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  1. Can’t believe it my keeper has to have a day to shoot the vermin and as he’s driving or loading 6 days a week for me only leaves him Sunday to do it 🙄 just don’t know what the author was thinking I do draw the line at Christmas Day though 😗 as for the complainers have them evicted from the vicinity at a rapid pace 🤔 that should do it 😂
  2. It’s a condition of the wildfowl clubs in most cases or a syndicate requirement Or the landowners Recognise the Basc membership and insurance
  3. Now there’s a bit more information to work with 👍 iv seen a couple of 17 hmr virtually destroyed by duff ammunition with owners luckily escaping serious injury so I would still recommend going to a good gunsmith and getting it sorted maybe there’s a reason for it being sold on
  4. This ^^^^^^ never worth the time spent in hospital you were lucky
  5. I did get him some ear defenders although he moaned about the footprints on the seats when I was leaning out of the sunroof 😂 much better than the roller if I shot the dam spirit of ecstasy once I hit it a dozen times 😂😂
  6. You’d have both hands free and as long as you had a decent chauffeur for your Bentley you could get a fair amount of shooting 😂😂
  7. Or it could just be a bad batch of eley cartridges As said earlier there 3 inch cartridges and 3 inch chambers no step long forcing cones didn happen with fiochie or Winchester or hull in fact I’d go as far as to say it’s definitely poor quality case or bad loading by manufacturer and taking that eley haven’t responded to emails and the sending back a slab with the fired cases some considerably worse than pictured I shall take the lack of response as there fault
  8. It’s happened a lot common with eley and yes my gun is 3 inch and not worn out
  9. You maybe gone for some time 😂😂 Ifcatching a little old mole took more pages than building a international space station I should ask for a packed lunch 😗😂
  10. It’s for marking out and manufacturing of multiple mole skinning boards 😊
  11. A lot of different outside measurements and a skins hole in this job😗🤔
  12. 100% far to much information gathered and stored
  13. Have you got any pretty and friendly ones for sale? Asking for a friend 🤭
  14. Thanks for all you have done 😊👍👍 Have a good time with your redundancy package 😂😂
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