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  1. Dougy


    UKV UK Varminting but dont like too much on the Varminting side of shooting. Its more about advertising from very few traders pushing their wares. Plenty of important people on there if you ever want to rub shoulders with the elite.
  2. Dougy

    Battery needed

    I would avoid using this page Steve, its led to an awful lot of spam mail on our works system.
  3. From what he says, she don't see allot, i think its best for all men she's kept locked up in a dark room.
  4. Doesn't say much about your wife's looks, but we will have to take your word on that. We aint seen her. Lol
  5. Branston Beans 😊 1 tin of beans, 4 rounds of buttered toast, cut in 1/2 and placed criss cross on a warmed plate, pour beans over toast followed by a generous splashing of HP brown sauce. MMMMMmmmmm propper food.
  6. Dont forget you personally, are also being assest. Judging on you knowledge and suitability. I've been lucky enough to have 2 calibers accepted by just puting exactly that down on the application. When questioned regarding what calibre i just explained nicely the definition.
  7. Majority of times it's caused by tinkering by unqualified incompetent so called wannabe gunsmiths. Fiddle about with tbe trigger pull,weight and its hanging on the sear by a gnats pubic,, it will likely fire. And there lies the most like answer to the question.
  8. Dougy


    Im on both, banter on PW is better. I tend to restrain myself on SD lol.
  9. Get someone else to risk the job, its a long drop from up there, ask yourself how often will you need to clean out the guttering, how much would someone charge and can you go shooting in a wheelchair +1
  10. Dougy

    London bridge

    The way forward. The right decision was made. Why faff around with the courts? You only get the human right wombles saying they need special care.
  11. Dougy

    London bridge

    Good that hey shot the low life.
  12. Dougy


    PM me your address I'll send you something.
  13. I was kidding regarding the low level. and the wee sample. It is rather difficult sexing Boar while they are at full pelt, i'm not experienced enough either to tell from the pictures posted.
  14. How else do you expect to find out leave a questionnaire out You watch it have a wee and see if it squats or lifts a leg.
  15. set up the camera at ground level, you may be lucky and get a photo of its bits.
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