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  1. Fox club

    What a coincidence
  2. Grey Squirrel Stalking

    Stalking squirrels I love it mate , sport of kings
  3. Fox club

    Well done chaps I've not seen anything recently but going over to my mates place which he has just bought (28 acres ) as he saw a fox in his field , hoping for a quick result here.
  4. Fox club

    Well done again RS ...........new permission too cant be bad ...
  5. Fallow trip

    .243 100gr .243 1oo grn
  6. Fox club

    Nice pair RS..... They are pairing up already have been for a couple of weeks , I have shot 2 pairs so far. I was out last night and a fox was screaming its head off in the wood , I tried the dog fox mating call and pulled it out of the wood, unfortunately it came out downwind and never hung about for a shot.....
  7. Fox club

    This was the dog fox from last night ......................screamed in to a cub call.
  8. Fox club

    Good work again gents. Bait stations are really good for drawing foxes in. I have been running one for a few years now and shot quite a few foxes from that field in fact shot 1 there last night . I have rebaited so hopefully have another customer soon.
  9. Fallow trip

    Just had a couple of days in Northants stalking , hopefully muntjac and fallow on the cards. Unfortunately the muntjac didn't want to play 1st fallow , great stalk , dropped at 150m on the spot , young fallow kid ..... Sat in a lovely tower watching lots of rides , out popped some fallow does , 100 m dropped once again on the spot Then a nice fallow buck showed on next ride , ranged at 200 m so I aimed high on the shoulder and he dropped on the spot too ....I was buzzing 
  10. Fox club

    imgur ....really easy to use.
  11. Mooching again

    Out squirrel culling again yesterday ..............
  12. Fox club

    Called this vixen the other night , came in using vixen on heat call
  13. Fur n Feather

    Yep mate , it serves me well
  14. Fox club

    Thursday night I managed 4 .... Dog and vixen on 1st farm 2nd farm pulled this vixen in to 20 yards off caller from over a stream ... Followed by a rangey shot at this cracking black bellied dog with a great brush who was lying down in the tyre track on the field ........... Then Friday night had this smallish vixen but unfortunately missed its sibling shortly afterwards
  15. Fur n Feather

    Had a mooch out one day last week and managed to drop the only snipe I lifted My favourite sporting bird....