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  1. Konnie

    Recommend me a Garden hose...

    Decent quality lasts better mine has tricoflex printed on the side not sure if this is the make or just brand stamp, and nothing plastic splits easily rubber type.
  2. Konnie


    Is there a link or video of these ?
  3. Konnie

    Plant Killer?

    Put a drip of washing up liquid in with weed killer acts as a wetter, to make chemical stick to leafs better, it will kill both if applied correctly.
  4. Konnie

    Basc wildfowling officer?

    I think BASC has become a bit like the government a climbing ladder, no one really wants the wildfowling job but would like one a couple of rungs up, so we fowlers get no continuity and no fighting or corner. Or as motty says possibly a naughty boy....
  5. Konnie

    Boanerges Roars

    A good read and a good heritage story, all the best on your travels.
  6. Konnie

    Plant ID Help Please

    Found Depitox seems to make it very poorly, I think it's 2-4d that it contains (used it in paddock for mares tail)
  7. Konnie


    Wad wizard in a xtrema
  8. Konnie

    Wad Wizard Choke

    Yes very good choke for fowling use one in my auto all the time.
  9. Konnie

    Fenn trapping new rules

    Wonder how in depth they go, dissect the victim to see if it was actually dead and not just nerves giving indication of life, The only live rat I have found in a fenn was caught by it's tail, 45 seconds is a long time with the force of a fenn trap.
  10. What's the price on these at the moment please. And what sort of weight are they.
  11. Konnie

    A small bag but a great day.

    As you say some days it's just nice to be out. That's a fairly large wind break behind your hide.
  12. Konnie

    BBC radio 2 now

    Yeah seen that ain't that where Van Dam is in the coors light ad, and they all neglected to say the moon is made of cheese
  13. Interesting piece in the sporting gun this month, It mentions that any person can ask for a printout of their medical records from the doctor and they are only allowed to charge £10 for this, the person should then just send a copy to the issuing force and it should be enough, as the GP is not tasked with the job of passing judgement of the persons suitability, that is the issuing forces responsibility. Very interesting point.
  14. Konnie


    You never stop learning about pigeon shooting, wild animals are unpredictable, fieldcraft and knowledge help a lot to increase your chances of a good outing just enjoy every outing and start
  15. Konnie

    Increase in violent crime.

    Something that has become clear while growing up. Only white people can be racist Only innocent young people with no ties to gangs get stabbed or shot in cities. possibly some more but don't come to mind right now.