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  1. I think that is sensible advice, some people have to go bankrupt for genuine reasons and can sometimes be a result of bad luck, and not solely there fault. However, never hurts to tread cautiously and like already mentioned above pay for the materials and pay as you go with labour, maybe work out a day rate, with a potential completion bonus if it comes in on time and budget. I very much doubt any builders merchant will give him credit or an account after going bankrupt so it might have to be you who would set up the account, most merchants will still apply the builders discount if they know there is going to be a fair amount spent on materials. If he is a genuine chap then he would go with this.
  2. Evening All, Could do with a few suggestions as to what to name my new ess bitch puppy. So far I have Poppy & Flo on the short list I already have an "Isla" )so nothing too similar! Cheers!
  3. Evening all, Anyone using this dry food? How do you compare to others foods that you have tried? So far I have tried my SS 18m bitch on this, chudleys worker, skinners FT duck & Rice. CSJ hi lost. I have found that she seems to do better on the CSJ CP21 out of all of them.
  4. Cheers chaps, I'll have a browse through the recommendations.
  5. Evening all, I'm looking to invest in a Jacket just to use while picking up on shoots, I've beening using my musto shooting fleece or vest dependant on weather so far this year, (which has so far been fairly kind!) I like these as they are light and not to bulky, however i doubt they will stand up on a day of bad weather and are already getting blood stained from having a game carrier. after something a little more durable that is not camo that will do the job but still be smart and functional. There are loads of options and choices on the market, but I wondered what people think to jackets they have bought and tested? By all means if anyone is looking to sell one on I would be interested, medium fit. Cheers NB
  6. Hi, If any one has a set they want to sell PM me please. Thanks NB
  7. Hi, I'm after some 30mm high mounts for my ruger 77. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get yours from? Thanks NB
  8. Magic eye might be your option as long as you don't need to watch different sky channels at once.
  9. Some of that is slightly incorrect, Dividends are taxed at the following rates I 10% if you fall in the 20% tax bracket or 32.5% if you fall in the 40% bracket Or 42.5% if you are lucky enough to earn over 150k Therefore all dividends have a 10% tax credit attached when paid, you only pay additional tax if you are a higher rate tax payer Note if you do not utilise your personal allowance elsewhere you will not get any tax back off dividends so it makes since to pay yourself a wage of at least your personal allowance. It is an expense to does reduce profits which lowers corp tax Corp Tax rate is now 20% for SME's has been since 1-4-2011. In the above example you would be better pay your salary of £8105 to reduce company profits £21895x 20%= £4379total tax payable Income Salary 8105 Net dividend 17516 Total cash in pocket 25621 out of 30k profit
  10. This gets a bit complicated You would pay personal tax if you set you salary higher than the tax allowance but this would be @ 20% same as corporation tax (therefore nothing gained or lost), but this would also attract NI deductions which is costly. Not a bad idea to pay some NI but with employers NI at 13.8% & Employee's NI @ 12% the limited company tax savings can be lost by putting through a salary that is too high. I usually recommend 12k per annum this satisfies minimum wage requirements (37.5hrs per week @ minimum wage £6.19) I mention minimum wage as it has come up in the last 3 of my tax investigations that i have handled, so inspectors are wise to the tax dodge, as a director you are an employee so therefore subjected to employment law which will state minimum wage at the rate set by our government. (it is hard for them to prove hours actually worked in most cases) The other case you would pay personal tax on earning from a company would be if your total personal earnings amount to more than 43k ish which would mean you are a 40% tax payer and would have to make up the extra tax. an Extra 22.5% If you are below this figure dividends carry a tax credit so if you actually receive a £9000 dividend it is deemed as £10000 dividend with £1000 tax credit having been paid as part of the corporation tax bill. Therefore you have technically paid any tax on the dividend already (similar to interest from the Bank usually paid Net of tax)) Hope this puts a few things straight, and yes dividends are paid after corp tax. Cheers NB
  11. Do yourself a favour .... Go limited !!! The bare bones is you pay corp tax at 20% on small rate (profits of less than 300k) Self employed you pay 20% tax + 9% class 4 national insurance so 29% in all. Therefore on a 30k profit after personal allowance you pay 6k corporation tax as a company or 8.7k as a sole trader 2.7k tax saving - potentially!! Company documents are filed almost as easy as a tax return just a little more work and know how. PM me and I will give you my number, call me it won't cost you anything and I will happily help. My fees for company books start at £500 and as long as it is in some order there is no need for expensive sage packages! Simple is some times better. There is loads of duff advice on this thread, for a start you can earn £150 per week as an employee not pay any tax or NI plus there are other means to obtain a regular payment from the business. Failing all the above go and see an accountant like myself, steer clear of the older generation they still seem to make a mountain out of a molehill (hence high fees) online filing and services have made the whole process easier for us and has saved us a lot of time. Others take note you may be missing a trick!!
  12. http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/230157-shooting-hatch/page__hl__pajero
  13. Great video footage He is a cracking Dog, Did you train him yourself?
  14. I finished mine a few weeks back, I can take a few more photo's to give you some ideas and inspiration. It looks fairly tidy but see what you think, no doubt you will have found my original post. I can give you a few pointers that I have only found out through trial and error. But mine seems to work really well, just wish it would dry up abit!! Pm me if you want any info.
  15. I don't think "driving to fast" and "Pajero" go in the same sentence! If you could post any info, pictures, wiring diagrams it would be appreciated
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