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    WIRRAL,North West UK
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    favourite pastime is air rifle hunting and pest control and being out after the crows/magpie,s with the shotguns
    love shooting FT at Byley FT and looking forward to entering the GP,s

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  1. ditchman,,,,, why on earth do you keep replying to yourself this thread has gone stupid, started off ok but needs locking now as the op has lost the plot and is replying to himself ,,, weirdo springs to mind,, and rubber,,, my god,,,, I told the lads there was some sicko,,s on here and this thread is just proving my point,,, ""Pigeon watch has gone to the dogs"" its no wonder all the decent lads have stopped coming on here when threads like this are allowed to run,, its pathetic mind you ,, the mods are letting this daft thread continue,,, I wonder why,,,,
  2. I finished 53rd out of 162, very happy considering it was my first euro,s and I was 15 targets off the winner over the two days so well happy, it was mainly my standers that let me down but day two I started off bad as I dropped 6 shots in the first 5 lanes, not good I know but I got it back together and only droped 6 more shots on the next 40 targets , I cant complain as it was only my third comp using the FTP and I was up against the best FT shooters in Europe, sorry to hear about your buddy also, best wishes Evo
  3. cheers mate,, its been hard graft but certainly enjoyable,, it has taught me so much its unreal and I cant wait to get out on the rabbits now lol
  4. well all, my first series has come to an end and what a journey and experience it has been, This was my first attempt at shooting competitively and its been a challenge to say the least, in the end I have finished 2nd in C grade in the Northwest so first shooting trophy for me lol , its been a most enjoyable journey and I have met some fantastic new friends around the country who have all gone out of there way to help me improve my kit and also my shooting, I have learnt so much on this journey and although its been challenging it has also been very enjoyable and addictive. I ha
  5. no probs I,m in the north west showdown so cant make it myself
  6. price reduced to sell now £750 for a new hft500
  7. REDUCED TO SELL NOW £750 this is brand new with full warrantee and has never fired a pellet, a superb HFT rifle at a silly price for a new one, these sell for between £880-930 so its a massive saving comes boxed as it did when I got it with everything including the full warrantee
  8. I,m the same chris, I have 5 cabinets full of bloody air rifles and they are locked away in the cabinets and the door to my gunroom is also locked so prying eyes cannot touchor see even though no one goes to that part of my home, funny how things have changed over the years as my father never owned a gun cabinet yet he had every rifle you can think of and all were stored on the floor of the loft with a little padlock on the door, the type of lock you got in a lucky bag, but as he always said, if someone is going to rob the house the last place they would think of going to is the loft,,
  9. I know mate, I,m travelling with a buddy so it will be with us at all times, last time I was there , there was a lot of thefts but I believe the police presence has been upped , thank god, to be honest I don't really want to get shut of it but with me doing FT mate I cant see me using it, I originally bought it for my son but he wants my s510 ultimate sporter for hunting and HFT,,not soft kids are they, its brand new and I,ve not even put a pellet through it, if its not sold by the time I get back I,ll be keeping it and setting it up for FT in a personally built FT stock so it wont be a loss t
  10. guys , I will take £750 for this face to face at the midland game fair,, the rifle has not even had a pellet in the barrel , I have only opened the box to have a nosey,, these sell for around £880-930 so if your after one I will be at the midland if that helps, I will also post at buyers expense and risk,, don't forget this is a brand new HFT500 cheers Evo
  11. evo


    David,,, some are never pleased,,, its just a good job BASC was not an airgun,,, as I bet someone on here would say there,s had leaked :lol:
  12. what debate and who might be pushing ? mine are all locked up anyway in cabinets so does not affect myself, I only lock them up for my own piece of mind, but best to be safe than sorry
  13. Jodie,s still got a great body,,, well I wouldn,t say no that's for sure but don't tell the wife :lol:
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