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  2. I have been a couple of times when on holiday. They run an excellent 50 bird sporing comp every fortnight (£12). If you like the competition element much better than Westlands. I went two Westlands three or four times last year for a bit of practise however found a quarter of the traps did not work.
  3. Lovely gun. I bought a 32" barrell F3 late Sept and just love it
  4. adp - If you are interested in an 'as new' 686 Ltd 30" RH Sporter I have a gun I am selling for £1000 which is indistinguishable from new and shoot less than 1000 cartridges. I have been using a Blaser F3, 32" making the 686 Ltd surplus to requirements. If you are interested you are welcome to try the gun out as I note you are just up the road. http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/ind...6731&hl=686 ltd&st=0 GavG
  5. I agree. Although in the end most folk make up there own mind and ignore worthless comemts like thatB)
  6. If you did hapen to be interested. I am travelling up the M6 on my way to Scotland on either the 23rd or 24th Dec
  7. NOW SOLD- THANKS FOR ALL INTEREST For Sale Unmarked Beretta 686 Ltd fired less than 1000 shells. Complete with 6 Victory Extended Chokes and case. For sale at £1000. I will through in Beretta Gun slip. Complete with case and presented as new gun. Indistinguable from new. If required pictures on request.
  8. This may not be your thing. I have a 'as new' 686 Ltd 30' sporter for £975. http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/ind...1506&hl=ltd
  9. GavG

    Bretta Wanted

    I have an 'as new' 686 Ltd 30'' sporter with extended mobil chokes which I no longer require. Superb gun that would pass as brand new. This may be just to much for you at £975. Location, Essex
  10. I have an 'as new' 686 ltd sporter (30'') which I no longer require. This is however a 12 bore. May not be your thing.
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