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  1. Possibly could be but we’re all going to be positive about this and then we can say in years to come how we survived bog roll rationing 😂😊
  2. I keep it in match box with a glass eye it’s looking out for it 👍😂😂😂😊
  3. I’ve got mine in a match box it amuses the grandkids
  4. Inspiring I’ll have a go at that 😊👍 haven’t got any cranberries apricot or bananas though 🤔 but I’ll think of something 😉
  5. Good offer👍👍 iv got some old plans from great uncle Noah of a boat he once built 😉 happy to lend them to a member who takes up the offer 😊😊 It comes with a first aid kit 😂😂
  6. 3 slits works well with 5....6 steel shot although I’m working on a partridge/ average height pheasant load
  7. You could probably use a coke can for material however not sure if you’re spent was/shotcup would be appreciated by a landowner maybe ok on the salt marshes where corrosion is rapid
  8. The tinfoils a good ides but not sure on the eco biodegradable aspect of it min just hoping to come up with something that’s acceptable for the landowners and that works
  9. No just cut them off a live case and turned them up side down used the crimp as the base and stuck it onto a overpowder card it’s rolled paper the slits allowed the layers to separate although I used old cartridges from my collection so new paper cases maybe better constructed
  10. The 16 gauge paper cases I used didn’t hold up very well with 4 or three slits the paper unrolled the clay and game cups are fibre and hold up a lot better note test gun bakil single barrel full choke no damage to barrel or bulging yet 1mm thick of the walls 3 mm at the base over a 4.5 mm over powder card
  11. 😂😂 that’s more like it perhaps we can continue in a cheery manner 👍
  12. Of course there’s going to be a lot of advertising offers hopefully they’ll help pay to keep the organisations going there’s got to be better more constructive things to do in these times strongly recommend some should try to make more positive and uplifting posts as to help the moral of people worse of than ourselves 👍😊
  13. Or you could try to catch them in a baited cage training something similar to a Larson stay safe
  14. There’s a bit here if you’re needing some very prone to shattering if you’re working at the wrong temperature although you know that be careful please when you’re taking the galvanise off 👍
  15. Old farrier

    face masks

    Morning Mel bit of a problem packaged up your thong ( unwashed) as requested and dispatched The barge owner complained about the strong smell of (fish) the package now due to the lack of tourists and small children snowey our resident great white shark It’s becoming apparent that he’s hungry It appears that snowey mistook the parcel for a dead killer whale leaping onto the barge and carried it off And devoured it he’s currently being treated by the local marine rescue for severe food poisoning apologies for the failure to deliver keep safe of
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