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  1. My case is cut for 2 guns so it all went in there. I took my old wood to illustrate the issues i had with my hand position, a lad i took advise from before travel went without his old wood so only one complete gun to bring back. As an extra to my diary of the trip, the prices discussed at M.R. are net of local Vat @23%, beware the costs when upgrading like me. No card machine on site so i guess its Bank Transfer and the fees that go with.
  2. The engraving is optional, and you can have what you want I went with plain and replicated the Krieghoff chequering so i guess it could look the part. On arrival at Manchester there is a counter next to the red channel(terminal 1) my box was there as were a dozen or so others, big comp on in Europe? A customs officer and a security agent take you into the red channnel for more paperwork and a numbers check. Then you are free to go.
  3. Sat now in departures at Porto, taxi to the airport was 50 euro ish and on my bill at the hotel along with the taxi out last sunday. Procedure at Porto,arrive and queue for the check in desk to get the four colour form, retire to a seat and complete it, now if you could scam a second copy on your way out you could save some time and queing here. Then you need to goto the terminal police station,to the left of the entry to the security lanes. Forms,questions, open case,numbers check and back to the check in que. Then when you have done the normal check in luggage bits you get escouted to the oversize baggage part and wave goodbye to your gun case. The police here put a seal across the opening of the case here, i took photos at all stages too, not sure why. Flight is delayed now but plenty of food vendors and seats in the terminal. Next weeks Monday appointment,turns out is someone i know lol. No exclusivity in this game. But i may just seem him next week at Jett Hall.
  4. Managed to change the flights so collected my Gun yesterday, looked very nice,some gifts were included, cap,shirt,key fob,trap shooters boot thing etc, nice touches,some pictures for M.R and the payment. This pic is the original Stock laid over the new one,shows the changes i now have. These next two are in the sun outside the workshop Travel is now arranged to the airport for the check in process, expect more on that later.
  5. Currently trying to change to Sundays flight home, hotel is a bit limiting with its location, so will get my gun back tonight at 6.30pm, pictures then.
  6. All you can do is hit the phones. too many factors involved with premium calcs to point you at a specific company.
  7. Scoop em up and set em back down in france, or offer ZERO fiscal bail out on arrival. Its a big problem so needs a BIG push back
  8. The turnaround is fantastic but the wait time for appointments is long, i booked back in Feb and was offered November,only a cancellation brought up this week. I am staggered by the demand, 15 this week most by internet but 5 appointments on monday alone, there are 5 guys doing the woodwork, i doing admin/driving. a full time socials internet guy and a Joan (forgive spelling) is floating about doing translation/travel liason, Its a slick operation. The wood selection is mega, probably 300 pieces to look at and handle. Makes it harder possibly, my piece was not what what i initially selected, they brough that out and it looked amazing, had my name on it in sharpie and had been off sale since march??? how many others are "reserved" for the duration of the lead tiem? The piece i had settled on had a name sharpied on it? Kieth somebody so as it was back out in public i guess it had been rejected already. I have booked on for the Long Brothers at Jett Hall for the first time out on my return, with there reputation for targets it will be a baptism of fire.
  9. Yesterday around 3pm im collected again, this will be the first time i see the new forend, A little fuller in the palm than standard. Then onto a layout for some shooting, budget shells here are 8 euro a box, these are provided tho. This bit went well and i had a few early losses but as i settled down i could connect well enough. Back inside to discuss chequering and finish. the wood will be ready to travel by Friday. From first arrival at 9.30 Monday to shooting Tuesday at 4.30 ish is good going,it would be entirely possible to fly home on EasyJet wed, if there was a flight and have your wood follow by courier. Chatting with the staff they were making 15 stocks that week,most by internet but a steady stream of clients were moving in and out during the day that i could see. The hotel its very convenient, its very clean,friendly and remote, very little other entertainment locally, it has a look,due to its age of being the lair of the baddy in an older James bond movie,its also very stiff and formal, restaurant is very limited with no lighter options, and being at the top of a considerable hill its a taxi job for those of us with shooter physiques.My biggest gripe is the bar is open but unmanned, i have to go search for a member of staff to go search for the barman when i want a coke in the day or a beer in the evening. The process in general is superb, but its like a factory, if you are the type of person who prefers the softer approach you may interpret the direct translation and clipped comments or just the use of the not quite correct phrase to convey meaning due to the limited English of the Staff at MR to feeling or being rushed, i can assure all who travel after me that any request for clarification or alteration is well received, the nuance of my own language escapes me at the best of times and they they have a global business. I have a week now for the tourist bit of my holiday,to wind down,do some top bombing and wear some bad taste shirts, my gun is in safe keeping at M.R in his strong room and he is sending me pictures as the chequering goes on and the finish. I have an invite to return later to shoot again and settle my bill.
