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  1. Thanks for the link, is a shame it is historic. The date range for the figures given go back tens of years and more recently the immigrant demographic has changed significantly. The document even goes onto suggest the figures given are only a best guess and when other variables are taken into account they could well be very wrong. Somewhere I seem to recall that a if a foreign national returns to his home nation for a certain period ( a few months ) of time they can claim back the tax paid into the system, if this is so then the potential measerly amount they may have paid at best will turn into a massive drain on the treasury. EDIT I have just checked re coming back after claiming all tax paid and they have to stay away for at least one year.
  2. A link to some of the videos https://www.citizenfreepress.com/breaking/muslim-gang-attacks-tommy-robinson-rally-with-bottles-bricks-intense-video/
  3. There are trail cams on the bay for around £90 which will email photo and video to 4 numbers and 4 email addresses via the cellular network (3g). The 3 network on its 123 plan only needs topping up when the credit is used and has no time restraints as far as I am aware so perhaps that may be a good choice of sim.
  4. 19th of November 😀
  5. Our government gave us the people the choice in the form of the referendum. Those that voted to leave the EU won the vote and that makes them winners. Based on the well documented pre referendum promises made that we would not be part of the customs union in any shape or form there should be nothing to compromise. If remain had of won do you seriously think for one second any of the last three years antics but in the opposite favour would have taken place? no it wouldn't. This whole fiasco has been set in motion by those that refuse to accept the outcome of the vote.
  6. If you the loosers can back the snowflake lefty remoaning party then I'm dam sure we the winners will back whoever we like. Do you not realise your repetitive whining and winging only strengthens our resolve. I seem to recall that video of Farage exposing the EU pay when it was first aired and understood it to be just that "exposing" not bragging.
  7. Yep and they are fatty and taste awful 👎
  8. They could always have a referendum and leave the EU 😁
  9. sportsbob

    Harley Owners

    What he wears in bed should be kept private 😁 Has anyone seen the South Park episode featuring Harley riders, its worth a watch for sure.
  10. I will be the first to admit I am not the most up to date regarding world affairs but a quick google seems to come up with some interesting stuff. https://www.quora.com/Why-is-Germany-disproportionately-powerful-in-the-EU-Germany-is-the-largest-economy-in-the-EU-and-has-the-most-population-However-its-economy-only-accounts-for-21-of-the-EU-GDP-while-it-seems-to-have-become-an-undoubted-leader-of-Europe This is definitely worth a read, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_von_Coudenhove-Kalergi . It mentions amongst other things the planned immigration of Africans and others into Europe and If you do further research using the first link for reference I think you may find the situation we are currently experiencing could well be explained as the enactment of at least the principle of the Kalergi plan. And with regard to the Kalergi plan only the other week the bias broadcasting company published this https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-45496655 . I know there seems to be a difference mainly regarding continued migration but perhaps the ethnic dilution is now well underway so is this the start of stage two. I wonder if the strong remainers on here could enlighten us with perhaps some evidence to oppose the possible coincidences.
  11. Disgusting , £21 fine for speeding when ours is four times that.
  12. NO NO NO it will never work because neither of them have a finger on the trigger.
  13. sportsbob


    I've just paid an invoice for £652 to a company I have never dealt with before and apart from a name for my reference (not the account name) only the sort and account numbers were needed.
  14. He could be lying to further his cause, and with a subject a volatile as this the Police should make a public statement confirming whether the allegations are confirmed or if there is no evidence.
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