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  1. Thanks for the info. I am tempted to get something to help tackle tall laurels. I can stand on a flat roof next to them but without a pole I would not reach far enough. There are other shrubs and bushes at lower level which would also benefit from something like that. What brand do you use?
  2. Are any of the battery powered versions any good?
  3. Mine's the earlier version, bought with Disco 1 codes and later I paid for Disco 2 codes as well. I have the upgrade kit also, I think it's on either version 5 or 6 of the software. I sold my Disco two years ago so my memory of the details is now a bit fuzzy! Probably £150 plus carriage .
  4. If you know the code for the fob a Hawkeye or similar device can program the ECU accordingly. I'll be putting my Hawkeye in the classifieds once I get a moment, was planning to do so earlier but Lockdown got in the way.
  5. I'll take a look too, got one small deck to do soon, and the larger one near the house wants attention.
  6. I like the sound of this, thanks for posting.
  7. Looks good, I hope your daughter got something to eat too.
  8. Basically the heat source must be above the food otherwise it's not really a broiler.
  9. A broiler is actually what most UK people call the grill, as in the one in most household ovens.
  10. I might be tempted to sell my 20g hushpower Mossberg 500. There's always RFD transfer as an option, even more useful in a lockdown. Edited to add the point that my RFD is fairly local to me and I am sure he's still doing business.
  11. I found some sloe gin complete with all the fruit that was 5 or 6 years old. The taint from the stones was pretty horrible and I threw it away.
  12. John_R

    4g home hubs

    I've been thinking of this as the broadband at my workshop is dreadful, and the very few fibre options are very expensive. I was tempted towards 3 but I have read some awful reviews. Also a friend of mine had a terrible time with 3's customer service when he was dealing with the aftermath of ID theft. Maybe EE is worth a look.
  13. John_R

    Cfe 223....

    I stick with Vhit now, though I might consider Ramshot.
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