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  1. Old farrier

    Would you take the shot #2

    This ^^^^^^^^👍 and as a note is not as if anyone ever asks if there fireworks would disturb me or my livestock
  2. Old farrier

    Would you take the shot #2

    You’re a gent and sportsman sir is your real name carimojo bell ? This caliber is the sportsman’s choice for all dangerous game rabbits included Lots of youngsters just don’t realise the dangers of stalking the rabbit 😂
  3. Old farrier

    Would you take the shot #2

    Totally the wrong approach first go and sit in the pub garden get your gun out explain to the curiously and envious youth that you’re ridding the world of a man eating squirrel taking the shot knowing that the monster squirrel will absorb all of the kinetic energy and no chance of a exiting bullet from your 375HH solids shot taken and pint ordered with the youths returning with the squirrel and the branches from the tree mall to do now is cut the rest of the tree down to ensure nothing else can live in it so it never happens again result youth converted to country pursuit and country safe again 😂😊
  4. Old farrier

    Clay ground fall out

    Thought that was fairly obvious that’s why I suggested a quiet educational approach 😂
  5. Old farrier

    Clay ground fall out

    Well he maybe not aware of the situation and a quiet talk with him maybe resolve the issue far better than going in with all Guns blazing just my thoughts of
  6. Old farrier

    Clay ground fall out

    Hi does your land owner also own the clay ground land ? Or has he/she given permission for the fallout to land on the ground that you’re currently using for the animals although I think a nice polite chat is the best way forward in this situation all the best of
  7. Old farrier

    Would you take the shot?

    That’s what you assess on the day ask your self if the beer garden was swarming with people and kids would the rabbits be there ? How many rabbits are shot at night with a lamp and there could be kids or people anywhere Are ricochet that common with your rifle there not with mine but I tend to hit the target not the ground lot to many ifs and could’ve too many people worrying too much about what ifs all the best of
  8. Old farrier

    Would you take the shot?

    I’d have taken the shot but not from that angle looking at the picture you only have to move a couple of yards and it becomes a safe shot
  9. Old farrier

    cheese board and cheese knife.

    Good effort and hat off to you for having a go now we need pictures of the forge the anvil and the burns on your hands 😂😂 all the best of
  10. Old farrier

    Gas bottle forge

    You’re better off welding your burners to a bracket that self taps on easy enough to fit a gasket so you can get them out easily if there not working very well or you need to modify them 😙
  11. Old farrier

    Horse fly bite

    You can just put a dab of vick (vapour rub) on the bite works best if you have a jar handy when you’re bitten
  12. Old farrier

    Steel Shot or Wasting My Time?

    I agree with you and have no trouble with killing Game with steel i was trying to get across that there different and if you hit vital organs there dead however when I first started with steel and before I got the cartridge choke combination that suited me coupled with the lesser kinetic energy of steel in the same shot size it was for me a steep learning curve almost a relearning exercise proberably not explaining this very well all the best of
  13. Old farrier

    Steel Shot or Wasting My Time?

    Been reading this with interest just my thoughts on it it took me a bit of time to get to grips with steel shot now I find myself shooting it nearly all the time through suitable gun and choke it in my opinion kills different to lead akin to shooting a deer with a fmj or ballistic tip but it would it’s a different type of cartridge best way to describe it is lead kills with kinetic energy and steel kills with bleed out it’s different and I wonder what anyone would say about it’s ability to kill if they had never used lead shot Just my thoughts tin hat on all the best of
  14. Old farrier

    English Springer Spaniel.

    Springers are a lot different to labs lot depends on what you’re shooting is rough walked up beating springer driven wildfowling labs a better choice always worth sending big bird a message as she has often got a cracking dog to re home none are that hard to train as long as you put the time and effort in all the best of
  15. Old farrier


    Very nice looking gun