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    Originally from Wales, moved to east mids. into all kinds of shotgun shooting and conservation.
    Other interests.... farming, tractors and of course sheep!

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  1. The award for worst photo ever goes to......
  2. I use RC sipe 32g #5 lovely cartridge
  3. BenBhoy


    Just started seeing them in Nottinghamshire
  4. Absolute bargain forsomeone there!
  5. Evening, I'm looking for a syndicate DIY shoot. I'm as interested in the keepering side of it, working parties, feeding & conservation etc as I am the few days shooting. I work as a shepherd, genuine countryman through & through. Over 15 years shooting experience. GWCT member. Just happiest working outside! Thanks in advance Ben
  6. I'm a member of GWCT had email from them at 9am this morning about this.
  7. Absolute joke isn't it mate. I despair with the powers that be in this country.
  8. Only have top entry ones here, 3 of them. So far caught 21 magpie, 11 crows. But I have spent about 12 hours (over couple weeks) shooting crows & currently on 78. I may invest in round trap for next spring; any recommendation?
  9. How much quieter than a regular 12gauge is it really?
  10. Welcome. Bit of Blighty in the US, love it! Ironically, lots of my mates (And my missus) say I seem more American than British most of the time.... think it's my denim dungarees & banjo!! Welcome!
  11. I'm in the same boat mate, few years out with kids etc. Good for the soul to make the time & get out there doing something you love.
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