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  1. Izuzu dmax or l200

    Thanks for your reply I couldn’t find one either cigar lighter though and a stupid charger socket inside the arm rest looks like I’d better get a coke can for the smoker 😂😂 all the best of
  2. Izuzu dmax or l200

    Any ash trays in yours?
  3. How near, how far.

    Surprised no one has mentioned the PIE people of Wigan yet 😂😂😂😂🤗
  4. How near, how far.

    Just had a word with the butler he assures me that he only serves breakfast lunch and dinner apparently tea 😉 is something the ladies have in the afternoon or the evening when we’re having port and brandy in the smoking room or playing snooker 😂all the best of
  5. Well buze having read a lot of this you realistically need to try something different this is a guess as it’s hard to help people when you can’t see what there doing however a common thing with long birds is people try to track them and run out of room to swing so I suggest that you move your feet a bit into the direction the birds traveling wind your body back and keeping the momentum going shooting at a comfortable point ie when the birds square to your position this should avoid pushing the gun off your face and then shooting low just my take on it all the best of
  6. Well 😊 good job job no ones mentioned weather the target is rising falling or going out at a angle you could just be reading it wrong and shooting where you think it’s going not where it actually is going practice is all all you need all the best of
  7. What's the most expensive gun you shot with?

    Here’s a starter gun for you
  8. What's the most expensive gun you shot with?

    I’m sure someone will let you have a go once you’ve been shooting a bit always good to want to try something different post your local clay ground you never know 😂
  9. colour of clothing for after dark

    Very interesting of course we all think that they see the same as us with the same spectrum of coulers best plan keep still and keep as concealed as you can and cover your face and hands all the best mod
  10. How Should I feel....?

    Hi sorry to hear about your day first all this should be sorted out before you go (team captain) number of Guns cost of lunch / loaders / tips / ect agree the day plus or minus 10% shot count kill to cartridge ratio cost of birds / overages bad weather /cancellation / insurance Should all be done on paper when you pay your deposit its a business arrangement treat it like that remember you’re paying for the opportunity to shoot the birds if you can’t hit them it’s not the shoots fault mall the best of
  11. Triple crown

    Shoots point of aim all three barrels build quality is good for the price and very nice wood on mine 3inch steel proof doesn’t feel heavy to shoot and mops up the recoil of the punchy steel shells personaly like the non ejection as I always pick up empty cases thinking of getting a couple more chokes so I can have a bit more variety get one you know it makes sense 🤣
  12. Triple crown

    I’ve got one 🙄 what do you want to know about them? All the best of
  13. Roll turn over

    Space of about the thickness of the card should do it you’re probably going to have to pack your shot up a bit anything from over powder cards to Cheerios has been used or trim the cases all the best of
  14. Pin and loop forend = bar in wood lovely looking gun all the best of
  15. New Lincoln shotgun

    Not having a go here but a eell Beretta’s hardly high end always considered sidelocks made by purdy Holland & Holland boss dickenson Woodward to be the high end stuff truth is buy what you like and can afford all the best of