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  1. Hats off to you, kind of, No way would i be going up any further than the 1st platform, i went stalking once (well up a high seat) took me 1/2 hour to climb up it, then finally at the top i had to do it all again to fetch my rifle. That's a job for the professionals, they get paid for falling down.
  2. Dougy


    Chilling in depth drama, If David Tennant had been around at the time im sure he would have been found guilty too, they made him into his twin.
  3. It looks like it would do the job short term, but using it to get to the roots will soon knock any edge of the teeth. Looks like an invention thats not really required. I have in the past either used an axe or chainsaw if we could clear the roots with a blast from a hose pipe to remove soil as much as poss, (kept the edge longer on the chain, we always used an old chain)
  4. Company was naff but the range was a dream, Just kidin always a nice friendly bunch of folk. and getting on 1200 meter's was just a bit of cream on the top. Oh and bumping into the the RCO Friday. Thanks Sparkles for arranging it.
  5. I will take some reloading stuff with me, need to do some load development for my air rifle. What route are you going on sparkles ?
  6. Notched for security, not that I've had the others fail me.
  7. If anyone thinks they have symptoms then we would all, I'm sure, expect you to stay away. And if anyone needs a Hazmat suit with Powered air fed filter system let me know. Not cheap though I also have cleaning chems that will wipe out the Russian bio generator plants too, thats a bit expensive too. I'm coating all my bullets in it just in case anyone wants to touch them.
  8. The brothers decided to check out the new garden seating.
  9. Dougy

    high streets

    Burton councilors decided in their infinite wisdom to change the market, to improve it, up-date it and make it more enticing. They did that alright, 1st they closed the fish market, then moved the market stalls all around the town precinct then started the up-dating of the old market hall. Nearly 50% of the market traders never returned, now it looks like a version of Midsomers village rummage sale in a storm. Now its dead as a Dodo,,, well done to the brainless over paid thoughtless plonkers Burton council.
  10. Dougy

    Forum change

    Why do we now quite recently see adds between the posts, is this something we can reduce at our end ? And for the colours Green, Brown, Pink or Red i have no idea whats what, being as im disabled in that department.
  11. Dougy

    high streets

    The biggest impact on town center shops is the likes of Sainsbury's, Morrisons and Tesco style super markets being built on the towns outskirts. That started to impact on the smaller individual style shops. People started to change their shopping habits, another impact to town center shopping was the 7 day week shopping and late opening. I asked our local town council if they thought about having an 8 day week to increase the weekly takings in the town center shops.
  12. Not impossible to find and remove. You can buy your own scanner for a few quid. The sentence is not severe enough for the thieving lowlifes.
  13. I have just clicked "Contact details" page not found. that raises issues with me. Call me old fashioned but i like to touch and feel knives before i buy, and i like to talk to folk over the phone too.
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