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  1. Dougy

    Testing Bullet proof glass 1952

    it was possibly his wife, in those days they did as they were told. 😁
  2. Dougy

    Bayliss and Harding

    Just ordered 100 bottles of hand soap after watching Kelly Brooks on the Bayliss and Harding advert, hoping she will drop it off. That'll be my Christmas sorted.
  3. Dougy

    fine for too much ammo

    A prize plonker, a good use of education. Typical clever people being dumb. It clearly states a limit on your ticket, for some reason he thought it was OK to go over, unless of course he has lost his ability to count.
  4. Dougy


    Roast beef, yorkshire pud, roast veg and a nice rich gravy, followed by a sponge pudding then cheese, biscuits and grapes, washed down with a small glass of port. Then Down the pub for a pint or 2 of Pedigree.
  5. Dougy

    Problems with Neighbours (again)

    Its like being at work and sitting in a meeting full of engineers, none of them can see the simple solutions.
  6. Dougy

    Cabinet Keys

    Mine are buried in the garden next to the cat in a Tupperware container with inslation tape wrapped round it. The only problem now is asking the people that bought my house 23 years ago if i can pop round and dig a hole in their new living room extension.
  7. Dougy

    Cabinet Keys

    Dont drag Gorden into this for goodness sake. He has some weird ideas about hiding keys.
  8. Dougy

    Cabinet Keys

    Do you work for the Scotish fire arm department by any chance ?
  9. Dougy


    Hand warmer
  10. Dougy

    Cabinet Keys

    There's some codswollop around. Some plonkers come up with an amazing idea to increase security, without actually having the brain switched on. And nobody with the sphericals to tell them so. Gun safe keys in the house give any person who finds them free access to all they need. yes they need to find them, but they have a dam sight more chance than if they were with the occupier out doing the weekly shopping.
  11. Dougy

    Problems with Neighbours (again)

    just shoot the foxs.
  12. Dougy

    Train Driver/Guard T Key

    DONT pay that much for goodness sake. PM me your address. If you want any other train stuff just let me know i will have a look round at work. Just dont expect any wheels.
  13. Dougy

    Can you identify the car?

    If anyone knows old'un will know. He remembers them well i bet. I bet he drove one on the school run.
  14. Dougy

    Employee woes..

    Sorry but thats how i look at life nowadays, I work to live, not live to work.
  15. Dougy

    Employee woes..

    Early retirement then. Next. Sorry, ill be a little more sympathetic.