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  1. Good effort on helping the farmer, I have been helping the local one to me with manual labour.Our garden has been full of pheasants, one of them become territorial, it would attack the misses when she was out in the garden!
  2. I bought mine from A1 Decoys, its the extra tall one, works a treat and holds the hide bits n bobs as mentioned above.
  3. I had a 2007 Ford Ranger Thunder was an awesome pickup. I use to run that with BFG muds, roundabouts in the wet was entertaining!!
  4. I have BFG AT on my NP300, perfectly fine in all conditions for me.
  5. These trousers have never been worn, they are a 36” waist and 30” leg. They have zipped pockets in the thighs. Seetex so windproof & water proof. The colour is moose brown. £50 posted
  6. pux


    Where you based? My clay ground i shoot at is always happy to give away free baseball cap with either their name on it or a manufacturers . They must get them all the time from the Cartridge Manufacturers
  7. I have just purchased a set of Seeland Tyrst trousers the pockets on the side are just zipped, not obtrusive like the combat style ones. They have the Seetex lining also look smart too.
  8. If anyone is interetsed i may spit the package but the Rifle must go first!
  9. This is My Rifle, if anyone is interetsed or have any questions please feel free to contact me.
  10. pux


    Hi Luke I have a full Howa set up with mod and leupold scope and converted to a ten shot mag sitting in a boyds Thumbhole stock! £850 let me know if interested will also come with a hard case and ammo.
  11. pux

    Wanted .22LR

    I am all sorted now chaps with a lovely 1417 thanks for your time
  12. pux

    Wanted .22LR

    Chaps i am in the market for a .22LR rifle and would ideally like it as short as possible for poking out the window of the truck! So anything from 16" downwards, i would also ideally like it to have a scope already and moderator but not a massive problem, i would consider a semi auto like a remington 597 VTR. I am not after anything with a silver finish on it and have a budget of £500 and want it to be a face to face meeting. So please what do you have
  13. Hi I am after a few extra decoys and anything else you may have please. Let me know what you have thank you.
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