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    Originally from Wales, moved to east mids. into all kinds of shotgun shooting and conservation.
    Other interests.... farming, tractors and of course sheep!

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  1. BenBhoy


    Fam30 & the beauty of the iodine you can see who's dipped & who hasn't.
  2. Cheers for replies fellas. There aren't any shoots nearby & therefore very few pheasant. Basically hoped to release, not shoot any for 2 years, and just see if they can maintain themselves. Apart from habitat management & pest control, how else could I boost chances? Don't want to feed as they'll become depending on it, not really wild. All we want is the chance of a shot eventually on a rough walk round, only a couple of us.
  3. Hi, I work as a shepherd on a family farm. 100% pasture land but bordered both side by arable. We have private woodland about 70ac. How feasible would it be for me to release some adult pheasant into the woods & hope they'd survive & breed themselves? No gamekeeper but I control fox & crow. Ideally with minimal feeding...
  4. BenBhoy

    Convert to lofters

    I remember from a while back, someone posted a method to change regular full body into lofted decoy using a ballast & coathanger....ring any bells cos I can't find it now! Tia
  5. BenBhoy

    Mossberg Hushpower Pump 410 .410

    Is this still available?
  6. BenBhoy

    Mossberg Hushpower Pump 410 .410

    Can you send some pics of marks/dents please
  7. BenBhoy

    Never say die..

    Good write up cheers. Pays to keep trying.
  8. BenBhoy

    Holy moley

    Find it's quite regional. Here in Notts no more than normal in my fields, but went up to N.York recently & fields full of them, tripping over bloody things!
  9. BenBhoy

    Wanted .410 hushpower 3shot

    Any brand. No silly £££. Looking for fully mod .410 to get daughter started
  10. As the title, is anyone s member? I'm thinking of applying to join up. The permissions available sound great & they do conservation work which I love to do.
  11. BenBhoy

    Beaters, North Notts, Friday

    Hi Henry. Are you wanting regular beaters for coming season?
  12. Hey up mate.


    Been a while!! You started lambing? 

    1. Looking for both the above on SGC. Prefer hardwood green cammo but any considered. .410 hush. Any make considered. Prefer 3 shot but single shot if price right. East Midlands or as close to. Cheers.
    2. BenBhoy

      .410 carts

      Cheers fellas.