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  1. Very convenient if you miss a lot whilst shooting! 😇
  2. 1963 Austin Mini, purchased in 1967.
  3. panoma1

    Heart burn

    I suffered acid/indigestion for donkeys (maybe 20?) years! Quack kept on prescribing antacids, did NBG! I also had another symptom, allied to the acid/indigestion ( at least I thought it was!), irregular severe upper stomach pain mostly at night! Which caused me to throw up, and even resort to walking around the streets in the middle of the night, as I couldn't sit still or sleep with the pain......then GP prescribed Omeprozole which stopped the indigestion, but not the irregular severe stomach pain! Ended up in A&E twice, second time, the emergency doctor carried out an ultrasound scan....she immediately diagnosed I had a gall stone the size of a big acorn! The Gall bladder was removed two weeks later, that was five years ago! Result, no more severe stomach pain! I still take one Omeprozole first thing in the morning, for me it appears indigestion is a thing of the past? I stopped taking them briefly, a couple of years ago.....acid/indigestion came back with a vengeance....so I'm back on em!....and I don't now know anything I can't eat!
  4. Supporting welshing on the result of a democratic referendum is nothing to gloat about! Those that support democracy can be proud, those that support subverting it should be ashamed!....but I doubt they have the integrity to do so!
  5. You could try plugging the bore proper (after the forcing cone) and melt candle wax/tallow into the blocked chamber, once set, push it out with a cleaning rod inserted from the muzzle?
  6. panoma1

    What animal

    Break it open if there's bits of hair and bone in there it's probably and owl pellet, putting a coin or some such next to it would give It scale!
  7. Is there any difference between an air rifle moderator and a bullet rifle moderator? It is possible to fit a mod sold as a screwcut .22 air rifle mod on a .22 bullet rifle.....but as far as I'm aware, an air rifle mod does not need to be proofed or on ticket! More illogical legislation?
  8. The lad I referred to used any old cartridge that would fit in his gun and that he could get hold of! Lol! .........from memory, it didn't seem to affect his cartridge to kill ratio! The old timers used to do just fine with the old muzzle loaders with cylinder barrels! Using minimal wadding, a roughly calculated volume of powder and hardly spherical and size accurate shot.......I do think people get very anal and overthink these things! You should try your old H/G on live quarry, speed needn't be an issue, my pal was a very good shot and could get his hammer gun off as quick, or quicker than many with a hammerless gun!
  9. You may be right? But a barrel without an action is merely a tube shaped "club", a moderator without a gun is of no offensive use I can think of and an action without a barrel is only dangerous if you throw it!...or drop it on yer toe!
  10. In the late 60's I used to go Rough shooting with a guy who used an old double English hammer gun that had a few inches of the muzzles missing......so no choke.........he didn't miss much!.......for live quarry shooting at normal range, I have never been convinced choke was that important!
  11. When a gun is disembled to its component parts, what part constitutes a "gun" or "firearm" for the purpose of licensing? Barrel? Bare action? Stock? Etc etc?
  12. Yes and yes! Science based conservationists, amongst other things they defend shooting by, where neccesary, countering the anti shooting groups emotional propaganda...........with fact based scientific arguments!
  13. Mine is a Grade 1, 30" 425, inv, year 2003 (MX) 18.5 (.729) does not have the obvious signs of being of mono bloc construction?
  14. Have a look at the Luger XM spotting scope..........I have one, very light and compact with excellent optics.
  15. Thanks Lancer425, seems odd! Some are inv + and some ain't! Were backbored (inv +) or standard (inv) bored barrels an option? And if so do you know why? Was it the older models that were standard bored and the later ones that were backbored? Or was it part of some upgrade?......just interested...... The 425 Waterfowl I had briefly, was inv +.
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