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  1. Yeah i'm after a black sythetic stock to go on mine
  2. Hi looking online for a replacement synthetic stock for my Tikka T3 Hunter in 223, can't find a standard sythtic stock anywhere online! Any advice? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi the screen just packed up, the screen is 3". The housing unit is 3 3/4" I've looked on ebay struggling to find the same size screen replacement unit.
  4. Can anyone recommend a .223 cleaning kit? Thanks
  5. Hi advertising for a friend. For sale official suzuki Jimny load liner, been in storage, bit distorted from sun will push back into place once fitted. £85 ONO Cash on collection from The forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. Thanks
  6. Hi is this still available?
  7. Looking for a day on the pigeons in the summer with a mate, any recomendations on guides and rough prices. Many Thanks
  8. Hi looking for a replacement screen for a LL700 digital nightvision add on. Thanks
  9. Just simply curious as to how old my rifle is.
  10. Sorry just seen smooth legs
  11. Hi for sale is my Harris bipod 13 - 24 non swivel bipod, £40 posted Thanks
  12. Hi are the legs notched? Thanks
  13. Thanks for this info, I will send them a message.
  14. Hi has anyone got a link or website where you can age your Tikka rifle? I can't seem to find anything online cheers.
  15. Hi i will take this , if still available
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