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    Originally from Wales, moved to east mids. into all kinds of shooting and conservation.
    Other interests.... farming, tractors and of course sheep!

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  1. You need to growl into it like a bear, a deep chested bear with something stuck in its throat. Don't blow into it like a party blower.
  2. Cheers old'un I have got the trap set like that at the minute, fingers crossed.
  3. 🤣 You'd want a steady hand (and big ******((() to attempt that!
  4. But with no spacers, what is it at its smallest? (I'm a borderline dwarf!!)
  5. Looking for a crow and/or magpie. Nottinghamshire/Leicestershire area. Thanks
  6. BenBhoy


    Don't forget the skiing sticks 🙄
  7. I'll have this if still available
  8. Yeah, this one & THL. That alright with you???
  9. Just wanted to let people know about the fantastic service I received from A1 decoy recently. I bought a new cammo hide from them at the shooting show last Saturday. Unfortunately when I got home I realised some scrote bag had nicked it out of my shopping bag. Being that I'm a bit cheeky (!!) I messaged A1 & told them and asked if any chance they could post me a replacement... and they said yes!! Absolutely first rate fair play to them all (and a special mention to the very helpful Aimee). So refreshing in this day & age a company willing to go above and beyond. Thank you A1 Decoy.
  10. Haha cracking write up regardless!
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