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  1. Yes almost complete and due back any day now. I'll post an update as soon as they are back and tested
  2. I'm not sure which modification was made to the gun that worked. I think I'm correct in saying that both were inertia and that the modification was made to dramatically reduce the inertia required so that it became a bit of a hybrid but I could be wrong here, suffice to say the modification worked a treat. I will find out and report back once the guns are back with me.
  3. Yes , one gun was modified to solve the issue I was having with the second barrel, the other is now being matched.
  4. So a quick update. The guns have been picked up as promised by Longthorne and I have zero doubt that they will be perfect when they come back. RE recent comments by way of response In growing my business I have made a large number of errors including offering less than a perfect customer service at times. I've learnt from those errors and therefore have sympathy with Longthorne learning from theirs. I really think that the most important part of the story here and respect is due to Longthorne in their very honest approach. Most premium gun brands do not publish their wood warranty, I found very little flack for other manufacturers online - I'm guessing because they use a common sense approach when issues arise (which they will from time to time) . Longthorne have apologised for not using common sense in my case. I regularly shoot with eight or so other Longthorne owners ( I purchased on recommendation) and the overwhelming experience of those guns has been positive, including universal praise for the lack or recoil and muzzle flip, a major factor in us enjoying our shooting days more. I would hate for my "blip" to put other people off, Longthorne are unique guns produced by great people who are human and occasionally make mistakes but bend over backwards to put them right.
  5. £1,000 has now been donated to the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust from Longhtorne and I as promised. This is a receipt for your kind donation to the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust. Receipt Organisation: Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust Campaign: Donate to the GWCT Donor Name: Iain Burgess Amount: £1,000 Donation Interval: One-time Receipt #: 19563274 Donated At: 10/02/22 08:39:23 UTC Payment Method: Visa 7018 Sign up to our weekly newsletter. For more information see our Privacy Policy.: No Donor Address:
  6. I totally agree. PW helped bridge that impasse and I am very grateful. The charitable donation from myself and Longthorne is being made very much in recognition of this, a far better use of money than either of us spending it in court fees and solicitors. There were mistakes on both sides here, no one is perfect, we cannot change the past only learn from it and I think both Longthorne and I have certainly done that. Shooters need disruptive innovators like Longthorne and its important for our sport that those companies prosper. I think Longthorne have come out on top here and very much hope that PW members agree and continue their support. Once again a heart felt thanks for the time input by members on this.
  7. Thanks Gordon - Jim called me last night and we had a proper , open and honest conversation. I won't repeat that conversation but "my" takeaways were that they have developed some truly amazing guns, achieved technical impossibilities, faced impossible challenges and succeeded and yet some of the easier wins have escaped them - natural growing pains. We spoke about the importance and power of the of the word "Sorry" and Jim really listened to that. Personally I would not have risked posting on this forum if I were them, but they did, that showed to me that they had really listened, the message they posted was heart felt , open and honest, they were genuinely sorry. Huge respect to Longhthorne for doing that. None of us are perfect, Longthorne are true innovators, amazing at achieving the impossible and I have no doubt will improve now upon the easier stuff.
  8. Thanks - The title change is a good idea, I cannot seem to do that myself - Admins is this possible ?
  9. Thanks Fellside - I'll happily run with whatever the majority suggest by midnight on the 9th Feb for the charitable donation
  10. Jim thank you for the call last night. It took some balls to write this post. I really wasn’t expecting you to do that and you have my total respect. After the first season which was not plain sailing. I have thoroughly enjoyed three amazing years shooting gun number 1 without any issues whatsoever, they are phenomenal guns. Your call last night was very much appreciated, in hindsight we both should have put our egos to bed and done that way before this point. In fairness to Jim and Longthorne listening to Jim last night I can see how some of my communications were genuinely misinterpreted which then compounded issues. It would be unfair of Jim to take all the blame here, in hindsight I have made some errors as well and for those Jim I apologise. My faith in Longthorne has been fully restored, Jim is refusing to accept payment for some work that I believe I should pay for. I do not wish to benefit financially from this in any way and would also like to thank the forum for helping resolve this situation. PW Members is there a charity that is close to everyone’s hearts on here ? I would like to donate £1,000 so that a) I don’t benefit financially from this and b) to thank everyone for your support and help here. This donation is effectively from both Longhthorn and I. Jim I will still produce the video on my experience of Longthorne guns but it will be a positive one, you now have a motivated brand advocate again, as I said above they really are phenomenal guns ! Admins. I believe it would be unfair of Longthorne to have people read the five pages of this thread before seeing the positive outcome and their honesty. Perhaps this thread could be deleted in a couple of days time ? I believe it would now be unfair to Longthorne for this thread to remain but if you disagree could you perhaps pin Jim and mines latest post to the top of the thread ? I must stress that this is my request, not Longthorne’s A huge thanks everyone - a very positive outcome for both myself and Longthorne
  11. You have every right to question this. I have retained full email trails ( Luckily ) to support everything I say, I've sent the script of the video I am producing to Longthorne for them to comment on factual accuracy before it is shot, edited and published and I have sent a link to Longthorne to this thread. I'm not sure what else I can do to be open , fair and honest. I will gladly send pictures of email messages by PM to support any claim I have made here about the issues I have experienced with Longthorne and their responses. I am also more than happy to send a word document containing every single piece of email correspondence to two trusted member of this forum so that everything I have stated ( and some more horrors) can be verified.
  12. Its not an independent review system like Feefo or TrustPilot - they will only list the good reviews on the website. I suspect that most owners who have had a bad experience are reluctant to leave negative reviews whilst they still own the guns.
  13. Longthorne have taken this position for serval years now, and not just with me so I'd be more inclined to suggest that its an attitude problem rather than a cashflow problem. Having said that I really don't think that allowing this to develop this far, failure to comment on this forum ( despite having been sent a link), the forth coming video and any legal action I take will do them any favours cashflow wise in terms of sales enquiries.
  14. I think I am correct in saying that If a product is sold through a reseller the sales contact is between the reseller and the buyer. However where the manufacturer offers a guarantee that product is sold with the benefit of that manufacturers guarantee, that contract is between the manufacturer and the buyer. In this case the guns were purchased directly.
  15. My understanding is that the warranty is offered by Longthorne not the dealer. It's a five year return to base warranty that does not cover wood at all, if the gun wont break open, fire a cartridge, eject a cartridge, keeps ejecting live cartridges, misfires cartridges or the second barrel wont fire then these are "adjustments" and not faults and so its down to you to return them. Based on this I believe a fault would only be and ejector breaking, barrels snapping etc and then I'm 99% sure it would be blamed on user error because Longthorne are NEVER at fault. Isn't is strange that the warranty is not promoted on the website or referred to in their terms and conditions. Ask a question on one of their face book posts about the warranty and wood and its gets deleted ( at least mine did). Feel free to give it a go for yourself
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