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  1. Have you informed them of your decision and the reason behind it?
  2. John_R


    My Outlander PHEV on Geolanders does pretty well. I spent the last two days working on a very muddy site and did fine. The ground was waterlogged grass that had been well trashed with traffic. However I do recognise the limits hence thinking of a Jimny for the proper rough stuff.
  3. John_R


    Were those on when you got out of the muddy field you mention above? I'm curious about a Jimny myself for off road but I would always need about 20 miles or more tarmac there and back.
  4. Don't try to outsmart them. If you now book them at the £1400 price even verbally you could be deemed to have agreed a contract.
  5. I've got the hybrid, after decades of various Land Rover products. In many ways I miss the Disco 2 it replaced, but on the whole I am pleased with it. The Disco had about an inch more ground clearance, I have scraped the PHEV a few times caught out by that. The Disco had a better driving position to my liking but the PHEV is much easier and quieter so it's a bit of a win some lose some situation. I do charge it but not every day. However even if I do longer journies with no charge I get way better fuel economy than the Disco. I've never towed with it so cannot pass comment.
  6. Yup, way back Pittsburgh was the filthiest city for miles around.
  7. FYI that's a gut hook not a skinner. They're good 👍
  8. I don't think I would risk a 4x4 recovery with a 300 kilo one but those other tasks etc are all on the cards and more. Another cracking tool is the Maasdam rope puller but they cost so much especially over here.
  9. The Wandle has been transformed over the last few decades. I used to be based nearby, but never fished it.
  10. If you remove the scent glands it helps reduce the taint from those. I refer to the pair of bean shaped glands either side of the anus. My preferred method is to cut off the back legs by following the joint. I then cut the saddle off the pelvis, discarding the pelvis along with the glands. A brief soak in water with a splash of white wine vinegar can also help in addition to the above. I hate soaking it in brine, ruins it for my palate. I have hung rabbits but only overnight in the garage in winter and that's only when pushed for time on the day they were shot.
  11. John_R


    Cheap deals crop up in charity shops.
  12. More info about this here, looks like a good project. https://researchsupporthub.northampton.ac.uk/2018/09/19/the-social-impact-of-driven-game-shooting-transfer-seminar-invitation/#more-15178
  13. I became aware of this survey today. It's a PhD student doing research at University and is a simple questionnaire, anonymous multiple choice . I feel everything we can do to point out the good in game shooting is worthy of a few minutes of our time. https://northampton.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/sidgs
  14. They are cracking little kilns, you should find a buyer for sure.
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