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  1. John_R

    Hearing loss- anyone suffer?

    The very first chiropractic treatment was discovered in connection with a patient who suffered from hearing loss. As for myself, I became deaf in one ear and lost my balance due to some malady which was never fully diagnosed. MRI etc suggests probably not a mini stroke nor other sinister factor but it has been a bit of a weird ride for the last 18 months or so. The deafness is permanent and got a hearing aid on the NHS, a Siemens RIC type which is quite manageable and gives me a bit more hearing though distorted. The balance is slowly getting better, there is physio available but only if I go private and it is very expensive. By the way, with RIC it is easy to forget it's there and then put ear defenders on. Then you take a shot and realise oops! Also the first time I tried to put earplugs in having forgotten the device was in, I wondered why I struggled with it so jammed in harder and that flipping well hurts!
  2. John_R

    New member from ITA

    A lovely town indeed, benvenuti a pw.
  3. John_R

    winchester 101 hard to break

    It's a side by side in my case. I did look at the primers, no sign of dragging. EDIT: I took another look with powerful magnifying glass at the cases saved after the tricky openings and some primers do have fine scratches. I wish I kept other cases from when there were no problems as a comparison. I'll make sure to do so and see what I find.
  4. John_R

    winchester 101 hard to break

    I took it out today and there were a few times when it was hard to break. I would fire both barrels, move the top lever quite normally but then I had to use more force than is right to break the gun. Once broken it opened smoothly and the empty carts seemed to be easy enough to pull free. It did this on 2 different clay loads, but behaved when I shot some game loads. I'll use it for this weekend's Beaters day, see how it goes.
  5. John_R

    winchester 101 hard to break

    Cheers, I will try other cartridges and cast my eyes over anything I can. This first happened today when I took it out for a round of clays. It was fine last week, though thinking about it I was using the same carts then. I will get it looked at if it persists.
  6. John_R

    winchester 101 hard to break

    I was about to start a thread to ask for advice on a similar problem on a 100 year old SxS. An English boxlock DTNE, it was being awkward to open after both barrels were shot. If either barrel was shot as a single it was just fine. Would the above diagnosis apply also?
  7. John_R

    roast or breasted out

    I've done fox control on a Rhea and Emu farm. They are very inquisitive to say the least and like to peck at any part of you they can reach. They also undid the straps on trailcams. In some ways a bit of a nightmare but very interesting to see through the life cycle.
  8. John_R

    Salt lick or similar

    Highly unlikely.
  9. John_R

    Driven Boar Recommendations

    On Stalking Directory there are a couple of guys who come with good recommendations.
  10. John_R

    3D Printing

    In many cases the EU plug is on an IEC lead so all you need is a spare lead with a UK plug.
  11. John_R

    Investment Property valuation

    It would be pure folly to dwell on what "might have been" . Too much has changed since 2014 anyway. If curious you could look around land registry records and read actual sale prices on similar property over the relevant time frame. If it were mine I would just get an up to date value now and either park the information or act upon it as seems fit.
  12. Price drop to £125 inc post
  13. Brand new unwanted gift, though it has hung in my wardrobe for a few years. Exactly the same as the link below: Blaze Orange Breathable Field Coat Orvis size Medium, which they equate to 38-40 inch chest size. £135 inc post.
  14. John_R

    bowman 12g

    I found that some shampoo bottles fit those threads. Tesco for example but take a look for yourself.
  15. John_R

    fishing locks - did i miss a memo ?

    These lock and weir permits have been around for decades. They give access to specifically marked areas on the weir structure which are otherwise out of bounds. They are very particular about the use of studded soled footwear. There is a map of the permitted sites linked from one of the links posted above. There is no extra permit needed if you wished to fish a weirpool from a boat (other than the license for the boat itself plus rod license).