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  1. Winchester Diamond Grade motor case in great condition for up to 30" barrels sorry no keys. £125 Plus Post.
  2. I have four Winchester chokes for sale at £15 each and £4 recorded delivery , or all four £60 including recorded delivery or £70 including the key and delivery. The key on its own will be available for £12 and £3 recorded delivery but it needs to be kept back for a few days for the £70 option. Hope this makes sense any questions please ask.
  3. If someone paid me £30K Sunday in bitcoin I would already be £700 down so I think it fair to say as cash is used to buy things and the topic is about card only sales then the Bitcoin argument is irrelevant as we are not talking about investments.
  4. Who fitted the hob that failed? If it was not Currys then I don`t think you have a case. As for the 5 years some are quoting also I think you will find there is a sliding scale of liability.
  5. I don`t understand why you advocate "bitcoin" because for example if I was paid £20k in bitcoin for something mid April then I would have a little over £10k now due to its fall whereas if some one paid in cash I would still have £20k.
  6. sportsbob


    And a suitable answer is some junk the wife sold on ebay
  7. sportsbob


    Good answer 😅🤣👍
  8. I commonly had a 35 foot ladder to a cat ladder and tying the ladder to the cat was the first thing I did then a fixing was made to the structure which the main ladder was then also tied to. I gave the job up in my early 40s when I started to loose my bottle, I`ve been on my own roof once in the last 16 years to do as you say save money to use for something I cant do. By the way hats off to you for climbing up there in the first place as my wife has difficulty climbing up a loft ladder.
  9. sportsbob


    How much discount do you think you might get and do you really think you would make sufficient profit to make it worth your while.
  10. I believe that is true, this is my view. No = If the mod is on your FAC then it can only be removed by it being sold to an RFD who could then sell it on for air and remove it from the register. Possibly = If the air rifle is yours provided the use complies with the law regarding location, if the air rifle is someone else's then No because it is a firearm component.
  11. sportsbob


    A moderator is a firearm component and is on the RFDs register, everything on the register can only be sold fact to face. Once it is sold for air use it comes off the register and as a private individual you can sell it to anyone over the age of 18 exactly the same as an air Rifle.
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