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  1. Can you find any of the non returning members and inquire Sometimes the problem stays and workers leave or problem is outed,
  2. yes have one but as mentioned now covered by others not having to apply. Maybe if everyone applied would have helped as numbers would have been greater as this is by no means the end of this saga.
  3. used to get damage like that on my perm, one year 2acres, in one section, then convinced the farmer not to mow the farm tracks next to cereal fields this stopped it, if they can stand on the ground and jump up hold on and pull it down this is what happens. worth a mention to your farmer worth a few brownie points.
  4. Walking the dogs this morning saw first signs of pigeons gritting on the side of the roads and farm tracks.
  5. Absolutely wonderful thanks for sharing ...great find
  6. Have a look at "varmint Al's website it has lots of calculations for 17HMR
  7. Yes on our 2nd day of rain now, sugar beet and potatoes not quite big enough to give shelter, and as you say temp has dropped which I consider to be the thing that kills them.
  8. Just had one like this on mobile but text saying im due a tax rebate,
  9. Got some laid barley here already nothing has found it yet, could be a lot more by end of the week.
  10. Used to have a saying where I last worked. We are all treated equally just some are treated more equally than others
  11. Made fireplaces/granite worktops for 28yrs, then 10 months ago changed to go and be a labourer in the building trade doing kitchen/bathroom removal-refits
  12. Try "DUCK DRI" treggings
  13. As above, if you have to spray you will struggle to find sprays for weed control
  14. You could broadcast utopia around the outside edge of the plot and rake it in, would act as a wind break and cut down the view birds have of guns etc, If you have long plots you could also do a couple of breeds across cover to stop so much run through and large flushes of birds, It is best to stick to the outsides as from experience broadcasting other seeds to compete, just creates competition and 2 weak plants.
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