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    Originally from Wales, moved to east mids. into all kinds of shooting and conservation.
    Other interests.... farming, tractors and of course sheep!

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  1. Fantastic write up @Old Boggy im envious of the friendship you both share, thanks for taking the time.
  2. Hi have you had it from new/how old is it?
  3. Cats love a bale stack
  4. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orphanage I'd keep the gun
  5. Out of interest what tup do you put over the wilts? Do you retain ewe lambs? Are they cameroon sheep with them, all shedders?
  6. Ah probably for the best! Well done 👍
  7. Arghhhh damned PW trading post, such an evil temptress!!
  8. All the best JD. Them pigeons best watch out come March!!
  9. Another great video Al, I always look out for your posts, great content thanks for taking the time to post.
  10. Do the legs extend ok & lock at each notch?
  11. Does the Italian man know you're selling his shirts??
  12. Plenty of rats in liverpool, skip rats
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