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  1. You should have a great day out. I'm using blackgold 32g 5's
  2. The video is a record of your day and you are there to enjoy the shooting first and foremost. Removing the head movement interferes with your days shooting and takes a lot of practice. Mounting the camera on the gun will give you little more than Shotkam type footage and won't capture the day, banter , others shooting etc. For a first video I thought this was great, thanks for taking the time to edit and post
  3. Thanks for all the kind comments gents - much appreciated and makes the effort in putting the videos together all worthwhile.
  4. My last three videos of the season, it's going to be a long wait until October and I have three months of "Emma Season" ahead of me looking after the kids whilst my wife does what she wants. Last day at Powis Castle with my youngest son, who claimed the Pheasants "owned me" A day testing out a Longthorne Gun at Powis Castle Shotkam footage from another day at Powis
  5. Wow, brilliant ! I bet filming that must interfere with your stalking ?
  6. Thanks. You aim the gun at a target say 35 yards away and the via an app on your phone you pull a live picture from the shotkam and using your phone move and the app the dot to line up with the target you are aiming at. Once this is complete you are good to go.
  7. Yes Thanks - yes just to wake it up if it has been more than 60 secs since the last shot
  8. Absolutely and unless you are a very good shot it's not fair on the birds either. Lesson well and truly learnt
  9. I'#m pleased they have helped. This is the biggest single lesson I have learned from Shotkam. Tight chokes are tighter than I thought and the shooting line is critical . When you test plate a gun/ cartridge it doesn't give a true picture re the margin of error Thanks. I enjoy Powis , there are lots of drives so its not very "samey" , I shoot with a great team there ( half the enjoyment) and it's not at all corporate which I hate ( though ironic for a corporate day) Yes the keeper did a cracking job considering the lack of wind and light fading. The Go Pro captures the day, the Shotkam captures the shot and when I play it back frame by frame when editing most of the time I can see excatly where I have gone wrong I took on board the comments here and went for 1/4 and 1/2. I think I would have been better shooting 1/4 and 1/4 which is what I will be shootinf for the rest of the season
  10. Finally I seem to have made progress on my line, still room for improvement though.
  11. Thanks for doing that. I think they are attending / filming and reporting on a day at Powis Castle this Thursday with Longthorne Guns which I have also very luckily been invited to.
  12. I stand corrected and promise to take more care over video titles in the future. Though not trying to pick holes in your proposed title I think you might have missed out the Pheasant...
  13. Nice video that. Good reaction time on that woodcock shot over the fence as well !
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