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  1. It's all down to personal taste...I found Pederyn harsh! Just drinkable half and half with water!
  2. panoma1

    Hughie Fury

    Would have been less unsightly had the Lardy Canuck had worn a bra! 🤡
  3. The photography has been brilliant in the past, but I won't watch it now, on principle, because Packham is presenting it! His knowledge is questionable, remember what reason he gave for the decline in Lapwing, and his statement that magpies are not responsible for the decline in songbirds? And his back door anti shooting for sport tactics are of misinformation and deliberately misleading propaganda which in my mind is........delusional self importance and cowardly extremism!
  4. I think that we 'won't leave without a deal' position is fast disappearing down the toilet?........ As it should!
  5. The Camel estuary and surrounding fields used to be pickled with Curlew!
  6. Hitching a ride on MM's posting, I have a sealed pack of four, original, Out of Town DVD's, by Jack Hargreaves as per the photos. £20 posted
  7. I may have misheard but I understand it will be more difficult for Parliament to stop the UK leaving with no deal this time......and if parliament won't support any new Brexit deal (if they can negotiate one?) and the new PM refuses to ask the EU for an extension.....what happens then? On exit day, October 31.
  8. Yes we have a dawn chorus here too, but twice in the last week I have been woken up by the raucous rattle of magpies and caws of Crows squabbling!....after the blackbirds and other songbird nests I'll be bound! Thanks Avery and Packham for your well timed intervention!
  9. We'll see the resolve of the EU when a no deal Brexit is back on the agenda, and the next PM and his/her cabinet mean it!......they have had it easy so far believing the UK will accept anything they say..........because Westminster have told them the UK will not leave without a deal! They have rubbed our noses in it.....time for a bit of payback!
  10. Her last words "Enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country I love"........patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel?
  11. Someone quipped, she was a remainer who treated Brexit as "a damage limitation exercise"........that rings true to me!
  12. Outsider, if he stands Steve Baker?
  13. Everyone knows what Harris is, and pretending he's an independent witness is an insult to the intelligence of any fair minded person! But not the CPS apparently??
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