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  1. ozalid

    6.5x55 Wanted

    Thanks Henry
  2. ozalid

    6.5x55 Wanted

    Looking for Tikka T3/Sauer 202 or similar. Must be synthetic stock, very low use and 22/24" Barrel Please PM me with any offers, thanks.
  3. Have you got his number?
  4. Hi Guys,I bought this skeet vest, because it was obviously great quality and hoped it would fit me for when its cold and I want to wear over a smock or jacket, its as good as I thought it would be, however, its just too big, so I'm moving it on. It will suit a big guy£28 including Tracked Post and Packing Please PM me if you are interested. Cheers Al
  5. Thanks for the offer Tightchoke, I have PM'd you.
  6. Always prefer to deal with other members if I can, it’s good to help each other out. Although with lockdown there’s no rush now! cheers Al
  7. Anyone got one kicking around? Flush or extended cheers Alan
  8. Quarter choke required. Extended preferred but anything considered, please PM me cheers
  9. ozalid

    For Free

    My first 'modern' shotgun over 50 years ago was a Baikal single barrel, I used to take it on the bus with a handful of shells in my pocket to get to my permission, changing bus once, I was only 15 and it was a long day but I went every weekend, the enthusiasm of youth! It will give a good start to some lucky lad, well done.
  10. Do they have guns for sale there then? I’ll have to have a look.
  11. It’s a 303 I want thanks That’s not a problem but I might have found one locally that looks very promising, I will drop you a line if it doesn’t work out. Thanks
  12. Prefer 28" but open to offers, anything considered. Maybe AL391 alsoCan collect reasonable distance West Yorkshire.
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