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  1. Cast your maggot elsewhere you wont catch anything here. 👍
  2. I've worked for nearly 45 years and never claimed a penny, not even a farthing. If I get offered £150 fuel allowance I'm bloody well going to take it. I looked into what I can claim if I retire early and guess what Not a penny.
  3. Went to cash and carry this morning, 36 loo rolls, 5ltr washing Persil, 5ltr soft rinse, 5ltr Bleach and a pack of nail brushes so if we do run out of Loo roll we should be good to go. Oh ! and 6x 500mil hand sanitizer. Plus a load of other unimportant stuff like food.
  4. Call her bluff and add into the reply about your dash-cam footage and the inertia/bump sensor not recording anything but has recorded the speed and footage of the bump. Also your photo evidence of both bumpers undamaged. Then be prepared for the obligatory whiplash claim coming your way for 5k. I would have always been upfront and honest, but after having a bump in a similar situation and the waster of a chap claimed 5k for having his car written off and whiplash, i wish id have hit him at 60 not 3mph.
  5. You've obviously never seen one LOL there 100 X worse. (No idea where that spelling came from) The problem is you cant tell someone on medication for anxiety to "Man up" i have to manage them and there lies the problem. The jobs given me a life style better than the previous career i had, so need to accept the rough with the smooth as they say. But certianly wont be stopping any longer than i need to. So upping my pension contributions for the short time im stopping, so in my mind, I'm using and abusing the company as best as i can while im still there.
  6. Very true, I have staff at work who are still counting the dead. I suppose that in turn gets directed at me as their manager. They come in stressed out and become individual Tanzanian devil's. I've had 18 months of not only goal posts moving, but being pulled up completely. Then add to all that being sold off to another company, after 20 dedicated years,then loosing what would have been the last few years topping up a good pension, and now being sold off again. I was checking it in the December, but probably stopping till May now due to Mrs wanting a caravan. If I have any carp from big bosses vefore next May they can go whistle Dixie.. .
  7. I've just ordered a spare remote for the TV.
  8. I'm ignoring the possible dig regards me not having any knowledge of hunts. I will add though that have had plenty, with family involvement stretching well over 50 years. apology accepted 😘
  9. Already enough heat on it, nothing we post on here will get it any hotter.
  10. Why on earth dont these people ever thing about their actions, they could then have avoided what has to be one of the biggest nails the anti followers have been handed to bang into the coffin. And please dont chuck back about me not understanding the hunt and its goings on, its got B all to do with that, its about trying to be discrete, not drawing attention to actions that many disapprove of. Or had they no idea that hunting is rather a hot topic with the anti's
  11. https://www.wickes.co.uk/Youngman-S400-6-Tread-Fibreglass-Stepladder/p/185917 I bought these after my old steel ones were past there best. I do have 1/2 of a collapsible i use to put trial cameras in trees too high to pinch, but they were more substantial and catches are visible
  12. Is Lydd range back open
  13. Dougy

    Fracking for gas.

    With all this news on Cows and their wind i'm amazed nobody has thought of bagging that at source. I'm sure its possible to strap a gas bottle or 2 on the backs of cows with some device to extract the gas just before it exits where it smells.
  14. Understanding that it goes on, the most annoying thing for me is knowing the Anti brigade are after ending every field sport and have been for decades why is the shooting of hounds not done behind closed doors. Or are the kennels so behind the times they dont see that they are the target of EVERY anti in the bloody world, their totally thoughtless and stupid. Now one more thing the anti's have in their armoury
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