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  1. If it's just a clean up job, try a thread chaser.
  2. I just make sure there's an up-to-date VF90 sachet in the cabinet, and I allow anything to get up to house temperature and dry off before they go in. The exception is the rare time I fit in an outing before I have to go out, so I wipe the gun down and get it locked away.
  3. This rather depends on what you are trying to protect.
  4. That's for unfinished as well. I've seen them sold for even more with a finish.
  5. Took a few mm off the diameter, and fitted the O-rings.
  6. Hopefully this will do! Took the original bolt handle off, which then slides through this new handle. The M3 bolt is nipped up once the original is tightened up, it can face any way you prefer without touching the stock. Thought about a grub screw but decided against due to the need for small allen key. Makes the rifle much easier to cock.
  7. I've both Superten and lathe, I'll see if I get some free time this weekend.
  8. Lark Rise to Candleford boxed set series one : £12.50 posted
  9. I use a firm called safetyliftingear.com for all that side of the rigging kit we buy.
  10. UPDATE: By way of a combination of trialing a variety of material brands, and also some slight design changes, I have managed to make the same calls from PETG. This has a far higher resistance to high temperatures. I'm really pleased how they turned out. I'll keep the price the same as per the opening post to this thread.
  11. Would I be right in thinking these are a "standard" steel load, as opposed to high pressure/high speed? There is nothing printed on the box, nor on their web site to clarify.
  12. For the same outer profile but with Sako 75 opening it is the same price. I made a Sako 75 tool last week in the "cup" style of the original but I need to figure out the postage. It's a chunk more material but more crucially it's too big for Royal Mail Large Letter.
  13. I'll drop you a PM so as not to clog the thread too much.
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