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  1. Size 58 seeland APG Realtree jacket, Seetex so waterproof which I have found out, nice useful coat with a loads of pockets plus a pouches pouch on the back. Mint condition hardly used. I’m a 46 inch chest, it’s baggy on me so would say it’s a XXL. £80 posted
  2. Sent you a Pm bumpy. Thanks
  3. Hi, I am after a Dog transit box for my pickup truck, big enough to fit a Lab or similar size. Ideally would like one i could collect so the South of England would be good. Thanks.
  4. Hi, its a mine field out there for getting quotes. It would work out to expensive for me. Many thanks
  5. Many thanks, trying to get some quotes now.
  6. Hi, let me see how much a courier will be. Don't suppose you know the weight? thanks.
  7. Morning, I am trying to find somewhere that's open to sell HMR Ammo around Cirencester area, I am struggling to find somewhere open. many thanks
  8. I have the decathlon net, I don't rate it. I have gone back to old Army Cam net and use the decathlon net for behind to stop it being see through.
  9. 🙌🏻I’m already on a promise, I’ve shown her the magic of twin screens for the PC when working from home. I felt like Jesus showing his disciples How to multiply food!
  10. Love the reply’s, think I need to go show the other half the hairy side of my hand and just buy a sit on......
  11. Hi everyone, hope you are all well? I am after anyone that owns a petrol Husqvarna lawn mower. My current lawn mower decided to go terminal at the weekend! I have been looking at Honda we all know these to be bullet proof! The husq has come up on my radar as good alternative and cheaper, does anyone have some feedback if they own one please?. The main model i am looking at is Husqvarna LC253S Self Propelled 53cm, we have a large garden but not large enough for a ride on....I really want a ride on! I would go visit the garden machinery places but all my locals ones are still closed.
  12. I would do it with the Tyre deflated
  13. pux

    Bird table ???.

    My bird table is out in the front garden, its always busy with birds. I have fat balls hanging off either side of it to. My only problem at the moment is a Rat that i have caught a pic of on my stalker camera helping himself to a meal each night!
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