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  1. I have shot pigeons on peas that have been dressed and have also seen fields with dressed peas spilt all over the surface that have not attracted many pigeons at all. I think that factors such disturbance in the area and other available food sources play a big part. On my way to the dreaded supermarket this week I saw birds dropping into some rape when there were fresh drillings not half a mile away. This rape was next to a housing estate and is not shot at all. Just my thoughts, I doubt I will ever work the birds out but the fun is in trying. As for the crop removing the dressing I am not sure. I have opened crops full of dressed seed but have no idea how long it has been in there. Incidentally I have spoken (by phone) to 3 farmers this week who have all asked me to shoot pigeons on drillings and 2 have asked me to clear rabbits which are grazing off significant areas of arable crops. On the news this morning there was an article on using furloughed workers in agriculture due to the labour shortage. All aspects of food production are important including the pest control.
  2. Having changed jobs last spring I have had far less days out. I previously tried to get out twice a week looking for pigeons and now manage about once a fortnight. I treasure the days much more now. They are all special. This change also forced me to give up running a small syndicate shoot but has not stopped me trying to help where I can. All shoot days are on a Friday and early last season I could finish work at 1 pm jump in the car, change into my shooting gear and be there to watch a couple of drives in the afternoon. Having left the stress of work behind all was well with the world once I had got my tweed on! On the pigeon front, one particular morning stands out where I shot 20 odd on a flight line in one of those strong gales we had in February. They were very challenging and great fun. In the last few months I have also had a few sessions with my son(9) plinking away at a Baked Bean can in the garden. He struggles as he is left eye dominant and right handed but enjoys doing it which I think is the main thing. The rest will come later. I do not keep a game book or diary, but often sit back and think about the days I have had, I don’t always remember the numbers shot but who was with me, the craic we had, the dog work and the weather always seem to be locked away in there somewhere.
  3. I eagerly awaited my father bringing a copy home each week and whilst at university I looked forward to buying my own copy each week. I loved the ramblings if John Humphreys, Turnstone, Colin William, Lindsay Waddell and Lawrence Catlow. John H. and Lawrence Catlow had a way to capture the countryside in words. I was once on the front cover, must have been my dashing good looks🤔🤔. And helped with an article on terriers but they did not use a picture, can’t for the life of me think whey they omitted it. Perhaps the rear end of a terrier was better looking. Having not picked up a copy for a number of years, a friend bought me a subscription for the past year and I am embarrassed to say I hardly read any after the first couple of months. I thought the standard of the writing was way off the mark set by those mentioned above.
  4. How much pyrotechnics do you get from them mines? Could always attach it to the can, with the lid only on a turn. Just a thought🤔
  5. I generally take what I don’t want for personal consumption to the game dealer but on occasion give some to friends. Of the 73 we got on Sunday I have given 30 away today with another friend wanting a dozen tomorrow. My wife has been busy breasting the rest of them ready to make burgers. I think over the coming weeks there may well be a spike in demand as supermarket shelves are bare.
  6. He brings staff for those kind of things. I just went for the walk to get away from the abuse I was getting from the other two.
  7. It was only an 800 yard round trip to collect extras from the car! He managed at least 1 right and left whilst I made the trip.
  8. With the end if the world on the horizon I thought I would do my bit and check on the elderly to see how they are coping. The oldest person I know lives on the Wolds so I gave him a call to see how he was doing. The answer was that he was not doing too well in confinement and needed to get out. So it was that today I met JDog, along with my cousin in the gateway of a Bean drilling that had a few birds kicking about. There were a couple of lines that looked like they would provide some action and they seemed to converge near a hedge on the south eastern edge of the field. It was a bit of a walk but would afford us some shelter from the biting wind and the bright sun. We set up with around 20 shells and 12 dead birds with one on the flapper. The action was sporadic but with lots of birds on the move we added a few to the bag. The flapper broke mid way through and was replaced with a magnet which seemed to have a greater pulling effect, should have had it on the go from the start! Although we were not all on good form shooting wise, the banter was out of the top draw and the leg pulling (some of it was downright abuse)was of the highest order. The afternoon flew by and it was soon time to return the old man to his carer. Young Barney is coming along nicely and picked up a number of birds. The final tally being 73 picked. With about 3 stuck in a thick blackthorn hedge that we were unable to retrieve. Oh and finally somebody ran out cartridges again but I won’t say who!!
  9. Clodhopper

    3 days

    Sounds like you have a good few birds in your area and are getting some sport. Now the weather is drying up the ground there is a mad rush to get seed in. I have seen some really rough seed beds drilled. Good for the shooter but not so good for the farmer.
  10. That text from the farmer was certainly well timed. This has got me all excited as I have seen a few on some drilled beans today and plan to take an elderly member of the forum out of isolation for some fresh air tomorrow afternoon. If we get 25% of your bag I will be more than happy.
  11. Not sure of the ratios but I felt the need to go and buy another 500 cartridges yesterday just in case I get sent home from work and have a couple of weeks if boredom to deal with. If we run out of loo roll we always have the garden hose!
  12. You are right, you have had some exceptional days.🤪
  13. I don’t think I have ever not enjoyed a day out with the gun. Some I enjoy more than others. One of my most memorable days recently resulted in 4 pigeons shot shortly after dawn on the beautiful frosty morning. In short, the size of the bag is only one factor of making a successful day out.
  14. You will, keep getting out amongst it. Seen some drills out today on the drier ground, if they keep getting stop/ start drilling conditions there will be plenty of opportunities over the next couple of months.
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