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  1. 🐦 Bloomin vultures are on it already look. Steady on Steve he might find it in his coat pocket tomorrow.
  2. I understand what you mean regarding the PW limits, but im sure its down to the sites limits on data, pictures soon ramp up data space. Im fine thanks, the gardens looking nice and tidy these days, spending all my rest days in the garden. I managed to back a few Muntjac before the lock in, just topped up my burger and sausage store, so some decent food in.. I hope your all keeping well, and best wishes to you and your wife.
  3. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/image-resizer-for-windows-10/9nwwmh081ddb?activetab=pivot:overviewtab Hi Grandalf, This is a link to a photo resizer, its for window 10, (unsure of what you are using if its something different let us know.) It is quite simple, download and then launch, then click on "Open File" (top left) and reduce to say 50%, if its still too big reduce it a tad more, hope its of some help.
  4. You wont be able to buy one, not unless your a RFD, Daffs is of course correct, cus he is one 😉 You will have to inform plod, its no different to loosing a mod. Its likely you will be asked a couple of questions by Plod but i wouldnt stress, but dont tell porky pies.
  5. I bet you wont get much change from £250 , I left my bolt behind on a range some time ago, thankfully someone picked it up, although i knew exactly were i had left it and went back as soon as i got home. All sorted shortly after.
  6. You can get a replacement, it going to cost just for the bolt, then get a gunsmith to check the head space with go, no-go gauge.
  7. Dougy

    Scope Zoom

    All the years ive been shooting i have never, ever noticed anything about any weight forward of whatever this that or the other scope. Maybe i dont over analyse these types of stats and just put a scope on a rifle and shoot the blooming thing. A mate of mine looks at these sorts of things, it takes him 1/2 an hour to put a bolt in his rifle. Have a look at a good all round mag 3-12 x 50 that will cover just about everything from woodland stalking giving plenty of light, to out in the open with the option of higher mag.
  8. Always best practices to keep them in the box😉
  9. Dougy

    Cb base ariel

    I used a dustbin lid when i 1st started, then went on to a die pole outside my bedroom window, that really upset the neighbors when i swung it horizontal, you would end up coming through all the TV's and radios in the area. My dad at the time worked for the GPO on computers and told me umpteen times i would get arrested. LOL
  10. It has to be a bent tube crossy. Get it sent off to Swarovski they will check it out. They dont sell scopes that need mounts grinding away so they can be zeroed.
  11. What make are you looking at, a 10 x swarovski for example will very likely be 10x better than say a pair of ebay costing £20, so really not all things may be equal. If its possible compare both pairs at the same time, late evening when the light is fading, thats going to be the only way you would be able to tell which one suits your needs. Woodland stalking for example with lower light would also be a deciding factor, what is your most common scenario ?
  12. Its like asking the Mrs to pick a pair of shoes, ITS EITHER YES !!!! OR NO!!!! More accidents happen in the home than just about anywhere else, so statistically your far better off in a field.
  13. Dougy

    Cb base ariel

    last time i used a CB it ended up in a brawl outside a pub, this chaps girl friend wanted an eyeball LOL Of course being the gent i was, i obliged. She was fit though.
  14. I have just bought the Deerhunter Muflon Long jacket Size EU52 im sure that would be close enough, only problem has been, its tooo warm. Trousers are pretty good, although they seem to be getting tighter each time i put them on, im sure they shrink over night.
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