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  1. Remember Enoch Powell’s “rivers of blood” speech?
  2. Nah! That was Lennie Henry! 😉
  3. panoma1


    Is it true DA is being considered for a counting officer job, at her local town hall?
  4. This^.......disappeared off our screens reportedly because he didn’t fit the BBC’s agenda!
  5. Well at least your being equitable by saying, it’s every age group, not just old people who are numpties! 😀
  6. panoma1

    Climate Change

    They are anti establishment, anarchists....if it wasn’t this protest it would be another......just like the hunt saboteurs and the so called animal rights nutters!....It’s where the likes of Packham gets their powerbase! No wonder he’s gatecrashed into the extinction rebellion crowd......he’s recruiting!
  7. You defend against racism and sexism, but it appears you are quite happy to spew out generalised ageism!...........Isn’t that that a wee bit hypocritical? Lol!
  8. Tory dissidents in the event of a no deal Brexit?.......I thought they had all been prevented from standing in the GE, kicked out of the party or fallen on their own swords? 🤔
  9. The honest truth is that the UK democratically voted to leave the EU (the action) The reaction by remainers was to ignore this democratic vote and try, by any means, to overturn the result before it was delivered.......their tactics, were (are) amongst others, to misrepresent, delay, distort fact and lie (project fear)....it was remainers who “cast the first stone” every subsequent reaction from leavers, has stemmed from this remainer reaction!
  10. It’s another example of fixing something to suit an agenda! A bit like those anti democrats that deliberately distort facts and lie (project fear) to suit a remain agenda!
  11. panoma1


    How any field sports supporter or their allied trades could vote for Labour is beyond me! The Labour Party ceased to be the Labour Party when Bliar and his “New” Labour crowd got into no 10!
  12. This...I’m sure there is a sick child in the picture, but the picture has undoubtedly been stage managed, for political gain!
  13. panoma1

    Elon Musk

    Hopefully “what goes round comes round” and Musk will get his comeuppance, at some point!..........comes across as a nasty piece of work!
  14. With 8 bore cases, I use a mandrel inside the case (tapered to enter the case) I then gently tap the distorted roll turnover all around with a small hammer!
  15. Mechanics wise....ten to twelve, keep a stiff wrist and let the rod do the work! Lol! 👍
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