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  1. As you say I take care of all the shooting on the farm but my pigeon man, who shoots through me is retired bit like a service, all done on the provision if just us we do the whole lot, like you say when we started he had others but not reliable or committed.
  2. Many scenarios here in my view, coming from farming family and a shooter, I myself have to let our local pigeon man go before myself, as to to be blinkered, if crops are being damaged/hit hard I view it from farming prospective get them shot while they're there, what if the sunday shooter doesn't make it,birds don't turn up, weather is against him, the opportunity is lost. The end of the day it's out &out pest control. Just my view.
  3. Yup I'm in with that, been happening over 1000s of years like boiling the kettle the temperature accelerate nearer the boil over a shorter time.
  4. Not a Facebook er any other way to view her hard work.
  5. Soil fixer, some varieties are grown before potatoes to help control, soil pests. I would say some fields are behind being cultivated due to the wet conditions
  6. Norfolk is full of shooting estates, contact them more you put in more you get out, listen to instructions be polite, and tidy
  7. As a wildfowler and vermin shooter, mainly if the slightest rumble starts they will be the first to shout.........WE all need to stick together, but don't recall other areas running to help fowlers. Just a thought
  8. Konnie

    Poor old Elizabeth

    Give it enough publicity, and it will be impossible for there to be any kind of unbiased trial. Problem solved for him
  9. Thanks for posting, always look for your videos. Nice bit of ground you shoot over there, great habitat
  10. This is exactly what I mentioned within the first 10 posts on this subject. Put just sky around a object and it is a lot harder to judge than distance along floor or tree.
  11. Floating feeder on a pallet seen them used in Sweden. Make the feed hopper at the bottom 2" so a bit of 2x2 can be used to shutter it down a bit if needed,as it sounds that it needs to be available but not too quickly so its nearly out when you return
  12. Ely is a good club or was years ago with some nice washes. Holbeach wildfowlers has vacancies and has a large wash at earith
  13. Konnie

    Black Friday

    No, not a fan of parting with my hard earned
  14. Konnie

    Black Friday

    Just up the road to me
  15. Konnie

    17 mod

    Think there is a older thread about this. I have a sac mod on mine
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