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  1. Clodhopper

    Groundhog Weekend

    Top marks again PC. Great report as always. I often wonder what some people think gives them the right to go and abuse somebody who is going about their hobby.
  2. Clodhopper

    Them blackens. Noooooooo!

    Good read, not always about the bag but the fun you have whilst out trying to make one.
  3. Clodhopper

    Brexit? This is much more important.

    Carefully place it in the bin, don your walking boots, head to the shop and get some bacon, sausages and black pudding. I find that if these are kept in the fridge they do not crystallise and make a suitable breakfast.
  4. Clodhopper

    It's an ill wind.

    You would not know that JDog was using a new gun as he was bringing down some crackers. This is a new permission of mine and I am yet to learn the favoured lines but I think we have now found one. Birds were still piling in as we left, I had to collect my son from school, so there hopefully may be another chance here.
  5. Clodhopper

    Cabinet Keys

    Yet more rubbish dreamt up by some **** who thinks they are tackling gun crime by penalising, probably, the most law abiding section of society. Top marks and a bonus to individual that came up with this little gem.
  6. Clodhopper

    Five weeks and Counting

    That is pretty good going from one field. Even though they obviously want this field you still had to use your field craft and experience to make the bag.
  7. Clodhopper

    Not Early Enough

    Your experience and local knowledge helped pull it off again PC. Well done. Some dog walkers are a pain, seem to think they can do and go where they like. We recently had one in with our sheep, the dog happily chasing the ewes and it’s owner could not see what the problem was.
  8. Clodhopper

    Hilderstone shoot

    We were forced to shoot early due to work commitments and other constraints and the birds did just as yours did. It has slowly improved and as you state, we are now getting into the best bit with fit birds flying strongly. I find that when running a day invariably everyone enjoys the day but me, I am always worrying. The days when you pull it off are great and make all the effort worthwhile. Always something new to learn and different ways of doing it, well done keep it up.
  9. Clodhopper

    moped scum, gloves off?

    The argument for getting innocent scooter riders doesn’t really hold up as the police must pursue with lights and sirens for at least a short period of time before engaging, I doubt very much that they just ram the first scooter rider that they clap eyes on. The little a scrotes in the video were obviously fully aware of the situation and were trying their hardest to avoid the police. We need more of this kind of police action.
  10. Clodhopper

    wander round

    A perfect day out. There is something special about walking up birds with your own dog and a mate.
  11. Clodhopper

    Third Week lucky

    Well done PC, nice report, I like the coat idea. We have some maize due to be combined next week if the weather stays dry. Hopefully it will provide some sport.
  12. Clodhopper

    Lambs in November?

    We tend to kill ours around a year old. Taste is far better than young lamb. Mainly grass fed with a few Wozles thrown in during the winter.
  13. Clodhopper

    Crop contents.

    I would imagine they would have been doddlers on the return line😀. Maybe you need to start scouting local orchards and ornamental gardens for pigeon activity.
  14. Clodhopper

    feeding a flight pond

    I will look into it, getting pictures from camera onto the forum is way beyond me at the minute. I will seek advice from someone with better tech. ability than me😉
  15. Clodhopper

    feeding a flight pond

    You have a lovely flight pond there.