  10. Back again at 9.30 ish, now with the adjustable fitted and a little refinement of the palmswell area going on,now M.R has got is 90% of the way there im asking for little areas to be altered to accomdate my own hand i am sat watching it all going on, the workshop is open concept and several stocks are being worked on at the same time,first shots are this aft. The new wood is coming home in my Peli Case, its cut out for two guns. Picture soon, very pleased with the wood selection, you just never really know whats on the inside.
  11. Part 11, at 2.30 im collected again and whisked the short distance to M.R. the blank resembles a stock and is headed up and mounted to the action. Now follows 90 mins of mounting,drawing pencil lines on it and M.R making some sawdust - repeat, slowly honing in on the grip shape and proportions, fore arm blank has been selected and i have had a look at it. Talk of chequering and other details ready for tomorrow. The adjustable is going on this aft and im back tomorrow for more sawdust making. From the standard dimensions im going longer, depth is increased to straighten out my line for the trigger pull and proportions and palm swell are increased for my bigger then avg hands, forenend is thicker in the hand too but same from above for the look of it. Tomorrow afternoon i get to shoot it and yes it will be finished Friday.
  12. Today im sat at the local Sao Felix hotel,just returned from my first appointment with M.R. more later. To get here i booked easyjet from Manchester,travelling with my shotgun and wife. On walking into the terminal we discretely approached a member of EZY staff and disclosed what we were travelling with only for him to blow our cover by shouting loudly to check in staff "firearm" not what i had in mind. Ushered to the front immediately a manager cam over for a chat and summoned an EZY security staff member and border force. We were given some paperwork to complete, now you cant do this at home as advised on the phone as the foem has four coloured sheets , white-me,blue- border force etc. about 40 mins of waiting for all parties to assemble,advised at this point 40 mis was good so allow loads of time, im at the front of the check in desks, peli case on the floor im asked to take out the action for a numbers check, i was uncomfortable and ask if we could move for discretion and this wasn't a problem, case opened, notes taken forms checked and a big RED "FIREARM" label attached to the case lol.iIwas worried about discretion lol! Nice short flight to porto , big walk from far away on the apron to baggage reclaim, some asking around the staff and your shotgun comes to the Lost and found office at the back corner of the hall, then a short walk to the police office for more checks and the official part is done. I had asked M.R to arrange a pick up and a taxi driver was hanging about outside the cop shop for our trip to the hotel. The meter was running but my offer of money was declined, i dont know if its included or will be payable on check out. Met this morning at 9.30 for the short drive to the Facility. Some chatting, some wood chat, some measures and mounting, return at 2.30 for 2/3 more hours for some more detailed stuff, this afternoon it will be already headed up and roughly shaped. All the shuttling back and forth is provided and its only 5 mins away. This is the blank i ended up with, not the one i selected online but on arrival i wanted to look at all the wood, took at least 30 mins to get it down to the final 3 and i put them on the table, left the room,walked back in and this one caught my eye first
  13. Earlier in the year we elected not to shoot any event where the entry is inflated to cover a prize fund, im not there to trouble the prize pot and if i wanted to give Mr Faulds some of my funds i can send him a postal order,dropping the Essex next year, its losing its appeal since the noise barriers went in and a very dear weekend from Yorkshire. I refuse to pay for the Majors now the Birds only option has been taken away. I checked earlier in the week and the Orston Masters had over a 100 unfilled spaces, maybe the pool of willing victims for the top lads prize monies is dwindling away. There maybe a deep war chest for prizes at these big shoots but only a few will benefit while all contribute. If you neglect to look after the contributer classes then you wont have a business. Hoping more cuts wont be needed.
  14. Booked to go in July. Flights with easy jet for 2 and my gun came in at £275 and staying next door in the Sao Felix for 9 nights, we are makig it a holiday, that was 600 I do have pricing for this year if you want to know
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