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    Originally from Wales, moved to east mids. into all kinds of shooting and conservation.
    Other interests.... farming, tractors and of course sheep!

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  1. NG13 couple miles outside Bingham Cheers
  2. Bob Parratt tweed jacket. New condition NEVER been worn. Labelled as small but too big for me, more like a M/L. £20 collected Nottinghamshire £29 posted
  3. 16 pigeon decoys. Been well used. Some in much better condition than others. Picture is of best condition & the worst with everything else inbetweeners. £20 collected Nottinghamshire
  4. Looking for a 16" t-bolt in hmr caliber. Don't mind wood or synthetic. Stand alone rifle or scope/mod package. East Midlands. Cheers.
  5. Any song that starts with the 'singer' saying "uhh" or saying their own name.
  6. Following this as I'm after new jacket for the coming season. What do people think of ridgeline? This seems a decent price https://www.ardmoor.co.uk/ridgeline-torrent-iii-jacket-ridrlcwjt3
  7. Whereabouts in staffs are you mate? I might be tempted at that price
  8. Don't let your missus catch you calling her that!!
  9. I'm oot, no interested in any social media
  10. BenBhoy

    T bolt 17HMR

  11. ...or stick to the speed limit, problem solved.
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