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  1. Konnie

    Plant ID.

    Is it a type of medler?....not sure of spelling
  2. Start with checking silicone seal could have pin hole if water was constant, possibly always leaked it's just you now let more water through.
  3. If they are slate you can thin or even them a little with a wood chisel, use to do this occasionally in fire place manufacturing.
  4. Remember that you can claim your BASC membership back so in theory you would get one free!!!!
  5. If I understand it to be you cannot take a Fac weapon in persuit of game this includes wildfowling so as above with the geese was illegal, as it's as species not situation. So such a weapon is limited.
  6. One in holbeach has been part open for years
  7. If it was essential to shoot pigeons before corona virus for crop protection I see it as still essential, as we should remember they are shot under the general licence not for recreation sport if they are damaging/diminishing (eating seed) a crop. That's my opinion Ask a farmer if he considers it important, as long as you are safe.
  8. It's a wildfowling club not a goose shooting club as you mentioned "goose ally" everything shot on the foreshore is earnt!!
  9. No put in your application it will possibly just mean you will have to be accompanied out on the marsh for a while, so that they know you are safe. Tides etc.
  10. Dewalt combi drill, need not be the brushless model for diy, will drill & screwdriver to DIY standards
  11. Trouble is if the space is too short you will eventually end up with a minimum of 3 dogs, mine are labs oldest one lived to 13 1/2 youngest died at just before 12yrs I find they roughly ease up at 10yrs if used for full days shooting or picking up. So... 1 dog retired 1 dog about to retire 1 trainee You have now moved to 3 dogs as the spacing is too close I have had 3 several times when I was breeding just to keep my blood line but now have 2 and replace as one passes away.
  12. I think 8yrs is time for a apprentice dog roughly 2 years until they are ready for the field then my older one that would be 10yrs is retired from fowling and does peg days and pigeon decoying with apprentice watching to steady it up. You have to think kennel room and time.... also the amount of work you have for them,
  13. Think even they would have trouble trying to influence anything on the washes, remember at the end of the day they just make up a large drainage channel when needed and are not a natural thing but were dug out so how does that stand in thier natural environment.
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