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  1. Brexit - Merged Threads

    I don't see how anyone can think otherwise!
  2. Don't Think This Will End Well

    Regrettably your friend turned across oncoming traffic, although thought to be so, I do not believe the driver of an oncoming vehicle (who has the right of way) flashing their lights, is in law, an accepted signal that they are giving way? I also do not believe such a signal is described within the Highway Code? If the above is correct? My view is that your friend will be deemed to be at fault! There could well be legal as well as financial consequences?
  3. Carpet Fitting

    Does that not depend on whether the property is furnished or unfurnished? Is the landlord of unfurnished accommodation responsible for providing floor covering?
  4. Help needed

    ^ This!
  5. Brexit - Merged Threads

    What absolute rubbish! The min hourly rate of pay, for example in Lithuania is something like €2.45, in Estonia €2.97, to these people working in the U.K. at the UK minimum wage......their hourly pay is at least three times what they would earn in their own countries. To claim UK workers will not get out of bed to pick veg in the cold and rain even for £12/£14 an hour is rubbish, the employers will not pay £12/14 per hour when they can get foreign Labour to do it for minimum UK wages of what is it...........£7.50 an hour? If these employers were to pay UK workers similarly to the rate which they pay foreign migrant workers (at three times their national minimum wage) that would be something like £22.50 per hour!...... I leave others to decide their true motives for slagging off Brexit!
  6. Knife blanks

    Can you still buy knives/blades on eBay?
  7. aliance steel powder

    Shouldn't that be.......Alliant?
  8. 40 in Feb

    Big mistake being born in February! now if it was August/September time.......a day (or better still two!) at the Grouse would be my choicethat's what my missus bought me for my 60th.....with the bonus of a morning on the high tops after Ptarmigan!!
  9. BSA Meteor

    BSA Meteor, a really good accurate air rifle of its day, successfully hunted both fur and feather with one as a lad......50+ years ago!......I later had, at various times, a Webley mk 3 and an Airsporter....but my best airgun memories are of haunting the local woods with the Meteor! Know nowt about the Chinese one!
  10. Backcast.

    Oh I see! I've not done any beach sea fishing, only freshwater coarse and game fishing!.....the reference by the OP to Abu and Mitchell fixed spool reels, led me to believe it was a form of freshwater fishing that had passed me by! Lol!
  11. Backcast.

    What's a back caster? I know what a backcast in fly fishing is, but I've never heard of a backcaster? Is is a spinning technique? genuine question!
  12. How do you clean yours?

    Scrub bores out with an oiled Payne Galwey phosphor bronze brush, then clean out with successive sheets kitchen roll on a brass jag till it comes out clean....oil on a wool mop if you feel the need! Job done!
  13. Bah humbug....

    The run up to Christmas now starts in September/October, by the time the day arrives it can only be an anticlimax!.....and for me it certainly is!
  14. Brexit - Merged Threads

    As I understand it, the EU haven't had their accounts ratified, ever, consequently they have never had to account for their income and expenditure.....so if there are no ratified accounts, how the hell are they going to know precisely (if anything) how much we owe or they owe us?..........I suspect they are insisting we make them an offer because the ain't got a clue!
  15. Panorama and Tax avoidance

    Equally clearly, resorting to personal insults is a tactic of the bigot!