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  1. Hi did you manage to post the parcel after? Many thanks
  2. Hi I've just sent payment through, can you confirm Chris. Many thanks Ryan
  3. Do you accept PayPal? I can send payment today. My address is Mr R Berryman 27 Whitecross Road Lydney Gloucestershire GL15 5DQ
  4. Does it all function ok? If so I'll do £27
  5. Hi I'm looking for swarovski optics UK contact information, can't seem to find it online. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi I'm after a Howa 1500 - 308 magazine Thanks
  7. What's the best 18650 Batteries to use in a pard 007, thanks in advance
  8. Do you know if this is the case, that there still waiting on a part? Thanks
  9. Hi has anyone got the new Ulta CLX yet? I've heard BSA are late releasing them, due to waiting on a part to complete the build of them. Thanks in advance
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