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  1. It hurts doesn't it ? I tried those boot splint things, no good, insoles relieved the most pain, It was really strange the day it went.
  2. Not quite up to TeamTractors experience but knocked this up for a mate, the press was screwed onto a really tatty piece of scaffold plank. Thats now in the fire wood pile. Thanks TT
  3. They did make mine more bearable, and low cost, i also tried the foot splint to sleep in, that ended up in the spare room, Out of all i tried the insoles made the biggest difference.
  4. The 1st night my wife and i got intimate 👩‍❤️‍👨 i trumped on her leg, totally natural bodily function following another natural bodily function, it was so funny its something we still laugh about years later. Whats not funny about a good old trump (apart from one called Donald)
  5. They used to call in police mans foot or something like that.
  6. I feel for you, i had it for about 10 months in 2019, 1st thing in the morning would bring tears to my eyes, as would putting my feet up, every so often i would get a pain that would bring tears to my eyes again. I got what they called splinters i think it was, the way i can describe it as you loose elasticity in the tendons at the base of your foot. when you stretch them ie your foot is at 90* they are stretching to the point they tear. I could not walk for much further than 100 yds without having to stop. I have a series of physio, 2 week of anti-inflammatory's and pain killers none of which made any difference. Ice packs help, put a used plastic bottle (coke or tango type) fill with water and freeze and roll your foot over than where the pain is 2 -3 times a day for as long as you can. Also try standing on the bottom step on the ball of your foot and lower yourself 6 time and increase as you feel you can. Mine went as mysteriously as it came, initially it just felt fantastic one Sat night i was elated only to wake up on Sunday with it back, but it went just days after. Best of luck getting it sorted. i lost a syndicate place up your neck of the woods because i could walk anywhere
  7. There all as thick as thieves every last one of them. Really not surprised
  8. Lords and lady in the hedge bottoms ?
  9. Dougy

    GB News..!!!!

    Its very similar to the Sunday Sport news from what i have seen. And loads better than Coronation street
  10. Hope its a one off too 🤞 We walk our about 08.00 if there awake LOL and this evening around 18.00, Buster our black lab lets me put a cold wet cloth on his head, he just lies there for ages, if they get too hot i will wet a couple of their towels and drape them over to help cool them down.
  11. Langoustines, whole are just divine, not had them for years and feeling the urge to get some after reading this.
  12. Gentle giant one of the ones i remember.RIP
  13. Google maps has it on doesn't it ?
  14. I remember back in the late 80s fishing in Ireland there would be refrigerated vans being filled with Pike going back to Germany, they said the money they got for the pike paid for the trip. One of the biggest i hooked and saw, but didn't manage to bank was from the Shannon just north of Lock Allen, i had put a floating dead bait out and sat in the chair and waited. I think that 8 pints of the black stuff the night before had somehow affected my sleep pattern because i nodded off. I was woke by an almighty splash, something that i can only describe as a breeze block being thrown into the river and my rod flying out of the rest and just managing to grab it. My fishing buddies ran over thinking id fell in, there was a few choice words as we all watched this monster from the deep tail walk and threw the hook and was away. Talk about adrenalin rush, it was a shame we didn't see it in the net, but at least i can say hand on heart it was the biggest one I've ever hooked.
  15. Mine also does washing, ironing and a little house work. Bit lumpy in places though.
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