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  1. Think even they would have trouble trying to influence anything on the washes, remember at the end of the day they just make up a large drainage channel when needed and are not a natural thing but were dug out so how does that stand in thier natural environment.
  2. Wishing you all the best, so not a dig but would hate to see a new venture fail but your figures are dirt cheap if I read it rightly. A syndicate member shoots at £12.50 bird A single gun on same bag at £350 shots at just over £29 a bird On last seasons price per bird you would be a very cheap shoot day
  3. Konnie

    is weekend

    The straightening of water ways so we can build nice picturesque houses on the banks, this shortens the water course meaning water gets from A to B quicker but if it cannot get out it backs up. Also in this area not seen a dragline dredger since I was a boy, the salt marsh is now higher than the land inside the sea wall and is pumped out by automatic pumps instead of lock gates, the sea wall needs strengthening now but I guess cannot be touched because it is a sssi , when will common sense come back to be back , too much done by people with degrees rather than experience.
  4. Wish basic would fight for lesser areas gl and wildfowling like it does the £££££ game area even before its hit the headlines they are prepared to go all the way. Just saying......
  5. Always been Saturday in my bit of Lincolnshire, was a decent evening tonight but due to wind didn't hear much shooting but saw more birds than last week.
  6. What about charge times Think motorway services can fill your car in 5min and pay, if a car is electric and taking 20min say to charge the area will need to huge. How will a service bus run all day.
  7. You could try a kale/rape hybrid as you have no chemical control this may be a alternative, when i have used it it has out grown flea beetle damage,
  8. Konnie


    Possibly chuck up a McDonald's as that's part of wild britain on a friday or Saturday night.
  9. My yellow lab makes noises when pampered in a relaxed state, if I ask her what she has to say she will mostly talk back to receive more fuss. The other dog doesn't do a thing.
  10. Think he's after 2 pegs, not offering as I read it might be wrong.
  11. I had a day shooting with a chap a couple of weeks ago in Norfolk he has parkinsons for several years now, is on medication and has the shakes also drives, but still a accomplished game shot. All the best to you.
  12. Put signs up dog wires, then use mig welder wire on 2x2 posts 15 inches high job done. They will have to roll the dice to course your patch.
  13. Yup good to know your still about,
  14. Yes all wishing you a great new year ahead, and have a safe evening.
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