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  1. Artichoke cover crop

    Reed canary grass lasts for several years and just needs topping, Miscanthus is the top wind break crop needs planting properly lasts for years initial set up is expensive, Make sure it's REED canary grass not just plain canary grass.
  2. Dog or Bitch

    All bitches for me, yes if not spayed you loose use of them for a few weeks a year if working with other dogs, if just the 2 of you not a problem. My father has dogs and when ever I,m in the farm yard working have to keep a eye on tool boxes, etc as they want to pee on everything brought into the yard. I find dogs (not all) more head strong than bitches, as mentioned before you may not be able to use a bitch in season if with other dogs, but I can tell you also won't be able to do anything with a dog if a bitch is in season in the near area, not all dog owners thing about others.
  3. Stephen Hawking - Passed Away

    Big loss to science RIP All above my station but very switched on mind sad indeed.
  4. Artichoke cover crop

    Also they will not provide a windbreak come the shooting season, have had them in the past look amazing all the way up until winter then just canes that go over. I would go with REED canary grass, just my thoughts.
  5. Trail cam IR light

    As above a friend who is on night vision gear said a while ago not as many foxes getting away but those that are, are very well educated and he has had same happen as RS
  6. six nations

    Again seemed to turn up and put a 80 min shift in but with not a lot of threat to the score line, Very lacking in creative play,..........or have other sides now learnt to cancel us out.
  7. one size fits all

    Dead is dead I use 3.5" mammoth 3# I don't care for fiddling about on the foreshore in the mud changing shells, and have shot and killed a full range of quarry with this shell.
  8. Duck and Goose

    To shoot the clubs around the wash on day tickets you will all need to be BASC members then yo can look on the BASC website for day ticket clubs. For not too much you could soon put together a few days shooting on different marshes each day.
  9. Boris Threatens Reprisals Against Russia.

    My thinking is they could get to them any time, but leave some in countries like ours that will make a media storm of it to keep some on the edge in check. I went to Cyprus last year on hols and on some pavement corners were spray painted pics of putin about 8" round done by stencil very detailed, talked to a taxi driver he said it's to remind them they are being watched. very long reach if people are inclined to believe.
  10. Wildfowling Fees ?

    Worth a ask, without calling anyone out, but over here if it is termed a club or syndicate accounts are allowed to be seen by all members, worth a look before you say goodbye.
  11. Pigeon Decoys??

    I use the wooden kebab scewers, about 8" long under the chin into the head. work to a certain height then move on to wire cradles,
  12. HELP car seat covers

    Titan covers have a look very hard wearing.
  13. Emma Chambers

    Very sad too young to go, Had some great lines in Dibley and delivered them brilliantly.
  14. Lab Bitch Black

    Still on the look out lab bitch, pup, upwards, will travel up to 200 miles for right dog. any help most welcome.
  15. How many Corvids are killed in 2018

    1 Rook last saturday 78