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  1. Black , gay , tranny I suspect.
  2. Only bird I have shot ringed was a Carrion crow.
  3. Brilliant , very clinical. Love the way you do things a little different. A lot of shot gunners would be happy with that bag πŸ‘
  4. I was out on stubble this morning and had a successful hour ....
  5. Dont get me wrong I have seen them fly great and extremely high but this is the exception rather than the rule. They are often like the ducks on the local park pond🀣
  6. Good to adapt to the conditions πŸ‘ I was out today and managed a decent bag too 😁
  7. Reared duck are not very sporting thats if you can actually get them to fly. Then they often just circle ..much better flighting wild duck πŸ‘


    Took the words right out of my mouth , we need to learn to keep out of it and let them sort their own problems out , why have our innocent soldiers killed for no reason.
  9. Out on barley stubble again this morning managed 83 mixed pigeons and blacks.
  10. 16 last night inc a black one Total 143
  11. I fancy a day decoying Canada geese if anyone can help. Willing to pay.
  12. Sat on a barley stubble this afternoon with hardly a bird in the sky but what did pass by decoyed brilliantly....
  13. 4 last night ...vixen and 3 Cubs TOTAL 157
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