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  1. ant1

    Compact Binoculars Recommendations

    i have a pair of leica trinovids 10x25 bca. superb little binoculars.
  2. ant1

    Free - Young Shots Only

    da iawn chdi welshandy
  3. ant1

    101 woes

    no never been a problem for me,only because i dont phone them
  4. ant1

    Cabinet Keys

    i used to keep them with me until i bought a new cabinet a few years ago . the key is big and was not comfy in my pocket so now they are hidden which i think is safer than a digital safe.
  5. ant1

    CZ 452 mags for sale

    for what calibre
  6. hi i dont know if this is of any use to you, but i have just had a look through that auction site eebay 1988 had all the magazines apart from may , july and oct.was not on the cover of the other months. 1997 was poor only had jan issue not on that cover. atb in your search.
  7. ant1

    Browning Warranty - transfer question

    hi is the gun off a trader or a private sale.if you are getting it off a dealer ask them for a 12 month warranty most rfds will do this if you are paying a fair amount on a gun . at least it will give youpiece of mind for a year.
  8. ant1

    Jackets, Caps Mounts and Brass

    i will take the northface. thanks pm me your paypal details
  9. ant1

    17 calibre hoppes boresnake

    payment sent. thanks jay
  10. ant1

    17 calibre hoppes boresnake

    one for me please. pm me your paypal details
  11. ant1

    Idiot with German shepherd

    does hi have permission to walk the field with his dogs? even if he does i would report it to the police, this might stop him from challenging you again, and you and your son could carry on shooting there.this would also show your son that bullies don"t win.atb
  12. ant1

    nightmaster ir pill for sale

    hi is this for the night master 800. is this just the pill or the neck section one.
  13. ant1

    how to check a gun is not stolen

    +1 with panoma. of course there are guns that have been tucked away and forgot about for years without ever been on certificate. and could be put on.
  14. ant1

    Shotgun cartridge that holds blanks

    hi lloyd just been to the man cave to dig out some old snap caps, found three. primers fitted in two and did not fit one.tested with my semi auto worked fine.i used to use this method to train my young dogs to gun shot, not to loud.if you have no snap caps to try pm me with your address and i will send you one of mine
  15. ant1

    Shotgun cartridge that holds blanks

    hi lloyd i use my shotgun snap caps, remove the spring loaded center and use cartridge primers .