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    I have been involved in countrysports since I could walk.I do alot of fox,deer and rabbit control in somerset .I use rifles shotguns traps dogs and ferrets.married with two little boys .ata panel beater

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  1. Great picture or should I say great shot
  2. Can second this. Great books to deal with
  3. bumpy22

    Fox club

    This reminds me of a story. My dad and I took a guy out with us lamping one night. Nice bloke but never been shooting or anything before. So my dads explanation was we put about 20 long extension leads together from farm workshop. Drag them round the field behind us with a light connected... Guy was a bit taken back but took it all in😂 I think we let him carry the car battery in a bucket at that time. We tried many different things golf trolleys,buckets with webbing handles, rucksacks with padding straps etc etc. But I look back now and laugh carrying a car battery a great big lamp. Technology has changed so much. Grant bought me a torch recently for less than 20 notes I think. It will throw a beam better than any old lamp we had and weighs nothing lol
  4. bumpy22

    Fox club

    Nice looking fox. What's the odd thing below it?????😂
  5. bumpy22

    Fox club

    Good night by the sounds of it. Your scope looks like my leupold I use a ward add on on mine works very well considering it is decent glass
  6. bumpy22

    Fox club

    Had a night out yesterday. First job was to have a go at some rabbits where they had been causing damage in a farm. Knocked a few over with hmr and pard 008. Then a dog fox came out of hedge to the right 80 yard shot and down he went. Onto the next permission and set caller the caller out 30 yards in front with mating call. Within a minute a fox comes running over hill. Quickly mute caller before the fox gets to it. Lift rifle onto quad sticks. Where I slip and bang forend against sticks. Fox looks up runs back up hill and just stands on the horizon as if sticking up two fingers. Be boring if we got them all. But be better if I had not messed up a simple one
  7. bumpy22

    Fox club

    Well done Good work
  8. Good write up and very good shooting
  9. bumpy22

    Fox club

    Nice to see you back mate. Not many on here contributing lately needs the founder to get them back. As you say though weather has ruined a few trips out recently. Not even bothered sitting in fox box
  10. bumpy22

    Fox club

    Very smart mate. I have two that are set about 6 ft off the ground on two different farms. Both painted then wrapped in tarpaulin to keep weather off. Can fit three in each box quite comfortably. They are really paying off in this weather with fresh bait put on the bait stations. Had 81 foxes from them in less than 18 months. Back out last night. Set caller on truck and after a cautious approach dropped a nice dog fox with ward and sauer 404 in 243. Next was upto fox box as everything was too sodden to be sneaking about. Popped a few rabbits off with hmr after no sign of fox for bait. But did see a nice few deer. Left along the track and spotted one. A bit of maneuvering and a few squeaks had her come in to 60 yards. Where a chest shot from tikka t1x in hmr topped with pard 008 did the rest. Another good night and problem foxes taken off ground
  11. bumpy22

    Fox club

    Great work grasshopper and thanks for posting. Look forward to hearing more and maybe a picture of fox box
  12. bumpy22

    Fox club

    Good job had similar the other week. Took doe and follower while the other made her way away. Have been told there are a few about on my ground. Usually don't like to go at them to early in the year because of the obvious young. Had a great morning ferreting with my dad who is 76 and son who s 6 lol. Quite hard work keeping a eye on them nets, terriers,holes and ferrets. But had a good morning to be fair with all working well. Not much better than a good days ferreting
  13. Exactly sir that is what makes it a forum
  14. bumpy22

    Black lab stud

    In all fairness if anyone saw this man's does work they would want a pup. There are a lot of members on here that have seen his dogs in the field. This black bitch is a cracking dog and anyone interested should be making inquiries with him. 76😉
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