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  1. archi

    Dummy Launcher

    If you get one put it into an old air gun stock or get a stock adaptor for it as it takes a lot of the recoil away from the wrist. still using mine otherwise you could have had it as I’m in Reepham
  2. I bought a Kuga over 4 years through basc scheme and can’t fault it, had no problems to date. Only went for the 1.5tdci engines titanium model and for the size of engine goes well is come and good on a long run
  3. Not on an A3 but freelanders suffer from this as well
  4. I made one many year as ago out if I think 4mm ply and 1” batten with an old car seat belt as the carry strap was nice and light and I think is still in the garage somewhere
  5. This is the case as unopened I would think 50 years old plus
  6. I have unopened slab of Eley fourlong paper cased cartridges that have never been touched are these with holding into as a collectable item?
  7. Yes please send me you bank details and will pay later tonight
  8. I had a pair or pro hunters for 5 years plus and they had a fair bit of hammer and stood up well until this year when the lining in heel started to go and made them a bit uncomfortable. some people slate them but mine didn’t leak although the leather did crack look on John Norris as they usually have them in offer. I now have gone over to dedito which seem really comy staring out if the box but you so have to go 1/2 size up on your normal fit
  9. I often used to just run my finger nail over the pussy bits to get it out then use warm salty water then apply a bit in anti septic cream
  10. Funny thing my go practice phined to ask if they needed to fill in the form and to request payment, but my renewal hat already come through- happy days
  11. Look for Osmo they do various products with varying sheen finishes and tints. we use it on most of our internal doors when fitting wanting a unpainted natural looking timber
  12. You will have to call him in his mobile number as I don’t think he is a member of Pw
  13. I bought a 2006 freelander a month ago with 3 month warranty from a local dealer where we agreed on things to do one of which was a binding noise coming from the rear brakes. Anyway everything was meant to have been done! There was still a noise from the rear brakes so It went back and they said the rear sliders needed a good clean etc and that all was ok. Anyway took it up the road and still not fixed so it went back again, theyhave fitted new rear discs and handbrake shoes and adjusted 1 hand brake adjuster was partly seizes and returned motor Friday night to say all fixed no noise.
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