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  1. I use aspen is 18 pound for 5 liters so at 3.60 a liter its expensive but is sits in the big saws the ms661 and the 084 as they don't see action every day as there is not all ways the need for 30 inch plus bars. Performance wise it's the same as petrol 2 stroke mix but do seem to get and extra few minutes out of a tank. Oh and soon as you put this in there is no going back as it reacts to standard petrol it makes the fuel lines perish and get holes I them
  2. It's ebay anything with a drank name sakes stupid Monday it's like the stihl ms181 they make on roughly 150 to 180 for a saw that if you know where to shop can get them around £200 pound and the ones on ebay are 2 and 3 years old. I sold one of my hedge trimmers on there 2 years old and it made 70 pound less than what you can get a new one for with warrenty
  3. Nope there is a ban on direct Russian imports of firearms and parts for most of Europe I was told it's all down to EU or un sanctions of them invading the Ukraine
  4. Any choking work or chokes teuage be my first choice just a shame they wouldn't replicate some baikal chokes for me. I offer to send in the original ones then to make copy of them and said I was willing to pay the cost of setting of machine's to do this short run.but was politly turned down.
  5. i have one and not have a problem with it and my one is faultless on hull comp x yh cost some pics so we can compare so to speak to see if anything looks suspect
  6. built to last and will be a 3rd of the money mp153
  7. yep just drive by the gypsy sites stinks the high heavens out
  8. Failing that the weatherspoons in march got a hotel
  9. You can't go anywhere with out smelling it where its a walk into town down a fishing lake got neighbours growing it on big scale police regular drops of people there and note gets done
  10. Sure Chatteris have some bnbs and not that far of from eairth
  11. Get a baikal semi aauto they have ywo current models mp153 and the mp 155 they don't change models as there ultra tough a reliable ugly but by gorge there a good gun for the money
  12. So is a gas pipe and a water pipe they both hold pressure no need for a safe for them
  13. I was told by a feo at the time for short like over night or weekend trips I could store a whole gun as long as the gun was broke down and the bits where hide about
  14. I have a Bsa folding one in the cabinet use it now and again and also I take mates and there boys out on clays as a learning gun and if they damage it so what 10 pound will buy another and if they pick up the basic's and handle the gun right they move to the under and overs
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