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  1. As titled dvd by chris green. As new in case double dvd. Original and not a copy. Looking for £20 posted. Bank transfer only as i dont use paypal. Please pm me if interested. Thanks Matty
  2. These are just sat in my garage after being taken off my ford ranger. Ive tryed to show the tread in the photo the best i can. £20 collected from near ely Cambridgeshire. Please pm me.
  3. I shot over laid barley yesterday with my dad, two hides, he finished on 56 i finished on 123, was a funny day and if i could have got more to decoy i could have doubled the bag. But earlier than expected they seemed to switch there line to a sugar beet feild that I suspect has chickweed growing in it. Still a good day but as motty said i suspect there could be more to come from this feild also. Lots a laid patches in barely around this year.
  4. ive had more than anoth rain fall for a while could do with a break from it for a few days now.
  5. Thanks for the reply, ive been using g89 but didn't have anoth so needed some more and the mini masters were given to me. Ive ordered so more g89 now. Good tip on the spring ive had that problem already so will try nipping a few and see.
  6. What are people's thoughts on mini master drinkers for exlayers? Supplied by a header tanks around a pen? Do you think there ok for the job? Only ask as i have quite a few and would like to use them. Many thanks Matty
  7. Oscar at a1 has replaced mine and they are all good again.
  8. All sorted a big thank you to a1 and oscar
  9. Fair comment mr dog, perhaps thats why my misses asked if i had brought them for the garden??
  10. I had this happen to me around 2 years ago. I was set up in the middle of a pea feild and things were going well by around midday id shot 40 when a truck turn up and two blokes started walk over to me. They said they had permission and asked how i was doing, after a chat I actually asked if they wanted to join me and build a bigger hide were i was but the reply i got was were not carrying all our gear out here weill go in the hedge. Ok fair anoth i said cant stop them. Well the day carried on and i packed up at 6 with 110 and they had 7!!! All they said to me was they really wanted to be out in the middle didn't they!! Havnt seen them since.
  11. I brought mine from a1 decoys. Some are worse than others. One has gone completely pink and the others are now going that way.
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