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    I have been involved in countrysports since I could walk.I do alot of fox,deer and rabbit control in somerset .I use rifles shotguns traps dogs and ferrets.married with two little boys .ata panel beater

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  1. bumpy22

    Fox club

    Good work mate. Been busy on the bucks since started off the month. Called a nice one in Monday after stalking. But not had a dedicated night on them recent. with young underground trying to leave them on certain areas till there above ground. But if there causing problems then it will be back to usual. Am also waiting variation but better not get me started on that Been very quiet on here recently. I suspect when cubs start causing mayhem next month it will be action stations. Suspect a mansion rebuild should be complete anytime soon
  2. Send it now should get it back in time😂
  3. Been told 6 weeks for my 1 for 1 variation so anything has got to be improvement
  4. Not after every shot but every outing when used now. I used to clean previous rifles very little and after having to bin the last one of my cleaning regime has changed. For the barrel life as well. I can't see myself how having a fouled rifling would be a advantage over a clean. But this is obviously only my logic and experience.
  5. Looks a very interesting unit. With everything read recently they have taken NV to another level for the budget. If you can get a few hundred yards for that money why would anyone want to pay more
  6. Without doubt they can see it. But as with all foxes and nature they act differently. Not so sure about the whole lamp shy. I just believe some foxes will be more wary of a light going on them than others. I am not saying they cannot be educated by people shining a light at them from the other county and then throwing lead at them from same distance. I just found that foxes can be off at the slightest noise/light when others can be complete opposite
  7. Go laminate. Only thing letting the T3 down is the stock. Boyds are great for the money. Changed both of mine as soon as I bought them
  8. I have been recently on last rifle. Shot the barrel out on the one before and let's just say the cleaning regime was pretty much non existent. Have not noticed any difference on new one. I have only one concept on this whole logic. You can reproduce a clean barrel consistent but you cannot reproduce a dirty barrel consistent. Just my take on it and I don't do to bad with it😉
  9. Exactly I call hundreds of foxes in each year. not all are shot for one reason or another but I suspect the number would drop a lot if I had to let a fouling round of first
  10. I Very true good honest guy as well. Surprised it was not 376😉
  11. Shoot groups of three and choose smallest. keep things simple. I know people who worry about load development but I suspect the the thing touching trigger is more of a issue than powder or bullet seating
  12. As above black with screws omoa £50
  13. Humane dispatch . I have it on my license added after sending in the relevant letter. Should be straightforward
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