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  1. Just googled her...BORIS will hopefully recover soon......but she’ll be ugly forever!
  2. Photos of the chokes rather than the box might help?
  3. Luck? No!.....30 years plus ago I had a lovely soft, strong show pedigree cocker, demanded to be with me 24/7......total nut job! Drove me to distraction......brilliant nose, On his day, a very good game finder, good retriever, even hare and goose!.......other days wilful, disobedient, disinterested, turned his ears off and did as he pleased.........peg dog? Never! Hide dog? Never!.........Rough shooting dog? Occasionally! Lol!......he was given to me by a work colleague, who had bought him for his young daughter! They couldn’t handle him!.....I should have run a mile....but took him on and he lived till he was thirteen! I have never recovered! Maybe partly down to me?........and inexperience?.........but I would never go for a show bred/second hand! Lol! dog ever again!
  4. panoma1

    Honor Blackman

    Yea, sad news she was certainly a looker........but a grand old age! RIP ‘pussy’
  5. Hope you gonna share your winnings with me?
  6. Hear tell caravan club members can be very ‘active’ in pursuit of elvers in the middle to lower Severn hotspots!
  7. Local barber £4:50 for a haircut, OAP rate........and 50p for a tip!
  8. Just wondered, as years ago when shooting ferals with a .177, the pellet hit the target.......and the pigeon often flew away, not knowing it was dead! Only to drop some distance away!
  9. The advice is, if you don’t follow our advice we’ll fine you! Lol!
  10. Not when the police have the authority to enforce it!
  11. We all had choices..........at the ballot box, in the last GE the public, as individuals, voted for the candidate/party who’s manifesto promises best represent their own opinion, in electing a person/member of a party, we give our individual vote to the government we elect, who use the mandate we give them........as they see fit!....in the last GE, did any party's manifesto include a promise to cancel HS2? If so did you vote for them? Don’t get me wrong! I wouldn’t shed any tears if HS2 was scrapped (except for the money already spent and the damage to lives and the countryside already done) But it makes me sick that self promoting people like Packham, jump on the bandwagon, I suspect for publicity purposes rather than any real chance of making a difference to government policy on HS2
  12. Did the public who contributed to the crowdfunding believe Packham was fighting to stop the destruction of an ancient woodland? Well probably yes!.......or did the public contribute to his legal expenses in order to promote and enhance his personal profile? I think not!....it’s telling that the judges, in refusing his application for a JR ruled.......his case had no realistic chance of success!......consequently, the only “win” that came out of this was for Packham’s personal profile......
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