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  1. Keep asking around it will pay off eventually. As is often stated on here beating can often open doors. Looking forward to more reports from you.
  2. I feel your frustration at the moment albeit on a slightly different tangent. Spent all afternoon looking at stubbles and likey lines, covered God knows how many miles and did not see anything resembling a line of birds going to feed. All we can do is keep trying. Can you get permission on other land the line crosses?
  3. Lovely write up. Lots of birds around the area but getting to grips with them is a different matter. Judging by the noise somebody was getting a few just outside the town on Sunday afternoon, thought it might have been you but could see no vehicle.
  4. Well done. You will remember that day for a long time. Thanks for posting.
  5. Good effort there. You are obviously back on form. Jules must be a fine chap to lay that on for you.
  6. Another fine report PC. I am on an enforced lay off from pigeon shooting with work and family commitments. Reports on here give me the fix I need. Thanks for posting.
  7. Thanks for posting PC. As always an enjoyable read and as always an impressive bag.
  8. Sounds like a very good way to spend an evening. I took my o/u out at the weekend for the first time since January. Very similar to your situation, shot like a muppet before I got into the swing of it.
  9. I had better add that the 3-400 birds were mostly feeding on the unharvested rows, causing a considerable financial loss to the farmer. I could not persuade them to dine at an alternative establishment.
  10. For me it was just great to be out. Having started a new job I have very little free time to shoot. This was the first time I have had the gun out in over a month. We certainly did not make the most of the situation, shooting poorly for the most part with the odd period connecting with a few. The pigeon breast my wife and I had for tea alongside fresh produce from the allotment, washed down with a pint or 2 of Guiness certainly did finish off an enjoyable day.
  11. No cannot see the pictures. Didn’t know if it was my phone or your PC.
  12. Thanks for posting PC, it certainly was a midweek bonus.
  13. Clodhopper


    What a beautiful fish. Well done.👍
  14. Result. Will there be a 4 th week at it?
  15. Top work chaps. Days always seem to go better once you get a Bacon butty in you.
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