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    I have been involved in countrysports since I could walk.I do alot of fox,deer and rabbit control in somerset .I use rifles shotguns traps dogs and ferrets.married with two little boys .ata panel beater

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  1. Wee trip South for CWD,Muntjac and Fallow.

    great pics as usual. glad you got your deer certainly on my list to do. need a couple more aswell
  2. Fox club

    Used to do the tails alot of the scooter gangs used to hang them on there aerials
  3. AGAIN!! Waste not want not

    sounds ideal look forward to seeing pics of end result
  4. Fox club

    good work mate after our conversation last week i could see you needed time out from castle rebuild. shame we could not meet up hopefully in a few months. did you take any bags with you?
  5. if your a little bit low that small projectile is breaking up on that big nose. from another experianced stalker/fox shooter that again has seen deer with jaws blown off etc. chest shot for me all the time. maybe its because i miss and i know i have more room for error than trying to find that small brain on a large head. when i was young i got told when calling foxes into shotgun to always shoot them side on as they turn. there is very little protecting there vitals there.where as front on the small pellets have to penetrate a thick skull. just my take on it and it works quite well for me
  6. Out with the my lad

    i was shooting when i was his age ferreting etc. i could not get enough. but i am afraid xboxs, i pads etc make it hard to get the kids out now. to be fair my lad likes football most. but there is hope for my 4 year old he loves cleaning guns and cleaning the ferrets and dogs out
  7. Out with the my lad

    great pics. my eldest who is 8 has a good go with his 410. had a couple of goes at my clay club but enjoys ferreting the most. he also likes knocking cans over with grandads garden gun
  8. more than good enough. its got a cross and adjustable get on and enjoy yourself
  9. You will struggle to find a rimfire with a shot out barrel
  10. Sold .222

    wont cost you if you have one slot for .222. justput in for a one for one variation. only time you will get charged is when you want to add a slot
  11. another vote for hmr here. i do most of my fox shooting with 243 but the little round used at sensible is certainly up to the job of close fox control and rabbits. a good rifle to set you on your firearms journey
  12. Fox club

    Its like a scene out of faulty towers stu. Picking up a golf flag smacking the gun while screaming. Luckily its late there is know one there except rabbits and foxes laughing
  13. I doubt it I would bite you if you kept pinching me. My young always get to chew on the hard knuckle of my hand soon give up.my kids have them in a bucket to play with from a very young age. Saw a guy years ago smack them on the nose it was great as soon as they saw fingers they would latch oni told him if you slap me I would bite you.
  14. Old or new pick up

    sounds like a bargain. worth the risk for that money
  15. Fox club

    top shot that dai babs good shooting we just need a smile now