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  1. Had a few of those, the message is a recorded voice which you just know the real HMRC wouldn't do.
  2. I've seen plenty of bowls and other food/kitchen items made with olive wood.
  3. John_R

    Musical instrument

    Between my Dad and myself I think we still have 14 or 15 trumpets and a couple of flugel horns. Neither of us have played for years but we have a sentimental attitude to them. There's a lot of rubbish out there, as well as some perfectly acceptable school level instruments including the Boosey and Hawkes mentioned above. You might have a gem or two, so get the details just in case.
  4. Now you mention it, yes I have seen Juma listed at the various dealers but never really knew about it. I'm in no rush, I lack time for it at the moment so some more research etc isn't a bad idea.
  5. Fair enough. I've been thinking of trying either micarta or acrylic for a stalking knife, perhaps kirinite. The project is still in the ideas phase for now.
  6. I always eat the liver and kidneys, so many ways to enjoy them. Indeed tomorrow's lunch will involve those of my first roe doe of the season that I shot today.
  7. Out of interest, what do you dislike about the micarta?
  8. Not so good when the trailer goes through wet mud and it spits up through the floor.
  9. John_R

    Bullace vodka.

    I'll take a look next time I get there. The bush is small and gets cut along with the rest of the hedgerow, and that will have been done by now. Worth a look 👍
  10. 👍hope you have a good day.
  11. Still my favourite artist ever since my teens, although I enjoy a huge range now.
  12. John_R

    The spitfire story

    Alain da Cadenet classic!
  13. John_R

    Bullace vodka.

    I've posted about green ("white") bullace before, I have access to one small bush which I would normally have visited by now. Even just a few handfuls of fruit can make a good compote or similar. I think I have probably missed my chance this year but I still have a jar of preserve in the fridge.
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