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  1. squirrel shooter

    Howa 1500 short action replacement stock

    Hi asking for a friend, he's interested in a direct replacement stock for his Howa (houge stock) 1500 .223 short action sporter barrel. cheers
  2. squirrel shooter

    Pard NV007 charging port

    I've read that you can get a Pard power pack and charger? I've looked online and can't find it anywhere.
  3. squirrel shooter

    Pard NV007 charging port

    Hi I've just read online that the pard nv007 USB port is not meant for charging, it's only for data. You have to charge the 18650 battery on an external charger. By charging the unit through the USB you could damage the unit and void the warranty. Has anyone heard this as well?
  4. squirrel shooter

    Muscle/joint tablets

    Hi I have a 10 year old lab bitch, she's getting a bit stiff now, I've been told about 'Yumove' and 'GWF Joint aid plus muscle maintenance for working dogs'. Has anyone used either of the above? Cheers!
  5. squirrel shooter

    Gundog Handlers Training Vest

    Hi looking for the above, to hold at least 3/4 dummy, any recomendations on brands of vest. Thanks in advance!
  6. squirrel shooter

    Harkila boots

  7. squirrel shooter

    Nightmaster fully adjustable Mount

    Just bought a nightmaster fully adjustable mount, I've put my IR on it and I've ran out of 'up' adjustment, can't get the IR uo high enough to be inline with the scope, has anyone else had this trouble before? Thanks in advance!
  8. squirrel shooter

    best wellingtons up too £150

    In need of some new wellingtons, what do you recommend, thanks in advance!
  9. squirrel shooter

    Eley 20b Bismuth Cartridges

    Eley Grand Prix Bismuth Forest 20b fibre wad - No5 25g, 67.5mm 125 cartridges (5 boxes) Eley Grand Prix Bismuth 20b fibre wad - No5 23g, 67.5mm 100 cartridges (4 boxes) £12 per box, £90 the lot. SGC holders only, collection only from The Forest Of Dean, Gloucestershire. PM me for photos, can send via email. Won't let me upload them. Thanks
  10. squirrel shooter

    Tracer Lithium Polymer Power Pack 12V 4AH

    Hi for sale is my Tracer Lithium Polymer Power Pack 12V 4AH, no longer used, minor marks due to use, works great although I have not got the mains charger for it, only a cigerette charger. These can be bought cheaply off the internet. £110 new, asking £45 inc P&P
  11. squirrel shooter

    TRACER TRI - STAR (scope mounted gun light)

    TRACER TRI - STAR Scope mounted light, has been great on my air rifle/rimfire, very clear white LED beam. £25 inc P&P
  12. squirrel shooter

    Solaris SRX vs PBIR L

    Hi, I have not moded the pard it is completely standard, only just bought it. I have a sunranger IR but I have not yet used this beacuse I'm waiting for a replacement on/off switch for it as mine is damaged.
  13. squirrel shooter

    Solaris SRX vs PBIR L

    Hi I have a Pard 007, which would be the best IR out of the above to go with, both similar prices. Thanks in advance
  14. Hi I just bought a pard nv, which is powered by a 18650. I never knew that you get protected and unprotected circuit boards on the batteries. This can add several mm in length if you have a protected one. To cut a long story short, i need some more unprotected 18650 batteries to use in my pard, as most of mine are protected - which are too long to fit in the pard. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
  15. squirrel shooter

    Deerhunter Pro Gamekeeper Smock

    Has anyone got the above, any pros/cons. I'm looking to get one, hopefully at the Shooting Show next month where I can try one on. Thanks in advance!