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  1. Old farrier

    What was he thinking?

    Maybe just maybe he shot the deer where he had permission and it went over the boundaries and he went to get it taking his rifle in case it wasn’t dead
  2. Old farrier

    Side by Side Club

    Unusual to see the oval in the comb of the stock welcome to the forum all the best of
  3. Old farrier

    Isuzu d max

    There’s a discount if you’re a BASC Member or NFU
  4. Old farrier

    Omega or Rolex

    What gun do you shoot ?😊
  5. Old farrier

    How Many Pheasant

    Large group of live pheasant is called a bouquet if that’s any help
  6. Old farrier

    Game days? How much is justifiable?

    A decent game shot can do 2/1 if they only pick birds they know they can kill and stay inside of that comfort zone the averages plummet when you start taking on birds that are outside of your personal comfort zone or the conditions make for more challenging shooting very few of us have the concentration levels to maintain the average over a whole day and seldom do you get your consistent favourite birds this is the challenge of the driven shooting we all (I hope) strive to get the best average and consistent dead in the air birds while stretching our abilities and our equipment to the limit just to say I go on big days and enjoy every moment
  7. Old farrier

    Game days? How much is justifiable?

    Are you sure ? Farming has changed here 1000 acres of cauliflower and they won’t have a shot gun near it to frightened of a pellet in the plant and the crops being condemned
  8. Old farrier

    Brass rod/bar

    Got some bronze shaft about a inch round if it’s what you’re looking for pm your address and I can send it to you all the best of
  9. Old farrier

    Game days? How much is justifiable?

    Lots of negative stuff here on the plus side plenty of you go picking up and beating on the big shoots along with loading and driving the game carts beaters wagons and the gun bus you also get the beaters shoots and the pigeon/vermin shoots i wonder where we would be if there was more money in growing carrots and all the covers and copses were torn out for the growing of vegetables The big shoots keep the costs of the small ones down plenty of birds going over the boundary to the small ones as a aside don’t agree with the alleged dumping of birds that are fit to eat but I don’t agree with trawlers dumping tons of fish when they get over there quota either all the best of
  10. Old farrier

    22lr and Horses

    Found them less bothersome with a unmoderated 22 however it’s the damage they do whilst getting used to it that’s the problem 🤔
  11. Old farrier

    22lr and Horses

    Perhaps they hear differently to us ?😙😙 the noise is moderated at our level of hearing not the horses personaly found more of a problem with the owner than the horses 😟
  12. Old farrier

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Seems pretty obvious to me she married a Dutch bloke so off to Holland the christian thing to do would be to welcome and help her although that’s going to upset her beliefs and we can’t do that sometimes people put them selves into the position that help is impossible so sadly unless Holland was to take her I’m afraid she’s stuck
  13. Old farrier

    Gamebore super steel

    Only if you’re talking of a descent range 🤣 Bit like hares really 🤣
  14. Old farrier

    Help Required

    Basically it means everything is part of the estate and until it’s been valued and the taxes paid you can’t dispose of it short version ask your flo for a temporary certificate and speak to his solicitor the guns may have been bequeathed to a specific person
  15. Old farrier

    Free shotgun

    Some one should get this and then moderate it good diy project