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  1. Just editited my post Nev as you were posting! But check it out!
  2. As I understand it most Cabelas stuff is made in China now?......Trump may well reverse this in the near future? If you want to check this? Google...........Cabelas made in China
  3. panoma1

    Holiday reading

    50 shades of Gray 😜........ just kiddin 🙄 Honest guv!
  4. panoma1

    Nice one East Sussex

    Well done Sussex! But Isn't this how it should be? Rather than being made to wait months! For something that should take a matter of a few weeks at most! However I think I will withhold any plaudits till the polis provide an acceptable, respectful service to gun owners nationwide!.........But I ain't holdin my breath!
  5. panoma1

    Smart Meters- Unsurprising?

    Yep! I too suspect it's a scam! There will be something in it for those pushing smartmeters..........but nothing in it for us the consumer.
  6. panoma1

    Smart Meters- Unsurprising?

    By your reasoning the post office undoutedly made/saved nothing (or at least not much) by reducing post box collections from several times a day....to once a day, and deliveries from two/three times a day.... to once a day, either?....... And strangely, I never seem to get any post on a Thursday anymore!🤔 The same as mars bars are now 2/3 the size/weight they once were......and are more expensive!.........No profit there either! We are constantly getting charged more for less...........that's how you satisfy your shareholders and how the rich get richer!
  7. panoma1

    countryside alliance

    Well there's a surprise!.........Better than working though eh? If the reports are accurate? The phrase "we have established what you are, the only thing we now need to agree on, is the price" comes to mind!
  8. panoma1

    Word of warning..think twice

    +1............good post ditchman!
  9. panoma1

    Smart Meters- Unsurprising?

    Despite what may happen further down the line, what happens when the smart meters they are presently fitting become obsolete, and they need to be replaced by an upgraded mk2, mk3, mk4 or mk5 model? Will customers have to pay for these, or will we get these for "free" too? Lol! How much will the providers save when the sack all the meter readers, and don't have to buy/lease a fleet of vehicles for them to use, or pay for fuel, RFL, insurance, servicing and other employee related on-costs? They are lying by claiming they are "free".............we have already paid for them by inflated bills! As apparently they are when the claim reliable nationwide coverage! This smells like another whizbang idea to extract more money out of the customer............for less cost! Equalling more profit! What do we get out of it? £15 quid and the satisfaction of knowing how much energy we are uising! Lol!
  10. panoma1

    Eric Clapton

    He's also just sold his house in the south of France for €2.25 million! After dropping the asking price from €3.25 million!....must need the money? Lol!
  11. panoma1

    Eric Clapton

    Even better....he's also a shooting man! 👍
  12. panoma1

    Smart Meters- Unsurprising?

    We've refused several times too! Being a cynic, I don't believe allowing them to install one in my house will be to anyone's benefit, except the energy companies and/or the government!
  13. panoma1

    Why would my laptop just crash?

    Like most electric/electronic things, all you need is the mains lead and somewhere to plug it in! Lol!
  14. panoma1

    Yeti 2l 4x4 deisel

    +1. 🤔
  15. panoma1

    Why would my laptop just crash?

    Seems simple and just a suggestion! But the battery on my laptop died, it would not power up even when the charger was plugged into the computer from the mains! I removed the battery and plugged the charger in directly to the laptop, bingo! It immediately powered up! Sorted!