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  1. Trout fishing newbie

    I think you'll find it now expires 12 months from the date of purchase?
  2. "im mainly..watchin' stuff"

    Female chaffinch?
  3. Another pallet thread

    If your looking for a virgin, Brighton is rumoured to be the place!.........by all accounts a girls virginity is unlikely to be in danger there!

    I saw it OB! You know the old saying "never go back" I try to live by that, I loved that gun when I was 15.......but it has no relevance whatsoever to my shooting today...........so I'll just hold on to the memories!
  5. Ducks in oak tree

    Which emphasises the point that the loonies, the protectionists and the antis will not acknowledge the fact that man needs to control an overpopulation of one species to protect another! That is real Conservation!
  6. Exactly the point I was making in my earlier posting!
  7. OSPREY !!

    Fishing the Tay at Catholes a few years ago an osprey took a trout from the river about 50 yards upstream of me! Made my day!

    Afraid I don't OB, but there was always some blokes filing away at the benches, in the background, funnily enough I saw 'Tony' (I have edited this post as I've remembered his real name!......another senior moment! lol!) at a gun auction about 8/9 years ago and though he had not been too well, was still in the trade in a private part time capacity! Gave me his business card (that's how I remembered his real name!) to look him up if I was ever down his way! But your right small world!
  9. Moderators....perhaps this thread could be combined with the thread of 29th March on the same issue? In order for interested parties to follow progress and any new posters to get a better perspective?
  10. **** the GP report, I've had a SGC for over 50 years, until recently I held a FAC for around 40 years, I have declared on my renewal application I STILL have no criminal convictions NOR medical conditions that would the basis for the chief officer of police to refuse my application......why do I need to pay for a report for a GP to say so? The police can check anything about me they want to!.......A CRO check to confirm I have disclosed any criminal convictions, a medical records check to confirm I have disclosed any relevant medical condition....it's not particularly about the checks, it's about who the **** pays for it?
  11. fishing rod + reel

    £45 for a garden cane and a cotton reel! Lol! bargain!
  12. David, No real answer then? BASC are getting legal opinion?..........sounds familiar!
  13. Tessa Jowell

    I have sympathy for Tessa Jowell who has been diagnosed with a brain tumour, I wish her well! I watched the standing ovation she received from those MP's present, when discussing the subject and how it impacted on her! What I find disgusting, is that these parliamentarians only show any interest in people's health, when it is close to home and affects one of their own!
  14. pigs in the trough

    I would! But you have to be prepared to sell out your personal integrity in favour of "pulling the party line" before you stand a chance of getting in a party, even assuming you wanted to!.........let alone gettting elected!....I would not do either!
  15. "im mainly (at it again)"

    Don't blame you! You can always find work to do on a land pig!