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  1. 187yd rabbit

    +1 each to their own.
  2. New Project,shooting boxes.Day 4.

    Spot on dave Are you fitting a carpet and curtains
  3. 187yd rabbit

    Exactly my point , commenting on something that you have never witnessed .
  4. 187yd rabbit

    Not mate , witnessed it many times . Not every shot hits obviously but that's the same whatever the range , we've all missed sitters. Have you ever witnessed any long range shooting ?
  5. Fox club

    You keep knocking them over Stu Gone pretty quiet up here , not seeing them although I know they are there. Pretty much finished with them now unless get any callouts , just hope the weather improves for the start of the buck season.
  6. Roll on summer....

    Spring would be nice to get out buck stalking , snow and cold winds here too.
  7. Squirrels

    Some shot Walker
  8. Just two munties......................

    Nice write up . Bet Charlie couldn't believe his luck Squirrels are fickle I find , 1 day they are all over and another none to be seen , I usually attribute it to the weather ?
  9. Squirrels

    .243 mate ......they don't like it
  10. New Project,shooting boxes.Day 4.

    Absolutely 1st class mate , looks a stunning bit of ground. I can imagine some great sport to be had from there
  11. New Project,shooting boxes.Day 4.

    Quality craftsmanship Dave Looks very impressive. Enjoy your trip to Suffolk and grass plenty munties.
  12. Fox club

    Tidy job
  13. Squirrels

    Out at 1st light this morning doing a bit recon ... No foxes seen but spied a squirrel on a feeder so shot him 40 yds off sticks Continued on a bit further and glassed another across an open field 130 yds away so decided to try for it ... You can just see feeder on wood edge just to the left of my line of sight ... Glad to say I got him
  14. Fox club

    Nice job , had the fox caught the rabbit or was it bait ? Hey Stu , its nice to be appreciated by farmers for the hard work you put in , cracking hamper. Well done on another fox.
  15. Fox club

    Well done again Stu ...cant believe the population of foxes on that hill .. Me and Jeff ventured out last night again to a hill bordering some forestry where Jeff has been after a particular vixen for months. Set up with Jeff on the back of his Jimny and I was spotting with the thermal. After half an hour of calling and switching to the cub call she came trotting down the hill to the caller and was duly dispatched , job done as she was pregnant and farmer has just started lambing. Jeff rang the farmer to tell him the good news and asked if the track was accessible to the next piece of ground ....YES was the reply. 20 minutes late we were stuck in a snow drift and had to ring the farmers son to rescue us with the tractor An eventful night