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  1. She just drops it about a metre away from me.
  2. Thank you everybody. Amber is 18 months.
  3. Any good tips to make my 18 month Labrador retriever give the dummy into my hand ? Thx.
  4. I believe in pups having a fun time, so when should I start the initial training. Thanks Mitch
  5. Full set wheels/ tyres 265/60R18 £ 775 ONO Mitch Hartlepool 07521261265
  6. GA I have bought a Ford Ranger Wildtrak 3.2 litre Does anybody know and good deals on insurance please Thanks Mitch
  7. Pippa my labrador retriever had her pups 10 months ago. I gave her some time to get fit after three of them left home. Since then she has shown zero attention / interest in any commands whatsoever. even sit is hard for her to bother with. Is it baby blues ?? She is 5 and1/2 years old now.
  8. Hello PW I am planning to buy a whippet to keep my labrador retrievers company. Do PW know any reputable breeders in the NE ? Mitch
  9. I can help but I am on holiday till 23rd. OK?
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