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  1. FEO calibre judgement on land

    I see, wouldn't it be wonderful if we a had a Police force instead of somewhere in the region of 45
  2. FEO calibre judgement on land

    Why not ask him when he visits if he can see any reason why the land would not be ok for the .22 and .17 when he visits and if the answer is favorable put in for those calibers at the same time.
  3. BSA ultra se problems

    The trigger being to sensetive on the second stage?
  4. Earth tremor in Weston super Mare

    Reports on twitter including North Wales, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford, Gloucester, Bristol, Taunton etc.
  5. Earth tremor in Weston super Mare

    We have just had an earth tremor in Weston, it shook the racking at work and I felt the ground move like being on a train going over a rail joints.
  6. Weihrauch Hw100 .22

    How old is it bud ?
  7. umarex colt saa pellet question

    What is the grouping a 6 yards ? the Co2 pistols tend to shoot better witl light pellets like Webley Velocipell.
  8. In the off topic section there is a thread saying Labour are talking about banning the rearing of game birds. https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/forum/2-off-topic/ How does this sit with BASC, does it not seem contradictory.
  9. Semi auto woes

    The carrier latch is operated via a lever in the trigger group if the spring that returns that lever has become dislodged or broken that could also cause the symptoms you describe. If it is not to obvious what the fault is then while the trigger group is out spray the inside of the receiver with a decent cleaner like Napier I use GT85 and wipe the inside clean , once it seems to be clean repeat the process but use an air line to blow out the rest of the crud. Lightly oil the carrier latch (not wd40) and put to one side, repeat the cleaning process with the trigger group. If the problem persists then I would suggest you take it to a gunsmith for further examination as sometimes a worn or bent part is not to obvious. Hope this helps Cheers
  10. Semi auto woes

    Please check your other thread on this subject.
  11. Semi auto woes

    Remove the trigger group and you will be able to see what holds the cartridge in the tube. It is basically a steel sesaw called a carrier latch and the spring that pushes it may have broken or it may be worn or bent due to someone forcing the trigger group back in following previous removal but will be clearly visible with the trigger group out. If you Google Armsan 616 pdf the manual should be the first result and parts 16 & 17 are the parts I am referring too.
  12. Felt like I'd been robbed.

    Yes and then some but I was in a 5 star hotel in Paris , if I recall correctly four drinks and some nibbles on a plate was about £55 and that was 19 years ago.

    Delivered an all good 👍.

    I'll take the belt please, pm sent.
  15. ebay

    In the early days they had there own payment system called bidpay where the buyer deposited the money directly to eBay as the purchase was charged to your eBay account, PayPal was a system designed to separate the two and increase the fees as bidpay was totally free. With PayPal giving money Bach to lying cheating theiving dishonest buyers and sellers emptying there accounts so the money can't be reclaimed by PayPal they probably figured it's time to move out of the finance sector and sell it on.