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  1. Dougy


    Sorry Steve, for slightly derailing the thread. 😉
  2. Dougy


    Ah! hang on a bit, just got in from work, shoes off Crocs on. I would normally just have Crocs shorts and hankycap.
  3. Dougy


    So these are now going on the market, they have been previously worn and chewed by Buster the Lab. Still a fair bit of wear, and still has one with a strap left on. Buster couldn't get it off, just shows how tuff this footwear can be. Offers over £5 please. Lol
  4. Dougy


  5. Dougy


    I do know one thing, it's lethal having an Amazon account. Bought a nice pair of Camo Crocs the other day.
  6. Dougy

    What guns to choose?

    You just need to mindful how you come across Jay, talk about having a rifle for long range rabbit "may" ring some alarm bells with some FEOs. You could get a 1-9 twist 22.250 and shoot some 75 grain high BC bullets, they will reach out way further than you would imagine. But I seriously would not go that road, it means reloading as I don't think any factory ammo is produced. And of course it's not a factory standard twist. Just thinking I'd have it reamed improved as well, Mmmm
  7. Dougy

    What guns to choose?

    223 will do both range and and fox control, not advisable to suggest you would use it for long range rabbit. Although not illegal or unsporting it suggests a hint of shooting at all sorts at long range ( just playing devils advocate). It's your 1st application so you need to be kind of Mr prefect rifle shooter.
  8. Dougy

    Pongy home air conditioner unit

    Looks like a cracking job.
  9. Dougy

    Thermal scopes

    I've got to say Archer, that's tubed not digital.They have been around some time now and are still regarded by many as being the best for the price. If your local I'll show you mine 😉
  10. Dougy

    Pongy home air conditioner unit

    It will probably have a water tank (right hand side for a guess)
  11. Dougy

    Pongy home air conditioner unit

    Put the unit in a cupboard or the smallest room in the house and treat it.
  12. Dougy

    Bulletproof furniture.

    IT'S TELY !!!! IT'S NOT REAL !!! And must add don't try this at home. It won't end well.
  13. Dougy

    garden shed

    The more the better, the less time water is on the roof the better.
  14. Dougy

    Lidl Impact Driver

    Undo with impact drive, then to replace wheel nuts use to butt up to wheel using impact drive then use torque wrench or brace to torque up. And be careful with locking wheel nuts, don't over tighten, you needn't really torque to the max, snap one and your stuffed.
  15. Dougy

    Thermal scopes

    They are getting better, but agree with you, i was out last night and watching a badger gather some bedding out at 300yds through an Archer. It seemed to dissapear for a second or 2 then came back in a small dip in a field, or so I thought. It was actually one of the cattle lying down and it was head on to me. Just saying with even with a gen 3 nv you can't be that sure.