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  1. XL Seeland marsh jacket, lovely jacket although the zip is damaged and no longer works, this could be fixed. Jacket still does up with button poppers. £25 ONO posted or collection from the forest of dean gloucestershire.
  2. XL Woodbury tweed jacket for sale, zip is damaged at the bottom, the zip doesn't work at all, could be fixed. Jacket can still be done up with the buton poppers. £15 ONO posted within the uk or collection for the forest of dean, gloucestershire
  3. Hi for sale i have a Deban Tracer 12v 10ah lithium battery pack and a Tracer tri star scope mounted lamp. Used, great condition, great for air rifle and rimfire work, battery only comes with car cigerette charger. £40 posted within the uk or collection from the forest of dean, gloucestershire.
  4. Hi for sale i have 2 pairs of Hoggs of Fife moleskin breeks 42" waist, used lovely condition. Only selling as i've lost weight and they no longer fit. These are £50 new, grab yourself a bargain £25 each posted, or the 2 pairs for £40 posted within the UK. Or collection from the forest of dean, gloucestershire. Ryan
  5. Barbour Derby Tweed shooting jacket in medium. Double zip, cartridge pockets. There are 2 faint marks on the front of the jacket, hardly visable though. This is a quality jacket, made by Barbour. £80 ONO
  6. Hi for sale i have my Deban Tracer 12v 4ah Lithium battery pack with a Deban Tracer Tri - Star scope mounted lamp. It's a brilliant little unit, perfect for air rifle, rimfire use. Battery pack comes with car cigerette charger only. £50 ONO
  7. I used to feed my old lab that, i tried my younger lab on it and she kept vommiting. The vet suggested a hypoallergenic diet, i got her on the duck and rice and she's been great. I can't put her on the maintenance as she will most likely start vomiting again. All the hypoallergenic seems to be quite higher in protein levels, it's a shame i can't source a lower percentage one
  8. This is something i haven't thought about, i must admit.
  9. Walking in the day would be a good option however this is just totally impossible with me being out at work unfortunately. No children, it's a strange one. My old lab is nealy 11 now from different breeding and she seemed a lot easier to train from day 1, just quite but keen to please. This younger lab, is a different dog altogether. She's keen to please but to the point she's so excited she looses concentration sometimes. I could try lowering the protein level, she is on skinners adult food now which is about 24% protein.
  10. Hi I have a 17 month old lab bitch, she is comming on great in her training just going to start bringing her out with me. The problem i have with her is that she is so hyper, i walk her before work and returning walk her again, i know she's still young but it's she's so hyper sometimes when out training we can struggle beacuse she is so excited. She's currently fed on skinners duck and rice, as she has to be fed a hypoallergenic diet. Any advice greatly appreciated Thanks
  11. Barbour Derby tweed jacket in medium. Lovely shooting jacket, cartridge pockets, double zip. 2 small faint marks on front of jacket, hardly noticeable. £90 posted or collection from forest of dean, gloucestershire.
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