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  1. panoma1

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    Yes but would you risk putting HP steel through a Damascus barrelled 1890' English hammergun? Even if it had been nitro proved? That would be advocating putting steel shot through a non steel proofed gun too!
  2. panoma1

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    If you refer to HP steel cartridges..............You don't need brakes on a car to drive one of those either!😰
  3. panoma1


    The usual tactic of self-serving politicians trying to close of the stable door!...........usually its "**** council tax payers safety......why would we spend money on that, when we can buy more votes by giving huge grants to minority causes?"
  4. panoma1

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Lets just make a mental note of the MP's who are trying, to a lesser or greater extent trying to sabotage Brexit, and remember their names when they want our support/votes in the future.....I will! The majority of those that campaign to overturn Brexit and remain in the EU are the minority who profit financially from membership, the majority of those that want to leave, are the majority who pay in, but get **** all out of membership!.......politicians should wake up and realise, there are many, many more voters in the latter category!
  5. panoma1

    CORBYN's Leaders Speech

    Well it seems Vince is right, he has refused to engage with May in constructively trying to find a way to breach the impasse on Brexit, and he's whipping his Labour backbenchers to do the same.....Trots like him will avoid engaging with anyone who doesn't share their political dogma.....putting self interest before the countries interest!.....or is it because he has no ideas of his own....and it's easier to just sit on the sidelines critisizing those that do? Prime Minister material?
  6. panoma1


    Phil the Greek?
  7. panoma1

    Speeding enforcement

    Travelling up the M6 in the early hours, the majority (mile after mile) of my journey was under motorway speed restrictions of 50/60 mph enforced by average speed cameras, there was small amount of rain about, the gritters had been out, and there was some spray off lorries! I was sticking religiously to the 50/60 mph restrictions, as I was in no hurry! However I was struck by the number of HGV's that overtook me, obviously breaking the speed restrictions! How do these truck drivers stay on the road, surely if they were speeding today, they will be speeding regularly! But obviously they are still driving....my question is.......do the police ignore truck drivers speeding and only prosecute car drivers?
  8. panoma1

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    A couple of years ago the 'Lead Ammunition Group' which was set up by the government recommended lead shot be banned....the government rejected their report as biased! The Ban regarding wildfowl was bought in some years ago!
  9. panoma1

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    Wonder where she got her stats from? I would guess the RSPB....who probably made them up!....be interesting to hear her substantiate her claims! Perhaps she could explain what "gunshot" ammunition is?
  10. panoma1

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Blowing the chaff away, the UK voted leave in the referendum they didn't vote for any deal!............the search for a 'deal' is a ruse manufactured by the politicians in order to muddy the waters and stop Brexit!
  11. panoma1

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I doubt you've seen anything yet! 😡
  12. Salopian, how am I lagging behind? Lol! I answered your question! Eds Red!..............and referred mighty ruler to yourself, for an answer as to why you asked for a method, that didn't employ using neat acetone and a phosphor bronze brush in a battery drill!
  13. panoma1

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I wasn't saying clarity on a way forward I was suggesting we may see more clarity on the way our politicians plan to frustrate Brexit and usurp democracy!....by manouvering to get a second in/out referendum. In the event of Mays 'deal' being rejected and no alternative way forward being agreed by the politicians.......it's back to the country.........the choice being 1) Mays deal or 2) no deal exit. The matter of leaving has already been decided by the people in a U.K. Wide referendum! The politicians job now is to deliver the democratic will of the people.....nothing more, nothing less!
  14. panoma1

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Well it seems the time has come and more will be revealed as to how our politicians plan to frustrate Brexit and usurp democracy?
  15. panoma1

    Gun Auctions

    Good way to sell ....but! The entry cost, sellers premium plus VAT on sale make it a poor deal..............ok if you paid little for the item and whatever it sells for brings in a profit.....but if you are selling something you paid good money for, you'll probably take a kicking? Same as buying at auction....beware the buyers premium and VAT!.......as always, Caveat emptor!