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    I have been involved in countrysports since I could walk.I do alot of fox,deer and rabbit control in somerset .I use rifles shotguns traps dogs and ferrets.married with two little boys .ata panel beater

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  1. bumpy22

    Cost? Cerakote v hydro dip

    contact techcoat or look on website
  2. bumpy22

    thermal imager

    have one. 2 of my mates that i shoot with have them and a third bought a xq30. you will not regret buying one. we do a lot of fox control and the numbers we shoot with them is staggering since we went thermal. we cover a large acerage between us and used to shoot decent numbers. but the thermal as everyone seems to say is a real game changer. with us being stalkers it is a valuable aid for finding deer after the shot aswell
  3. bumpy22

    Rabbit numbers in your area?

    Going to be too late dave. Better get a shift on or you will be digging. We have a few areas with large numbers.
  4. bumpy22

    British Shooting Show 2019

    went today with 3 mates. good day to be fair with some very interesting sites to look at and some shooting stuff
  5. bumpy22

    A public thank you

    great work
  6. bumpy22

    which fox caller

    good choice
  7. bumpy22

    Laurona spares

    try ian summerell
  8. bumpy22

    falcon prarie

    i have a falcon prarie mufitshot skeleton thumbhole that is dipped in hydrographics. the problem i have is that it had a leak and will not charge now. i have tried a few shops recently with no joy. saying parts are a issue and cant fix it. so if anyone is interested in the gun drop me a pm. dont really want to put this in sales as it is not working more for one of the airgun experts
  9. bumpy22

    Aaron Ramsey

    good player. but that money is ridiculous. only one worse is alexis sanchez
  10. Had it with avon and somerset a few years back. Basc were a great help
  11. bumpy22

    Fox club

    Top job mike. We only have fox hunter to persuade into getting thermal now but he is still shooting plenty with lamp. richard is well impressed with his and getting good numbers Will try and get grant to get some pics of fox box we have built
  12. bumpy22

    Fox club

    three more last night. first one was on one of my bigger permissions. after five minutes or so of hand calling we spot fox coming up from lower field about 300 yards. stoped and would not come any closer so i took shot. he was hit hard but need a follow up. second spot was part of the chicken unit where they had spotted foxes last week. phone call from the farmer earlier that afternoon to say he had baited both areas with chickens as instructed as we approach we immediately see a fox trotting straight to bait station with one following. a bit of moving and grant is in position to take vixen as she is pulling at chicken. we wait for the other but it does not present a shot. on to the next part of chicken farm. after ten minutes of foxpro calls i try a few loud calls on my hand. within a few minutes we spot a fox coming straight towards us at speed. comes in to about fourty yards and turns runs back to 180 where a shout stops it and grant drops it with in a second. another 2 of the chicken unit and owner really happy with our efforts with more to take though
  13. bumpy22

    Hi from Somerset

    welcome aboard
  14. bumpy22

    Six nations

    come on gentlemen we need predictions???
  15. bumpy22

    Fox club

    me and grant managed another last night between the torrential down pours water was running off all the fields with alot of the tracks in a foot of water. we went to first spotted and squeaked a fox in to to about 200 yards but would not come of the horizon of the hill for a safe shot next spot we walked into field and the whole sky emptied but a fox was spotted through thermal in next field after a bit of moving got on him. grant with usual enthusiasm suggested another spot. we went and he showed off some great long range skills to produce rabbits for my hungry ferretsanother good night not many about but not surprising considering wind and heavy rain. will get grant to post some pics of our foxbox soon. will be set up on the chicken unit with owner baiting for us. another very happy landowner any fox club members going to shooting show? me grant and 2 others are going saturday