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  1. sportsbob

    If your looking for a New semi auto

    I have had quite a few semi autos over the last 30 years or so and I must say the Affinity is the easiest to clean by far. And flows in the hand is a good analysis of its handling.
  2. sportsbob

    Opinions please on co2 pistols

    As far as I recall the only way to get the 18 or more you are looking to get is to have the Sig type chain mag which I believe is where the problem start's. All the rest use a rotory mag and some of them use a double ended stick mag to give you 16 .
  3. sportsbob

    Mods help

    Nor me.
  4. sportsbob

    Barnett Ghost 410 Crosbow

    SOLD payment received . Thanks.
  5. sportsbob

    Barnett Ghost 410 Crosbow

    Barnett Ghost 410 this Crossbow is right at the top in performance and spec. Two inch grouping at 100 yards 410 Feet per second 150ft pound of energy. In excellent condition and comes with the correct 4x32 illuminated reticle crossbow scope 14 bolts a cocking rope a quick detach Quiver and some wax, also included is a full size carry bag which I forgot to photograph. Check out google and youtube for reviews and you will see for yourself this is no toy. Located in Somerset J22 M5 , £600. Can post.
  6. sportsbob

    Dive tank fill

    Cap or plug the outlet from the filling hose and see what the gauge on the cylinder reads. If yo use one of the 8mm quick detach fittings you can buy a plug for a few £.
  7. sportsbob

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Do we not get a hard Brexit by default if there is no deal agreed ? and if so why would it need to go before parliament.
  8. sportsbob

    Bet you've never had service like this

    Good grief 5 beers 😀
  9. sportsbob

    Air rifle stirrup pump wanted

    The 8mm referred to the quick fill adaptor on the end of the hose. You will need to buy a male adaptor and a seal to screw into your filling probe that in turn fits into the quick fill on the pump. You will need to get the male part and the seal from elsewhere as the pump sellers do not sell them. You can not remove the quick fill adaptor and fit your probe directly to the hose as the hose has a metric thread and not 1/8 BSP.
  10. sportsbob

    HAWKE SIDEWINDER 8-32×56 20× ½ MIL DOT

  11. sportsbob

    HAWKE SIDEWINDER 8-32×56 20× ½ MIL DOT

    PM sent. 👍
  12. HAWKE SIDEWINDER 8-32×56 20× ½ MIL DOT I am selling this scope due to selling the air rifle it was fitted to Side focus control for parallax adjustment to infinity 30mm tube Glass etched reticle with red and green illumination Exposed, locking and resettable turrets Model: 17 230 £260 Posted
  13. sportsbob

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I missed that I'll have a look at that tomorrow.