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  1. Yes, I understand it has now closed which is a shame. The countryside in that area is beautiful and reading your stories I can just picture the terrain and the birds peeling out of the steep gorse banks. Please keep them coming.
  2. Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed reading that. It brings back fond memories of walking up game on some small farms not far from you when I was at the local Agricultural college.
  3. Nice to see Jasper out, I thought he he had retired and become a house dog!
  4. It was a pleasure to have you join us. The bag greatly exceeded what we anticipated. However the most important part of the day was the Craic, everyone involved enjoying a beautiful day in the countryside. Many of us carried this on in the local pub until late in the evening. Although it stressed me at the time, particular highlights were the beaters wagon getting stuck, some guns going to the wrong drive, losing a stop on the first drive and finally putting the guns out for the second drive and heading off to pick up only to realise I had left my dog back in the truck!
  5. Forgotten hide poles and 4 pigeons for 50 cartridges, sounds like my kind of session. Well doneπŸ‘
  6. It’s worth taking a walk along the Louth Navigation Canal, especially in the evening, there is an abundance of wildlife, kingfishers, otters etc. Can be good fishing as well.
  7. Clodhopper

    Bird ID.

    Your artificial grass is looking good. Have you been feeding it?
  8. Where you working anywhere near water, possibly Blanford fly bites.
  9. Top work JDog. Not like you to run out of cartridges πŸ€”. Looks like Barney had a great time too.
  10. Being born in a small Lincolnshire village I could fall out of the house into acre upon acre of arable fields and marshland. My father was a keen shooter whom I accompanied any chance I got. My Maternal grandfather was keen fisherman who would pick me up from the school gates with a change of clothes and some food so we could head off fishing in the local drains often not returning until well after dark. My Paternal grandfather was also a keen pot hunter who had a folding Spanish 410 that I adopted as my own from about the age of 12. All of this has moulded my life in to being consumed by the Countryside and all that resides within it.
  11. Must be photoshopped, all real conservationists know foxes only eat brambles and earth worms.
  12. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I also belong to that club. Why are there hands always cold?🀨
  13. This reflects my opinion that you only breed what you can pay for. I really boils my **** having to part with my earnings to pay for others who can’t be bothered to wear a rubber and expect the state to foot the bill.
  14. I trust you were made comfortable. With your head nestled in just the correct position?
  15. That is the disguise the cartridge thief was wearing last Saturday. Definitely an odd looking fella.
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