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  1. Dougy


    Been looking at camping fridges and was shocked at the price, we then looked at both the cool box's you mention and are now looking at counter-top fridges. They are a fraction of the price and you have the ability to freeze small amounts in the Ice box. Obviously 240v so need a hook-up or Inverter.
  2. I though the trend was now Botox and loads of lipstick for eyebrows for false image's , cant you get it hydro dipped if you want it to just look different ? 😛
  3. Had to chuckle. Tantalisingly interested in the answers on the way on what to coat tanalised timber in. I would Imagine a decent exterior varnish.
  4. Dougy


    Just saying to Mrs D, all i have seen of the opposition was the mud flinging about how Boris SHOULD have managed the Covid pandemic, they all could have done a better job !!! yet as we all know were surprisingly, NOT sitting in Boris' seat. Starmer could have vastly improved his popularity by offering help and not chucking insults and "should have done's" to Boris, instead siting down and having the conversation on "How can we help our country get out of the mess" They all woffle on about what they can do to make OUR country better, yet from an outsider looking in seems like childh
  5. I am rather disappointed in my Boa, for the price (£269) i really expected them to last more than 3 years. The week point are the areas around the stitching around the ball area of the foot. They are comfortable to wear, and have been waterproof in some harsh conditions. I will not be buying again i'm afraid and wont recommend them. I gave them a go but will be wearing my Scarpa this winter, 100%reliable and have always lasted 10 years plus, in fact recently i have relegated a pair to the gardening and their in the 14th year. After buying a new pair a couple of years ago.
  6. Thought it was the local Carboot selling PW merchandise
  7. Its a pain in the rear having to try and upload images from peoples posts that used Phot bucket, thankfully not many use it now. I have not used it for years now, i dont like having other people/ company's holding onto anything of mine and having to pay for the privilege.
  8. I've got some furry dice if you want
  9. Having mine done about 16.00 Monday.
  10. These old tracks are just ACE , bringing back memories of Cross overs, bags and broad waist bands huge side pockets and staying on the dance floor for hours.
  11. My all time favourite.
  12. LOL been through one years ago, wish i had kept all the papers, i laugh about it now and very glad i can. I have seen plenty of those that cant handle the stress of the entire process spread under a train. At the time its PANTS but it will get better. Mine was quite entertaining, one of the pubs i drank in was doing the usual sad people gossip rubbish, ive done this that and the other. What i was supposed to have done was quite comical. But anyway put them all right one Sunday lunch, kind of got on the stage and told a pub full what had actually happened, the silence was amazing.
  13. just seen 10 seconds of the clip, the copper lost it completely nothing short of a thug. He needs the same doing to him, absolutely disgusting.
  14. Believe it or not warm milk makes me retch at the smell. And rabbits cooking. But i can eat Marmite by the spoonful.
  15. What i want to know is who's sent me a big parcel that i need to contact DHL so i can track it Is it a Pulsar Accolade RF2 that someone on PW has gifted to me
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