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  1. So sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you.
  2. You are quite mad to be out in those elements under a Sycamore. I got myself tucked up under a Sitka Spruce which afforded far more shelter.
  3. Don’t bother, go pigeon shooting instead.
  4. Not a bad way to fill the void left by the loss of fowling. Thanks for posting.
  5. Days that don’t turn out to well but you still shoot some pigeons are always good days!
  6. Well done. Nice few hours sport for you.
  7. Your are quite correct, he would have had his man climb up there and retrieve them for me!😁
  8. That’s interesting as we seem to have the same, maybe even more birds around but shooting them is a totally different ball game.
  9. Thanks for posting. Never seen a Hooded crow in the flesh. It looks a beautiful place to have right on your doorstep.
  10. There must be some guys out there shooting a few although it does seem to be a strange year and the birds are not following their normal patterns.
  11. Although we have a reduced acreage of Rape in our area, there is still enough for the pigeons to go at. They just haven’t shown much interest yet. I keep thinking that they have started on it and then they move off again. The birds I shot this morning had been feeding on the Rape this past week ( according to the farmer) but were not 2 weeks ago. I will see if they are there next weekend. Any way good to hear you had some sport and hopefully a few more days will follow.
  12. There is something about shooting in horrible weather that gives me a buzz. My good lady told me that I was mad going out this morning. That is probably true but you don’t get any shooting sat at home.
  13. Having been stuck in a factory all week it was just nice to be out. I didn’t care what the weather was doing but I always think there is something special about shooting in the snow.
  14. You would have been ridiculing me for missing so many “Doddlers”. But instead you opted for the warmth of your bed!!
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