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  1. Old farrier

    How far

    To be honest you should have asked this question before you took the shot sorry if I seem critical of
  2. Old farrier

    What Species Do You Enjoy Eating The Most ?

    I think they taste better probably because they are more of a treat nowadays 😊
  3. Old farrier

    Kids and Guns.

    Only if you’re a adult trying to get attention 😉
  4. Old farrier

    Kids and Guns.

    Checking the chambers and barrels as you do so obviously holding your slip in a safe direction
  5. Old farrier

    What Species Do You Enjoy Eating The Most ?

    Seatrout followed by grey partridge
  6. Old farrier

    Kids and Guns.

    Not always possible breaking as you remove from the slip is however usually possible
  7. Old farrier

    Kids and Guns.

    Sorry but I never bother with the dad I just walk up to the kids compliment them on there gun and ask if I may look at it telling them how nice it is and how much I would have liked one at there age this usually gets the parents attention then I say would you like me to show you the safe way to put it into your slip explaining the process and reason for what I’m doing i then ask the kids to repeat the process help if they struggle and praise them for getting it correct and as I leave them to carry on I say make sure your dad does the same as he’ll be keeping a eye on you and you on him we are all safety officers never had a problem with a parent yet
  8. Old farrier

    Spanish Single trigger ejector BARGAIN 12 gauge

    If it’s not mick will have a spare 😂😂 strongly advise you to collect in person and see if you can only come away with only one 😂😂 Top man to deal with 🙂
  9. Old farrier

    2k budget - 692,725?

    Buying the one you like and you’re feeling comfortable with is the way to go you have to enjoy owning them 325 /425/525 /725 all good guns mirouke are all good value however the Beretta’s have always had a good range best of luck with your choice of
  10. Old farrier

    Sheep skin

    Try soaking it in a tin bath or a water trough
  11. Old farrier

    Itx 8 bore load

    Is it a black powder recipe or nitro you’re looking for?
  12. Old farrier

    Gun opens itself when fired

    To be fair you’re rfd sounds like he’s trying to help could be a lot of things wrong here to many to list even subconscious operator error 😉 have it fixed and next time you shoot it I would suggest that the first round of clays is with the club coach any more problems and then go for money back
  13. Old farrier

    How far will a shotgun kill game.

    Nice choice 😄 sorry about your vet bill youu could of had a new hip or knee for what they charged
  14. Old farrier

    How far will a shotgun kill game.

    Jdog were you using your usual pair or did you dig out the trio of 20 bores 😉 all the best of
  15. Old farrier

    How far will a shotgun kill game.

    If chokes help then barrels must play a part along with chambers and forcing cones why else would anyone bother having a gun bored and regulated for a specific Cartriges even the late Archie coakes states that one of his pair shot best with 6 and the other with 5shot