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  1. Any pictures as I may be able to help spent 28yrs working with marble and granite, Seal with lithoin (spelling) its a marble/granite stain guard some marbles are not that great in weather your really looking at granites for exterior, and some marbles if it has open veins on the reverse may not be strong so would not be best for a table.....Sorry.
  2. Cereals are well on now so they have cover, just don't need temp to go to low as in my opinion they will cope with a bit of rain but the cold once wet really hits them, but its a start, we feed all year around if possible so to make sure hens are in good condition.
  3. First pheasant chicks seen on my perm today, about 2 days old.
  4. If you google vine house farm deeping st Nicholas, the farmer Nicholas watts grows acres of sunflowers an produces bird seed mixes, and does very well from it too as he has a good wild bird shoot.
  5. I cannot do it on word as it tells me its expired on my computer and it is not available in pdf, I have updated adobe reader and nothing just some jargan about you need this and that. So im a shooter whos time is coming to a end.
  6. Hi David,

    We spoke on the phone earlier this week regards GL and established that I was in the need of a individual licence to control certain problem species. However after continued tries using various computers and browsers, I am unable to apply, is there any mail address that will get a letter on the correct desk as once letter is posted, with my requirements I will have to commence control, write or wrong this situation is just beyond belief now.

    Many thanks Gary

    1. gary.ebbage@btinternet.com

      message me the email address to send them on to if I can get them filled in

      Many thanks for your time.

      1. May I ask how you applied cannot get on, on my computer neither on my wifes new one or phone, so I cannot apply !!!!!!
      2. these birds are a tide that needs to be tried to control it never will due to towns etc being a safe haven. Just to chuck some figures out there talking to someone local who runs a large wildbird shoot, in the last 4 years have accounted for over 600 magpies/crows also shot on this area are in the region of 200 foxes annually.
      3. As you say ND, who would take the case to court, not the cps without a high expectancy of success. As if like you say …. When asked what made you think pigeons needed shooting..... Answer.. farmer as in his professional capacity as a FARMER, said the pigeons were eating said crop..... how do they fight against that, if the boxes have been ticked regards scaring
      4. GL04 has gone never coming back As I see it there are going to be several species overlapping licences so lots of reading and hoops, this is all about making it difficult for those wishing to comply.
      5. Sorted now license is out been through it no need to apply, just try to scare as normal then shoot them so as I see it no change from other one if you were using I for its intended purpose, the bit I was unable to use was single license application and still cannot.
      6. And that eventually refers you back to the GL website that I cannot download, fill in so I become someone who is not counted at this rate there will be no need for any GL as only about 10 people applied country wide, i'm hoping to call BASC in the week but don't expect to get through because of demand hence my ask for just a reference/instruction page as this fiasco unfolds.
      7. thanks for the time writing, sounds like a grand trip.
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