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  1. Old farrier

    VW claim

    Not to mention the excise duty and road fund license that should have been paid for the higher emission band that the car really fell into sadly it a major fraud to make money absolute disgrace
  2. It’s available however very expensive in reality it comes from years of studying the quarry and many hours of practice infact the more I practice the luckier I get 😄
  3. And at 65 to 70 yards ? 44 fps 30 mph is hardly insignificant and it could easily be 88fps on a breezy day please feel free to move your hand at 44 FPS into a drawing pin and see how insignificant it is have you ever had the opportunity to shoot high pheasants?
  4. And how fast is your ballistic gel coming towards you? I applaud your theory however unless you build in the speed of the approaching bird it’s not the true picture
  5. This is great few questions if I may have any Of you considered the speed of the birds according to my calculations as long as you take the birds in front the speed of the bird throws your calculations out of the door high birds are a challenge and require a lot of practice and skill Some can do the 60/70 yard birds consistently this is why the high bird shoots are fully booked however unless you’re practiced and profisiant at the 30/40 yards and then the 40/50 yard birds don’t bother for the op yes a fibre wad Cartrige is capable for confermation phone the shoot and ask them what they recommend All the best Of
  6. Old farrier

    Tip 'guidance'

    8 birds on the day and if you’re inside the shot count and haven’t achieved the bag or your team has just been hit £320 for overages dosent seem churlish to me you may guess from this that I’ve had my leg lifted a few times so nowadays I tip what I think is appropriate not what a agent says
  7. Old farrier

    Extended Forcing Cones & Fibre Wads

    Anyone considered that the nominal bores were laid down with paper case Cartriges so the wads of yesteryear were tight in the bore along with rto now plastic cases are the norm so maybe the bore should be a bit larger or the forcing cones a bit longer just a thought all the best of
  8. Old farrier

    Anyone ever seen this happen on a gun?

    I know that’s why I put smiley 😂😂 on my first reply all the best of
  9. Old farrier

    Anyone ever seen this happen on a gun?

    But it dose in the sun
  10. Old farrier

    Anyone ever seen this happen on a gun?

    Are you sure ????😂😂
  11. Old farrier

    Tip 'guidance'

    Well why even tip your buying a day agreed number of birds it’s a commercial entity there doing there job keepers paid beaters paid selling surplus birds through a agent to create more revenue and expecting £400 on top Tin hat on all the best of
  12. Old farrier

    Woodwork/tool question

    Pick axe doesn’t need a wedge the handle goes in from the opposite direction 😂 any hard wood is fine I usually use some from a broken handle easiest way to get the old handle out is to drill some of the wood out first and then knock it out with a drift all the best of
  13. Old farrier

    leather priest

    Ahh who defines nutters you could be the only sane one on here 😂😂
  14. Old farrier

    4 gear leavers in a series 3?

    Probably the hand brake 😉
  15. Old farrier

    leather priest

    Can they be monogrammed? Seems to be a perfect Xmas gift i know I’ve broken the rules and used the X word before bonfire night mels fault for putting up the thread all the best of