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  1. The ATA is not basically a Beretta they are totally different internally , this link may help.
  2. Try pressing the button on the side of the receiver, if you don`t press it firmly the bolt will lock and what you describe will happen.
  3. Which seems to disappear after a short time.
  4. sportsbob


    Dismaland was far more that graffiti though with its large structures it was well worth a visit.
  5. It looks like it is in need of dredging to me perhaps some of the local unemployed hood rats should be forcibly enlisted by the DHSS to earn some of their keep. 😀👍
  6. 200 rounds brass finish £25 posted royal mail recorded delivery. 200 rounds nickel finish £30 posted royal mail recorded delivery.
  7. You are right on that point, the Weston-super-Mare branch of Extinction Rebellion organised a BLM demo yesterday (Suturday) and just over 200 turned up and tied tatty pieces of cardboard with illegible messages on them to the railing outside the Tropicana. Guess what the organisers are WHITE PRIVILEGED you know the type uni degrees in the arts and the likes check out their face-ache page and you will see what I mean. I don`t live in Weston but I was there on Business and couldn`t resist having a look because there were several people that fitted the stereotype walking past you know the sort
  8. Now there`s an idea
  9. I have just made the mistake of using chrome to login with, yep you guessed it adverts so I will now re login with brave.
  10. Change your browser for a new one called "Brave" I have been using it for months , it has built in add blockers and cleans this site up no end. Once installed go into the settings and set it to remove all cookies etc on close in the advanced section. You can import your bookmarks and you are away.
  11. I have used Mole Valley and Jewsons by me and I must say the wood from Jewsons was much better then Mole Valley . The wood from mole Valley was soaking wet , knotty and rough and the price difference was negligible.
  12. I bet it will make a mess of your bores .
  13. It does clearly state notify me etc so at least you know they may be able to get one and give them a call to verify whereas the alternatives are out of stock and you move on , not listed at all and you move on or listed with a price and no stock indication so you go through the purchase process and then have the sale cancelled which is worse than moving on.
  14. Just a thought here if clothes shops are having to either clean or set aside for 72 hrs things that you handle or return will gun shops be as happy for you to fondle the goods as they previously were? I suppose you could wear disposable gloves and put a sock on the stock but the sock would then need cleaning before re using and if you want to play with several guns will that mean several socks ?
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