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  1. 10% Off for quick sale - Now £99.00 Cannot be bought for anything like this, so first come first served.
  2. Hi All,Here is what in my opinion is the best designed bino harness you can get, everything about it is quality, ultimate protection for your expensive glass, it will take a binocular of up to 7.5" length comfortably, maybe a tad longer and feels really comfortable. I got a similar harness with my new bins so its surplus to my needs. Its branded Vortex but made by Alaska Guide Creations and is typical USA quality.£110 with fully insured postage.
  3. Sorry, they are the green Gortex Pro Hunter in size 58 (42") and long leg around 33"
  4. Fantastic quality and in excellent condition, bought for this winter but now having lost some weight, a bit too big for me. £170 including signed-for postage and packing. Cheers
  5. If only you were a bit further South...
  6. 94 Hornady #3045 165gr BTSP or 100 #3040 165gr SP Interlocks £55 the lot including signed-for postage. Please PM me with any interest, also collection/delivery possible West Yorkshire area. NOW SOLD
  7. My understanding is that he owns it and it’s simply on reserve at the DVLA and he’s willing to sell it and make a buck or two, this is often the case and plates are not necessarily on a vehicle. Brilliant! It’s there, I had a look earlier!
  8. You can buy from DVLA at the moment any P19EON number plate beginning with B to Y for 290 quid and put it on reserve, which is obviously what Fenman1 did. Nothing wrong with that though.
  9. Sure no problem, PM me your details and we can sort it out.
  10. This is a must-have accessory for any shooter, stripping a small thread on a scope mount can be expensive and time consuming and having screws at the correct torque setting ensures that they will perform as expected and not vibrate loose or damage your expensive scope tube.I have two of these so one can go, its in perfect working order and is as new. It used any standard 1/4" hex drive bits.I paid around £45 for this and it can go for £30 including signed-for P&P.Sealey STS103 Torque Screwdriver Digital Readout 0.05 - 5Nm 1/4" Hex Drive• Suitable for automotive, workshop and factory use.• LCD read-out with LED, audible alarm and vibration indicating achieved and target torque levels.• Preset track, peak or desired torque levels using simple push-button menu.• Clockwise and anti-clockwise operation.• Selectable read-out in Nm or lb.ft.• Accurate to ±1% of stated capacity.• Textured, contoured handle for added grip and comfort - 155mm Total Length.
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