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  1. ant1

    Air arms s200 mk 1

    every barrel is different .one s200 might like one pellet another will not. my s200 likes air arm fields and rws superdomes. if you go on the well known auction site and get some sample packs of different pellets and test them in your rifle.
  2. will it never happen to anyone else? probably not.
  3. it might happen again. if it does i will know not to cycle another round without checking the barrel.once bitten
  4. the gunsmith/rfd that i took my rifle to is sorting it, i dont know if i will get a new rifle or refund or maybe nothing and i will have to pay for the repairs he is going to try and get me a new rifle. i dont know if i will change from a hmr it has been a good rifle with no problems before this.
  5. seems to be what happened rewulf. every day is a school day. if it ever happens again i will be checking the barrel.
  6. the only sound i had was like pulling the trigger with a empty chamber.
  7. ant1

    cz 452 stock

    hi bill i have had a look at them,but you have to finish the stock yourself.
  8. just got back from the gunsmiths. and as most of you say it was probably a dud round which only pushed the first round inside the barrel, the first round still had what looks like compacted powder inside, checked all other ammo no splits in casings, they are hornady 17 v-max. anyway he is going to check the gun over barrel and action bolt .he has a spare old wooden stock which he can throw on and check test it for accuracy if the barrel is ok. he is also going to take some photos of the offending round and make a report to send to hornady .
  9. went out yesterday evening on the rabbits with my cz hmr. walked a few fields and spotted a few rabbits around fifty yards away got prone on the field shooting off the bipod took the shot click nothing happened, thought i probably did not have a round in the chamber recycled the bolt did not see if round came out as it was getting dark.second shot got an explosion which broke my stock into three parts around the action also blew out the magazine taking off three bullet tips magazine in bits.when i got home i checked for damage on the action i could see that the primer end of the bullet was behind the extractor pins.checked the barrel and there was a bullet head around three quaters of the way down bullet tip came out with a push of the rod with no effort slight damage to the polymer tip. any one what could have happened. taking the rifle to a gunsmiths today to give it a check over.p s if everything is ok i will be looking for a stock to fit a cz 452 american hmr.
  10. ant1

    cz 452 stock

    hi all i am after a synthetic stock to fit a cz 452 american 17 hmr. i will also consider a wood/laminate stock.thanks
  11. i also got a email yesterday. they make it sound like it is an offer for basc members, but they are half price in bushwear anyway, and only 8 items with the usual size of s, xxl and xxxl.
  12. no problem oowee. thanks
  13. hi oowee for that price i will have them. i will pay for postage if you like'.
  14. ant1

    Harris Bipod

    i will have this. pm me your paypal details.thanks
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