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  1. Would you split? Looking for the mag
  2. I shoot them beacuse my permission owner is loosing his chickens to the fox?
  3. Has anyone else noticed a lack of foxes on their permissions? I've either shot them all or they've all dissapeared!
  4. Why do vets insist on using general anesthetics to take x rays of Hip/Elbow scoring. Why can't this be done under sedation?
  5. Hi which is the best fox pro or Icotec? Looking at between the fox pro Inferno or icotec GC500. Thanks in advance.
  6. FOR SALE Nightmaster QD fully adjustable rail mount, windage and elevation. Fits 1" and 30mm tubes with spacer. Attatches to a weaver rail which you will need. £25 posted within the UK
  7. The kennel is a 6x4 shed with 6x4 run attatched to the side of it. An electrician mate of mine is going to run electric into the kennel for me. Just wondered what the best heat tube lamp i could get, what size and watt ect
  8. Looking for a tube heater to put in the kennel, any recomendations? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi what have you paid for eye scoring? Thanks in advance!
  10. It's waterproof, i've not got wet out in it, takes a while to dry out. There big sizing as well, great to shoot in.
  11. I've got a Browning Dirty Bird jacket, little warm early season but other then that great jacket.
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