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    I have been involved in countrysports since I could walk.I do alot of fox,deer and rabbit control in somerset .I use rifles shotguns traps dogs and ferrets.married with two little boys .ata panel beater

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  1. bumpy22

    Six Nations

    Maybe it was the argument who calls set plays and moves? You would expect Russell to do this from ten. But something tells me Hogg would want to be in charge. You maybe right never thought about that. Hope they do play together as it will harm the lions aswell
  2. bumpy22

    New tool

    Got to admit a mate of mine has a fx impact and I am impressed with that. He puts a lot of time in doing comps etc but some of the shooting is impressive for a airgun. When I am used to powder burners. Don't think I will stump up the cash though quite happy with my old falcon lighthunter
  3. If I remember there was a single stroke pneumatic made by Parker Hale. Dragon???? I remember it looked quite big and think it was a sidelever. Never seem to take off
  4. bumpy22

    Six Nations

    Says a bit of a group meeting sunday. Got told he would not be in contention for selection so did not turn up after. Real shame as a great player and a shame if we don't see him at the tournament
  5. Magpies were nesting at Christmas near me. same every year so they can be ready before the peak of the nesting season. But according to wild justice they don't do any damage
  6. Thanks for your advice. It is very much appreciated
  7. How far Dave? we are doing a pond and were hoping to put some ducks down and feed the wild as well. Not a clue about ducks
  8. Might be worth a suggestion at next shoot meeting young man
  9. I am sure I was supposed to be doing something called homework. Rather than messing for hours with cheap tat airguns lol. Better than xbox of today though
  10. I think those are the ones they put in the trap when I shoot at them lol
  11. Those were the days. Cheap plastic but you were adamant if you pumped it up loads it would give it super powers lol
  12. Surprised on line are much cheaper than the motor factors? I am in the motor trade so don't pay retail but still amazed with shipping it's cheaper
  13. Was on a shoot with turkeys this year. Was great seeing them fly over canopy
  14. bumpy22

    Six Nations

    Finn Russell is a massive loss to them. Could be battling with italy
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