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  1. I had similar punctuated with if I even half see you point it at anyone I’ll smash it over the nearest fence post!!!!
  2. Please NO pictures of double rubbering 😂🙄🤭
  3. Agree much simpler the old way just a thought who’s gun is it if it’s lost in the post ?
  4. Will it be repaired for the round the island race
  5. Thanks for your reply and sensible honest answer
  6. This is looking so good 😊 when you going to forge your own blade ? come to think of it when you going to make one of these for yourself?🤭
  7. While we’re sort of on the subject how about sleeved barrels on a English gun compared to worn out original or is rebarreling by the makers (if there still in business) the way to go anyone got experience of having it done i ask as it seems most new guns are built on a sleeving type principle your thoughts please All the best Of
  8. Although a priest with a knife or a knife with a priest 🤔🤗🤫😊
  9. Faulty workmanship there definitely a warranty issue strongly suggest you contact the manufacturer with a strongly worded letter 😊👍
  10. Obviously after trying all methods and checking with the farmer that he was familiar with the new revamped general license before I set up and being well aware of the farmers crops in the area along with the rare nesting birds in the vicinity and the problem caused by the jackdaws to the local farmer i would feel I could justify shooting them tin hat on
  11. Wouldn’t they be a bit smokey 😊
  12. Although for the purposes of the film viewed by a non shooting non dog owner member of the public would probably think no time was wasted getting the shot birds and the dog had a fit happy life so for a outsider it looks good just my thoughts and not my dog 😉 thanks for posting the video all the best of
  13. That’s going to be a good one totally unique 😊👍
  14. Reversed down the beach and then drove off you can see the tracks been used twice
  15. Wow that’s a fantastic reply and report sounds a good bit of kit the wave runner almost tempted to get one how things change kyack to 180 hp I bet it’s a fair adrenaline rush many thanks for your reply mall the best of
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