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    I have been involved in countrysports since I could walk.I do alot of fox,deer and rabbit control in somerset .I use rifles shotguns traps dogs and ferrets.married with two little boys .ata panel beater

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  1. Cracking dog ninja ferret my cousin has one and uses on our shoot. My dad used to breed britanny spaniels many years ago another hpr. Looking at what dogs go for now I would say pups are well priced
  2. Hope it holds zero mate
  3. Most sensible answer
  4. You already own it by the sounds of it. Most ammunition problems have been rectified now. Very accurate round. Will cover all small vermin within SENSIBLE range including fox. Widely available. Relatively cheap. No hassle of reloading. Frangible round unlike the ricochet prone rimfire .22lr. If you inspect cases first generally rules out most problems. But being aware of any squib round is essential in any calibre with experience. Had 2 in all the years of I had hmrs. Removed bolt and then using clean rod removed bullet. That was before I checked cases I will add Great round in my op
  5. Plenty here in Somerset. Can post you a few with holes in🤣
  6. Returned a pair the same one in 410 and one 9mm. Cracking little guns. My kids love shooting tin cans with the old garden gun
  7. As above used to shoot on a small permission when I was a kid where there were a few white ones. Caught a few black ones in the nets makes you think twice.
  8. Thanks Steve for all your effort.
  9. Think this will be my last renewal I think . After the debacle lead ban. The general license saga. Then calling during lockdown calling for some clarification on a job at a commercial chicken units. To be told that they can't give me a yes or no answer. Maybe I was confused but I thought part of the package was legal advice aswell??? I have had great respect for basc but they certainly don't seem to be the same organisation they were
  10. Don't know why everyone is moaning you get a magazine each year 😂
  11. bumpy22


    Paul started thread
  12. Top job mark. I will post you a fox as promised😉
  13. Shoot them both and you will want a 25 06
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