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    I have been involved in countrysports since I could walk.I do alot of fox,deer and rabbit control in somerset .I use rifles shotguns traps dogs and ferrets.married with two little boys .ata panel beater

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  1. bumpy22

    Drone pro is back on sale!!

    Your right about that. One of my mates has one and spoke to cliff. Sounds very good on the repair side👍 The digiceptor has been out a while although a different unit it is very similar to the drone. I heard the new ones are going to have a different name
  2. bumpy22

    pard nv007 add on night vision

    i think you will be surprised the difference a decent ir can give to these digital add ons is very good
  3. bumpy22

    Drone pro is back on sale!!

    i believe that is what clive ward brought out when the drone stopped production. very similar unit
  4. bumpy22

    Fox club

    tell me about it stu managed one monday night and rained of ever since. looking drier beginning of the week so hopefully get out then. one of my farmer friends has just bought another farm hopefully have a look round next weekend see boundaries etc after our pheasant shoot
  5. bumpy22

    Tikka t3/x hunter stock

  6. bumpy22

    Drone pro is back on sale!!

    best dedicated digital nv you will buy
  7. bumpy22

    defender 90 bonnet

    latest shape defender bonnet dent on the front edge in the middle £100
  8. bumpy22

    pard nv007 add on night vision

    i here the screens are not far off the ward if that is the case they will be great
  9. bumpy22

    Spot the Fox

    easy with thermal
  10. bumpy22

    Tikka t3/x hunter stock

    As above very good condition £95
  11. bumpy22

    Fox club

    👍 I would not want to pay all your staff Christmas bonuses to be fair
  12. bumpy22

    Fox club

    I have been trying to get price but everywhere is out of stock mike
  13. bumpy22

    Fox club

    Well done mike. We ventured out last night with the old faithful ward add on. First farm we saw absolutely nothing except one fox right in front of the house. No chance of a shot so we left it for another day. Next farm we went to Grant spotted one on a bank just as it went over. Tried a few calls but no response. Next place was the chicken unit. As soon as we climb the bale stack Grant signals there is one in field above ours. A quick scan and another was spotted just behind the first. Played pheasant distress and immediately they both came flying in but straight behind barn. Tried caller again but no response to pheasant this time. Grant then spots them in a small paddock behind. A quick manoeuvre of the caller to the other side of field back on bales. Vixen distress playing and large dog fox is on his way. Mute the caller and he stops for his last time next to it. The other would not come in after that but I am sure it wont be long. 32 now of this one permission since mid summer. They dont seem to be slowing up
  14. bumpy22

    Fox club

    had a few hours with strongman this afternoon. top bloke look forward to us having a night foxing soon. he is set now with thermal so am not leaving much hope for the foxes in his county. mike sent me a nice picture of the mansion today. looks virtually finished a few gold door handles and he will be there. not sure if there will be any updates on the news when the estate is officially open to public for guided tours have a night planned monday. before grant is away on one of numerous holidays this year.
  15. bumpy22

    who makes stocks like this?

    probably most local scrap merchant