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  1. Vines been through here already, farmer says barley this week weather permitting.
  2. Many thanks for the time you have given to us on the site, to keep us colouring inside the lines...😂
  3. Konnie

    Decoy Patterns

    Ely is a good club, couple of washes within walking distance by the roadside, others require 4x4 with good grip tyres in the fowling months, used to use a boat on there too.
  4. Konnie

    Decoy Patterns

    If your shooting on the wash I would for now save your money, and have a season and see, wash wildfowling can mean long walks so light kit and big rises in tide which means you're pushed back from your original starting point.
  5. Konnie


    Kings lynn Norfolk I think
  6. Did see rooks hitting a field of winter barley the other day.
  7. Had a report Friday from the farmer 1st lot of pheasant chicks seen in a pea field while he was spraying, possibly 1-2 weeks old, just got to get the water points filled now as that will be the biggest threat if this weather persists. Any other sightings out there.
  8. Holbeach and district covers 2 of the places mentioned.....shep whites and the camp as mentioned guided day tickets available
  9. Konnie

    Mares tail

    Think on Mares tail foliage goes all way around,
  10. Farmers I talk to seem to agree in a 12 month period you roughly get the same amount of rainfall taken as a average. So looking back at the very wet autumn/winter we are in for a very dry spell. Peas have already started to run and they've not long been through, hoping for smaller yields everywhere higher price, as spring down crops didn't get the water in the early stage of germination/growth.
  11. Maybe one of the shooting organisations should point out to the press this is not a true reflection of shooting people as shooting of any kind has been stopped for quite some time now due to covid.
  12. Konnie

    Bird ID

    You are a very knowledgable character welcome back.... Try and make it last a little longer 😂
  13. As standard on the foreshore I use 3.5" gamebore mammoth 3s get your ranges right and shoot within your capabilities they are fine.
  14. Gliding pheasant fine them hard to judge, excellent video good sporting birds.
  15. When I did some dog breeding tried to get dog & bitch with a hip score below 10 and balanced within 2 digits. So dog 4/6 would be max Bitch I would always try to get lower than dog as I believe a larger amount of Gene's come from the bitch. So in this case 3/5 So from a maximum combined 20 you have 18 This is how I used to look for dogs and never had any hip trouble but kennel club also have a compatibility test for both blood lines on their web site.
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