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  1. Yup, though we get spoiled with having venison liver to use. I'll eat all the offal from deer, rabbits etc. I made pate from venison liver once. It was marvellous but a messy time consuming job, not something I would do often.
  2. G&M tools are worth a look and also the auction sites.
  3. You can make switchable magnets by stacking magnet cubes and then changing the layout by rotating one pair. Probably something on YouTube if you care to search.
  4. John_R

    Plant ID

    Thank you.
  5. John_R

    Plant ID

    This has come up this year, I can't remember the last time I saw it despite the bulbs being in the ground for years. From a mixed bag of bulbs, is it Gladiolus or am I way off the mark?
  6. There's a firm next to my work unit who makes the carcasses from MDF. I see sheets of it, plus various plywoods and venneered boards arriving most weeks. They have a spray booth and all sorts in there. I don't know what they do for the doors, I've not looked that closely. Edit: The MDF is used more for the units that are hand painted. The majority of the normal carcasses are made from MFC ie chipboard in all the range of surface finish.
  7. Yes but what would you put in the vodka?
  8. Finally back on the PC (as opposed to the phone) , and I can see how autocorrect butchered the thread title. Thanks for the hints/tips on products, I'll probably watch how the weather changes it, and decide accordingly.
  9. I do realise the treatment is supposed to negate the need for paint etc, this is more of an idea for how to keep it looking good. I have used Enseal before on decking and frames, I've still got half a tin. I'll be happy to leave it for now, and see how it weathers.
  10. I've built a garden room and clad it with treated shiplap. The intention had been to paint with a garden colour but as it turned out we quite like the wood as it is. Is there a good product to apply now, to try and keep it looking as is? I would add that I am nervous about long lasting odour from wood treatment. I used something on a previous shed which was actually impregnated everything in the shed with a smell that never went away even years later. If it makes any difference the specific timber used is the brown treated shiplap from Selco.
  11. I know very little about Sonos, I still have the old NAD etc separates from decades ago. However would it be easy for you to just keep an older phone or whatever just for this, and/or just use older versions of the app?
  12. I'm designing and printing loads of things, and frankly I wouldn't bother with this. Just chop the top off a plastic bottle and try that.
  13. That's true, and there's always Stroganoff etc as well.
  14. Sometimes it's easier to measure up and draw/model in CAD. I've done various replacement door handles and such that way, and then gone to 3d print the results. As for the suitability of a 3d printed part for your specific need, perhaps post a picture to let us have a look.
  15. From our discussion i guess you'll indeed have to go with gasless mig.
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