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  1. Konnie


    Saw my first humming bird hawk moth this month amazing to watch,
  2. Konnie

    Could have shot 100+

    Well done you must be so pleased must be nice to have your son as company, Start of many outings together I hope.
  3. Konnie

    Tomorrow in Northamptonshire

    Make sure you take plenty of liquid for yourself and dog if taking one. Just enjoy your day out.
  4. Konnie

    Xtrema 2 inserts

    Cheers motty, I have heard others mention about them peeling off & going sticky soft, not too bothered on foreshore, but summer time it's a lot more noticeable. Will have to carry on as it is. Many thanks
  5. Your last line sums up what it's all about, enjoy a wonderful sport.
  6. Konnie

    Xtrema 2 inserts

    Anyone replaced the rubber type inserts on the forend and stock on one of these, might be some kind of cleaner I've used in the past but they have gone really sticky, and slightly peel onto your hand. So where to buy How much and what glue to restick PLEASE.
  7. Konnie

    Syndicate places

    You are correct my fault so sorry.
  8. Konnie

    Syndicate places

    needs a price, house rules
  9. Konnie

    Poachers/Hare coursers?!

    Removing the hares will do no good, Blocking as many gate holes as possible will help but won't solve the problem, keep reporting every sighting and get all in area to call in and get a report number then police will have to at least have a look. they are a problem and need relentless pestering to drive them away.
  10. Konnie

    Norfolk based engineering wizard

    Ditchy is without doubt you man
  11. Konnie

    Hosepipe ban

    Don't know maybe does not apply to them if they are paying business rates, ie horticulture etc,
  12. Konnie

    world cup

    Know what your saying jdog, but go along with some other posts, has a the ability and cannot be neglected by opposition, like yesterday Kane was hardly mentioned played his part and I thought sacrificed being in pole position all game for the good of the team, think this is the difference with this squad no man is bigger than the team.
  13. Konnie

    Early Harvest On The Cards

    Normally price of spuds will cover cost but when you irrigate they don't send the roots down so deep looking for water, and if you run out of water which some are close too they will only last a few days before starting to die off.
  14. Konnie

    Early Harvest On The Cards

    Talking to the farmer on my perm said there had been such a fire in Norfolk combine bed caught some flint and away it went.
  15. Konnie

    Early Harvest On The Cards

    potatoes could be a crop that is hit hard with the hot weather and lack of rain this year,