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  1. county court

    To be honest I think that the stalkers like to "think" they know more than others. Mind you the spelling is probably better. Best of luck with the outcome anyway.
  2. H380

    I'd have took 1/2 out 1st, he still would of had a bargain.
  3. Labrador vs Greyhound

    Thanks folks, Sorry flynny this post seems to have disappeared from my radar (new format) good Christmas thanks. That beds gone now, it did get a little more teeth attention he's not so destructive as he was so we bought a new one.
  4. Tablet battery

  5. Tablet battery

    Just a heads up really, my samsung tablet died and would not charge, so thought I would try a new battery. £9.99 from Amazon for a genuine Samsung battery and it's now back to life. It was going to go in the bin.
  6. Wife's statements

    I don't normally, but nearly wet myself just. The Mrs is watching dancing on ice and asked if the ice is hard, the rugby player did a lift that could have ended in a nasty fall (apparently) I said yes it would be hard if it was still frozen, and kept my head down in my tablet as I answered. She said what you laughing at. Lol
  7. Fox club

    I nipped out last night for a couple of hours, too blooming cold for waiting around for Charlie, my face was frozen. Packed in around 21.30 and popped in to the local for a warm up. It's the state of the field's that putting a damper on things at the moment for me.
  8. H380

    I'll be there Friday. Charge him £65 lol H4350 will be good want a bit I might take some grub if your interested in anything from the burger van.
  9. H380

    Got enough now to keep me going for a while. You going to the show ?
  10. Amazing Shot with .22lr

    Tell you what, I'm glad I go foxing on my own, if 1/2 of you lot were with me you would be swiping the rifle out of my hands as I set up for the shot.
  11. Shotguns on Boar

    Not only 308, 270 and 30.06.. Any of those listed and larger will also suffice.
  12. Shotguns on Boar

    Not sure about the legality of using your shotgun. But i would rather use a rifle, I generally use 30.06 150 SST but i'm giving a 9.3x62 a go with 286 grain paper weights. Quite a few comments have been made about Boar not wanting to give up once shot, if you dont hit the vitals they will run on (hopefully not in your direction) and they will keep going. Seen plenty hit with solid slugs, poor shot placement, you would not believe how they keep going sometimes.
  13. Blimey !!! you had a kip or just bored
  14. They seem pretty big too compared to the box. lol Its an advert,,,,,, dont believe anything you see in an advert, they are there to snare you and make you think they are the best thing since Cadburys Smash.
  15. For real??

    if its making someone happy then so what.