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  1. Old farrier

    opt out organ donation

    Problem is that we can’t opt out of the nhs we have to contribute towards it even if we opt for private health insurance treatment or care
  2. Old farrier

    What guns to choose?

    None show good reasons for the ones you want and call that it don’t pre empt a knock back youve got best part of £5....£10 k shopping list as it is your more likely to get a disapproving view if you don’t fill your slots in a reasonable time
  3. Old farrier

    opt out organ donation

    Probably personaly think it needs a lot more though as it’s not as simple as everyone seems to think it is
  4. Old farrier

    Leather cartridge bag

    Can’t exactly turn up as a loader on a double gun day with it though 🙄
  5. Old farrier

    opt out organ donation

    So a famous football player is in need of a new liver (probably drank too much alcohol) probably high on the list for a transplant would you be happy with him having your partners or siblings ? Would the famous footballer apriciate the new life he’s been given and change his lifestyle? Or carry on and be dead in a year or two The nhs cannot afford the treatment for patients at the moment where will the money and skills come from for more transplant surgery
  6. Old farrier

    Side by Side Club

    Very nice would you care to tell us about the big guns I’m sure any information would be appreciated many thanks of
  7. Old farrier

    Working with stainless steel.

    Because stainless gets the surface layers hot before the centre of the material the tallow takes the heat out of the material anyway all you need to know is what works follow newbie advice 😊👍
  8. Old farrier

    In the money

    I usually answer with good morning Hampshire constabulary Internet fraud department how can I help you Seems to work 😊😊
  9. Old farrier

    Anyone for a bit of mackereling ?

    There conger hooks and we’re used on long lines a number of years ago I caught a fair few big fish ( conger and common skate )that had these hooks and a bit of line still attached in there mouth always though they were a bit large to use on a rod and line All the best Of
  10. Old farrier

    sanding belt cleaning

    10 pence 😂😂😂😂 far to much he would waste 4 pence on a session with big Mary think we had better just send him some old worn sanding belts or a pot of glue and a few road planings so he can make his own 😊
  11. Old farrier

    sanding belt cleaning

    Heaven forbid man are you suggesting that ditch spends some actual money 😂😂 if he can’t fix these belts I can see him using dried dogfish skins before he parts with cold cash 😂😂
  12. Old farrier

    Which dog

    And adding to the dog stealing problems no registration and non traceable breeding from dogs and bitches that need no papers just fuel for indiscriminate breeders and puppy farms
  13. Old farrier

    Foxing with a shotgun

    Not as much as a fox will crack on and shoot it if you get the opportunity all the best of
  14. Old farrier

    Dsc1 requirement becoming more common.

    That’s what I thought however it was boaring badly presented rip off and as with all courses or cpd you can only progress as fast as the worst candidate on the course nothing against learning or getting qualifications but I feel there should be stringent testing for the presenters and the quality should be equal nationally along with standardisation of the licensing criteria why should my county say that I have to get a DSC1 and another county just grant me one
  15. Old farrier

    Dsc1 requirement becoming more common.

    Totally agree ps1 🐗 pig rs1 🐭 Rat gs1 goose ws1🦆waterfowl ss1 squirrel rs1 rabbit ps1 pigeon ps1 pheasant pa1 partridge fs1 Fox well theres 10 money spinners followed by level 2 then instructor then tester it’s a gold mine for someone is it anyway more dangerous or less skilled to shoot one of these or is it a high value beast that requires a certificate or burocracey gone mad just a thought of