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  1. They're Back

    Great effort this time of year.
  2. Can opener

    My mother has had one of these for years and its brilliant. I bought one and it lasted about 6 months. Starting to think its me not the can openers.
  3. Can opener

    Cheers guys will give some of the suggestions a try.
  4. Can opener

    Thanks for the replies gents.
  5. Can opener

    Can anyone recomend a decent make/supplier of a can opener, all that i have had recently are not fit for purpose, from breaking after little use to not even having the ability to open a can. Look forward to any replies.
  6. Any winter pigeon experts?

    For me the trick is wind, the more the better. And even then it is a bit of a lottery. Just keep getting out there watching and learning.
  7. A bit demoralised.

    The positive is that you have pigeons and you know where to go to get them. The rest will come with a little testing and some practice. Best of luck.
  8. Partially flooded spuds

    I would speak with the farmer first. The spuds that have been regularly flooded may well be rotten. With regards to feeding, a little grain fed each day will keep the birds interested for quite some time. As long as you do not over shoot it, say once fortnight or 3 weekly you should have a little sport through to the end of the season. As an example, a friend of mine has been feeding a flooded area of wheat drilling for around 3 weeks, he recently told me that he is feeding 2 buckets of wheat per night, he is yet to shoot it!!!
  9. Recognize me

    For my two peneth, I believe creatures become used to and settled with a situation and are mostly concerned/wary of a change to that situation. For example, my Grandmother feeds pheasants in her garden, about 20 come each morning. The pheasants will happily feed around her. If however she meets the very same birds when walking down the lane next to the house these birds will scurry away and hide. Different place and situation. Should she have a gun in her hand whilst feeding them they would no doubt become used to this as they would still be getting the feed and no threat would be present. It would only be when the threat became real i.e. shooting them that those that had not been killed become wary of that particular situation. Not sure I have verbalised my train of thought there very well but there you go.
  10. Snatched from the jaws of defeat

    Another great report, you have had a busy few days. Its great to see when the birds do come down like that although I prefer a bit of wind to keep them down in the first place.
  11. Ditchman.

    Shame, I enjoyed his posts and sense of humour. Whatever his reasons I will miss him on the forum.
  12. Normally in the background

    Great way to spend a morning, well done.
  13. Slow on the Rape

    Good result on the rape. Just reward for sticking it out.
  14. The Wolds Finest

    Not in a coaching manual but the pigeons did not seem to know that as they folded up from a good height.
  15. From a Cold and Windy Field.

    Good write up, great fun shooting them in that kind of wind.