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  1. Liver must be served with streaky bacon, smoked optional, mash and peas with a good covering of the gravy over the garden peas and mash. Then for sweet fresh apple pie and custard. Nothing else comes near for the perfect dinner. The thing thats put most people off is when schools over cook the liver so its like boot leather (not sure if they are allowed now with PC rules) Ox liver can be strong but soaked in milk and a spoonfull of bicarb knocks it down a bit, calf lives is nice but silly money, lambs and pigs the more popular. But then venison tops the bill for taste and cost.
  2. All my box's are adding to the loft insulation.
  3. Last lot of conifer i had was off someone who read that it was not good to burn due to the high content of possible contaminants that would dissolve his wood burner. His loss my gain. As all of the above have said, leave it to season/dry and burn it, i like the smell and its brill for kindling, and it does burn hot.
  4. Good piece of kit Steve, the mod using the riv-nut was a good idea to add strength with the fixing. Definitely worth the price.
  5. Dougy

    Dusk til Dawn

    Sorry missed an N CHANNEL 34
  6. Dougy

    Dusk til Dawn

    Had to google.... well my word 🙃
  7. I still would have told them to swivel and gone elsewhere simply for trying to rob you in the 1st place, they still have your money, albeit less than their first grab from you wallet. Ive just renewed my insurance and saved £115 now down to £297 with the same cover as previous company.
  8. We were in Rosthwaite last week, a small hamlet in the lakes. Around 30% of the properties are bought for holiday lets by 1 person as they come up for sale. Apparently he's an airline pilot based in London.
  9. Thats all well and good saying that but how can you plan for retirement when the "GAP" keeps increasing ? I am was planning to retire end of this year after working out how much im expected to need for 4 years until state pension, but now i have to plan for an additional year.
  10. We'll all be brown bread by the time we get state pension, i see they have increased it again. The plan is that we die before we start to claim so it can be handed out to all the incoming money grabbers. Just brill never been out of work all my life and get penalised. Yes im becoming a grumpy old man, and no wonder.
  11. Dougy

    Antler forks

    Thanks that did cross my mind, he's only 20 minutes from me and have his number but as i'd not seen him on here for a while and receiving a PM from someone very shortly after posting i may not need to. But thanks for the suggestion 👍
  12. Download and save to google cloud or even email to yourself (max may only be 4g on 1 email) Are they mini / micro SD cards ? does your phone accept either ?
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