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  1. Good stuff. I have shot 10 so far myself, 5 at home and 5 with Dave who kindly invited me up to Aberdeenshire ( thanks Dave you're a top bloke). Weather wasn't great up Aberdeen but Dave still put me on to plenty beasts...no shortage up them parts ,cant believe the numbers 👍😁🦌
  2. Season has started off very well ....
  3. Me too Bumpy busy on bucks this time of year but did get a call to have a look for foxes other night. Saw 2 but that bloody east wind scuppered things...might have look at weekend.
  4. If a fox has been lamped then ran by a lurcher or shot at and missed they very quickly associate the lamp means danger and scarper. I once went to a farm where a lad had been running them with dogs with no success so I went with the rifle which was futile, as soon as the lamp lit them up from 400 yards away they scarpered.

    foreign aid

    +1 Charity begins at home I say . Would be better spent in this country in my opinion.
  6. They can become IR shy just like being lamp shy. Its probably the older , wiser ones though that's been around the block.
  7. Yep small bucks can have medal heads and huge bucks rubbish heads. I think to grow medal heads there must be plenty minerals available but a lot is down to the gene pool I think. Up North where I am we get massive body weights but no medal heads , its just not in the genetics up here. Biggest buck I have shot weighed 61 lb gralloched but was sporting a rubbish head. Well done anyway as its still a nice head but looks like it lacks weight.
  8. A good start m8 hoping the weather improves a bit as will be having a look at weekend...
  9. Good read that Mike. Those Welsh tree dwelling foxes reappeared eh. Good result though taking out those 2 vixens probably saved a few newborn's.
  10. Well done Bump I had hoped for a rest on the foxes but received a call that a fox had killed some lambs so had a quick look last night but nothing showed whilst I was there. Good luck with the new ground , is it roe only ?
  11. Good luck with new box , fox was a bonus as finished with them now unless I bump in to any unlucky ones .... Buck season for now ...
  12. Sat in my high seat last night for the last half hour before dark and out popped Charles at 8.16 pm 40 yds from my seat
  13. Any idea where the Cubs are or is that not possible?
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