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  1. Dougy


    Just started watching Behind Her Eyes, its a tad on the strange side, as in dont know whos the weird one her or him.
  2. Last time i sprayed good old Creosote the over spray covered a white Vauxall Cavalier owned by a neighbour, when she saw it she just stared at now freckled Cavalier. I too started to look, showing huge concern as to what had caused her car lto ooked like it had caught a bad dose of Acne. Strange we both came to the same conclusion after i mention Acid rain 😃 it was mid 80's and it was all the rage then, must have been on the news every day. She never did find out it was me and, and popped round hers for the odd coffee and cream a few times too. Just be careful if your s
  3. Have you got tiles all through the house Looks nice and im sure it will get spoilt 👍 I've got this picture in my head of you on a shoot day, all dressed up in tweeds with Tilly sitting lovely on the peg with a Pom Pom Trim and little pink Bow tied round her neck.
  4. I suppose it all depends on what we are calling "logs" 1 Log to one person is a Truffle to another. Drove down a lane last year and bumped into a couple waving their arms around shouting "TREE DOWN" i slowed down and asked what had happened and was told the roads closed. It was a tree with a 6 inch girth at the most, pulled off the road and drove on.
  5. Dougy

    Thanks Dougy

    What did we do before Amazon Glad I've been of use 👍
  6. You could convert it and knock up a capstan winch with your skills.
  7. Dougy

    Thanks Dougy

    Worried you cut a 45mm hole when you only wanted a 40mm If it were me i would have cut the 45 and used a piece of plastic tubing to save wear on the stone, particularly if it was for a washing line whirly gig thing the constant turning could wear the hole into an egg shape. And thanks for acknowledging my superior knowledge in making holes in things, i normally get a load of ear ache when i do that. @team tractor
  8. I had many many days walking around Derbyshire fields with my Grandfather (Pop) he was one of these people like many of those days that just seemed to know everything. Curlews and Nightingales were two that i never forgot about being ground nesting, he would point out areas that they were nesting and amazing to see as a kid and virtually invisible without the knowledge of good old Pop.
  9. Looks like the so called future conservationists has failed his assessment.
  10. Not sure if its of any help but i got 10 out of a laptop that was being scrapped. Also check out power tool battery packs.
  11. Brill, just showed the Mrs LOL
  12. All branches open across the UK during lockdown - Next day delivery available× Mexco Diamond Holesaw 45mm
  13. Double holster and Leather (plastic) chaps
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