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  1. Clodhopper

    Possibly the last day on the stubbles

    Sounds like a perfect afternoon, enjoyed by all. Despite a lot of birds in my area I am struggling to find anything worth setting up for on the stubble. There are no discernable flight lines, just birds scattered everywhere. Unlike you I am looking forward to the cultivations so it will concentrate the birds a bit.
  2. Clodhopper

    To quote a phrase.............................

    I hope so. My frustration was the fact that I have not had time to do a proper reccy recently so I do not know how long they have been on this field. I will certainly check it out when I get up. sorry to hijack your post Walker.
  3. Clodhopper

    Lazy Sunday afternoon

    Not sure I would describe that as lazy. Hot, exciting, bloody good fun maybe. Well done nice right and photos.
  4. Clodhopper

    To quote a phrase.............................

    Thanks MM. I will look in the late morning and see what’s happening. If it’s no good then I will have a look somewhere else.
  5. Clodhopper

    To quote a phrase.............................

    Great afternoon Walker, just dont talk to me about Cultivators, I have just been watching a rape stubble with a lot of birds on, just had to get the night shift out the way tonight I could be on for a decent day. Whilst watching, along comes the CAT and starts working the next field over. No doubt by the time I can go tomorrow all 3 fields will be worked up.
  6. Clodhopper

    Cylinder fun

    For me, the less I have to think about the better. I use 1/4 choke with 1 ounce of 6’s. I try not to alter this combination as the old grey matter gets a work out and I start shooting badly. I use this for all my shooting since I rarely get out after wildfowl any more.
  7. Clodhopper

    A day in the sun

    That is some.effort in that heat and 3 times in 4 days. I like the idea of frozen bottles of water. Great read, done to the both of you.
  8. Clodhopper

    Afternoon Solo

    You have certainly been busy today. You Norfolk boys know how to get amongst the pigeons.
  9. Clodhopper

    The End Of A Hot Day .

    That place looks stunning.
  10. Clodhopper

    Pen sections

    Unfortunately the sloping wood is surrounded by either arable or grassland which we cannot put a permanent pen on, I like like the idea of mesh panels.
  11. Clodhopper

    Spoiled For Choice

    Lovely pictures MM. It was indeed uncomfortably hot. I had a dabble on some rape stubble for an hour, shot 6 nice pigeons and one unlucky fox. Packed up and went home, neither pigeons nor I fancied the heat. Lovely looking dog by the way.
  12. Clodhopper

    Tomorrow in Northamptonshire

    Great stuff, you certainly made the most of it. Hopefully many more to come.
  13. Clodhopper

    A start to 2018 harvest

    Aga Man, disappointing to hear about the original rape field but you obviously made up for it today. There must have been some birds if you were being selective and still managed 100.
  14. Clodhopper

    Could have shot 100+

    Motty and Ryan the deadly Norfolk duo, well done to you both. Hopefully the first of many more similar posts.
  15. Clodhopper

    Pen sections

    Thanks for the advice chaps. Hopefully we will get some degree of success.