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  1. Fox club

    I just go out whenever I can fit it in ....... They are definitely more on the move at the minute looking for mates.
  2. Fox club

    Dragged my mate out last week who hasn't been out at all this season due to work commitments. Anyway called in 3 but only managed to bag this vixen ..... Friday night saw me heading out for a few stands but the foxes won the war on this night 1st fox called in behind me and sat skylined at 80 yds. 2nd fox sat out at around the 200 mark but it was foggy and misty and unable to get a clear sight picture , had a go and missed 3rd fox again called in to around 25 yds but was behind me and scarpered. Saw another 2 foxes but once again no shot . One of those nights I guess but at least there a few to get on my list ............heres to my next outing being more successful
  3. Fox club

    Some good results lads Not been out lately as been ill with this winter bug but out tonight so fingers crossed.
  4. Fox club

    Started off the New Year with this dog fox on New Years night , vixen on heat call did the job again
  5. Fox club

    Well done RS on topping the ton at 107 , and getting your 1st of 2018. Think I will be out tonight to try for my 1st on the 1st , managed it last year so see what this year brings.
  6. Fox club

    All the best to Fox Club Members. Had my last fox of 2017 the other night taking my tally this year to 84 which is my personal best so well pleased. This dog fox came to the vixen on heat call after 4 mins and duly sat down at 130 paces .............nice
  7. Nearly a year in pics.Pic heavy.

    Brilliant pics as always Dave. A good variety showing lots of species. Love the pic of the buck with the lop sided antlers. Glad you got your Sika, they are special aren't they ?
  8. 8 year old crackshot!

    Brilliant , great to see the next generation starting off ...
  9. Fox club

    Nice work RS as always buddy. I was out the other night and we called a vixen in from around 500 yds away to the vixen on heat call ....absolutely screamed in. Had a few vixens come to the vixen call ....must be territorial aggression.
  10. A good mornings work

    Well done , great morning out.
  11. Fox club

    Digital callers are essential , I wouldn't have had half my tally this year without the old FoxPro. Wish I had bought one many years ago when they were launched. Happy Christmas to everyone again....
  12. Fox club

    Had this dog fox last night , came to vixen on heat call but sat out at over 200yards ... Steadied myself and watched it fold in the scope
  13. Fox club

    Top work again RS and congrats on the ton Wednesday night I had this small vixen , curled up in a field trying to keep warm I think .. Then last night I called this dog fox using dog fox mating call on a small local pheasant shoot , received a call day the previous day after one of the guns had seen it .... Then it was on to my bait station where I knew a fox was visiting at midnight. I arrived at midnight and shot this dog fox after calling him in with the cub call Happy Christmas to all Fox Club members
  14. Fox club

    Bloody hell RS .....glad we have missed it. That's you stuck at home for a while I guess. On another note , sitting at home bored so got my records out and counted up lifetime tally for foxes .................1224 Anyone else like to share their scores ?
  15. Fox club

    Yep theres only one winner for the handbag category Glad to see a few results , I struggled this week , been out 3 nights and blanked . Friday night called one in but it decided to stay safe behind a hedge and not commit I find they always get trickier round about now as there aren't a lot left on my grounds and they are the smart ones. Never mind will continue trying as you never know what each night will bring.