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    I have been involved in countrysports since I could walk.I do alot of fox,deer and rabbit control in somerset .I use rifles shotguns traps dogs and ferrets.married with two little boys .ata panel beater

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  1. Bargain that. Brilliant piece of kit
  2. bumpy22

    Fox club

    This was last week for a hour. Seem to be loads in the woods now the trees have emptied. Hopefully have a go in the morning
  3. bumpy22

    Fox club

    Same here had a go with airgun in rain this morning
  4. bumpy22


    Loads of beechmast here. The squirrels seem to be very active in the woods with all this
  5. I would go for the oo8 of rewulf. Mine has been brilliant day and night
  6. I have a faulty t67 can't get it to work. New switch fixed but now gone again
  7. bumpy22


    All depends on young and cover Dave. If you have open buries and no signs of young crack on. The problem now is we don't have decent frost till Christmas with mild weather. The cover just does not die back. The rabbits will continue to breed when it's mild. I have cleared warrens of cover and then gone back and ferreted them a week later. Don't be tempted to do it same time they will just lie up. Our Somerset hedges are a fine example. The bottom hardly dies back till Christmas. We use quick set long nets either side with stop nets crossing in the middle where possible. Then tie a terrier either end. Let me know if you want a hand
  8. If you ever come over the bridge your welcome to try my ou 20 bore hushpower.
  9. bumpy22

    Night vision

    Could not agree more. But if you can't afford a pard don't by a photon
  10. My 20 bore hushpower is brilliant use it in many situations like yours
  11. I have had 0 moa rails on my tikkas for NV sights. Don't know about pulsar but can't see why you would need anything other than 0 moa on night vision
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