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  1. Not getting external ir just sticking with onboard ir as good enough.
  2. Well lads took the plunge and bought a pard nv008...going on my HMR to start with bashing bunnies. What did you think bumpy?
  3. Saw one like that the other day on a retail park..
  4. I seem to recall you get stick for having lurchers...how dare you 😁
  5. Okay m8. I am still toying with getting one. What is field of view like and does a fox at 100 yds have a clear sight picture?
  6. Still got reds hanging on up here but haven't seen one in ages. 1st grey seen up here in 1992 now everywhere..
  7. Smile says it all , well done. Bug will get you now👍
  8. The SD is full of so called deer managers and best practice brigade many of whom haven't shot many deer at all but follow the pros like some sort of God **** licking. My management is see buck shoot buck , works for me. Carry on m8 and ignore the critics...
  9. Not really the corvids were on there way to plunder songbird nests .
  10. Well done, you should always check the shot site even if you think you missed as its surprising how many deer show no reaction to the shot. Seen it many a time when the deer runs off with no sign of being hit to drop dead 100 yds away.
  11. That's a cracker m8...medal class Iwould say.
  12. Good result Mike, shame about the miss but it's always the easy ones lol
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