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  1. Dougy

    ENGLAND !!

    They dont play football like they used to. Kevin Hector, Archie Gemmil, Bobby and Jack Charlton those were the days, and the old leather caser. When Men were Men.
  2. Dougy

    ENGLAND !!

    I think the same about football. At least tennis players don't need months training in drama school. Over paid and over rated.
  3. Dougy

    Pick up interior lights

    It my also affect your alarm. I would trace back to fuse box and put a switch in.
  4. Dougy


    Would a piece of rail track do the job ?
  5. Dougy

    ENGLAND !!

    Is that it now then, something different on tv I hope.
  6. Dougy

    cleaning brass

    I may have a go with it when I run out of seaclean, I bought 2ltr a while go while it was BOGOF.
  7. Dougy

    Would you take the shot?

    Early this year I shot 2 squirrels from the top of a Picea Mariana (for those that are bemused) its a tree ! both safe shots and both squirrel,s passed away after being hit with a 55 grain Nosler Ballistic tip from my Sako75 3 22.250 from 225 yards away. The thing is I made the decision that the shot was safe, a 20 acre field that I could see was void of anything living other than rabbits and worms was a good enough backstop. The shot was taken looking downwards to that field. IF any rifleman can't risk assess each shot is taken, then I'm afraid in my book they should go back to water pistol. But you could always ask the PW H&S board prior to each shot, with of course a full 3d photo plus rang,angles ect. Oh! And of course a copy of your FAC stating rifle being used.
  8. Dougy

    cleaning brass

    I'm 100% with you on this, for the little cost and the amount you use I too can't see the point in making up concoctions, you still need to buy the vinegar and whatever else gets put in the mix.
  9. Dougy

    Elf and Safety

    That's not the complete truth, but may have well have been. The chap knew he had a blade in his hand so why on earth did he take it to his face, his stupidity has had an impact on all the staff that actually still use common sense.
  10. Dougy

    Would you take the shot?

    I would have moved on to another rabbit, specially with the pub behind, we all know that the 22lr are bouncing bombs on hard ground, the HMR too and basicly any round could ricochet. I may have had a go though with the 9.3, that would have dug a few of the weeds up.
  11. Dougy

    cleaning brass

    Seaclean. Have a look on Amazon, a little will last a long time Ultrasonic Cleaner This is similar to the one I bought.
  12. Dougy

    Alan Sugar tweet

    I see both sides of the fence. And have done for quite some time. My statement still stands.
  13. Dougy

    Alan Sugar tweet

    Just seems to me to be very one sided. And if those that don't see that, then i think your world is very small indeed.
  14. Dougy

    Elf and Safety

    Some numpty at our place cut their face with a Stanley knife while braking down cardboard boxes. No more Stanley knives allowed on site, or any open blades. Because some idiot went to pick his nose while holding a knife.
  15. Dougy


    I find it weird that at every opportunity on here we bash the folks that travel around the country towing these box's on wheels. And then we have a topic asking which are the best ones to get. Because you want to be a tinker for a week or 2. I can only suggest that you swallow your pride and get down to your local traveling site and ask a professional for their advice. Sorry needed to add a smiley 😁