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  1. Dougy

    Fly fishing

    Thats the difference between river and reservoir fishing. Casting a dry fly just in front of a nice wild brownie. Reservoir is mostly chuck and wish, figure of 8 or erratic retrieve.
  2. Dougy

    Fly fishing

    As far as the fish, I could never understand why boat users tried to cast to the end of the earth. I've never used an anchor whilst fishing from a boat used drift socks but never an anchor.
  3. Dougy


    If your interested that much in feces I put some samples on for you all, we could start a competition. £50 to the winner if they can tell what I've had for dinner. But the one posted does look a bit like horse poo, and those socks need pulling up.
  4. Dougy

    Fly fishing

    I've had more entertainment watching some fishermen in a boat casting on Foremark res than actually catching anything myself. You see them standing in a boat putting as much effort into trying to cast to the other side of the Res, than it takes to bench press 250kg, the boats rocking like a fair ground ride, you'd think their going to need that buoyancy vest their have on. The question is always asked. How far do you need to cast?
  5. Dougy

    Fly fishing

    I doubt Mungler would ever contemplate tying his own flies if his views are similar to reloading his own bullets. 😂
  6. Dougy

    GT 85

    Just popped round to the corner shop to get some brown shoe polish, they only had black, ill have to pop back when they have a delivery of brown.
  7. Dougy

    Fly fishing

    Its been a few years since ive been fly fishing, still have the gear, a bit dusty, i would rather spend a day on a river and catch B all than 1/2 a day on a Res and catch 5. There's something about fly fishing on Rivers thats just magical.
  8. Give the police the authority they had years ago, they could batter detritus out of the little scrotes with a baton or whatever they are issued with. All that they can do now is tell them of and then get a load of verbal abuse or in this case allot worse. Police no longer have the respect,and the scrotes have no fear of punishment. The scrotes are now all becoming 3rd generation pedigree scrotes so the chance of stopping this problem increasing requires a cull. I say arm them all, dump them on a deserted island and leave them to it.
  9. I would get someone to patch ans stitch, its adding a bit of character.
  10. Just a bit too far to recommend any on loan.
  11. +1 most definitely. Some folk just cant accept that not everything is done the same way as they do things. I don't shoot a 223 but I don't say there not as good as a 22.250. As long as the end result is quick and humane that's the name of the game.
  12. Fire could have been started by the hot exaust pipe catching the dry stubble.
  13. That's the kind if life that, in his world is no different from yours or mine. What the other folk think of him.was no different from before his shooting of the people that broke into his home.
  14. Put in for a 50, you'd be OK then.
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