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  1. My thoughts exactly who needs antis when plenty so called shooting folk are just as bad. If there wasnt a reason for corvids to be controlled they wouldnt be on the General Licence. I used to look forward to my annual cull on the branchers shooting around 700 or so and the numbers never reduced year on year. Some folk wont be happy until there is nothing left on the quarry list.
  2. RIP loved watching little and large when I was young.
  3. With the new legislation starting today has anyone got any Doc traps out for stoats ?
  4. I love Spring too , great time of year . Should have been out this morning for a roebuck but unfortunately stuck indoors 😪
  5. Had a wander around the shoot last weekend and found fresh fox scats so decided to have a look tonight. Caller running for 10 mins sees a fox flying in , but too well. Didn't have time to mute caller and it ran straight out again 😡 Now it is ******* down so might try another spot on way home.

    tison furey

    Exactly.....spot on.

    tison furey

    Rubbish...the best Heavyweight fighter of all time.

    tison furey

    Dont be silly he used to knock the big guys out for fun ..

    tison furey

    He won the Heavyweight title at 20 yrs old and continued to unify all 3 titles.Winning 50 of his 58 fights , 44 by KO , only losing 6 fights which was at the end of his career. Dont think we will see the likes of him again.

    tison furey

    Tyson would have destroyed Fury , look at all the huge guys he knocked out , it was his speciality.

    tison furey

    Don't think he would have got past round 1... I think Tyson would have beat Ali.
  12. Again a generalisation. All hares don't just sit and don't run , I have ground where as soon as lamp hits them they're off running. You could say there is no sport in lamping rabbits either , clapped in the beam.

    Lost Lives

    Too true , impossible to imagine the pain and heart break. I nearly lost my wife and unborn daughter when she was rushed to hospital with preeclampsia, luckily they both survived.
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