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  1. panoma1

    DAB radio time signal query

    Our DAB radio alarm clock dropped an hour a few days ago (Monday)? It last happened about 12 months ago, nothing then till recently? Dunno, can't explain! I'm in the Midlands! Whatever, it's not good, if you rely on the alarm clock to get you up........for example for work!
  2. panoma1

    It could reduce a grown man to tears

    The vendor names his price, if you as the buyer, deem the item/s worth the asking price, you pay it, no one has been "done"....there is no moral obligation to value the item for the vendor!.... If the vendor offers you the item at a silly cheap price and you try to knock him down....that may be questionable morally.......but as the old saying goes "a fool and his money are soon parted"
  3. panoma1

    Domestic Vacuum recommendations

    Another vote for the Henry........so the missus tells me! Lol!
  4. I think your right MM, why would anyone pay for something that a queue of people would offer to pay them to do it? In Coats's day there were not many pigeon shooters about, so he had it mostly to himself....now there are almost as many people after shooting as there are pigeons! Bit like seasonal workers....why is an employer going to pay a local to do a job, when he can get an Eastern European to do it for a fraction of the money? Supply on demand or as dear old Maggie used to say ad infinitum "let the market decide" which was great for those controlling the market............but carp for those working for it!
  5. panoma1

    Jack's game

    I think Jack Charlton, made a film in the "Jacks Game series fishing the Corrib River, on Nuns Island fishery in Galway? By all accounts the crowds gathering on the bridge watching him stopp the traffic! I saw a programme on him trying (not very well! Lol!) to fish the Ridge Pool on the Moy in Ballina. He had a house built just along the Foxford Road, I met and had the craic with the guy (his name escapes me!) who built it for him! Correct!
  6. panoma1

    Jack's game

    Colin Willock aka "Town Gun" produced the survival programmes, he was a great friend of Jack Hargreaves, I believe they also worked together as reporters/publishers?
  7. panoma1

    Sbs help before I give up and sell it

    The gun doesn't suit/fit you! Get a decent shooting coach to advise!
  8. panoma1

    Duck-Dri Coat

    Duckdri, clothing made in Ibstock, Leicestershire, a good British company, I've regularly worn one of their Wetlands cammo coats (don't make em any more!☹️) for Wildfowling for well over ten years.....best jacket I've ever owned!
  9. panoma1

    Midland game fair

    In my opinion at one time it was the best gamefair on the circuit, I stopped going because of inappropriate "attractions" diminishing content, entry cost and prices.......I haven't been for about six years now!
  10. panoma1

    Flying with spent cases in hold luggage

    Could you not post em to yourself?
  11. panoma1

    VPN providers

    Ta! Wascal.
  12. panoma1

    VPN providers

    What's a VPN?
  13. panoma1

    Alleged Russian assassins on TV

    I'd be interested to see the photos they took of various aspects of Salisburys world famous cathedral! And wonder, as they are so interested in church architecture, if they have visited St Paul's, York minster, Worcester, Lichfield et al in the past?......assuming they have, I would be interested in seeing the photos they took of these too! 🙄
  14. panoma1

    Greylag 10 gauge

    What! That's a Canada, not a Greylag ain't it Lennie? Lol!..........Good luck with the sale! 👍
  15. panoma1

    Australia's Herald Sun Cartoon Controversy

    Just more PC BS by "activists" pursuing an agenda! She showed an unacceptable, insulting, aggressive arrogance that the umpire penalised her for....she got all indignant and "precious" didn't like it, and went off on one........then tried to shift the blame for her conduct off herself, there was no sign of inequitable treatment, racism or misogynistic intent, the umpire was just exercising his authority and enforcing the rules!...she should be banned from competition until she publicly apologises to him!