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  1. And obviously there preventing climate change by dumping there Mobil phones walking to protest not using any natural resources for there placards i could go on
  2. Very naughty of you OB 😂 you should know that you can’t rush a craftsman projects of this magnitude take years of study and hours of preparation before even the first line is drawn 😊 anyway he’s busy finding some (tool steel)work to do
  3. I tried the chewing gum and araldite but I thought ditchman was one of the few who could revive it very attached to the old knife bit of a challenge I know but it’s fix it or ditch it 😊 and if ditchman can’t fix it the world will end and I’ll have to buy a cissy modern one 😭 all the best of
  4. While he’s getting it there leaving you alone 😉😊😊 im sure it’ll be the ultimate enticer 😊maybe even buy shares when the patent is floated on the stock market
  5. I would sharpen them for him 🤔 but I broke my penknife 😢
  6. Is he allowed sharpened crayons 😙😉
  7. He’s faster than TC 😂😂
  8. Maybe want to check the ball height on the quad so much easier to tow level water 😊👍
  9. Haven’t you got any in stock? Im guessing you’re not a Boy Scout
  10. Idle bone idle you can’t start a thread then go to work 🙄
  11. Old farrier


    Anyone know if they have insurance?? Although they'd probably say it was a act of god
  12. Thinking I would probably go for the single bar with a adjustable jockey wheel to aid moving and level up for water flow just a thought also easier to put a rotating ball hitch on incase of role over
  13. Toilet paper 😊 remember a a survival kit is useless if you don’t know how to use it foil blanket
  14. Thought we already had a license for each firearm her maths and figures still leaves them £9 1/2 million short maybe looking at how it’s administered is the way to go
  15. Anything to stop you from hatching out some pheasants and releasing them? Looks a good habitat for them
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