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  1. A question if I may lots of talker of patterns I’m assuming there done horizontally surely when shooting nearly vertical the pattern would be different as is the drop on a rifle bullet chit horizontally it drops more than shot at a high angle over the same distance
  2. Old farrier


    That’s a disgusting advert obviously with the intention of upsetting us meat eating members
  3. Chances of getting two serial killers in the same place are slim 😀😊
  4. Just shoot the one barrel 😊 Im into easy solutions
  5. 5 to 1 seems fairly good shooting to me 🤭 seen plenty of guns doing worse on 30 yard birds 🙄
  6. Whatever you shoot wildfowling loads through the best 😊 iv a semi auto and a pump both with plastic (synthetic) stocks for wet muddy trips usually open the breech and stick them in a hot shower for ten minutes when I get back from the foreshore then strip and clean the over and under or the side by side are just dried and then stripped and cleaned unless they have been subjected to a lot of salt water
  7. Very nice liking the handle shape 👍😊
  8. Not forgetting super game I try to use paper case cartridge for all my game shooting I just get them dry and pop them through a sizeing ring before the next outing
  9. Lightweight just pop them on the fire 🔥 for a bit when they start going pop the rest of them are dry 😂😊😀
  10. Guilty of the above fetch the roap and hangman 😊
  11. Why a bsa ? Only curious id have thought you more a webley type 😊
  12. Sadly this doesn’t make it legal 😉 best option for the OP is to phone his local firearms office and ask
  13. This ^^^^^^^ or move out for the first 6 months with the pup
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