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  1. John_R

    .410 Capper/Decapper

    Quite simple to make if you fancy trying your hand.
  2. Decathlon sell a game sack for about 20 quid which would take one or two muntjac, or one roe. It's been a good purchase.
  3. When I was very young my Mum fostered 2 babies. One stayed with us for about 5 years, he was a tiny scrap of a boy from Nigerian parents. One time my mum was pushing a double buggy holding him and my younger sister who was not a lot older than him. Some older woman saw them and remarked to her shopping companion "see I told you it could happen". This was quite a while ago now, when he got old enough for school he was the first black child in our primary school. Mum worked so hard on the 2 kids, the boy and his family have kept in touch with her which has been nice for her. As for fostering huge numbers, I can fully understand how those people ended up doing so. Pretty remarkable and they deserve the recognition.
  4. That's very much what I was thinking of.
  5. @henry d There's no 3d from back in 2005. @smudgertoo That is an interesting web site, certainly one I will bookmark, thank you. I had a quick look and there's nothing but plain empty land on the LIDAR for that area. The one thing I learned today though is that huge swathes of that area is now a new housing development in progress.
  6. The location is not near where I live. I have only ever seen those fields full of barley or less commonly wheat. I am actually shooting a paddock close by, separated by at least two more fields away from those pictures. It does look like there are some animals in the top right field so I guess no dig is likely. Later Google pictures all look much the same as now, cereal crops.
  7. The google timeline was at 2005. I have searched to see if there is anything online for the area and date, to no avail.
  8. I was just checking one of my shoot locations on Google Earth, and once I had the info I required I got curious to look at the older historical pictures they offer on the time-line. On a nearby group of fields, to which I have no access, there was a curious arrangement of patterns of which I grabbed a screen shot: https://gyazo.com/4829014698442f0c1e4f9d853664ee6d Might this be an archeological dig as opposed to any farming practice? I have not seen anything quite like it.
  9. John_R

    FX Dreamline

    Interesting looking gun for sure. Having happily owned a Verminator for ages, I have to admit that if money were no object I might be tempted. However, cash is tight, and to be fair I do not often use the Vermy but...
  10. Tracy tools in Devon, good prices and very knowledgeable.
  11. I have a Sunbeam Alpine series II, sadly in a stalled restoration due to a charlatan so called specialist royally screwing up. I have owned the car over 30 years and it hope to finish the work by myself but time is hard to come by.
  12. John_R

    android tablet

    There are people that fix these things. As for sales, I know my wife is no longer using her Tab 2 but I suspect that's too old for your needs.
  13. John_R


    There's a sticky stating that prices etc should not be edited out post sale. To even go as far as to destroy the entire post is absurd.
  14. Thunderbird has been my choice for well over a decade. Lots of options and tools, but still easy to understand.
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