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  1. For sale Seeland Quad sticks, used condition has marks on them from usage, 1 of the rubber feet is missing. Great sticks, only selling as upgraded. £35 posted within the UK
  2. For sale ifor williams drop down tailgate 62.5" wide x 6ft high. Very well made!!! Does not include springs and pins, tailgate only. £130 ONO Contactless collection only from the Forest Of Dean, Gloucestershire. Thanks
  3. Ifor williams drop down tailgate for sale, 62.5" wide, 6ft high. Collection only. £150 ONO Collection from the forest of dean, gloucestershire.
  4. Hi what's the best JSB pellets for an Air Arms S410 .22 for vermin control and occasional plinking Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi my 2 year old lab has developed a habbit of not wanting to surrender the dummy to me after a retrieve, when i issue the command 'dead' and go to take it out of her mouth she keeps turning her head not wanting me to have it back. Any advice greatfully recieved!
  6. I've heard this name mentioned before
  7. Hi any posotives/negatives on the BSA R10 (FAC). Thanks in advance!
  8. That's interesting to know, i know the dealer who told me that you could and i trust him.
  9. Your right there Mice! I don't think there will be a lot of disposable income about at the moment, people will be holding onto there money more then ever now! I'm wanting the FAC for use around the farm buildings ect where i can't use my .22LR. I just want an air rifle with a little more poke.
  10. I asked this question at sportsman gun centre and they said you can turn it back to an air rifle after if you ever wanted
  11. I asked Air Arms at the british shooting show could they upgrade it to FAC and have it put on my licence and he said they wouldn't do it.
  12. Yeah i need to sell to buy, i don't know what's best to do. I'm rather attatched to this air gun. It all comes down to money unfortunately
  13. I already have an open licence, i just don't know what's cheaper to do. I have no intention of selling my S410, if i ever did i could possibley have it converted back to an air rifle. Do you know how this variable power works, i see the older factory FAC are fixed power and the newer ones are variable. With the variable power do you have to adjust your zero, when you alter the power?
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