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  1. It may help if you cleared your cache and browsing history , you can adjust the settings to do this every time you close the browser . You can add -incognito in the command line for chrome so it always starts in incognito mode. Brave browser stops the intrusive adds and pop ups that blight users of Chrome (quite notably on this site) and can also be ran in private mode. Certain viruses will cause unusual traffic so it may be worth doing a scan, also if you use a VPN some search engines will think you are a robot due to the amount of encrypted traffic going through particular servers. As you c
  2. Brass now sold, nickel finish still available at £25 posted.
  3. Brass sold. Nickel still available.
  4. I read her story and can relate to it as when I was in infant and Junior school we lived in rural Staffordshire and we had little money although both parent went to work . I remember fishfingers in boxes of 6 was a treat with mash and peas for the three of us and a Frey Bentos pie also went three ways again with mash and peas. There were no handouts from the government and the miners strikes would put us without power for hours on end but we got through it.
  5. I remember it at 35p per gallon, we used to buy 50p of petrol for our scramblers and spend an hour over the quarry
  6. 200 rounds brass finish £20 posted royal mail recorded delivery. 200 rounds nickel finish £25 posted royal mail recorded delivery.
  7. The war bit was tongue in cheek, the spies bit was relevant .
  8. In war years foreigners with no papers are treated as spies , perhaps the idea could be adopted to peace time?
  9. The law regarding barrels can be confusing , following a change in the guidance there is now a requirement for an RFD to hold barrels only on the register so they must now be entered onto a certificate when sold.
  10. There is a specific product made to do this and it is sold in gun shops, the product is called VP90 and it is sold under the Napier brand.
  11. The ATA is not basically a Beretta they are totally different internally , this link may help.
  12. Try pressing the button on the side of the receiver, if you don`t press it firmly the bolt will lock and what you describe will happen.
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