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  1. India got it right

    Yes but it can be done with a total cost of i'd say 100rupees, thats about £1. So no real need to read the break down of managerial costs and admin fees. Or would you rather just put them in a corner and tell them off. Sorry but thats the very reason that the worlds in the state that its in now, so many doo gooders that say that punishment is too harsh. Im sorry but i dont wear rose tinted glasses.
  2. India got it right

    Don't understand the logic in saying that the death penalty doesn't save money. What's the cost ? Against feeding and sheltering a person that's raped a child that is as innocent as they can be, to then just toss them aside like a piece of rubbish..
  3. India got it right

    Watched that too, it's sickening that infant sexually abused and just tossed down the stairs. Once proved guilty they should burn them.
  4. Stethoscope

  5. Dave I think I get you. You both keep your own firearms at your home address. But have the choice to use each other's while visiting without being accompanied. Sounds logical as long as the calibre are the same.
  6. Decking structure help

    I was going to mention about putting flaps in for the traps.
  7. .17 HMR

    sighton 8-32x56 s111 and my reading glasses.
  8. .17 HMR

    looking forward to getting out on the rabbits with my 17 rem now i have some cases. I will post some clips up. You can judge for yourself then I wont video the misses though
  9. Common sense

    Over cooking the sprouts will still make it taste like a matured piece of cow manure. just boil for 3 minutes. A sprinkling of hundreds and thousands on the top will make it taste like strawberry's and ice cream. But close your eyes while you chew on it.
  10. .17 HMR

    Maybe, but when i 1st had my Ruger77/17 i would shoot at the drawing pins that we used to hold the targets on the board with, it was that good. But then it started to get worse, nothing changed on the rifle or with the shooter, i could still shot all my other rifles, not world class but i am OK We all know the ammo was dire in some cases, i gave up with the HMR and had a 1 for 1 for another 17 cal but just a tad faster and something that I had control of loading wise. Now i'm back shooting the staples of the target board at 200yards
  11. Mtntjack and kid

    knickers Just noticed. I am guessing that some folk have never seen one.
  12. Common sense

    Im actually surprised that you even inquired about having items of clothing that you forgot to pack returned, but then i don't get too attached to items of clothing. Did you think they would still have them id have binned them, or given them to the local homeless charity. Not sure about the sprout on its own, maybe they thought it was a sample sprout for the kids, we always had 1 on our plate when we were small to see if we liked them. The kilo of ginger, maybe to make ginger Beer. You see Common sense still exists, you just need to find it. Ive got loads
  13. Reload 7mm STW

    OK Just a wonder I was googling the other day and a 30-338 popped up, that was a bit of a beast.
  14. Big cat?

    But thats really "is" in Loch Ness.
  15. Big cat?

    Do these big wild cats live forever Seems they have a pretty decent diet, so maybe they do live for quite some time.