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    I have been involved in countrysports since I could walk.I do alot of fox,deer and rabbit control in somerset .I use rifles shotguns traps dogs and ferrets.married with two little boys .ata panel beater

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  1. bumpy22

    Mounting up Deer Antlers

    use 2 pack adhesive on roe and muntjac. once cured just drill and screw. been asked to do a few sets of reds this season think i will have to come up with a mounting bracket for them though
  2. bumpy22

    Fox club

    went on a half a dozen different permissions with no luck. saw one fox early but nothing after dark. had a message saying another taking chickens so will have to try and sort that this week before game fair. hopefully take delivery of new tx1 hmr this week as well. that will need testing need to get ready for the fox club meet up at the game fair. i will work on our welsh founder this week
  3. bumpy22

    Gun dealers comision

    10 - 15% is what we get trade price. does not seem to be much of a mark up
  4. bumpy22

    Barley stubble

    well done
  5. bumpy22

    Fox club

    will pm you our numbers we can meet early and then we can get Grant to by us all breakfast
  6. bumpy22

    Lots of Bits and Bobs

    Beartooth comb riser(no foam) and stock extender with foam and butt protector with round holder £15 posted for all three please pm me payment details
  7. bumpy22

    Fox club

    good work richard. to be fair if you wore pink camo you would stand out from the rest in there green have you got the basc voucher? i think this is the reason we are all going because its free i will ring mike closer to the time see if we can drag him away from the sheep, sorry i mean mansion
  8. bumpy22

    Fox club

    lazy s%%t what are you doing the rest of the weekend???? sunday a few of us of here are going and meeting up. we all have to have a fox brush on the back of a deer stalker apparently. i am struggling for foxes so i will let you boys bring one for me
  9. bumpy22

    A question of ettiquette

    I would not be happy if new people came on ground I shoot on. There are lots of people that I have met that can promise the earth. Have every bit of gear. But quite frankly have no idea and are not safe. This is the main issue for me. I am mainly a rifle shooter and people can do more harm than good in many situations. I have a good bond with all of the landowners I shoot for they know I will do a good job and will let me know if there is anyone interested. On 2 of the larger farms I have they have told potential shooters to speak to me about the shooting. Which to me is a great pat on the back.
  10. bumpy22

    Fox club

    76 is in sight😂
  11. bumpy22

    Minor damage repair wood stock

    Or stain and lacquer😉
  12. bumpy22

    cut rape

    look forward to hearing a full report
  13. come and go when i want on the farms. golf courses contact me more often than i contact them at the moment. phone is usually busy this time of year. best time of year to do a good job and pick up more ground
  14. bumpy22

    Fox club

    well done mike nice to see you getting out and about. seems a never ending flow of them this year. got quite a few to sort out as well. just need my hmr for some of the more subtle jobs. been leaving the bunnies on one patch that has loads for the new arrival
  15. bumpy22

    This seasons medal bucks.

    cracking heads there as usual. looks to me that those have been left to reach there potential and pass there genes to the next generation. high standard of deer management with the proof