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  1. Watched it and ****** myself laughing 🤣🤣
  2. Still plenty about , out last night under the full moon and bagged 45 .....
  3. Still plenty about on my ground, other night off 3 fields
  4. 3rd pic is a beauty 👍
  5. If going out specifically for foxes c/f all day long but if out rabbitting and bump into a fox it's ok at sensible range.
  6. 2 this morning with shotgun whilst checking poults total = 853
  7. 32 yesterday evening. 22lr total = 851
  8. Absolutely disgraceful......bring back capital punishment for these scum. Why pay to look after them they should be put to sleep. I bet if I did the same thing I would be guilty of murder and doing life , sick of this liberal looniness.
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