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  1. Thanks for the replies, mainly pheasant, duck and woodcock. Our cover is heavy in west wales and as I have only the one dog we are out for the day.
  2. Good evening guys, I am in the market for a new dog as my springer is coming up to 8yrs old. I’ve had two previous springers but I am contemplating a cocker. I am on two syndicates that are mainly walked up beat yourself type shoots and also pick up on another. I know it’s personal preference but what are the advantages / disadvantages over the two? Thanks
  3. Had a good few hours on the stubble fields yesterday
  4. I'm going to agree to disagree with you on this, sure you haven't got time for this either as you must be making a fortune doing your thousands of insurance jobs
  5. I don't mind being challenged at all but you said its rubbish, which with the contracts i have is not! Most insurance companies will ask for 20% discount on parts, when we buy them from a dealer for a volvo or merc say we only get 15% discount so like i said loose 5% on parts!! You seem to be talking rubbish to me and if you had any contracts you would also know that you would have to provide a courtesy car for free to fully comp customers who have this cover.
  6. This is a load of rubbish, i know this is true as i also own a bodyshop with multiple insurance contracts. I take it from your lack of knowledge of how it works that you own a bodyshop with no insurance contracts?
  7. If a bodyshop carries out a fault repair (Your fault) they will have to provide a courtesy car to you for free. The insurance does not pay the bodyshop for this just part of the agreement. Check your policy 99% of the time you only have class A cover which is a Fiat 500 or similar. So it is in there interest to get the part ASAP as to get you out the courtesy car so they can give it to the next person. The only time you get a like for like is a third party claim (Not your fault) They will supply the hire vehicle for the duration of your repair. The insurance company is the only winner here too as they will have an agreement in place where the bodyshop will do the work at £45 an hour but when they invoice will have a bottom line discount of 25% so the insurance has 25% of that bill too and most parts have only 20% discount so the bodyshop is loosing 5% on fitting new parts!
  8. Is this still available? If so could you possibly get a photo of it? Thanks
  9. Hi there what cartridge do you find best for driven duck? Thanks
  10. This morning me and Ben got down to the foreshore at 6 am to find out that everyone else had the same idea and all our usual spots were taken. We decided to take a spot we thought wouldn't be much good as we didnt have time to change location. After a few hours of no action and the sound of everyone else having plenty of sport we decided to call it a day. On the way back home I thought we could pop into my mates farm to see if there were any pigeons about. So we walked out into the yard and seen a fair few about and after an hour we had shot 28. With the smiles back on our faces we walked back to the truck when my mate turns up and told us that the syndicate that was shooting there has pulled out and we can help ourself to all the woodland and also went on to say we can have the whole permission with all the pens for no more than the price of a thousand cartridges! As we where in a rush to get home we only walked the hedgerows of three fields and had 1 pheasant, 1 woodcock and 2 snipe!! So we are delighted and are going back Saturday for another mooch!
  11. Will take bipod please. Pm payment details thanks
  12. I have a fair bit of land to shoot over but unfortunately my shooting buddy is away working so I'm after someone to come lamping/shooting with me. Drop me a pm if you fancy
  13. I'm down in west wales but all over the uk during the week so might be able to organise to meet if not to far off my route?
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