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  1. It ain’t gonna happen billy, if the protectionists have their way, they will sacrifice every Salmon, sea trout, grouse, curlew, songbird, farm animal......in fact anything and everything to stop real conservationists (Shooters, river keepers, gamekeepers etc) controlling the things that predate them.
  2. panoma1


    Every present and ‘has been’ establishment figure, is coming out of the woodwork now, in an concerted effort to stop Boris taking the UK out of EU on October 31st!
  3. It really boils my ****..........Over the years the EA have bought in ever more draconian rules for the river fisheries, which have not halted the decline, in fact have had no effect whatsoever !.........Controlling the things that predate Salmon in our rivers, estuaries and at sea, would be a good start!
  4. Yes it was Salty! 👍
  5. From reports I’ve had numbers have been building in Lancs over the last couple of weeks!
  6. Again, as I recall, these reports were of the bolt handle just failing out in the field...and getting lost?
  7. About a year (maybe more?) or so ago, as I recall, there were reports that this was a common fault with the Maxus..........I think there was a modification suggested? Again as I recall, it was to do with the recess in the block which retained the bolt handle, was too shallow? Or was it the recess in the bolt handle? 🤔
  8. Never write the Aussies off!
  9. Possibly, but when I have had gun sleeves made in the past, I have used wallpaper lining paper to draw round the gun (with plenty of oversize!) as a template, and provided this to the guy making the sleeve....
  10. Calor release a statement admitting they made a mistake but........It doesn’t say what Calor are going to do to rectify it!...........So we can assume nowt!
  11. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a full length gun sleeve that ain’t gun shaped? 🤔
  12. panoma1


    No it’s a cartoon!
  13. Yes I thought that too! Just a fairly short, elongated sleeve with an even shorter one sewn on the side......no shape? Fair play to the leather worker though...a nice restoration job!
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