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  1. A bit of a late report. Two Saturdays ago I met up with JDog for a look round to see if we could find a bird or two. We discovered some birds on a line along a field of volunteer Peas some dropping in and others carrying on to a wood a mile in the distance. We thought we would give it an hour. The strong westerly was blowing straight down the field. Our set up was a pattern of some dead birds on spikes, 20 plastics and a magnet with 2 hides 50 yards apart either side. This did not work entirely as the birds would not decoy. Some came in for a passing glance and were dispatched but the vast majority carried on. Those that carried on were shootable but were the wrong side of a large Hawthorn hedge. After 30 mins we agreed to a change and set up in a gap in the hedge, sharing a spacious hide. We took it in turns to shoot, adding some lovely birds that were rocketing with the wind behind them. In the 2 1/2 hours we were shooting we picked 39 birds most of which did not have pea shoots in the crop but fresh Beech Mast that the strong wind must have persuaded to the ground. A special mention must go to Jasper who, whilst picking up, disappeared into the distance and out of sight. JDog was not too pleased and used language that would make a docker cringe although I doubt Jasper could hear him in the blustery wind. After several minutes Jasper appeared with a stone dead bird that neither of us had marked. Yesterday after getting my chores done my wife suggested I might like to have an hour out with the gun. A phone call was made and an hour later JDog and I were out on the prowl. We spotted a promising line with a good number of birds but as soon as we got set up it stopped. We sat it out for an hour and decided to move. Heading to a known line we spaced ourselves 100 yards apart, no gear just a net apiece and the hope that a bird or two would pass by. Some did, many did not. We shot a handful of nice birds that Barney had a bit of practice marking, he has the makings of a lovely dog. JDog shot his now customary Jay and we called it a night. These birds were also full of Beech Mast which will no doubt occupy them for a number of weeks yet. From both outings a number of birds have found their way into stir fry’s which my good lady and I enjoy with a glass or two red and maybe a Guiness or two. Thanks for reading.
  2. Nice to see you are back in the swing things PC.
  3. Thanks for posting Jacko. Glad you enjoyed your first day of driven shooting. As long as it is safe, shoot what pleases you. With experience in the field you will learn what presents a challenging target to you but that will only come with time in the field.
  4. Well done on your first outing. JDog is a decent fellow just never introduce him to your wife!
  5. The field JDog was shooting bordered the road that I travel to work on. I knew he was there so popped in for a matter. Ever the generous soul, he bullied me into having a shot or two with his precious Miroku. That old gun of yours knows what it is doing. It may be small but it is a mighty slayer of pigeons.
  6. Don’t listen to them.You have arranged your garage very well. Those pigeons fit in that space perfectly.
  7. I recently played a game called Secret Hitler, requires about 10 players but was very good working who done it.
  8. 2 very good bags on the stubble. Not many uncultivated stubbles left in my part of the world and what is left has little activity. Looking forward.to a few more Norfolk reports before you guys disappear off over the sea wall.
  9. Always take more cartridges than JDog. He WILL run out! Well done, nice report and a little bit more learned about this fantastic sport.
  10. He is very fond of his Sparkling Pink cartridge bag, so a new 20 bore maybe the answer so he can get more shells in.
  11. Thanks for posting. When time is scarce any time in the field is worth it. Well done.
  12. Sounds very similar to the day we had today, apart from the numbers. Well done and thanks for posting.
  13. Pigeon shooting has been something I only dream about at the minute, partly due to work commitments and more importantly a lack of any promising opportunities. The Wolds seem devoid of pigeons, the marshland has birds spread all over but with very few definitive lines. As JDog and I had not met for a while we decided we would have a look round our respective permissions and see what we could come up with for Saturday afternoon. Luckily on Wednesday, on route to work, I passed a field of freshly cut Beans which JDog has permission over. As we passed at great speed ( I was a passenger) I spied one or two birds dropping in. This field lies on the extreme edge of the Wolds, one end is undulating and the eastern end is flat as a pancake heading out to the marshland. It is a pig of a field to shoot as it borders a golf course and a main road. But after checking all our other land, this field is where we headed to try and make a bag. We set up in the only safe position to shoot which, of course, was some way off the line that had a trickle of birds. Our target was set at 25 birds based on what we had seen from the half hour we spent watching. The hides were positioned under 2 Oak trees 70 yards apart. The wind was quartering off our left shoulders with a spread of plastic decoys, a handful of dead birds and a rotary. The birds came steadily and we began to build the pattern with more dead birds. Not many decoyed but came off the line for a look at the pattern, close enough for a shot. We shot some good ones, missed some easy ones and did everything in between. As is customary JDog ran out of cartridges and had to pop home for some more ( and some chocolate bars). When it came to pack up we guessed at around 60 birds in the bag but were surprised to find we had eighty five in the 3 1/2 hours we shot. Although we do not really pay much attention to ratios I think we had around 200 shots for the bag. I care not really as we both enjoyed an afternoon which produced more than we expected. In the end the bag to be had was neither on the flat ground or the high ground but right on the boundary between he two.
  14. Sounds like a perfect afternoon. This work thing does seem to get in the way of the more important things for in life.
  15. Nice to see you got a break and found a few. This part of the country seems to have been devoid of opportunities this harvest.
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