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  1. Some great bags as to be expected , wondered where you'd been. Keep the pics coming 👍
  2. My 10 month old Border just back from the groomers ....
  3. 2 last night whilst rabbitting total =179
  4. 46 yesterday evening. 22 total = 626
  5. Are you sure they are roe and not muntjac ?
  6. We have never had a government with any authority since Thatcher. She wouldnt have stood for all this carp that's going on at present.We need someone with some ******** running the country instead of a bunch of cowards , we are prisoners in our own country.
  7. As said just give them away 👍
  8. The field had been resown but I couldn't tell you what with.
  9. Out this afternoon , not a lot about but what was decoyed text book style with the wind straight in to the decoys.
  10. Amazing , never seen one like it. Needs to be mounted.
  11. Male blackbird 👍
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