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  1. sportsbob

    BREXIT - merged threads

    When you you say "these boards" do you mean there are other places where the majority speak and think like the majority do on here?. If that is the case then perhaps it is because "these boards" are frequented by the masses who mostly share the similar ambition to leave the EU, simply walk out the door and close it no deals no ifs no buts. The vote made was by the people and the people voted leave I`m sick and tired of hearing that Business and finance will suffer and they should be taken into account, they were taken into account in the vote because the people that work in those sectors voted. I have a Business and the uncertainty surrounding Brexit is defiantly responsible for a drop in trade, if the remoaners stopped spouting off all the time I feel the uncertainty would be less.
  2. sportsbob

    Rough shooting gun

    As you mention the Hatsan is very bulky but the Armsan is amongst the slimmest for a gas opp, they are poles apart from each other.
  3. sportsbob

    BREXIT - merged threads

    No the remoaners need to emigrate to Bulgaria, Poland, Latvia, Romania or anywhere they can't come back from
  4. sportsbob

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Or emigrate 😁 and leave the UK to the rest of us who want it to be GREAT BRITAIN once again.
  5. sportsbob


    Or if you are using a mobile device tap the three lines in the top right and the envelope will appear.
  6. sportsbob


    From Hobby shops you can get diamond files, there is also a range of products under the Permagrit brand which may by suitable. Ripmax are the importers and they may be able to suggest a stockists.
  7. sportsbob

    Supposedly lost parcel

    We had this and this is what we did to avoid a credit card chargeback. In our case the recipient stated he was carded and says the delivery driver said the item was in the back garden however the item was signed for in his name. Firstly we said he needed to contact the police for a crime number as it was needed to make a claim against the insurance ( I lied but said anyway ). Then you need to contact parcelforce and open a claim stating the recipient says he has not recieved it. Parcelforce will send the recipient a form to complete. If and when they receive the completed for m back you will get compensation. If the recipient does not complete the form there is then an implied admission that they have indeed received the item. In our case the recipient did neither and we were not subjected to a chargeback as a result of there attempts to gain a free item by fraudulent means. In your case PayPal will probably rule in your favour as you have a signature but with paypal you never know.
  8. sportsbob

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I would say a few thousand for the ukip rally was ok and considering London on the whole voted stay it is fair to assume the counter rally would have been attended mostly by Londoners who don't have far to travel.
  9. sportsbob

    Tommy Robinson at the Oxford Union

    Tommy will be speaking again this Sunday.
  10. sportsbob

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I wonder how much media coverage this will get. Whilst typing the above I had a flashing memory of anti Brexit demos being mentioned in advance on the TV but I cant recall one pro Brexit demo being be mentioned in advance, its almost as if they were intentionally swelling the ranks for one political agenda and subduing the other. 😈
  11. sportsbob

    Sling mounts- Semi Auto

    Can you not drill a hole in the end cap ?
  12. sportsbob

    Wales / Bristol clay ground

    That will probably be Brook Bank. http://www.brookbankshooting.co.uk/
  13. sportsbob

    Family of swans shot dead

    This is similar to my thoughts, I live next to lakes and have witnessed Eastern European types taking Carp by the bin load and several dismembered Swans wings scattered around. When it is reported the answer is along the lines of well there's not a lot we can do. This could be just another "cultural diversity" issue.
  14. sportsbob

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Diesel 1.28 per l & petrol 1,25 per l by me.
  15. sportsbob

    Tommy Robinson at the Oxford Union

    That will be the same Beeb that are currently suppressing the pro Brexit demos and exaggerating the Anti Brexit demos will it, domt make me laugh.