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  1. panoma1


    I agree Simon, I'm just gonna wait and watch!......
  2. panoma1

    Wasp nest

    Raid does have an instant knockdown effect, when sprayed directly into the nest. It probably has a residual effect too? Whatever It will contaminate the nest and those wasps in it.....the residual insecticide powder will mop up any going in and out of the hole! The nest probably isnt that big just now, with not too many wasps in residence, it would be bigger and more active in the autumn......so destroying it could be quite quick?...just keep your eye on it for any activity.
  3. Didn't watch the vid just looked at the still!.....I didn't say it was fake😇 .....but I imagine CP probably will? Lol! 😆
  4. That photo is fake.....Gulls don't attack animals! According to the animal worlds self appointed font of all knowledge, Cwis Pacman! i would have thought Gulls would have to attack other creatures in order to eat them? Unless of course, on invitation, their prey voluntarily jumped into the Gulls open beak?
  5. Why pick on me then? I only associate my quarry with food!😇
  6. Yes, I may be wrong in some cases, but the organisations/employers I worked for only insured the vehicles for employee to use!.....and I did start my posting with the disclaimer.......... "as I understand it"
  7. As I recall, when complaints to the BBC were lodged, of him using the platform given to him by the BBC to spout his anti farming, anti fieldsports bias....the BBC responded that he didn't work directly for the BBC, but was a contractor........so it was nothing to do with them! As I understand it, when vehicles are provided by an employer they are insured for employees use only, not for contractors?.......Hence my original comment!
  8. According to the BBC he doesn't work for them directly, but contracts to them (probably through his own "agency") so I doubt he gets the use of a BBC vehicle?.....but then again? 😉
  9. panoma1

    Overseas Aid

    In recent times the UK government have given North ******* Korea millions in financial aid!!!!!! North Korea? Can you Adam an Eve it?
  10. Fret not! Last time we were in contact, he was off on an aeroplane spotting holiday! Due back today.........I think?
  11. That's just as is should be, a dad passing on knowledge, skill and respect of fieldsports to his children! In the UK successive governments have given in to pressure from various sources to regulate shooting and fishing........the result is they are squeezing the life out it!........mandatory catch and release fishing, regulation of shooting using strict licence conditions, our kids and grandkids will never have the freedoms and enjoyment of the countryside we had!
  12. I doubt that whited sepulchre has got the gonads to turn up?
  13. Or even putting in too many full stops? lol!
  14. If you see the ******* at the gamefair, best just ignore him, don't speak to him nor even acknowledge him! He will hate that! He would love for someone to assault or abuse him, so he could play the martyr! In fact like other extremist antis, he will probably try to provoke a reaction?
  15. panoma1

    Wasp nest

    Be careful blocking the hole, they may find another point to exit!.......Into the room! A residual insect spray or powder will contaminate the nest if you leave them free to enter and exit, as well as kill the wasps....so should do the job! Block the hole when there is no more activity.
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