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  1. Signed but not surprised that more don't sign due to the stupid pop ups trying to promote god knows what. If folk want these signing that cut out the other tosh that try to jump on the wagon!!!
  2. Dougy

    Mrs. webber R I P

    Sorry to hear about your loss Webber.
  3. Dougy

    Lamping hatch

    I'll post a photo of mine tomorrow, together with adjustable seat,port and starboard shooting hatches, interior lighting and drinks cabinet. Oh and fitted carpet.
  4. Dougy

    garlands rifle shoot dates

    Nice to see a couple of "old" faces. Lol And super glad that the Lapua cases shoot same POI as my the old Remington I'm chucking. And Sako zeroed.
  5. Dougy

    Any thing to do/see in Durham

    TT may not have the same views of that young lady as you Ben. He likes the younger lady's.
  6. Dougy

    Brit shot dead in hunting accident, France

    Very sad, and something I've always thought about when out shooting, especially taking long shots at night. A few years ago near me someone was fishing on the Dove with his son, 1 bullet impacts yards from both of them, they move pretty quick out of the wy behind a bank, then another shot. They ring the police and as they where reporting it another shot. The lad that was shooting had just got his 1st C.F. 22.250, he was practicing on his usual range that he used for his 22rf and had no idea what the problem was. He kept his rifle after an investigation but lost it some time later after he shot the roof of a car numerous times that was parked in a car park behind a large bank. ( not quite high enough to shield the car) There's few local to me tht my of heard about it.
  7. Dougy

    Gun plan

    Im with Saga.
  8. A tad late,, but why in this world of pigs puddin someone who has a bit of Grey matter uses quick-fix I will never know. Personally I wouldn't trust them to put air in my tyres. In future find a decent, honest car mechanic, and stick to them.
  9. Dougy

    Antique table

    Looks very clean and crisp, i like it.
  10. Dougy

    Gun plan

    I have mine insured and a few listed seperate that are over "X" amount, and all covered for use while abroad too for £38 extra on my house insurance. Oh and all reloading equipment. (That's really just on normal household insurance)
  11. Dougy

    Cleaning optics

    If your really pernickety, use a blower brush prior to cleaning. That will remove any possible detritus on the lense that could scratch them while cleaning with a cloth.
  12. Dougy

    Myxi in hares

    Ooo I don't know,
  13. Dougy

    Myxi in hares

    Yes and vaccination for RHD,
  14. Dougy

    Myxi in hares

    And poaching rabbits was still an offence then too. Punishment was imprisonment and possibly deportation. Kind of silly when you look at it, we have a problem and a means of sorting it without cost. Seems to be similar to what we have now with Broc.
  15. Dougy

    Myxi in hares

    I posted years ago on here about RHD, This virus has been used to control rabbits in some countries, some of the early trials were too good, the reason being was, it did not travel or spread as they intended it killed colonies of rabbits without spreading. In short it killed too quick. To prevent spreading it's either clear population or vaccination.