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  1. It is a golden opportunity for the venue, i do hope the ignorance of the suns position and relevant target information problems that plague my visits to the regular thursday visits are all erradicated by then. Its all fur coat at the moment.
  2. Its full steam ahead, B.O announced toady for 1-5 september at EJ Churchills Swinton estate.Bookings open may 1st
  3. Just to add, this applies to UK numismatics coins only, also some benefits for the reduction of inheritance tax. I have some in a bag i bought from Mel B
  4. Are these same as 682 gold e ?
  5. I now have a copy of the form for the measures, need to find somebody to help me with measuring. Either a shop or Gunsmith
  6. I wonder if this can be done without the visit? Yes it can, i just wonder about the grip and palmswell shapes and dimensions
  7. I emailed my FEO, this the reponse. Classification: OFFICIAL Good morning Martyn You would have to check with the country you are visiting, we have been advised by the home office that the former European Firearms Pass is obviously no longer valid and each countries requirements will differ throughout Europe. Kind Regards Firearms Licensing Team Firearms Licensing Dept Admin 3 HQ Email – firelic@westyorkshire.police.uk during CoVid lockdown 3
  8. I am planning as soon as safely allowed to travel for a new Stock. Anyone else got this in the planning stage. Curious about the new(bound to have changed?) travel requirements. Easyjet havent changed there requirements for flights at this time.
  9. If the concrete plant is busy then everybody is busy.
  10. Fixtures going forward are being announced,so im booking on.
  11. Fortunately now i can live without them.
  12. We are busy, its lovely. Your contention is the figures are too high, on what are you basing that? what are your expectations of materials,labour,overhead,insurance,tools,wear and tear,vans,training,professional fees etc.? I am a contractor,i have all the above to contend with,provide fund, i am on a rolling basis owed in at least £20,000 in what are basically unsecured credit. What do you think is fair? I spent the first 5 years making virtually nothing, hand to mouth, i have had customers who have been absolute diamond,and others not pay at all,pay when it suits,take delivery of a new
  13. Further update cut and pasted from FB . Hi All. A decision has now been reached to postpone the “Essex Gun Masters” to the dates formerly mentioned :- 21st August 2021 to 29th August 2021. Please call John on 01842 810121 or 07376 892615 to re-arrange your entries. May we thank you for your loyalty and patience with this regard but the health and safety of our staff and competitors is our priority. We look forward to seeing you in August.
  14. Cut and pasted Essex Gun Masters Update We hope that you are all getting through these difficult times. All our efforts are still focused on holding the “Masters” from Saturday 10th April to Sunday 18th April. However, if the Govt. guidelines and lockdowns are not lifted in time, we will be postponing the event until 21st August 2021 to 29th August 2021. All competitors will be contacted by John Dyson at the beginning of March when a decision will have to be made. Hopefully all competitors will be able to carry their entries forward to the new dates.
  15. No its not just me, its the majority, its the business that decides, no returns no investment.
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