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  1. A long day.

    Giles and I were keen to get out this morning for 2 reasons, we both had new guns to try out in the field and we had a good number of birds coming into the rape. We met up shortly after 6 am in the same place we shot last week and were set up for about half past. The birds began to appear from their roost shortly after. Some decoyed but most just drifted around and were not as keen as last week on coming into the wood we were stationed in. At around 08.15 we had a about half a dozen birds down but although we had seen around 400 we decided that it would best to leave them for another day as they were not committing as well as we had hoped. We knew of another field of rape on the other side of the valley where we had seen upwards of 600 birds recently so decided to have a look there. On arrival there were around 250 feeding and others sat up in the trees around the field. We decided to set up under a large Ash tree in the corner of the field with 2 magnets and a handful of dead birds scattered around these. We had not hide netting as we had planned to be in the wood for the morning so we scratched around for dead grass, Rosebay willow herb and dead branches in order to construct some sort of screen. This worked a treat and we soon had birds coming into the pattern and others hesding for the tree. We added birds to the pattern as we shot them and soon had a good picture for in coming birds to aim for. Bird came in flurries with lulls of around 20 mins. And this continued throughout the day. My dropped my boy of with me at 1.30 pm and he seemed to enjoy himself for a couple of hours before he got cold. We packed up at 3.30 and picked 74 pigeons and 2 crows. Throughout the day we both cursed some easy misses and questioned our new choice of gun but were pleasantly surprised when we counted 150 empty shells. This is not something we normally do as we are not bothered by ratios just the sport.
  2. I give mine a good clean and then coat with Neatsfoot Oil from Carr Day and Martin.
  3. Use of the 'Safety' catch.

    Whilst it is clear that everyone has differing views on this particular issue I think that is fantastic that it is so ingrained in our sporting culture that we all do it without having it forced upon us by some governmental regulatory body.
  4. Use of the 'Safety' catch.

    Scully, whilst you are obviously very safety conscious my concerns with closing the gun at the last minute are that when shooting driven and occasionally walked up, there are times when others are in close proximity. As such when you close the gun you then have to bring the muzzles up from facing the ground to pointing skywards, whilst tracking an oncoming bird. I personally find it much safer in these circumstances to have the muzzles pointing skywards with the gun closed. After the shot I can then fully concentrate on the muzzle position when I reload.
  5. A Perfect End for Myself

    A great way to finish your season, I really enjoy reading your accounts of forays on the foreshore.
  6. Can we expect a report of pigeons speeding like bullets over the tree tops, folding up to drop 100 yards behind on the drilling?

    1. My modified decoy shells

      If it works for you then good on ya. I paint the white bits bigger and it seems to work for me.
    2. Used Beretta semi auto

    3. Used Beretta semi auto

      Well this evening I popped into the gunshop to return the faulty Hatsan and there on the shelf was al391 within my budget. Got my hands on it and it came up beautifully. It will require a slightly thicker butt plate. But other than that it is spot on. Thanks again chaps for the helpful advice.
    4. Used Beretta semi auto

    5. Used Beretta semi auto

      Pm on its way.
    6. Used Beretta semi auto

      Yes it is, my brother has just bought one, I am not keen on the narrow fore end, I am hoping other models are not the same.
    7. Used Beretta semi auto

      Thankyou for the info. gentlemen. Time to get out and pick a few up and see what I like the feel of.
    8. Used Beretta semi auto

      Thanks for the advice.