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  1. Changing the scope has no effect on warranty, the supplied is a budget scope with the parallax set to much longer distances and if you are using 9 x zoom at 15 then you are probably asking too much.
  2. Parts on "back order" often mean the the business you are ordering from needs to reach a minimum order value before his order can be submitted. Also as explained this warehouse might be the other side of the world and shipping costs are added to each order. Every person in this chain wants to be paid for their labour or service and it can cost as much to ship a £1 item as a £1000 pound item.
  3. Might this be something UK Gun repairs in Taunton can do?
  4. In a warehouse / store every cubic meter has to earn money so if the spare parts occupy space for periods of time without selling then the price goes up. There is no rip off involved just plain and simple business.
  5. After reading the report in the link I couldn`t help notice there is more of a description about how nice the area is for walkers and the likes than there is about the crime. 😡
  6. 100% agree, my accounts will be closed as a result of this. I have requested under the current GDPR laws that all the information held about me is released to me for my inspection, once this is received I will instruct them that I wish to exercise my "right to be forgotten" under the right of erasure and all data held it to be deleted which includes all backups on their system. After a month or so has passed I will again request that all information held about me is released for my inspection and if any data is held they will be reported to the ICO and action taken against them if possible.
  7. A moderator for a shotgun works by allowing the expansion and cooling of the gasses before they exit and not by restricting them, this type of moderator is common to firearms and performance motorcycles. You may find that the internal pressure remains higher for longer but I don`t believe it could be considered a restriction.
  8. That dog knew what was coming as it lay there waiting for its beating, to me this suggests its not unusual for this type of behaviour . All cases where this officer was involved in apprehensions need the records investigating for allegations of bruising and assaults on persons detained.
  9. sportsbob


    It was an LGV Master PRO in .22 .
  10. I have a few Mercury`s including a mk1 but distance often causes issues , what area are you in.
  11. sportsbob


    I was very impressed with the one I had. very smooth quiet and accurate.
  12. Sold pending the usual.👍
  13. Hi Tadorna PM sent re postage etc.
  14. Hardback books with outer sleeves £5 each plus post.
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