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  1. That’s narrowed it down a bit 😂😂 it’s a fast race today
  2. I’ll look out for it amongst the other 999😊👍
  3. I’ll wave when they come past the back of the Wight 😊👍 they have a bit of wind forecast SSW 15 to 26 mph so it’ll be a fairly fast race any idea of the class he’s in ?
  4. Maybe a email explaining your intentions on joining the wildfowling club would help along with a cover note from the club in question who maybe extend the closing date for new members just a thought as they have always been helpful in the past along with the wildfowling clubs they have started doing home visits and security checks
  5. Its the ammunition that creates the biggest problem the ferry captains are mostly very good about it however as with all things there is always a odd one never had a problem and easier since covid as it’s paperless now just wondering now would you take the same approach flying just stick it in your bag and say nothing the object of the regulation is to stop your access to the gun during transit and the ammunition is noted as a fire precaution sensible really
  6. The question wasn’t clutching at straws it was simple with three choices which you evaded yes I have taken a few over the years I’ve also been on the have a go stand where perfect strangers have turned up to have a go Working on your idea’s why do they need/bother to issue exemption certificates to shooting grounds and if no one signs the book form how do they show/ prove they need/ use the exemption It’s good to see the different view points on this especially as they are so far apart as I said earlier I live in a different area with different idea’s id far rather have a few boxes ticked for peace of mind and proof of use of the exemption which you seem to think is a infringement of liberties and unnecessary that’s why we are all different with different views in these changing times As for the game fair id just produce my license so not really relevant If you’re ever down my way happy to take you for a few rounds of clay’s as long as you don’t mind producing your license and filling in the guest form at the club (insurance requirement)
  7. Using your gun on your license? would you do this with a perfect stranger ? or would you like to have some information about them
  8. So when you take someone who’s insurance do you use ? yours ? theres ? ground insurance?
  9. Haven’t a clue if it’s a legal obligation however I do know that the three closest clubs to me all have the exemption and all require you to sign the book and read and agree to the terms of the license each time you wish to shoot and to shoot around with a certificate holder our local flo checks with the ground on new application to seek the information as to how many times they have shot before new grants are issued and also calls the coach / person they were supervised by he’s very efficient ex military and take’s his job very seriously what it’s like in other areas I have no idea maybe because of the geography of my area it makes it easier to do with the limited amount of clubs novice people can shoot at to gain experience I’m sure you can take some one to a ground and let them shoot on your license with you as a mentor and no paperwork would be nessecary although at a Basc day they would have signed in and the details would be on record
  10. It’s always a shame to break a nice gun maybe worth spending a little time finding a nice bit of wood and checking your insurance have you found somewhere to get the restocking done?
  11. Already mended lucky enough it was one of my spares although you don’t expect these things to break you would think that they would warranty stuff for at least a 120 years
  12. Most peculiar however leaf and V springs also break apparently when my top lever spring broke last week it wasn’t under warranty 🙄
  13. I’ve got both the browning and the beretta the browning is a fair bit heavier both do the job both have ejector issues with the 3 inch rto cartridges occasionally irritating but not the end of the world as for steel loads I’m experimenting with some home load’s at the moment my main problem is fibre wad as I’m trying to move on for plastic best of luck with the transition 👍
  14. Perhaps you should try shooting down south without a certificate It’s pretty standard no point in having a exemption certificate if there’s no reference to anyone using it also a record for the flo to see when you applyFor your license
  15. However many 3.1/2 inch chamber semi auto won’t cycle the 2.1/2 so the problem has solved itself
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