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  1. the rose and crown pub at Holbeach hurn lets caravans out to wildfowlers only about a 10 minute drive from shep whites
  2. should imagine there will be plenty of water on them with all this weather
  3. just been informed by a mate I shoot a private bit of wash with at the top of earith he went to shoot it lastnite but was met by a herd of cattle and a very large bull all on our piece of ground so they have been moved upto the top ready to be took of
  4. hi stuart we was on earith couple of week back all the cattle had gone except 3 with very young calfs they were on the rspb bit the gate onto our club washes was closed we are on there again this sat so will let you no if they have gone
  5. i had the same yesterday morning on some barley stubble they wernt using this field but crossing it to get to 4 large rape fields in the distance set up under the flight line with the wind in my face not ideal but this is where they were crossing started with 20 enforcer full bodied and 2 floaters and the whirly birds were comeing for a look but flareing of so brought the whirly in and instant response birds were decoying but still struggling to get into the pattern in the end I moved the whole pattern around 50-60yrd out this allowed the birds enough room to swing round straight infront of the hide resulting in 49 for a couple of hours shooting
  6. try kev at tidepool or produckandgoose or cheap option decathalon
  7. likrd the look of um so bought um cosd will try them on there own and mix them in with myother deeks see what happens
  8. just had 24 of the magnum pigeon deeks delivered anybody used them before and had any success with them
  9. yes i will correct u motty i asked about the parking at kirkton marsh not how the marsh was shooting so get ur facts right before you start giveing me **** aswell like i said wont b asking again those who were helpfull thanks those who wernt u stay sitting on ur band wagon
  10. cheers tg for that as for putting the hard work time and effort in to my sport does getting up at 1am to travel to the wash nearly every weekend count/// done with the thread now wont b posting again of to buy a set of golf clubs
  11. wasnt asking ppl do do my leg work id love to drive the 200 odd miles there n back to see if the waters up and then ring up to see if the wash was free the next day but I cant do it like that I have to give my work atleast 2 weeks notice if I want a day of so its difficult to time it right
  12. i would but im working 24/7 and lucky to get a day of this time of year thought this site was to help people out dont want to no if theres 2000 widgeon sitting on there just the water level
  13. must be a fair bit of water on the washes now with the amount of rain we have had in the midlands
  14. when we was down there the other fri looked like they were getting the cattle ready to take of any update on this also are the scrapes still dry thanks
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