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  1. Old farrier

    MEC 600 JNR

    There two totally different beasts which is why you need a license for black powder and you don’t for nitro cellulose powder
  2. I heard that he’s fettling the snarling teeth into a bottle opener
  3. It’s not about needles it’s about wanting 😂🤔😊
  4. And the. badger foot back scratcher not to mention ditchmans ceremonial sporran 😂
  5. Thank you sir 😥👍 I’ll let you know what they are like 🤭
  6. A link would be good 😊👍
  7. Personally think this could have been handled better police officer could have requested you take them to a rfd for safe storage/sale and then removed your certificate would save the police resources and be the same outcome although you would be paying storage and with perfect hindsight maybe you should have lodged them with a rfd when your treatment started along with the problem of your children best of luck with the situation hopefully you will get a good outcome
  8. This ^^ its not a group’s fault your on your own not a problem with the local ground all caddy rounds they score button fix the traps and call the no birds If you have a problem on a specific target they will even get the coach in at the end of the round to help you out
  9. With the supposed thousands dying of ingested lead shot they should be able to production thousands of autopsy reports with a count of the number of shots in each gizzard sadly there’s virtually nothing credible in the reports
  10. Better get tested then as there was probably a pest control operative using lead shot protecting the grapes 🤔 proberably contaminated the whole crop for centuries 🥴 do you know which vineyard?🤭
  11. Couple more pictures for you gentlemen
  12. It was a lovely gun to shoot a tad on the heavy side however that didn’t affect any of the handling quality of this gun
  13. It’s a very interesting piece of history for me I don’t have the book either this particular gun fired a 1.3/4 oz ball
  14. Well chaps awesome day today had the privilege to shoot with a bit of history 😊 not sure if any of you take the double gun journal but those who are familiar with it would possibly read the article on the first paradox rifle made by Holland and Holland Absolutely fantastic old hammer gun and a privilege to be allowed to have a few shots with it 😊 still smiling not often you get to shoot a museum piece
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