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  1. 15 meters of armored cable

    This came from a static caravan, there is approx 15m of 3 core armored cable which is 16mm o/d and there is also a switch. Cash on collection only. First person with the money gets it. Collection from Junction 22 M5 Somerset £20
  2. Royal Mail

    The ability to read English should be the first and foremost thing for a postie and as demonstrated they cant read or cant be bothered , no excuses. With regards to Courier companies we have had a few issues but by far the worst was six parcels all correctly labeled and addressed by us (work) this was pointed out to the driver upon collection who said it does not matter as they will put their own labels on anyway. So in plain sight of me I saw the driver put some more labels on the boxes which turned out to be applied at random so ALL SIX boxes went to the wrong places. We had six very unhappy customers and the best the company would do was to collect them within three days from where they left them and re deliver, it took weeks to sort it out and NO compensation and No formal apology just the excuse that accidents happen. So once again the lack of ability to read.
  3. Plastic

    If you have a Model shop nearby they should stock it but it will be white and the thickest is generally 2mm.
  4. Royal Mail

    It might be a small percentage overall but for the person getting someone else`s mail on a regular basis the percentage is massive.
  5. Measure it from the back of the cartridge to the muzzle do not include the half round section. It sounds to me that your Escort has a 28" barrell.
  6. Parking limits.

    I absolutely agree but as already pointed out we are not talking about spaces with poles and plates. All parking restrictions require suitable plates to be correctly fixed etc etc etc, I spent 17 years in a van working in high streets and housing estates and have never had a successfully issued parking ticket or paid any fine.
  7. Parking limits.

    Yes that's the one outside a house in white paint but I don't quite understand what you are trying to say ? I have a disabled member in my family and such a space was offered to them, this space had an annual cost for its upkeep without the certainty you would be able to use it.
  8. Parking limits.

    A disabled space outside a house is not reserved at all it is simply a request, anyone can park there and there is nothing the Disabled person can do about it.
  9. 50cc Bike laws

    I understood what you said but you are not prohibited from taking a CBT if you have a full licence.
  10. Obstructing Traffic?

    + 1
  11. 50cc Bike laws

    Anyone can take a CBT at any time and with regards to the licence what I said firmly stands as it is known and documented on several Motorcycle forums that the entitlement was wrongfully removed when they went to a pink photo licence.
  12. 50cc Bike laws

    No pedals are needed , pedal and pop mopeds have not existed in mainstream for a long time now and the shop is right provided you driving licence has been kept up to date and things were not removed when you went to the pink photo licence.
  13. 50cc Bike laws

    You don`t need a cbt and you can use any 50cc be it twist and go or gears, if it were a 125 then you would need a cbt. I know this because a few years back I bought the wife a 125 bike and she had to do the cbt but was told she would not need a cbt if i had bought her a 50cc as the entitlement is a FULL so you could even have a pillion.
  14. Members locations

    If the classified section was changed to make the location mandatory I think it would make things a lot easier for everyone Also the asking of questions is often abused by people saying where there is one cheaper or when I were a lad I had one of those and it was only thirty Bob new so again perhaps disable the reply function so messages can only be sent via pm
  15. Royal Mail

    Well I work in Weston super Mare and the postie's on the whole are ****, at work they manage to give us the neighbours mail and the neighbours ours. Now we are talking businesses with totally different names above premises, there is one day we are closed so we have a keepsake for that day but yes you guessed it we still get attempted deliveries on that day. We have door entry system but the postie preferes to knock the door instead of pressing the button in front of him which you might say does it matter well yes it does because when I am upstairs I can't see or hear the knock but I can use the door entry intercom from several offices. So they can't read, they can't follow proceedure, and they have no common sense and just to top it off there is no cultural or language barrier involved they are just simply dense.