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  1. Dougy

    Plant ID

    cant see the flowers very well but is it water hyacinth ?
  2. Having read through this, i thought i would add a tail about our black Lab Buster, he is solid at gunshot, fireworks, lorry's, car horns well a pretty endless list, but we took him to have his big bits off and he's still solid with all of the above, but drop a tea spoon or a kitchen cupboard door slams in the kitchen while he's having a nod and he jumps up like a jack in the box. I recon while he was under someone in the opp room dropped something.
  3. You are obviously starting the right way by asking, keep going along this road by research, looking into the Deer species in the UK, and the reasons why we actually shoot them and not just to go out and kill something. DSC1 is both interesting and will give you a good foundation to build on.
  4. Remy Martin Champagne V.S.O.P Top of your limit of £50. its one of my favorites.
  5. I made a load of ice cream, it has to be the best tasting ice cream ive ever had. You have just got to give it a go. The cream cheese is not dairy lea by the way, https://groceries.morrisons.com/products/betty-crocker-cream-cheese-style-icing-284049011 https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/uk/food/recipes/a32028900/cherry-cassis-ice-cream/
  6. You really should have kept the stabilizers on that bike of yours.
  7. Dougy

    Hand sanitizer

    We are now wearing face protection at work, someone asked if they have to wear it in the Restaurant (staff call it something different) i told them that starting from next week they will only be serving a variety of soups a breakfast soup and mid day a lunch time soup with thick straws to handle the bits of sausage and bacon, The answer was, kind of what i expected. "I'll bring my own soup in then"
  8. Dougy

    Kitchen utensils/glue

    Call that stylish LOL
  9. Dougy

    Kitchen utensils/glue

    Blimey its cost more time in research and head scratching than its worth, pop into poundland and get a new set for a £5.. I thought it was some high tech kitchen tool not a burger flipper.
  10. I see the whole lot imploding fueled from the inside, even comments about local clay shoots from shooters. BASC mag went in the bin shortly after flicking through the pages, after the previous one all i got from that was the impression that its targeted those that drive round with private reg Bentley 4x4 or Maserati Levante, if thats their target audience then "Im out" again another 20 year plus subscriber. I've fished under the old mill next to WAGBI HQ when it was a small concern yet seemed to be allot more switched on to what its members needed. They wont miss my £80 a year im sure, but im sure they will miss the hundreds of other members that feel the same way as i do.
  11. Glad to see your looking after yourself. TT.
  12. Blimey, if i wasnt married
  13. Milk Chocolate's Matter too.
  14. Dougy

    Pubs now open

    Thought that was the norm, beer too strong for them, that is exactly why im not too fussed about rushing out.
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