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  1. It is on hold already, before your post, sorry Swaro.
  2. Unworn baseball cap, one-size fits all. Camo pattern, with Sightron branding just like the one shown below: £10 inc post.
  3. Unwanted gift, maybe of use to someone. Same as in link below: Butt Out £12.00 posted.
  4. Unused, still in original tin and outer sleeve. Knife, gut hook and bone saw in one tool. See link below for details. Boker Magnum Hunter £25 posted.
  5. Won't be long before mature Bucks cast antlers. Add that to the growth of the foliage and you might struggle to find what you want.
  6. Don't forget to read reviews that go into some proper detail. Many Wi-Fi cameras are an internet security nightmare, utterly full of holes from that point of view.
  7. South East covers a lot. If you narrow it down a bit I could suggest a few very trustworthy folk.
  8. The first picture has shadows that I thought were notches on the edge, now all is clear.
  9. I remain of the opinion your powder charge was too low, indeed a quick peek in the Lee book suggests as much, also some old Hodgson data says starting load is 38 grains.
  10. If stored in the right conditions the powder shouldn't have gone off even if open. Is there any chance you had a charge that was under the minimum? That's also dangerous. Whatever happens it's good that you weren't hurt and I hope you get it all sorted out.
  11. The grapefruit knives I've seen have a curved blade, usually serrated. Not sure what those might be, perhaps someone's version of a fish knife.
  12. Good to see you both enjoying some success.
  13. Reminds me of the old Plasticraft kits I had as a kid. Some of these resins stay tacky on the top so choose accordingly.
  14. John_R


    I've been many times on both BA and Virgin's premium economy transatlantic flights. Sometimes one seems better than the other but on balance there's not a great deal between them. Take time to evaluate them both and perhaps a combination of the costs and times of available flights would help choosing between them.
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