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  1. This says you DO need to produce a certificate to purchase shotgun cartridges. 5.14 Section 5 of the 1988 Act prohibits the sale of ammunition for a shotgun or smoothbore gun, and for which a firearm certificate is not required, to a person who is neither a registered firearms dealer nor a person who sells such ammunition by way of trade or business unless that person: a) produces a shotgun certificate or a firearm certificate (the original, not a photocopy) authorising them to possess a smooth-bore gun; b) shows that they are entitled to possess a shotgun or smooth-bore gun without holding a certificate; or c) produces a certificate (the original, not a photocopy) of some other person together with a written authority from the holder of the certificate to purchase the ammunition on their behalf. This section only applies to ammunition not subject to control under section 1 of the 1968 Act. There is no requirement for a vendor of shotgun cartridges to be registered as a firearms dealer.
  2. sportsbob


    If we do take control back then perhaps banning the monstrous factory ships should be rule number one.
  3. sportsbob


    The fishing rights should have a substantial value so as long as our "negotiators" stick to their guns we will have significant advantage. It would be a good idea to have something similar to a 5 year lease attached to any agreement.
  4. The Mail online reports this It's the Corbyn-ocalypse! Petulant Labour leader says he WILL stand down as party slumps to worst election result since 1935 - but refuses to admit his policies were wrong and blames the media for defeat 😂😂
  5. sportsbob


    There you go that`s the answer, 👍 clean every day so there very little clean then maintain it by regularly replacing parts and all is good 😁. Or buy a different make and have none of the hassle . This post is posted in good spirit and meant to be humorous. 👍
  6. ATA are NOT copies of Beretta. The forend mounting lug is not the same and the internals are not the same, the whole trigger and hammer design is totally different. This video shows the differences.
  7. sportsbob


    As I was reading this a Dyson ad came on the telly and said "more suction than most corded". Over the years I have had a DC04 and a DC07 and they both steadily dropped in performance despite cleaning the filters the air velocity dropped. If the velocity is low the section is almost irrelevant. I now have at home a Hoover branded bagless vacuum which is really good and so far cleaning the filters each time the cylinder is emptied has maintained it's velocity, its now about two years old. At work I have a Kirkby vacuum which is also very good but it uses a disposable bag, when you notice a drop in performance you change the bag and it is like new again. The downside with the Kirkby is it costs about £20 a year in bags.
  8. Pedro Pascal is the Mandalorian .
  9. I am fairly certain the photo is not faked I am also fairly certain it was staged, there is a distinct difference.
  10. The mother could have held the child but she chose to use the floor instead.
  11. Never been into star wars but so far the Mandolorian is ok. I am a TV series binge watcher so perhaps we could have a thread about TV series. I particularly liked Britannia.
  12. Santa does not pull a ring he is holding onto the angels legs, the ring is hanging from Santa and it is the ring he would be hung on the tree with.
  13. In addition to that if you have ever had a policy cancelled it will cause you to have a load on your premium, so if they think it was you then your record will need to be checked and possibly corrected.
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