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  1. sportsbob


    Hey that`s not bad at all.
  2. Sold to peejay pending the usual
  3. Combro CB625 works fine £40 Inc recorded delivery.
  4. this review says 13mm https://www.gunmart.net/gun-reviews/airguns/air-rifles/bsa-defiant-3
  5. Perhaps you could tell tell them I am unable to go and do it online as I don`t have the internet and I am blind hence the phone call.
  6. Put a wire brush in an electric drill, clamp it securely then switch it on and that little bit of rust will be gone in seconds.
  7. I think you know that Bluesj was making a tongue in cheek comment and as such the intended meaning.
  8. Random deposits / withdrawals , card spends in places not local could all show "intemperate behaviour / habits"
  9. Oh hang on a second does that mean we can all read and easily identify every thing posted by the makers of these laughable unenforceable suggestions. 😂🤣
  10. The current version is regulated but not heard much other than that so far.
  11. Good luck arguing that in court as the one in the video is described as having a barrel.
  12. The Rail gun in the video has a barrel it is described by the reviewer as having copper coils around it.
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