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  1. ant1

    yo dave trigger kit

    no problem oowee. thanks
  2. ant1

    yo dave trigger kit

    hi oowee for that price i will have them. i will pay for postage if you like'.
  3. ant1

    Harris Bipod

    i will have this. pm me your paypal details.thanks
  4. ant1

    For sale my Photon RT 6X50s

    pm sent
  5. ant1

    sgc information

    hi ultrastu i dont think they took what guns i have as it would have taken a lot more time. i think it was just name, address, and cert number.i did tell them on the email i sent that i thought this was a breech of my security.
  6. ant1

    shotgun cert revoked

    i think you can still use another gun as long you are not a prohibited person.but only in the presence of a certificate holder.
  7. ant1

    sgc information

    bluesj might be on to something regarding non rfd establishments .
  8. ant1

    sgc information

    hi mossy835 was country wide a farm supplies
  9. ant1

    sgc information

    could well be bluesj i dont know.
  10. ant1

    sgc information

    hi no i did not give them permission or sign anything.
  11. ant1

    sgc information

    this is there reply to my email .Thank you for your enquiry which will be considered and responded to at the earliest opportunity. I appreciate your concerns and will ensure that you are updated with our necessary data collection process shortly. Meanwhile, please be assured that your details have been requested for a legitimate interest and purpose in order to serve you with the goods that you require, and that your personal details will be stored and processed only for as long as is necessary in accordance with trade compliance and data protection laws, and our own Company policy which support them. We will contact you again with further information and if you have any further quereis please feel able to contact me or the Store Manager. Kind regards, Samantha Roberts, Group Personnel Manager.
  12. ant1

    sgc information

    i have just emailed the farmers supplies head office to ask if this is there policy. told them that i am not happy with them taking my details,
  13. ant1

    sgc information

    they where inputting my name, address and cert number i think i did not query to much as i was in a bit of a rush. i will challenge them the next i go there. today was the first time ive been there to buy cartridges.
  14. went to my local farmers supplies today to get a slab of cartridges,handed over my cert for them to check and he was typing away on his computer inputting all my certificate details.i asked why he was inputting my details, he said they always do it, never had this done before in any other shop. anyone else had this done to them.
  15. ant1

    Compact Binoculars Recommendations

    i have a pair of leica trinovids 10x25 bca. superb little binoculars.