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  1. i'll be there i grew up in Alcester and its a special place to me .
  2. leicester ! christ what a ****hole.welcome and hello.
  3. ust incase anyone is missing themj
  4. weirauch are good twink also good or better .
  5. had many daystate with few problems. test shoot at 30 yards it shound be pretty much pellet on pellet at worst on a 5p .check out the prices of a wolf ( better in my opinion) and if it shoots and much cheaper than a wolf then game on.
  6. i'll go against the grain and say that i have tried sizing and weight sorting and see no real benefit . i often paper punch out to 100 yards in an fac wolf and can honestly say i can't find a way to cull flyers without going down the slug route.i also find reading the wind is way more of a problem than flyers.as said earlier on here earlier visual ispection probably is the best route.but all that said i'm watching the thread to see if i can learn a new trick.
  7. why should your nieghbors not be able to do what they want with there land ? you can't expect them to not dig if your trees are so close to the boundary of your land.i should think if your trees where to fall over in the next month you potentially could sue if they did not give notice. but you now know the trees may be dangerous or damaged and are failing to act as such. i can never understand why someone can do that to your trees with no thought of neighbour fued they are starting.best of luck and i hope it turns out you can get compensation. keep us posted ..... interesting one.
  8. 40 ft lbs could be a very clever investment if you don't mind spending a bit more on ammo. with slugs seeming to be the way to go having around double the bc of a pellet .our only real option has been to bring in slugs from abroad at great expense .i'm waiting on some nielson slugs that have cost £40 for 100 shipped just to try them . rumour has it jsb are going to do a slugs and if they do that is great news.most of the cost involved bringing slugs in is shipping. if they work well a bulk buy will be cost effective.just imaging 40ft lbs plus with a slug that has half the wind drift. plenty of
  9. a pal of mine dropped £1050 on a dreamline, shoots pellet on pellet now for the bad news .... he took it back because the barrel / groups where moving . he got it zero'd lay it on his sofa ,picked it up and zero had moved.shop he bought it from was awesome and refunded him but whilst there the fx rep laughed down the phone at him when he told them what was happening.
  10. the best place to spend a bit extra is scales .i use gem pro 250 that register each kernel and are + or_ one kernel accurate. the scales where about £200 but you can get some goon balance beam scales for sub £100. you will need a press ,a lee will do the job .keep an eye out for second hand.hornet dies are about 35 pounds very cheap.all my reloading gear i tend to buy the best but the gear i have said will do the job.if you put a shout out for someone local to show you the ropes in reloading i'm sure someone will.your welcome over to mine in leicester if you ever want to see how easy it is to
  11. extra 1000 fps and able to tune for es and accuracy . hornet is a big margin better than any hmr i have owned. 10.2 grains of powder means a tub of bit lasts a long time. don't mean to hmr bash but just my experience that the hornet is in a different league.
  12. does the nn800 have the dimmer on the back ?
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