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  1. That’s what he would have the gullible sheeple who follow him believe!.......to harness the envious, socially inadequate, leftie underachievers and the ignorant snowflakes in our society in order to form an army behind himself and add weight to his attack on the successful, and those in charge in the countryside! All of whom he seems to despise! I don’t believe the animals are the main driver for his attack on country people and the countryside!
  2. No Dave, he hates everyone (not just the rich landowners) in control in the countryside......because he thinks he knows better, how things should be done! Delusional extremist nut job..........probably a character trait driven by his disability?
  3. Let’s hope the ****** now turns his extremist, bile onto publicly campaigning for world population control....instead of his long running, misplaced, spiteful, deceitful anti country people, anti countryside Crusade!
  4. panoma1


    Oh! They will all come out of the woodwork now, trying protect their pathetic PC, “woke” philosophy......from the real thoughts of real people in the real world!
  5. panoma1


    I and many people seem to agree Neville.....this could be the start of calling out these snowflakes, who are ruining this country! For too long ordinary people have been oppressed, keeping their mouths shut, and scared to give opinion......for fear of being ripped to pieces by the “woke” politically correct! Bullying zealots!
  6. panoma1


    Woke apparently is derived from an African American slang word for “awake”.........as in someone “woke up” These “Woke” people claim to be awake (unlike others!) to racism, sexism, discrimination, inequality, social injustice etc........more like self-righteous virtue signalling! “I’m more politically right on” (I know better) than you! Best ask the “Gypsy King” about that!
  7. panoma1


    Anyone watch QT last week? Laurence Fox has caused quite a stir, by calling out the “woke”.........his comments are hopefully the start of a kickback against “snowflakes” and the “right on” PC/race/protectionist/vegan/anti this that or the other, extremist zealots which currently pervade society....and who are, like it or not, constantly forcing their personal views on others!.....Packham and his extremist ilk are an example of “woke”....... Mr Fox appears to be getting a lot of support for the views he is expressing......I confess I find them a breath of fresh air!........
  8. That was what James Green informed me too!
  9. panoma1

    1917 film

    Was that Peter Jackson’s film/documentary of the First World War? If so, it was difficult to imagine it was footage from over a hundred years ago!
  10. More pellets in the pattern at a given and/or a longer range. Wildfowlers in the lead days, used to want bigger loads of bigger shot....to bring down tough birds at range. 28 or 30g loads are adequate for most game shooting situations!
  11. panoma1

    Tv programs

    She and randy mice were doing nothing different to, and for the same reasons, as some young women of today are doing it......having relationships with old, fat, ugly but rich and powerful men......obviously the weren't doing it for the guys looks, but for what the guy could do for them!......the same as many “me too” complainants have done, to trade what they have (looks and sex) for success, fame and money!........Now they are successful in their own right, they realise what their past liaisons makes them, regret it, and are trying to get their lost self respect back by attacking those rich and powerful men they made their bargain with.....claiming they were abused....how can someone be abused, when they have all their faculties and are willing participants? It may not be your average tenner Streetwalker job.....but it’s still prostitution!
  12. Yep! That’s one we’ll have to disagree on then 😀.....I really like the look of drop points.
  13. Shame there’s no drop points!
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