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  1. I bought one and a friend fetched it back from the states, it was impressive but i soon got bored of it, sold it on for same as i paid and blew the money on shooting.
  2. Rupert


    I went to B.W first in 1993, is grown a bit since then.
  3. Rupert


    What kind of holiday maker are you. me, i make little use of the swanky resorts, Whistler,Big White,Lake Louise and the restaurants entertainment etc, they are all worth a visit as they possess fantastic terrain and massive ski areas. The downside of the smaller less busy places is the transfer with 6 hours plus after your 9 hour flight spent on a bus being a killer now im older. I will probably go back to Lake Louise/Norquay/Sunshine Village for my trip as it is just fabulous and the pass get you access to it all withTransit type transfers between areas included. My sister did Japan and felt
  4. Rupert


    Skied BC a lot it is fantastic, and am looking at it as venue again this time round, also some good resorts out of Boston.
  5. Clays only,2 people, hotels,entries,shells and motoring costs 15-20k in a full year. Motoring is by far the largest proportion of that. I have kept track on a spreadsheet since 2015. Living in west yorkshire vitually every sunday is a 200 mile round trip.
  6. They pay VAT on the profit.
  7. Rupert

    range bag

    I got a used camera bag from ebay, they seem fashion items to photographers.
  8. This time i have Eley's 2250 Eley Select 28g 8 plas 2250 Eley Select 28g 7.5 plas 500 Eley Superb 28g 7.5 plas All 40 a slab, Based west yorkshire Bd19 but travel a bit for shooting on sundays, Keg orston,Marne. etc
  9. A number of main dealers have an ebay shop. i use a couple for mercedes (newcastle) and volvo for substantial discounts on genuine parts.
  10. it is my understandind it relates to how the vehicle is classified on the V5, PLG then car limits apply and LCV lower standards are applied.
  11. Rupert

    Clay Shells.

    All the shells now OHPF thanks to all.
  12. Rupert

    Clay Shells.

    I met you many years ago when you invited me to your home and assisted me in the removal of a dent i had acquired in the rib of my beretta, the years seemed to have jaded you as that man i met does not match your online persona.
  13. Rupert

    Clay Shells.

    Thankyou kindly for the 5 hour window, i have a life and its not all on here, i will answer all enquirys in what i consider to be a timely fashion. I have had nearly 20 interested parties and am working through them in order. I have left 2000 eley select 28g 7.5 in a white case, 2000 velocities 26g 250 Chedite UT 500 gilsan stinger
  14. Rupert

    Clay Shells.

    I have found some more, mainly Eley Firsts and Cheddite Universal Trap
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