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  1. There are a lot in the area but they are being a pain pin down at the moment. I have seen a few on the rape but nothing to get excited about just yet. Early mornings when I have found the best opportunities. Hope you get a good day after your react. outing.
  2. It’s these days that make the successful days all the more enjoyable. Keep at it.
  3. I was out feeding pheasant this morning and saw the most amazing line of pigeons. I stood and watched for around half an hour. Must have had 3-400 birds over me, all within shootable range. Of course I had left the gun at home. I left them to it and will return another day when I get time.
  4. It really doesn’t take much. 😁🤣. However my hunting did improve this afternoon as I managed to sneak up on some Leeks in my allotment, got 5 in the bag in no time at all. The buy one get one free offer is the way I will go, but it never seems like much of a saving.
  5. My right foot had a good day out. Only the left was disgruntled. Next Saturday will see me in the local Agric. supplier purchasing a new left boot😁😁🤣.
  6. For me the big draw of pigeon shooting is trying to work out the birds and then formulate a cunning plan. More often than not I am out smarted. I think that’s why I try first thing in t he morning when the birds are still half asleep!!
  7. My view is that any morning out in countryside is a good one.
  8. Sadly JDog and I have neither! This morning we decided that our daily exercise (meeting one other) would take the form of flighting some pigeons coming out of a large softwood plantation. A good wind was forecast which should channel the birds along a stream and enable us to intercept them. JDog had seen upwards of 1000 pigeons using this route only yesterday so we were mildly excited. We social distanced ourselves about 50m apart on a lovely laid hedgerow adjacent to small stream. Of course the birds did not take this route but opted to fly along the valley of a ploughed field on
  9. Well here is a little report from this morning. Like many others, pigeon shooting has been virtually non existent for me since before Harvest. Lots of birds about but I cannot seem to get to grips with them. This is mainly due to the fact that I do not have as much free time as I used to have and reconnaissance is limited to an hour or two at weekends. Any way back to today. It started last Sunday afternoon when I had seen a few drifting across a wheat stubble and heading to a stand of mixed spruce and hardwoods. The other side of which is around 150 acres of Rape. From past exp
  10. I have one farm that is not growing any at all and the others are growing a reduced acreage. What I have seen drilled is looking very good at the moment. Winter oats and Linseed have replaced the rape on the farm that is not growing any. Another farmer is looking to plant a larger acreage of winter beans as a break crop. There will still be plenty to go at on my permissions this year and the slightly reduced amount may concentrate the birds a bit more.
  11. He would run out of shells even faster😁
  12. May need there teeth doing aswell.
  13. Was there any room for extra cartridges in your new shooting Vehicle?
  14. I will keep my eye out and if I find someone that fits that description I will let you know!
  15. Always a little disappointing when they don’t play ball. I drive past those fields on my way to work each day and there have been a promising few there for a while, I was sure there was a decent bag to be had.
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