hate it when they serve it virtully grey on the outside
  8. archi


    I sold an Aya 16 gauge a few years ago and the buyer came across as a bit of a tool before turning up. Anyway he turned took out thus lovely bore measuring tool and said oh is well out of proof. After laughing and telling him I don’t think so it only turned out he had it set to a 20 gauge setting. He bought it in the end but I did feel like telling him to do one.
  9. Have you looked at Mercury Hearing i think that are a lot more sensibly priced than Cens.
  10. We have a samsung one that is really good but is a condensor type. maybe do a quick search on AO
  11. Google bumper smart repairs may well be the cheapest option
  12. Due to my current syndicate of 19 years having to fold due to the farming company taking the lease back I am now looking for a Saturday driven syndicate in Norfolk. if any anybody hears or knows of anything it will be much appreciated
  13. Have a look at fur feather & fin as they look like really good quality. i don’t know how much you use a gunslip but you definitely gen what you pay for.
  14. I am looking for a red deer coronet as my best mate has had his stick taken and I want to make him a replacement. if any body had a suitable piece with s full tune then please let me know? happy to pat. thanks Mark
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