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  1. Nice video easy to see what’s going wrong on the missed ones should help you a lot 😊👍 how do you find the camera affects the handling of the gun? thanks for posting
  2. I wasn’t suggesting that you did anything without the land owners permission! probably the best thing to do is buy some shooting rights try the forestry commission
  3. You can get the flush and the shot ( blanks) they don’t hit them all on a trial
  4. Have you tried walking down there a few times with a game bag full of corn and scatter feeding for a few weeks? And maybe a drinker ? proberably won’t help if a lot of dog walking in the cops at worst you’ll attract the little birds
  5. If it’s standard and not been altered they shoot a touch high as gunman says get out shooting it and get used to it im sure more knowledgeable will be along soon
  6. Not really mate being a master of disguise I formulated a cunning plan and went as a teapot 😂😊
  7. Go into any gun shop and have a browse there can’t be a shop without a few or if you’re near Kettering pop and see mick you maybe lucky enough to get a two for one deal 😊
  8. Well I survived another one 🙂you couldn’t make it up what a nightmare was undercover (protection and surveillance) at the transgender group’s visit to the local themed event the rocky horror picture show 🥺 never seen anything like it boys that thought they were girls pretending to be boys 🙄 girls that thought they were boys pretending to be girls 🙄 there was fair few that didn’t know what they were 🥺🤔 confused or what
  9. It’s a help being on the right side of the road to start with 😂😂
  10. Curiosity get a big bag don’t let him see what’s inside be secretive im just popping out for a bit ending with a you probably won’t be able to come you’re a bit young for this or it’s too grown up for you and your mum won’t let you think of something it’s your duty to do dangerous things with your grandsons worked on a granddaughter we went for a boat ride (harbour taxi) and picknick on a pontoon in the harbour and crab lines
  11. I ignored ditchman he’s into a world of fantasy 😂 iv been rubbing in second hand chip fat with a bit of horse lineament marine grease and sand are a terrible chaffing problem ☹️ give me shout if you’re out of kryptonite I’ve got plenty 👍 that reminds me superman owes me a favour after I moved on the last lot for him shure he’s pulling a sickie that day you should be ok at big Ali’s kebab shop now my brother (he’s a delivery driver) has sorted out the rats and cockroaches for him anyway duties call can’t talk about it or I’ll have to kill you before midnight 🤭 did I mention I’m trained to kill in three different sizes of boots 🥾 😂
  12. The surf school is going well although I’m not sure if it’s a good thing the lads smoking those big roleups when there having a rest 😎😏 shook hands with Spider-Man nightmare stuck on his hand for 20 minutes luckily I had a bit of kryptonite in my pocket to melt the glue the beach volleyball team is a bit grim after Christmas they’ve put on a few pounds and it’s taking a bottle and a half of oil and a lot of time to get them oiled up not sure if I need another award from HM it’s the lunch after those cucumber sandwiches give me wind as you say bear can be a bit of a sissy but I put that down to him being such a fussy eater 😉
  13. The fruit bats are a tad on the soft side for anything serious although they can make a good size
  14. Brilliant I’ll tie a few cuttings on to the homing pigeon and send them up have to be honest the pineapple tree is a bit of a pain attracted no end of parrots and fruit bats Good news glad you both had a good time 😊👍
  15. Thanks for sorting her out TBH she’s been a bit of a pain texting and messages from her at all hours 😊 how is kendo I haven’t seen him for ages obviously I see a fair bit of bear as his mum lives up the road 😉 anyway can’t stop got to break out the long board teaching some singer types to surf tomorrow 🤭
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