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  1. Clodhopper

    I love October

    Well done chaps, you guys certainly make the most of an opportunity when you see one.
  2. Clodhopper

    What a Wind

    I take my hat off to you PC. Yet again you have made a top bag.
  3. Clodhopper

    Getting ready for the coming season

    Magnificent bird. I was lucky enough to be out today for the first time watching some of these birds hunt. It was evident that a huge amount of time and dedication went into each bird, great to see them in action.
  4. Clodhopper

    Two Hours after the rain Stopped

    Persistent and consistent, well done PC.
  5. Clodhopper

    Invite from a friend

    Thanks for posting, flightlining is the cream of pigeon shooting, for me at least. Well done.
  6. Clodhopper

    Beans Comes up Trumps

    Cracking bag and one very happy looking dog, well done.
  7. Clodhopper

    Glorious afternoon on the wolds

    Nice write up Gingercat. I am now getting round to the idea that shooting after being up all night is nearly a waste of time as I cannot hit a barn door, nothing seems to co ordinate.
  8. Clodhopper

    I'm Back

    Nice to have you back PC, normal service resumed.
  9. Clodhopper

    Did or Didn't He ??????

    Lovely read, well done to both of you.
  10. Clodhopper

    Nice 100 on Stubble

    Excellent, that field is giving you some sport.
  11. Clodhopper

    Another short session on the maize

    Nice report. Pigeon never cease to amaze me, sometimes you can stand in the open and they will take no notice and other times the slightest thing wrong with a hide can spook them.
  12. Clodhopper

    2 nd Time Lucky

    I believe he has retired from public life. Now in his twilight years, he spends his time hidden away in the darkest depths of the wolds tending to his Masculinus Dendron Gigantium and trimming bushes for local old ladies. Or so he tells me😉.
  13. Clodhopper

    2 nd Time Lucky

    Yesterday I had watched a wheat drilling on some very poor land that often produces a bit of sport post drilling. There were not a huge number of birds here, maybe 100, but there were 2 steady lines to the field so I made plans to meet up with JDog at midday to have a bit of sport. We duly met and found a tractor rolling the drilling, not to worry I thought as he would only be another hour or so. I spoke to the driver he said he was backwards and forwards between the rolls and feeding the drill so expected to be on and off the field for most of the afternoon. We watched a little while and it soon became obvious that the lines were being disrupted by the tractor. We headed off to look for other opportunities and found some on some wheat stubble, again not a huge amount but enough to give it a go. We set up in our usual fashion, 2 hides 50 yards apart with the pattern inbetween. We used 2 magnets and a flapper as the birds had a lot of stubble to go at and were coming from a.long way off so we needed to get their attention. They came immediately and we had a flurry of shots and 7 down inside 10 mins. Birds came in ones, two's and small group,often leaving some of their number behind. This went on for about 90 minutes when it seemed a switch had been flicked and the line changed with birds heading to the far end of the farm. As we were nearing our cut off point we decided not to move but pack up as we had had some good fun in the time we were there. We thought we had about 30 birds down which was great after originally setting a target of 20. Jasper worked hard through the spinney behind us, finding birds in the brambles. This brought the finally tally to 39 for a couple of hours out in the field. Thanks for reading. Clodhopper.
  14. Clodhopper

    mixed bag

    Lovely bag of birds there. Flighted birds are the cream of pigeon shooting in my opinion. Thanks for posting.
  15. Clodhopper

    Beans take some beating

    Well done. You have been lucky finding some on the beans. I have seen very few on the beans this year, as others have already reported.