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  1. My dad used to do this with fucias. He would cross pollinate certian coloured plants to try and alter the original. It was very interesting as a child to see the resilts over time. Also grafting different plants to have 2 seperate colours on one plant
  2. Great news, i bet thats given her a few things to dream about.
  3. Dougy


    I'd have given it another barrel, but certainly persistent. Mind you I bet you were always told "Never give up" Well done.
  4. May help. Have you been fiddling ?
  5. Dougy


    The cycle starts with the dictating government, and always has done.
  6. We did nothing quiet in our house at dinner time, dropped saucepan lids, clapped hands, tv on loud, banged things on the work tops, poor Buster must have thought it was a mad house. At 9 months took him a drive down to the local clay ground (bloomin competition on) got to the bottom with the window down a bit then drove back home. Did that a few times until "I" got fed up with it. At 1 year took him out with a shotgun, Mrs was with Buster, playing while I stood 100 yds off a had a few shots. Over a few days we got closer, until he showed no interest. Fire work nights was entertaining, at 7 months i played a load of firework sounds, loud !!! my neighbours were not too impressed, too early I think? (it was only September) I would take him out Foxing, with the rifle, he loves that, "bang" and he can't wait to get out of the truck and find the fox. Just get them used to loud noises, but most important thing of all is how "you" react. Start to make a fuss when a gun goes off and you will distill concern in your dog. Guns going off are a natural sound to your "gun" dog. Don't rush into it, you could end up with a gun shy dog.
  7. I've just switched to Shell,fixed till July 20. No contract after that so I will switch again. I do the same every time the provider puts my rate up. Look carefully at the price per unit which they all hve to show now clearly. I also use eco7 at every opportunity,
  8. I was a tad disappointed. I thought it was a squirrel. Seriously though I wish I had that talent. Very good.
  9. Dougy


    Do Elephants eat people? Just wondering what's the surprise with lions eating people.
  10. Dougy


    Someone told me years ago, "that the best tbing to do with an investments are to 1st invest in your debts" I think any investment at the mo is a hit and miss.afair. Premium bonds 😉
  11. My experience has been the opposite, its the mongrel breed owners that are shouting the loudest, not the pure breed owners. A chap in the local was on about his poodlabcocker thingy, i quite simply asked if he was referring to the mongrel on the other end of the lead. I think we need to see what few more years down the line bring with these designer breeds. We only need to look at the vets programmes on TV to see the issues with the breeds from years ago. Difficulty breathing, overshot jaws, heads too small for eyes and brains to develope properly. etc, etc.
  12. Your Alex, as per PM.
  13. Lightforce 170 with red filter scope mounted. £40.00 Roof bars for Hilux double cab. Thule (Not the square ones) Only used twice. £50.00
  14. I'll gladly take that salary, and you can call me what the hell you want. And one think I will promise, i won't call you names back.
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