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  1. Part number 4530370. Has a position for a depth stop-rod. £10 inc post.
  2. Genuine LR rubber mats for the passenger seats. A few little splits and cracks but otherwise fine. I had these in a Disco 1 and then also in a Disco II until I sold it. £20 inc post.
  3. We did that to our music teacher's Rangy back at school.
  4. Steve's right, and add the fact that minced meat is the worst for potential contamination I would avoid. I defrosted a haunch the other week, broke it down into the various muscles and used it over the course of the next 7 or 8 days. It kept just fine, and I froze some of the cooked product for later.
  5. A mistake, hope a mod can move it.
  6. Suitable for uninsulated lugs from 6 - 95 sq mm cable. Very light use. Not so light to post! £60 for the tool, allow £10 to post. I might have a few lugs to throw in, but no guarantee of that.
  7. One pair, VGC. Same as link below: A zoom £10 posted.
  8. Very light use, and in very clean condition. I have used this little lathe to make fishing lures, floats and bobbins, as well as cord pulls, toggles, lace bobbins and far more. Just like this item in this link: Micro Lathe I'll include a pack of three small tools to suit. Only selling as I have to downsize. Price £110 inc carriage.
  9. I have one but down here in Surrey.
  10. Price drop to £35 posted. This is a good set of scales, frankly the RCBS 505 that replaced them on my bench doesn't turn out better ammo than these.
  11. As per title, a set of reloading scales, in very good condition complete with original packaging. Only selling as I got some RCBS 505. £40 posted.
  12. 7 sealed tins each of 500 pellets. 4.50mm all from the same batch. 1 opened tin of the same batch also, with just a few taken out, so few that the scales don't show the difference. These were superb through my Daystate, a rifle I no longer own. £50 the lot, if you want them posted allow another £7 as the parcel will be heavy.
  13. This is interesting as I have a similar knife that I plan to sell at some point. To add to your information, the M8A1 is actually the scabbard. Check the knife closely, I suspect it is a M5 bayonet. There might also be marks to show which factory it comes from. I forget exactly where on one of those but its worth looking at the blade as well as the rifle mount/bolster. Good luck with the sale.
  14. Gorgeous. Had one of those on the wrist when I was given a bird of prey experience day for my 40th. The warden said to gently press a finger to his feathered chest and sure enough I could feel that the body lies quite a long way beneath the outline.
  15. Joerg is hilarious.
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