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  1. Dougy

    Help Please

    A guy I used to know used a R7 in the early hours, all the relevant permissions etc need to be extremely well written with risk assessments, methods statements etc and if course insurance.
  2. Funny i was just having a conversation yesterday about one of our old teachers, he brought a shotgun into school during an environmental study class. In front of the class he went through the parts of the shotgun and then onto the cartridge, broke it up and explained the parts, then asked all in the class if it was safe. 90% raised their hands and agreed , he then loaded the cartridge and fire off the primer. talk about jumping. We then went out into the field and had a demo of how a shotgun groups as he shot at a large piece of paper (what i now realize was sort of a pattern target) Just imagine if this had been in today,s class room. The reporters should really have a little education as to what is a pellet gun,and what uses powder as a propellant. But then it wouldnt sound so exiting for the readers would it
  3. You can get those burners that charge mobile's now. So its possible.
  4. The thing is in this instance, as this is the topic, the stirring low life's next door knew exactly what they were doing and why. No report of anyone using violence only assumptions, and it's certainly made an ******** out of the not nice neighbours.
  5. There comes a point that there will be no other solution other than to lump someone. As the saying goes. Can't you remember as a child being told no! There are only so many "no's" before the lump is executed. You soon learn that no actually means NO ! Or 're you of the younger generation who decide whats right and whats wrong. And for the record ( due to Joe Brands comment) no I don't go round "lumping" people, I'm only 5' 2" and 8st wet through and a wimp. 😂
  6. The bigger issue is, some low life decided to record the domestic squabble with the full intention of bringing Borris' s name and reputation into disrepute. Manure stirring neighbours, they need a good lumping.
  7. Just imagine Borris answering the door with his tracksuit on drunk holding a can of Stella.
  8. What a load of Maloney, police should have told the caller to clear off, if they can't see that it's a set up from a plonker it's a poor call by the police.
  9. Seems very low key for something just 1 week off. The march in 98 had allot more momentum than this.
  10. He is extremely mardy. And my opinion would be to cease any kind of publicity for this kind of excuse for a human being unless its a 5 second slot announcing the death of them. That goes for all of that sector, they thrive on the air time and pages filled in the tabloid papers. Hang the idiot end of, and im not in the least bit interested in knowing when its been done.
  11. The problem you will have is that the water will be being forced into the material with you walking through the grass at a higher pressure than water droplets as if it was raining. You can reduce it but unlikely to stop it completely unless you invest in some new trousers. I was out in a pair of Aigle trousers Wednesday evening after muntys in similar conditions, they looked soaking but i was dry, even my pants were dry for a change. I have some Arco foul weather wear at work i could get you, just a bit Orange though. 😉
  12. Ive now gone onto 24 guinea pigs now due to the 50 inch TV, poor little things are having to go like the clappers to keep the generator going.
  13. How many have you got ? I may have the lot.
  14. Dougy

    Garden bird ID

    Harry are you wishing you hadnt of asked now ? lol
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