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  1. Rupert

    Game Shells

    While not being versed in any form of Live shooting, i did think these were big berthas. These are the biggest i have ever had, dare not shoot one!!
  2. Rupert

    Game Shells

    Thanks, they must make a right hole in something
  3. Rupert

    Game Shells

    I would like to sell/swap as a lot, just to keep my time involved to a minimum,should that fail then i will split/swap. As a clay shooter,what are the big 40's used for?
  4. Rupert

    Game Shells

    I have 150 no RC40 special semi magnum, 40g 4 Shot .15 boxes of 10 100 Clever Mirage 36g 4 Shot Plastic wad .4 boxes of 25 1 Slab (250) Hull High Pheasant Extreme 32g 5 Shot Fiber Wad Located in west yorks near Leeds. Travelling to Essex soon and regularly at Orston/Garlands/Oak lodge. I would like £200 or 1000 clay loads in 12g plaswad
  5. Tony Masters, Northern Gunner to members, Your host if you ever visited Marne Barracks Clay Shoot has sadly passed today after a short battle with cancer. A great loss.
  6. That is good to here, we stopped going as it looked like a tip, cardboard all over the fence from the wind,loads of old machinery parked up rusting away like a scrap yard and his little dog running about jumping up at everyone/thing leaving paw prints on everything. Will make a trip back at some point now.
  7. the excess needs to be low, no previous SAC in the last 3 years , looks pretty good for you to get the offer i think.
  8. I will chip in for some more if they are short. I have heard a story about why he was so completely taken down from a man who claimed he was the second man in. A compelling gemtleman.
  9. Have you seen this on line? would you post a link please?
  10. Perhaps a call to Rob Hall at East Yorkshire, probably the regions hub for fast trap may yield a suitable prospect.
  11. One is the quiet man, achieved plenty to be proud of. And Brian Clegg, quietly achieved a great deal in his day. Much will depend on the personal interaction with the differing personalities and styles.
  12. It is a golden opportunity for the venue, i do hope the ignorance of the suns position and relevant target information problems that plague my visits to the regular thursday visits are all erradicated by then. Its all fur coat at the moment.
  13. Its full steam ahead, B.O announced toady for 1-5 september at EJ Churchills Swinton estate.Bookings open may 1st
  14. Just to add, this applies to UK numismatics coins only, also some benefits for the reduction of inheritance tax. I have some in a bag i bought from Mel B
  15. Are these same as 682 gold e ?
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