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  1. 😂😂 I also belong to that club. Why are there hands always cold?🤨
  2. This reflects my opinion that you only breed what you can pay for. I really boils my **** having to part with my earnings to pay for others who can’t be bothered to wear a rubber and expect the state to foot the bill.
  3. I trust you were made comfortable. With your head nestled in just the correct position?
  4. That is the disguise the cartridge thief was wearing last Saturday. Definitely an odd looking fella.
  5. Last Saturday I became the victim of the Wolds Cartridge Thief. I made the mistake of leaving my hide position to go to another field in order to lift some birds that had settled there. Whilst away from the hide there was a barrage of shots and on my return my once healthy cartridge bag was looking saggy and depleted. A voice from the next hide whispered “ I may have run out of cartridges, can I borrow some of yours?”
  6. We have a couple of footpaths run through our small piece of grazing land and get all sorts of idiots mixed in with the majority of decent folk who use them. Amongst other things we have been asked to keep the sheep muck of the footpaths as they don’t like walking through it. We had one lady tell us how she likes to let her greyhounds run round the fields as she can’t control them but in here they can’t escape from her and they wouldn’t hurt the sheep even if they did catch them! Recently another greyhound owner refused to call her dog back and put a lead on it as there is a right
  7. He has staff to do that for him😁
  8. JDog was full of useful advice, saying things like “ Don’t move any further until I get my camera out”! I had visited 3 farms before joining the other 2. One had a very promising line but on closer inspection I found another shooter set up on adjoining land which would have cut off my line, should have got there earlier! One highlight was a peregrine that came sailing over the field, having a second look at our pattern and then carrying on to find some real pigeons.
  9. So sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you.
  10. You are quite mad to be out in those elements under a Sycamore. I got myself tucked up under a Sitka Spruce which afforded far more shelter.
  11. Don’t bother, go pigeon shooting instead.
  12. Not a bad way to fill the void left by the loss of fowling. Thanks for posting.
  13. Days that don’t turn out to well but you still shoot some pigeons are always good days!
  14. Well done. Nice few hours sport for you.
  15. Your are quite correct, he would have had his man climb up there and retrieve them for me!😁
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