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  1. Too right , bring back the death penalty I say πŸ‘
  2. No point in having thermal m8 as no foxes up here to speak of, although did call one in last night under the bright moon , screamed in from behind but was coming downwind to caller and winded me and scarpered quick 😑 hope you have some success over the weekend πŸ‘
  3. 🀣🀣 I remember the days when I started lamping , connecting a car lamp to a lead acid battery. My trousers and Barbour jacket had plenty holes due to the acid from the battery. Then progressed to a lazerlite lamp with red filter , the dogs danglies. Then came the Lightforce with amber filter ,brilliant and now led torches. Still cant bring myself to thermal unless I win the lottery and get a pulsar thermion πŸ€ͺ πŸ‘at least you got a couple dude 🦊🦊
  4. Modern technology, you should try it 🀣🀣🀣🀣
  5. Cracking brush m8 πŸ‘Nice to see fox taken with the lamp , old school like me.
  6. Shame about the one you bumped , is that why you're called Bumpy 🀣🀣 We are only human and not robots , at least you got a nice black bellied one.
  7. Lovely print , captures the scene πŸ‘
  8. Must have seen over 30 today on our shoot, only 1 shot...
  9. Welcome back Mike. Weather has been shocking but hopefully in for a dry and cold spell this week so will be able to check out a few spots.
  10. I used to love my ferretting years ago , haven't been now for around 10 years. Nothing better than hearing them bumping underground. We used to do great areas with loads of rabbits averaging between 50 and 70 every weekend, the good old days.
  11. Popped out at 3pm for the last hour in the murk and gloom and was rewarded with a doe and kid , could have shot 3 but decided 2 is enough to drag back to motor.
  12. Wet is an understatement, it was showery last night and peeing down today. Dry tomorrow so maybe stalking as saw a few last night.🦌
  13. At last got one 😁 Tried calling on the shoot in the likely spots with no joy. Was heading back to the car when I spotted a fox but **** law it wasnt safe.😑 Tried getting closer but it disappeared, spotted it in next field next to pen , a quick shuffle on to the nearest fence post and it was lights out πŸ₯³
  14. Brilliant conservation there Jerry πŸ‘
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