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  1. Well done , starting on the does come February, a change from foxing or should I say lack of 😂😂😂😂 Can't wait for Spring and the start of the bucks.
  2. Sounds like a great night , making me have a look out tonight 😄
  3. Bloody hell have the RSPCA just had a drop off? Were they mostly dogs? The one on the left looks a bruiser.
  4. Did you find it in a skip 😄
  5. Popped over to a farm last night that I haven't been to in ages , took the .22LR as it's just rabbit ground. Rabbits sat obligingly as haven't seen a lamp even though it was still with no wind. After shooting a bunny I scanned round and noticed Charlie 40 yds away but skylined , positioned .22 on sticks and flicked torch on to find fox had came towards me and was 30 yds so was quickly dropped on the spot. Love the versatility of the .22 😁🦊 Had this unusually coloured bunny too ...
  6. 1 vixen last night with .22lr whilst shooting rabbits total = 8
  7. 30 last night total = 64 including this fella
  8. 👍love it when a plan comes together .
  9. 👍aye easily stepped over in the dark , need a thermal 😂😂😂😂
  10. 2 last night, dog and vixen Total = 7
  11. Hope you find the one in brambles. I ventured out last night with my mate as 2 were spotted on the shoot by one of the guns on Sunday when feeding up. 1st stand brought in a nice vixen to vixen on heat call , 2nd stand brought in a lovely dog fox to chicken distress. First foxes of 2020 nice to get off the blocks with it being dire lately 😁
  12. There on Ebay new for £85 m8
  13. 👍I agree m8 top work.
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