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  1. I was thinking something similar when I heard it on the news coming into work this morning.
  2. sportsbob

    Pellet prices

    Wrong they are there to earn a wage and pay the bills.
  3. sportsbob

    Pellet prices

    They are a chain store with a massive warehouse and they pay about half what they sell for with a constant stream pf people paying a the till. If you do mail order and sell on ebay then approx 15% goes to ebay / paypal and a minimum of £2 goes in postage so your £10 pellets gives the seller £6.50 so he makes 7p.
  4. sportsbob

    Pellet prices

    I have seen some of the cost figures for pellets and some of the cheaper brands are as you say but the £200 margin will have to have the VAT almost £35 removed giving about £165 margin and 50 tins could easily take 6 months to move for the smaller shops. With the bigger brands I know for a fact the margin is much less and some of the figures mentioned in this thread only give single figure pence profit. So to go big instead of staying small as you put it means you might need to sell 100 tins to make £7 and I`m pretty sure the time spent with the sale means they are being sold at a loss.
  5. sportsbob

    Heads Up

    I quite like the idea of kentucky fried Sprouts, half cook the sprouts in boiling water then gently fry on the cut stem side in garlic butter before coating them in the seasoned coating before the final cooking cycle.
  6. I know there is a thread already running regarding this initiative from BASC but the title does not describe the content very well. There are several negative comments in the other thread but if you have difficulty then surly the service that is offered can only be a good thing. Amongst the reasons for this offer is unwillingness to complete forms and charging high fees so it seems to me to be a positive move. https://basc.org.uk/providing-a-solution-on-medical-firearm-verification/ I would assume the BASC Doctor would read you medical notes which you can obtain freely from your practice and simply confirm you suffer from none of the notifiable illnesses which is all the Police are asking for.
  7. It's because confessing to something makes someone feel better about themselves. The meaning of the word Liberal amongst other things is willing to accept behaviour different from your own. So in doing so she is being a true Liberal.
  8. If their job is administrative then I don`t think most people would see a problem but if their job involves making legislation then it might be argued that due to their confirmed mental illness they may have other un diagnosed conditions which could have a direct effect on their ability's. The lunatics have taken over the asylum.
  9. Reading this link really does make it seem that it is a form of mental illness. With the admission of a mental illness ( I believe medically it is deemed as such ) perhaps people in prominent places should have to undergo a psychiatric assessment before being allowed to hold such a position. Not too many years back there was uproar if someone in government had a relationship with anyone other than their recognised partner but to admit you don`t even recognise their sexuality is now OK ? https://www.themix.org.uk/sex-and-relationships/gender-and-sexuality/what-is-pansexuality-26809.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpd_0xODp5gIVArDtCh0AWgGAEAAYASAAEgI-gPD_BwE
  10. In the product description it says it comes with a pack of 50 red target sheets so I would assume these target sheets are made from card and your pellet makes a hole in the red. The other colours and pockets are described as spinners but they look more like swingers.
  11. If you click the link there is a gallery of pictures .
  12. I read pacman said that it had a large mark on its body and he thought it had been caught in a snare. Maybe QC Jolyon Maugham had another one caught in the chicken wire or perhaps the mark was because it was hit by a car. At least it doesn't say it was shot.
  13. Unfortunately not I used Google and quoted what I found to the insurer. In the last instance the conversation with the insurer went along the lines of . As I live in a rural area do you think I should easily be able to find a replacement in similar condition etc within 25 miles and the answer was yes. I then told them that the only two for sale in the UK the same model colour mileage and year at that time were both hundreds of miles away and they were three times what they valued mine at. They settled within the hour..
  14. The law states they have to pay market value as advertised from a reputable dealer. Firstly establish via a telephone call that a 25 mile radius is a reasonable distance to travel to get a replacement you will then need two examples with screenshots and ideally the web address. They then by law they must base the value on the average of the two prices forwarded. This I have needed to do on a few occasions and it works, the last time the value more than doubled. If they offer you to buyback your old car as scrap it almost certainly will be a bad deal, the car will be registered as a write off and worth less as a result.
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