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  1. That's true, and there's always Stroganoff etc as well.
  2. Sometimes it's easier to measure up and draw/model in CAD. I've done various replacement door handles and such that way, and then gone to 3d print the results. As for the suitability of a 3d printed part for your specific need, perhaps post a picture to let us have a look.
  3. From our discussion i guess you'll indeed have to go with gasless mig.
  4. I first saw cream added to port reductions on a steak recipe. I tried it with pigeon, and also venison, and was pleased with the result. Another very simple pigeon meal: Fry two breasts in butter, push them to the edge of the pan to keep warm while frying a few apple slices in the same butter. Set the slices on a plate, top with the pigeon, and deglaze the pan with sloe gin. Pour over the arranged dish, and tuck in.
  5. Sometimes I stir a splash of cream into a Port reduction, works well with the same range of meats.
  6. Great job on the cutting! If you have some 8mm stainless rod that would look nicer than M8 studding.
  7. As per the title and pictures. This is like a low "blind" style of hide, it is 72cm across each of the discs. No longer sold at Bushwear, otherwise I would link to it. £25 posted
  8. John_R

    Pop up hide

    I'll fetch it out tomorrow, cheers.
  9. John_R

    Pop up hide

    I've got one that's make of a set of popup discs with some pegs etc. If that's of interest let me know.
  10. Four of these available, they measure 1200mm on the long side, 300mm on the short side and 90mm deep. They can be flown/hung or set upon a surface. Very robust, aluminium body and opal signage surfaces. They just need a clean up prior to installation of your new graphics. They are double sided but can be single sided if you replace the opal perspex with an opaque. They need a 12 volt LED driver of 100 watts or over. £35 each, or the lot for £120.
  11. Price drop to £75
  12. I'm thinking of upgrading my old SIP MIG at some point. If so I wouldn't be after a lot of money for it, and if you took it I would throw in an old 140A stick welder for free.
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