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  1. I think i understand the population increase in the area from your last 8 words. Filling the country with wana be gangster scum type ?
  2. He has an offer on for Black Friday week 10 for just £3. each. i was tempted but not sure on the shelf life, i wasnt going to waste money only to end up throwing it away.
  3. H&S hasnt help much either, 240v may have given them a good belt while they were nicking them.
  4. Dont think they had youtube in them days
  5. https://www.furfeatherandfin.com/catalog/product/view/id/33028/s/all-leather-windsor-gunslip/category/771/ Mrs dougy bought me this one last Christmas.
  6. Well done Peter There's a medal for you in stores, i'll go and fetch it in the morning.
  7. Unscrew the Thermostats and check the plunger is free, mine needed freeing just kept pushing the valve up and down with a hard object and a thumb.
  8. ON Lap top now, it was a mobile, a dirty one at that. Its 30 MPH due to running parallel to houses and a junction going into the village there is also a road leading off to a small estate 100 yds past that. Then the national speed limit sign, which is around 150mtr from the A38. (Its Alrewas near Lichfield) I started to speed up just after the junction to the village.
  9. I don't drive a Farrari,, 200yds before the A38 and traffic speed an average of 70mph i was caught doing 38 in a 30. It is what it is. 😢
  10. That what you had to do for the Advanced driving test. But my pet hate is not indicating at roundabouts, then taking the 1st exit. But then I can't talk as I am now for the 1st time in over 35 years a criminal, been caught for speeding on a slip road onto the A38. WHY DIDN'T THEY PUT A "T" JUNCTION THERE INSTEAD.
  11. Failing to ban, so chip away indirectly. This is not proven of course but seems to be quite apparent. Crime committed by these rifles in the UK is zero yet were targeted. Its drifted a tad off the raised topic but still people need to get a grip of the intension of the few who want ALL shooting banned. Air rifle to 50's.
  12. We managed to hault the ban on 50 cal. Admittedly more restrictions are now from the MOD allowing civi owners of H.E rifles on their ranges.
  13. And i think they had come via special order from the States, not from legally held owners off mainland. No idea where these people come from who put forward these ideas, only about 0.1% of firearm crime is committed with legally held firearms, and that includes air rifles.
  14. 50,338LM,408 and similar, it does explain it all in the section under "high energy"
  15. The most annoying thing is the amount of firearms entering into the country illegally, its common knowledge of how they are getting through customs yet B all or very little is done to reduce it. Far easier to target law abiding citizens.
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