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  1. Price drop to £125 inc post
  2. Brand new unwanted gift, though it has hung in my wardrobe for a few years. Exactly the same as the link below: Blaze Orange Breathable Field Coat Orvis size Medium, which they equate to 38-40 inch chest size. £135 inc post.
  3. John_R

    bowman 12g

    I found that some shampoo bottles fit those threads. Tesco for example but take a look for yourself.
  4. John_R

    fishing locks - did i miss a memo ?

    These lock and weir permits have been around for decades. They give access to specifically marked areas on the weir structure which are otherwise out of bounds. They are very particular about the use of studded soled footwear. There is a map of the permitted sites linked from one of the links posted above. There is no extra permit needed if you wished to fish a weirpool from a boat (other than the license for the boat itself plus rod license).
  5. John_R

    Cabinet for a rifle/moderator

    Rimfire is just as bad.
  6. John_R

    New to welding, Advice please!

    If I use rods that have been lying around a bit I pop them in a medium oven for 10 mins or so to dry them out. Makes a big difference to striking successfully.
  7. John_R

    12v winch info wanted

    2 things to note: If you want to lift something you buy a hoist, if you want to drag or pull you buy a winch. Sounds like you are indeed in need of a winch. Secondly, long cables might risk voltage drop which in turn will affect performance. If you do this you will need larger diameter cables than might at first seem necessary.
  8. John_R

    Trail cam Reader

    You could look for a card viewer of a type that could accept whatever cards the camera uses. I have also used card adaptors with smartphones for the same purpose.
  9. John_R

    Business Gift

    Chocolate Hobnobs?
  10. John_R

    Cryptocurrency Opportunity

    Would the person named Tony who used my link please acknowledge else it cannot be verified. Time is running out. Also my link still has a couple slots free which expire soon.
  11. John_R

    Importing parts from USA

    As an extra idea, if you post pictures of the broken parts perhaps between us all we could figure out how to repair it.
  12. John_R

    Engineering help!

    When I look at your picture I see a round hole with 2 pretty good flats and what seems like minimal surface wear. That doesn't chime with the description you have, or am I missing something obvious? In any case I agree that it would be pretty easy to make from scratch.
  13. John_R

    223 reload

    The cannelure isn't always for crimping, some bullets use it for part of the bond between jacket and core. I did find that if i tried to seat Hornady Interlocks deep enough for the ring to be into the neck it caused distortion of the neck. Fortunately the favoured COL for that round had the ring a tad shy of the neck so all was well.
  14. John_R

    Cryptocurrency Opportunity

    Those who clicked my link need to contact me for verification.
  15. John_R

    Cryptocurrency Opportunity

    And another here. https://initiativeq.com/invite/HEqMVDRim