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  1. Norfolk T.V. programme on now ITV

    Bit of a "hunt the haggis" game this!
  2. The Boris Bridge Proposal

    Vacuous twerp!
  3. carillion

    Sound like something a highly paid senior executives running Carillion might say!.........."We may be responsible for driving the business into the ground (whilst still picking up our inflated salaries)..........but it could have been worse....it could have happened a month or two ago!".............That's a novel way of explaining abject failure!! If they knew it was going "mamories up" 2/3 years previously, why the **** didn't they do something about it then?
  4. forums across the pond

    Never trust anyone who punctuates every conversation with a reference to god!......is puritanically narrow minded and appears extreme in religious piety..........especially if they are carrying a gun! Lol!
  5. carillion

    And how much are their top executives being paid? What perks both financial and material are they receiving? How can the companies pensions be allowed to continue in deficit, when they are recording substantial profit, and presumably paying their shareholders a dividend?
  6. carillion

    In a fair society the obscene salaries and other perks paid to top executives (often influenced by themselves) in the run up to and after the business goes bust....should be taken off them to pay off the companies debts to their employees, suppliers and sub contractors! After all, they are employed and paid to do the job of running the company, consequently they are the ones responsible when it fails.....why should they be paid for not doing the job they are paid to do?
  7. Because as I said a few postings ago, gun licensing is a public safety issue, it is of no benefit to gun owners!
  8. Are the examples quoted not required "in the course of employment" and a requirement of the job? If a firearm is a reqirement of the job, as opposed to a leisure activity........there may be some justification for the post holder to pay?
  9. Decoy

    Fancy dumping it! Obviously unwanted? Could look nice in someone's back garden! 😂
  10. Cyrille Regis RIP

    Tragic! And only 59 years old!
  11. carillion

    I hear in the media the former CEO who resigned after the first profit warning, is still drawing his £600,000pa plus salary! So he'll not be queuing at the food bank any time soon!
  12. Plastic

    And sweats in plastic!
  13. Firearms licensing is a public safety issue, the police are responsible for public safety! It's their job, the shooting community didn't ask for, nor request the firearms licensing process we have, It was Imposed, by the government "in the interests of public safety" Public safety issues are paid for out of public funds? Why should certificate holders be expected to pay anything?
  14. carillion

    I would be flabbergasted if the government (taxpayer) doesn't end up pumping loads of public money into this.....not via a bailout but probably via the back door!
  15. And now Jon Venables

    Surely the jury determines whether the accused is either guilty or innocence, based on the evidence presented to them, and the judge, judges the seriousness of crime and from this uses his/her judgment to impose the sentence (within a predetermined tariff) he/she deems appropriate....is that not why the judge is called the judge? (and the jury is not!) ...........because he/she judges? I dunno, but that's how I understand it!!