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  1. Konnie

    Six nations

    Well played wales solid performance. Some very worried sheep out there this evening 😨
  2. Over the last 2 years I have had 2 traps in the farm yard, no more than 20m apart but out of sight of each other and they don't half chat to each other bringing others in. Possibly worth a try if you are running 2 traps in a wooded area.
  3. you can get coloured electic fence posts the plastic things spike for ground light to carry,seen a shoot use the bright ones as peg markers, your friend could buy them and also use them for his stock.
  4. So my explanation is we have just said we will sign a contract to buy a house, Then we will start negotiations on a price. THEY have just given all our bargaining power away Europe now has nothing to fear a football match that we cannot score in its a draw or we lose ………. If we stop in a fund should be raised and take all those in government to the European court of appeal for not doing the countries bidding.... very corrupt
  5. You also mentioned light land Jdog the farmer on my perm always says we mostly get the same amount of rain in a 12 month period, possible if he gets it in too early and it gets too much rain it could cap the land. Also Barley doesn't like its feet in water and will rot, so may be a possibility with some of the other seeds mentioned.
  6. Konnie

    Six nations

    Good game Unfortunate England did not have a plan B, when Wales got to grips with defending their kicking game.
  7. Simple answer NO Thought this had been sorted any person supporting isis has committed a crime only a couple of weeks ago someone was ailed for sending funds. No doubt millions will be spent deciding.
  8. This is not Rubbish, many moons ago was on a shoot where at the time one of the top dogs in the country was picking up, would not have given it kennel room had to be directed within 2yrds of drop to find game. I have also owned a field trial grade dog and until it was encouraged to use its own head a little was of little worth but looked good doing demos A stud DOG can make in the region of 40,000 pounds tell me money does not factor in when a lot more dogs are run in trials than bitches who have a maximum amount of litters. But this is not always the case there are some very talented dogs and handlers out there.
  9. Not sure if it was that variety but was in a shoot that had a drive next to a farm yard and had to put cobless maize in to stop rat problem near buildings. functioned exactly the same as normal just no food value.
  10. worth a look tomorrow afternoon some proper wind, they will be walking home.
  11. So if we now don't leave Scotland will want another vote and any other votes offered to the public might as well only have one option on the ballet paper the one they want. Getting like some African countries your free to vote as long as you vote our way.
  12. I find the correct clips good for packing away and stopping tangles, everything else depends on conditions push , of tide depth of water as fast tide up a creek that is deep will pull decoys under. trial and error on your given marsh.
  13. No never used it, but have shot in Norfolk on some wet meadows and seen it growing wild and holds birds and seemed to cope well with the conditions you described, and it will need minimal attention once established. All the best with your project.
  14. Look at sedge bit of a project but will see you ok
  15. Sorry to hear of your loss Would go with JDog cannot think of anything farm wise requiring any amount of chemical use.
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