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  1. That’s a fine looking knife definitely my kind of thing 😊 keep up the good work 👍
  2. Are they still in full production? Thought they had moved down the road to mine jam butties 😂🤣
  3. The waterfowl only has 3 inch chambers it’s the special waterfowl with the 3.1/2 in the 425 model easy mistake and should be checked if you’re buying one
  4. Not all of them only the special waterfowl 😊
  5. This is a seriously good and informative post 👍 very envious of the craftsmanship and skill in this job😊 looking forward to the next instalment all the best of
  6. Plenty of people working away from home for longish periods of time personally would contact the local firearms department and seek there guidelines on procedures for serving members of the armed forces im sure you can come to a favourable agreement Or if time is short lodge gun with local rfd or gun club hope this helps all the best of
  7. Thank you 😊 hope you’re well
  8. I’ve never been good at judging weight or age 😊 It would certainly make you popular in prison if you swayed in that direction 😂😂
  9. Have you not got your own teeth?
  10. To be fair anything under 15 stone and under 50 with her own teeth 🤭 is totty to me 😂😂
  11. Can’t trust them with a camera🙄 it was a nice early season day with a lot of hospitality between drives so I got some of the serving wenches ( Totty) to take a picture 😂😂
  12. Hopefully appropriate dress for the day 😊 Worked rather nicely also 😊
  13. Had a day on the partridge at the weekend took the new addition 😊 it shot like a dream 😊
  14. Google middle earth if you want to hear nutty tales 🙄 to add everyone knows that the world is flat it was made that way so you can buy a map book 😂😉
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