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  1. Dougy

    Flood water

    A38 between Branston and Barton Under Needwood Soutbound has both large industrial/distribution units/and a fairly large housing estate, The housing Estate being built on Fly ash tipped from Drakelow Power station.. All this being built in the valley of the River Trent, just under 100 acres of concrete bases. Its going to be OK though they are building flood defenses around the estate. So basically just pushing on the problem to the next village.
  2. Its a 10 year old 22.250 thats had maybe 3 -4000 pretty hot rounds through it. The 1st photo is just after the throat and the 2nd just before the crown/ It started to go off after about 15 -20 rounds. Loads of fire cracking and the lands have all but gone. The barrel has now been removed and a new one going on this coming week. Ive kept the old one for a wacker.
  3. Just thought i would show a couple of photo's from one of my barrels. What are your thoughts on the image's ? no prizes but any idea's on caliber ?
  4. Dougy

    Caroline Flack RIP

    What a shame, in a bad place for a short time in life. Having had a friend take their own life my views changes 180 on people that take their own life. This had been made allot worse by the keyboard bullies.
  5. Accounts frozen of a number of importers and retailers too from what i hear.
  6. Just heard that HSBC are refusing any RFD's the use of their services. They are being told to find another bank, 60 days notice given.
  7. What Walker is saying is that he had been shooting in access of 70 years without hearing protection and unfortunately has damaged hearing because of. I see many young shooters who for some reason thing that their hearing will not be affected, some stupid thing going on in their heads thinking they are invincible.
  8. Isnt hindsight a wonderful thing LOL "I will just trap this Fox" "Ooo now what am i going to do"
  9. We used to do Snowdon and Crib in the olden days, we always went prepared for the worst conditions, i was taught as a kid of 12-13 all about the dangers of high peaks, and to turn back if there was any doubt whatsoever. Maybe i was lucky to be gifted with probably more than my fair share of common sense, and to be brought up by the father i had.
  10. Batman Bubble gum and cards. 😄
  11. Every time i think about this i keep asking myself "am i stupid, it it just me that doesn't have this clouded vision" Paying whatever price these Dr's put on their new money earner, and for whatever reason the Firearm licensing authority thought this would control firearm crime in the UK, there deluded !!!this will not stop people wanting a firearm to commit crime getting access to one. All it is doing is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, well basically annoying those people who go about there life being law abiding respectable people who like shooting. I know BASC see these posts and i have always supported them, but to be quite honest i, like many feel let down by an organisation who we fund their very existence. Its just one click for me to stop my subscription fees, and i'll run gauntlet with regards to any insurance claims.
  12. BUT, how will the GP know if you haven't seen them in this time to report the illness It makes not a jot of difference what they charge if they dont know.
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