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    Originally from Wales, moved to east mids. into all kinds of shotgun shooting and conservation.
    Other interests.... farming, tractors and of course sheep!

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  1. It's not so much I'm defending police, more defending speed limits. They have to have a way of enforcing them. I'm speaking as someone who lost a loved one when she was hit crossing the road by someone doing 37 in a 30. It's small margins, but potentially can have life altering consequences.
  2. Haha yolo, isn't that what they youth say??
  3. I swapped from navara to d-max and would thoroughly recommend them. Imo they are main truck maker still aiming first & foremost at those who use them as workhorse, rather than school run or site managers...!
  4. At 30 you stand much higher survival rates. They don't pluck figure from thin air. Nobody comes up with speed limits to catch people out or to make money. I fail to see how speeding relates to those other crimes? No, not invested in catching peoples, invested in keeping all road users safe. If your that desperate to go fast then book yourself a track day.
  5. Truly spoken like someone with zero understanding/experience of working in the force. What if J.Public is doing 34 in a 30 and hits your son/daughter??
  6. I was out yesterday too so us taffs are just as daft! I didn't even bother getting hide or decoys out though, could picture myself wrapped up in my own hide net!! Walked around, tucked into hedges under flight lines, sitty trees etc. Ended with 1 pigeon, 1 magpie, & 1 rabbit!! 🤪
  7. Had mine 3 year now, but only wear for couple hours a week.
  8. Which model mate? Bekina steplite are excellent wellies mate, but I find them too wide, opposite to you & gumleaf.
  9. Hello At work I wear steplites. Great wellies but very loose fitting (skinny legs!). I only wear when working the cattle so only a few hours at a time. Wanting a better fitting, walking welly for walked up shooting. Had le chamaue in past but split at heel after one winter so bit put off. Can anyone suggest others? I'm rather taken by the cammo jack pyke neoprene ones.
  10. If it's still for sale tomorrow I'll be interested. I'm in Notts.
  11. Hello We're going to put couple larssen's out in next week. Livestock farm with a large wood. Are there any particular locations on a farm that work better than other's? Just where see them most often, under trees etc? TIA
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