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  1. I was being sarcastic 're VIP. Having that awful reaction to the accident is just 100% unacceptable. Accidents happen, avoidable yes, but they happen none the less and most from a lack of concentration or distraction. The very least the vehicle driver should show some empathy, not shrug it off as has been posted.
  2. Sounds like the gun was a VIP, (in his own little world) He needs a beating stick using as a suppository. The shoots wont run without beaters. Thats more of an impact.
  3. Hi Stimo,

    After leaving my stick at a shoot today I'm now in need if a new one.

    I see you have a few for sale,can you post? If so can you send me some pics please and prices, 




    1. We were after a buddie for buster our black lab, we'd been looking at cockers locally but thinking about it we were not to keen on the 12 months of basic training. Kind of cheating a bit we decided on looking for something around 12-18 months old partly trained, basics would be enough. Anyway the breeder of our black buster, asked if we would be interested in his litter brother, well we could at least have a look. Harley had been trained by his previous owner for field trials, so our 1st impressions we were rather amazed at the lack of personality, a crushed dog, nothing like his brother. Good or bad, its a question some my ask, his heel work, well I can only say he was trying to get inside my Aigle welly ! At the cost of personality and character I know what I'd rather have. After just a week he's playing, getting a bit cheeky and getting some meat on his ribs, you need fuel in a working dog. And something on them to keep the cold off. The pair of them worked brill today, both picking up some good runners, Buster his 1st ever, and all straight back. Well chuffed.
    2. Can I use my rifles on it to do a bit of long range rabbiting ? Lol Hello sparkles.
    3. The M65s are a decent action but its negative points are it's magazine, single stack and you won't get a replacement if it's ever lost. Another for me would be not able to load rounds in the action. 2nd hand are about 350, a re-barrel would be 750+. I would look at either new or a different action that i could get replacement parts for ie a magazine for sure.
    4. +1 for the Peacock type, I have2 giant ones, I've had them too hot to touch for over 12 hrs. The gel pick must have improved allot since the last ones I bought, you were lucky to get 3 hours of mild warmth. But I will definitely stick with the Peacock type.
    5. The chemical ones dont last and give off little heat
    6. The solid fuel type give your clothes a nice bonfire smell whereas the lighter fuel type dont. They also stay warmer for longer.
    7. It was a rare crime, or a rare crime and get court. Maybe getting intimate with a texel ewe? Plenty do it but not many are stupid enough to get court. We could start a book on it. And give the proceeds to a charity for lonely Welsh shepards.
    8. +1 This can only be done of course when they are together with either owner's. I don't think it would take long to get the message across. We have used this method to stop un-necessary barking,winging and aggressive behaviours towards other dogs.
    9. Mikky, you will be asked to state a lrice any second by the mods. 

      And put your location on too.


      1. Its kind of upsetting when you see one running round, sniffing out any possible hole,tail wagging enough to nearly get him airborne. And the other won't leave your side.
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