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  1. We all shoot because we enjoy it or we wouldn't do it. I haven't got a problem with what anyone does its WJ that highlighted the issues.
  2. Yes but still thought couldn't shoot just for fun ?
  3. 2 foxes last night with HMR whilst shooting rabbits . Total = 509
  4. Not being negative, good bag but I thought woodies were now off the list if just shooting for fun and not crop protection. I had a wander last week and didn't shoot any woodies that burst from hedgerows. Thoughts ?
  5. 👍Was checking my diary for this year and haven't had a single squirrel this year yet.
  6. No foxing at all lately, might get out on rabbits tonight. Filling feeders today 😁
  7. This is exactly the case in the North East 👍
  8. More for the fox shooters to cull 🦊
  9. Can you just buy the switch then m8 ?
  10. I have 2 T50 s and a T67 torch which are just going off by themselves which is quite annoying especially when you are about to shoot. Does anyone know if you can just buy the on/off switches rather than buy new torches?
  11. It's not an eyesore , better than looking at council estates 😄
  12. Cant abide these sandal wearing , yoghurt making, clothes knitting, tree hugging types who are nothing but hypocrites, send them all to Mars where they can live happily ever after 😁
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