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  1. squirrel shooter

    Insa Turbo Ranger Tyres

    thats great stuff, I'm sure they will be just the job for what i want, thanks fella Are these AT tyres? thanks
  2. squirrel shooter

    Insa Turbo Ranger Tyres

    would you recommend another AT tyre, or would they do the job? never had remoulds before.
  3. squirrel shooter

    Insa Turbo Ranger Tyres

    I want to put them on my Toyota Rav4, I want an AT tyres as it's the best of both worlds for on the road driving and off road for when I go shooting. I only do about 5k miles a year. General Grabber and BF Goodrich AT are £100+ per tyre was you doing a lot off on the road driving? I only do about 5k miles a year.
  4. squirrel shooter

    Insa Turbo Ranger Tyres

    Has anyone had the Insa Turbo Ranger AT tyres, I know they are remoulds. I don't do many miles per year, there well priced at £76 each. Thanks
  5. squirrel shooter

    Tikka T3 Hunter Wooden Stock

    Hi for sale is my Tikka T3 Hunter wooden stock, this came off my .223. Comes complete with trigger gaurd, although the screws are missing. One of the sling studs is missing as well. Clean stock minimal marks. Posted £80 or collection from The Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. Thanks. please pm me for more photos, thanks
  6. squirrel shooter

    seeland quad sticks black friday sale?

    i am 6' 2" and I have to have the legs extended a bit, find them stable. Currently borrowing my mates quad sticks at the moment. They are better then the 2 primos trigger sticks that I've had in the last 12 months, both went back under warranty.
  7. squirrel shooter

    seeland quad sticks black friday sale?

    Yeah I have the black sticks are out of stock, only the camo are available which are not discounted.
  8. squirrel shooter

    seeland quad sticks black friday sale?

    Does anyone know who is doing a black friday sale on seeland quad sticks many thanks
  9. squirrel shooter

    Shooterking Clothing

    Hi does anyone own any shooterking clothing? Thinking of the Ventua jacket and trousers, any pros and cons of the clothing would be great. Thanks in advance.
  10. squirrel shooter

    fox red lab mistaken for fox

    Hi I have a fox red lab and will be picking up soon on my local syndicate, one of the rules are no ground game. That doesn't stop being concerned that a gun might get carried away and see a darting fox red lab as a fox and take a shot, anyone else concerned as me? Thanks in advance
  11. squirrel shooter

    Galvanised dog kennel - summer heat!

    It is the set up which I need for my 2 labs. I've currently got a wooden 6x4 shed with a 6x5 run attatched to it. The shed has a pop hole to axcess run and the run is wooden frame with galv mesh and solid roof. It's on it's last legs now and needs replacing. Got a budget of about a grand that. KM engineering can do me the run I require and insulated box for about that. I'm just worrying about the Sunlight with it being metal, like you said with it all being galv it's easy to keep clean
  12. squirrel shooter

    Galvanised dog kennel - summer heat!

    sorry I meant a galv dog run. looked at a 8x6. the front would be galv mesh and the back and sides of the run would be solid metal sheet. (solid to keep the wind out) I would then have an insulated dog box box inside. Just thinking would the solid sides attract the heat and make the temperatures on the inside of the run hot.
  13. Hi sounds a bit of s silly question but here goes! Does anyone have a galvanised dog kennel with solid metal sheet sides on it. I'm looking at getting one from an established kennel company but am worried weather they would attract the heat and get too hot for the dogs inside? Thanks in advance
  14. Has anyone else had faulty primos gen 2 tripod trigger sticks? I've had 2 of them now and on both occasions, I've had trouble with one of the legs not working, having a refund now and gonna get some Seeland Quad sticks.
  15. squirrel shooter

    .223 - 40g

    Hi does anyone shoot 40g in .223 I have heard a lot of good comments about them. I always usually shoot 53g, fancy a flatter round over a bit more distance. Thanks