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  1. They work with it, but not great.. If you compared along side with an MTC, Airmax, Sidewinder, etc they would be much better. Which model is it?
  2. Vortex scopes are pretty poor with night vision. Hawke Airmax, Sidewinder and MTC , etc are good, but the vantage is an exception as its not very good with NV.
  3. Apologies its been very busy and I've been at a funeral ...I've missed a few calls..
  4. They do now. No voiding of warranty or making adaptors that move the lens too close to the ocular meaning the adaptor mount has to be moved further back also to get a reticule focus like in the butcher video in this post.. https://www.blackwoodoutdoors.co.uk/1080P-Pard-NV007-Night-Vision-Scope-Add-On-12mm
  5. I have one of these style compressors https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263318936298 I also bought a service kit, it works but seems to take awhile to top up, I think there better suited to filling the guns themselves directly rather than bottles... Someone can have it for £120 if there interested, including service kits.. ? I also have a 300barg double filter system that includes a water trap and replaceable carbon filter that provides dry air and totally neutralises any odour or oil vapour providing breathing quality air, cost me £220 inc postage and vat, used this once, connects to any of these style air compressors... £140 if anyones interested ?
  6. I was speaking to someone from ASI the UK FX distributors and mentioned I had an original unregulated original FX rifle, they said keep it !!! Less to go wrong, mines an FAC and I get 70 VERY consistent shots, sometimes simple is best.
  7. The thing is, regulated guns give you a more consistent power curve..BUT you've got more to go wrong, seals, wandering power, etc
  8. Mini Magnum

    FAC .22

    The Royale is a totally different class..
  9. Mini Magnum

    FAC .22

    FX Royale, loads of shots, great build quality and light weight.
  10. Avoid the XQ19 its a discontinued model and not very good, due to the very small lens... Go for a Helion XQ38F /XQ50F or upwards. Trust me spend the extra, its definitely worth it in the long run..
  11. They have not gone bust, they have ceased trading...slightly different.
  12. Crimping does improve group size and consistency by a good amount in a hornet.
  13. I find the Apex XQ50 is better than the Apex XD75 to be honest, very slight different in magnification but the XQ models 17 micron sensor gives that bit more detail, less grainy and slightly sharper.
  14. i've heard of people having this same problem numerous times, do a google search and it will flag some up... Exact same issue as yourself rear ocular causing POI changes..
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