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  1. sportsbob

    Cleaning UPVC

    You can but it will not remove all the metal particles that have melted their way into the plastic and the rust will keep coming back, I speak from experience. A solvent based cleaner will remove a very small layer each time it is applied so it does remove some of the rusty steel particles, I would guess that a very fine (2500) wet and dry applied wet with soapy water would remove it quicker but you would then need to polish the surface to get the glossy shine back.
  2. sportsbob

    Stop unwanted junk mail

    I don`t know if this has been mentioned before but I've just found this link on the Screw-fix Community forum and thought it might come in handy. https://www.mpsonline.org.uk/ They say they can stop junk mail, I've entered my details so time will tell.
  3. sportsbob

    Medical records to be free from May 25th

    John please read the thread title, there is a similar thread regarding doctors and certificates.
  4. sportsbob

    Medical records to be free from May 25th

    We seem to be getting things mixed up here, this thread is discussing access to Medical records for free and not medical reports to the Police for the purpose of granting or renewing certificates.
  5. sportsbob

    Medical records to be free from May 25th

    The post above yours gives a clue to this.
  6. sportsbob

    Medical records to be free from May 25th

    I have just highlighted this in the other thread , I have to pay £40 for the hard copy. If you have access then you could I assume print your own copies ??
  7. Thanks for that I have had a look and it says "Practices will not be able to charge patients for access to medical records (save in exceptional circumstances)." They have charged me £10 to access the records and £40 to provide me with a printed copy so I guess the £10 may be the bit they wont be allowed to charge from now on. They should have done this within 21 days according to the current guidelines and not more than 40 days but mine has taken well over 60 days. This is a medical practice with more admin staff than Doctors so I guess they have to get the wages from somewhere.
  8. I am just doing that for a totally different reason and mine are £50.
  9. sportsbob

    Glass Cleaner

    Greased lightning Showroom shine ?
  10. sportsbob

    Cre8 semi auto

    No personal experience but I did see one at a clay shoot down this way and it seemed to work ok as he was hitting clays and I didn't see any jams.
  11. sportsbob

    Black powder cartridges

    I dont suppose you are coming anywhere near or past Weston super Mare for your hols this year are you ?
  12. sportsbob

    Cartridge Problem.

    Yep their ground their rules, my choice I wont go there.
  13. sportsbob

    Armsan 612

    Take the existing shim out and find one that is thicker at the top or thinner at the bottom, be aware that they may also also cast the stock so if they do make sure the thinner side is the same.(usually on the right for right hand shooters)
  14. sportsbob

    Testing a radio control receiver?

    Or go to MD Hobbies and Leisure in Weston super Mare and get them to tell you if you need servos as they have a tester, if you do then they have them in stock and 2.4ghz radio sets.
  15. sportsbob

    BASC statement on Home Office proposals

    A few months ago I paid £10 for them to access my records I now have to pay another £40 for the copies. If you check on the NHS website they can charge up to £50 for this service. This however is only a copy of your records with an explanation of some of the more technical terms and not a report on your suitability for anything.