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  1. Konnie

    Utah Elk Hunting

    thankyou for sharing, great write up and sounded very enjoyable.
  2. Konnie

    Goose News 2018

    Nice to see shooting not flagged up in the reports, on pinks, they seem to be holding a steady number.
  3. Konnie

    Just what the doctor ordered

    Well done chaps, well shot right place right time yet again.
  4. Konnie

    They Are Returning

    At chap told me there were about 500 in Norfolk on the 1st, his pal a keen fowler lorry driver had seen them while passing through Norfolk, He did not mention where.
  5. Konnie

    Gordon Brown Fears Another Economic Meltdown

    Above is excellent. I cannot think of anyone more responsible for the economic woes of the country, he held the purse strings longer than any one and neglected to tell people how it was. The man is as close to being a criminal as you could get without getting done possible because of his boss Teflon tony.
  6. Konnie

    Do they feed on maize?? (sweetcorn)

    If the maize is for biofuel you will find if is cobless and of no food value and will only get a quick visit
  7. Konnie

    Bird ownership

    this is the law
  8. Konnie

    The Silent Killer Of Dogs

    As long as we do our best for them and keep hem well, all is good. Have a old one here she is going slowly body is warn out but brain is as sharp as a pin, sad to watch but we enjoy each others company.
  9. Konnie

    Pheasant Pellets

    182 pounds on the farming markets, they must be top quality bags he's putting it in.
  10. Konnie

    Early Season Mallard!

    All down to the individual, some people won't change all their shooting life I as others like just to be out with gun and dog was out on the 1st managed a few mallard between 2 of us and were away before they stopped coming in to give them a safe place for the day, think they had a decent breeding year as they 80+% were good sized birds and were very alert this early in the season.
  11. Konnie

    Good pigeon bags

    Are they a bag for life
  12. Konnie

    Eating my roses, what are they?

    Not saying it works with catapillars but put fairy liquid in a solution and give it a go. A insecticide does not discriminate kills all insects good and bad, that's the problem
  13. Konnie

    17 HMR Scope with side focus

    Depends how you plan to use it, 50mm will pull in a little more light for dusk shooting which may help.
  14. Konnie

    1st sept

    Yes all the best to all, keep safe, and have some good sport.
  15. Konnie

    Ida my new Lab

    Is it s a local dog been keeping a eye out for labs just in case and hard to find good ones Lot of mischief bottled up there