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    I have been involved in countrysports since I could walk.I do alot of fox,deer and rabbit control in somerset .I use rifles shotguns traps dogs and ferrets.married with two little boys .ata panel beater

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  1. bumpy22

    Muntjac died after getting caught in fence.

    trying to rub velvet i expect. a lot of bucks fall fatal to this. shot a buck about ten years ago with its head covered in fencing wire. the base of antlers were covered in maggots. my mate asked me if he could have the head and boiled it out with all wire still attached. made a interesting mount to show what happened
  2. bumpy22

    Which truck..

    i work in the motor trade which i dont normally tell anyone as i have no interest in cars unless they go across the field with my gear in. i have had a ranger for 7 years which has been virtually faultless. two of my mates have hiluxs which seem to be bullet proof and very capable . i would steer well clear of l200 and navara. but the amorak would get my vote now. if you want something to waste money on get a land rover
  3. bumpy22

    Fox club

    a quick outing tonight with the hmr and ward. walked to the first chance where a fox was mousing in some rough cover about 120 yards out a quick squeak and he was dropped in the chest at all of 40 yards. walked the rest of the ground and counted 20 badgers exactly which does not surprise me on this land. as i get to the last area pick up 2 foxes in thermal busy foraging in the long grass. use the hedge to get to with in sensible range of them. ten more yards i thought and then they clock me on the fence line and are of. they stop at about 200 and look back. again a few squeaks and one comes into all of ten yards filling the scope. squeeze the trigger nothinghad not chambered a round after last fox quick cycle and fox has gone round to the other again. leave it a few minutes call again. this time he circles round my left and presents a nice 70 yard shot which it drops. the other still sat 30 yards further on the horizon of the hill just watching. again wait for a few minutes and a few mouse squeaks on the palm bring it down perfect. a good solid chest shot, which i did run 15 yards. but dropped stone dead. three nice foxes which i made hard work of
  4. bumpy22

    Fox club

    from what i have seen of my mates drone 10x and 15x it wont be quite as good at night. but the picture looks impressive in the day. which the drones does not
  5. bumpy22

    Fox club

    good luck mike. me and the main man have planned a nights foxing this weekend. we have been up to our eyes in other jobs at the minute. so without tempting fate the triple figure could be broke. will get secretary to count up this week we have both just got the new 4k xsights so all being well and my rail turns up we will have a report
  6. bumpy22

    Brit shot dead in hunting accident, France

    yep spot with thermal shoot with night vision. when you look through them you will see the logic. great for identifying heat sources but id will never be good enough for me or the man here. that is why clear id is made with nv. it seems a bit daft but until you use this stuff it makes sense. i have heard of some not good things about thermal rifle scopes. but we dont need anymore bad press for shooting
  7. bumpy22

    Scopes - what makes one better ?

    The main difference will be at last light and first light. With decent glass you will see the light gathering abilities. In normal daylight situations you may not notice. All down to the individual I suppose. if you dont need that extra bit of clarity for the large sum of extra cash it costs then thats your choice
  8. bumpy22

    30 mm optilocks

    As above to fit 50mm scope. Which I think are medium. Blued steel £60
  9. bumpy22

    T3 picatinny rail

    As above
  10. bumpy22

    Myxi in hares

    hope not evil thing mixy. been watching rabbits with it since i was kid. only pockets of rabbits here now after years of being hit by it. 10 15 years ago there were good numbers but now very rarely do i get a call out to deal with them. at night we are seeing a lot of hares. which is great to see and i personally dont shoot them. the only downside of the hare population here is the great guys with running dogs that have no respect for anything have a few places where i can get numbers but overall down. try to leave them for the ferrets now
  11. bumpy22

    Hydro dipping - good or bad job??

    had a rifle done in hydrographics about 10 years ago. although it still looks tidy there is only one coating i would put on my guns and that is cerakote. have a look at techcoat website. he is a mate of mine who i shoot with and it is great. the price is very cheap for what you get. the finish is excellent and i should know as i work in a bodyshop.
  12. bumpy22

    Shotgun Beads

    exactly rightgot a guy at our clay club with the most ridiculous bead at our club. to be fair it would look good on my sons nerf gun
  13. bumpy22

    Anyone bought a tikka t3x last 3months

    mines stainless
  14. bumpy22

    Anyone bought a tikka t3x last 3months

    i bought a stainless one and have noticed a few spots. any more info on this?
  15. bumpy22

    mullion cove cornwall

    hope you have a good break dave you dont need anymore guns though