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  1. Flight lining pigeons in a howling winters gale gets the adrenaline running for me. And has to be my number 1. Any type of shooting that involves being out “ hidden amongst nature” has a different but equally special lure. For example awaiting for a Fox to appear in the last trickle of light or trying to pick out Duck against a dark sky at dawn or dusk. Driven shooting, for me, is much more about the Craic with mates than the shooting. If I have much shooting or not matters little if I am with good friends with good banter.
  2. I feel I must give credit where it is due. I applied online for a variation on my Firearms ticket last Saturday, posting my current ticket off last Monday. Today I received my new ticket complete with variation today. Assuming they don’t work weekends, they have got it back to me in less than 5 working days. Well done Lincs. Police.
  3. You are now on the edge of a very slippery slope Jacko. My wife ridicules me for planning every journey we make around which field I want to check out. Trips to the supermarket, visits to parents etc all involve slight detours to “quickly glass over this or that field”. Sometimes it even pays off and you see something to get excited about!
  4. Experience and a bit of local knowledge paid off. Well done PC.
  5. A very good day indeed. Well done.
  6. 😂😂 Thanks for the pictures. All those tipples sound very pleasant! I have just returned from shooting a few pigeons where I saw those yellow fruits and I managed to get a photo comparing some of JDogs Bullace, a Sloe and the mystical yellow fruit. Thanks to all those that helped identify it for me.
  7. My wife adores the green gage, everything has to be put on hold when they are ready so we can fill the freezer. Luckily they tend to be a little earlier than the rest of our plums and the dreaded Wasps are not in full flow feeding on them.🤬
  8. Well the 3 things we have learnt today is that Walker has identified the mystery fruit, JDog cannot identify another mans plums and we may actually have identified a flight line worth shooting. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.
  9. 2020 has done strange things to this country and it’s people!😀😀
  10. That sounds very much like them. Thanks for that Walker.👍 What Walker has just described matches what I had seen. Neither myself nor JDog had seen them before.
  11. This afternoon JDog and I were sat up watching a flight one to some standing Beans when I need to answer the call of nature. Whilst stood against the hedge I noticed some fruit hangings from the branches of some variety of Prunus. They were they same size as a slow but were a yellow/green not too dissimilar to green guage. Having not seen them before I picked a couple and trotted off back to the plant identifier in chief, sure that he would tell me what they were. Shock horror, he could not identify them.Maybe it’s an age thing! Anyway do any of the PW massive have a clue from my vague de
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