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  1. I didn't realise that my previous posts on this thread had caused issues? You didn't choose to complain until I made an unemotive single line response to another posters comments. Had a realised that expressing very valid concerns over other issues had caused so much trouble I would not have done so. I will refrain from posting further.
  2. Fully agree, if only we could discuss the religious issues that are going to be of very real concern as openly!
  3. I wish I could get away with tax of £24,594 on a million pound turnover! The profit ratio must be very high, running costs minimal. This farcical episode must surely be counter productive in the message it is sending out to would be scammers.
  4. I think I'd have to agree, surely if his illegal business took in a million pounds the fines he got were laughable and just what those who fancy a go at internet con artistry would be encouraged by? Should have seized all his assets as they sometimes do with other crims and shipped him back to wherever he came from. He was given a suspended four-month jail sentence and ordered to pay a fine of £5,000, costs of £13,929 and ­compensation of £5,665. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/microsoft-scam-call-conman-mohammed-3341579#ixzz2xuViyOJK
  5. Oh golly gosh, my Vindows computer has been attacked by hackers but the technical department are on the case and going to sort it out........... The question is, who has kept one of these scamming lowlifes on the phone for the longest time?? My best is just over an hour and when I got fed up at the end of that time told them that I knew what a scam it all was got the biggest torrent of foul mouthed abuse you could imagine. Haven't had the call for ages now but got one this morning which I couldn't do full justice to as I'm working away from the PC. They seem to hit a wall when you tell them you are still using a 286 (that is an old computah to you young whippersnappers) and that there is no "vindows" key on the keyboard. LOL The bit that really makes me chuckle is how they painstakingly try to explain to me, in my own native language, what I need to do to put the problems right.
  6. Back to the original post................ Don't worry about it, just see it as setting a precedent, when you've next worked your way through the tangled minefield of a self assessment tax form and made a minor error quote this case when HMRC try to make you sell the house to pay the fines.
  7. Spot of dyslexia creeping in old bean? Did you mean "Lafarge" ?
  8. 4) We could control our borders and get to grips with immigration levels. 5) By controlling the level of immigration, as all other non EU countries do, we can assure that those coming here really are of value to OUR country. 6) NHS and education spending would be reduced as less people who have never paid in to the pot were taking out. 7) We would be able to negotiate our own trade deals globally (unless for some imaginary reason we've lost the ability to do that??) unfettered by EU regulation. There is nothing to suggest that our trading relationships with other EU countries and non EU countries would be adversely affected. Nothing in EU legislation forces any of the member states to buy or sell anything to the others after all so all current trade is done as the trading partners feel is most beneficial. The smoke and mirrors campaign around staying in the increasingly overbearing EU is starting to be seen for just what it is, thank goodness! As far as the "net value" to us of the current immigration system is concerned it can't be taking into account the true costs to our infrastructure, merely using the figures of potential revenue raised by taxation of those who are working is oversimplifying the equation. Healthcare, education, housing costs etc. need to be considered as does the reality of where the money being earned is actually going to. I don't believe that foreign workers living ten to a two bedroom house are looking to spend much of their income in the UK, they are sending it back or saving for a future living back where they originated from. Many of those interviewed have said just that. If we pull out of the EU I can see other member states doing likewise shortly afterwards.
  9. I'd be interested to hear how anybody else who has spoken to the guy face to face found him?
  10. I don't need to wait for the next series, I see a queue of them in front of me live every time I go into the Post Office to try and send a package!
  11. Unfortunately the term democracy actually means the people having the right to elect those who represent them, they vote based on the manifesto of the party they feel will best represent their own views or interests. Once elected those chosen have to get on with things and don't have to get approval for everything from they subsequently do from the electorate. Most things that get done during any particular term in office can be undone or reversed by the party elected at the following election but unfortunately it seems that things like signing our sovereignty away to an autocratic organisation such as the EU can't with any degree of ease. I doubt we will get a straightforward "in out" referendum, it will be another farcical episode as far too many snouts are in far too many truffle filled troughs.
  12. Probably because it is just a number, not money that anybody in the organisation has had to earn?.
  13. Might have been better keeping recordings of his phone conversations with then then spending the money
  14. A cynic might even suggest that it was third time lucky for the Germans, with the French in tow, as they pretty much pull the strings these days without the expense and disruption of going to war again.
  15. You've got to wonder how in these supposedly cash strapped times for local councils they could transfer £52,000 into someones account "in error" without realising it? Sounds as though they only just stopped another hefty amount going in? If it had been a company or individuals account the money had come from would she have gone to court given the relatively small amount unrecovered?
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