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  1. If it doesn't sell I'll take it. Cheers
  2. Ive still got my late fathers home made engineers toolbox in the garage, it’s crammed with tools, micrometers etc all kinds of stuff, its largely worthless but I like to open it up and think about him from time to time, I suppose my son will dump it when I’m gone lol
  3. TBH, I would say the value is in the box which is quite nice, there will always be odd bits that people want but I doubt they would pay a lot for the whole thing to get it, try it at a local auction, things tend to find their value at auction.
  4. NOW SOLD Thank you.
  5. Gasoline Shredder 5.0HP(5.5HP) (CJE-1001B-1) Gasoline Shredder 5.0HP(5.5HP)1)5.0HP(5.5HP) Chipper Shredder2)50mm chipping capacity3)Chipping Capacity: 2"(50mm)Gasoline Shredder 5.0HP(5.5HP) (CJE-1001B-1)Model: CJE-1001B-1Chipping Capacity: 2"(50mm)Blade Speed: 2400rpmEngine Type: OHV 4-strokeStarting System: RecoilDisplacement: 159ccMax. Output: 5HP(5.5HP)/3600rpmEngine Speed: 3600rpmFuel Volume: 1.2LOil Volume: 0.55LFuel Type: Unleaded GasolineCracking bit of kit, excellent condition, used literally once then stood in the garage. Starts first time!£95.00 collected from WF4
  6. If it falls through I will take the CCI's
  7. You’re absolutely right about these foods associated with older folk, I’m 70 and offal was regularly on the menu at our house and it wasn’t because we were poor, it was because there were proper butchers who sold all this stuff, it was tasty food. I can still remember a pile of steaming pigs trotters in the middle of the table at tea time, many a time my mother would boil a pigs head to make brawn, heaven on a plate!
  8. Got to be honest, i hate cooked tripe and only eat it cold. Chitterlings and pig bag, just regular grub when I was a kid, unbelievably tasty, high protein, fantastic food. kids today don’t know what they’re missing, most adults too!
  9. Tripe, now you’re talking, my old man being a Yorkshireman born in 1914 was a big offal fan, we regularly had tripe for tea, served cold with bread and butter, sprinkled with salt and vinegar, delicious! We never have it these days, its too bloody expensive….well that and my wife hates the mere thought of eating it.
  10. I’ve eaten Marmite on toast all my life, it’s delicious and good for you, peanut butter just sticks to the roof of my mouth, tasteless horrible stuff, but when we moved to Yorkshire we were introduced to the delights of ‘mucky fat’ on toast, my arteries have never forgiven me.
  11. Lovely looking pups, I’d have one like a shot, but then I’d have to find a new wife…
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