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  1. Konnie

    Earith Wash

    As above they should be off as they were left on longer than agreed last year and this was raised at a meeting and should have been corrected, Many thanks TT
  2. Konnie

    Earith Wash

    Are you sure they were on the washes that are club owned as RSPB wash is next to it as you access it, it is divided by a dyke. They should be off club ground I think start October. Please let me know if you are sure they are on club grounds
  3. If you have a second hand one take it out yourself and label doors etc A good visual is when the units are joined to each other are screws put behind hinges, as I would class this as taking time if screws all over you may find other problems when dismantling, check rear of sink unit for water damage.
  4. Konnie

    Wet morning on the pinks and teal.

    Think the guide was ian Robertson Or robinson
  5. Konnie

    Hello from Lincolnshire

  6. Konnie

    Wet morning on the pinks and teal.

    Been up years ago and shot strathbeg absolutely amazing place, chap that sorted it was a character, had the geese dressed at I think it was mintlaw
  7. Konnie

    chop saw

    Have a matabo german made worth a look lot of tool for the money
  8. Konnie

    Quarrybrae syndicate shoot

    Sounds like a great day it's all about a bit of sport and leave some for another day
  9. Konnie

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Possibly been said long thread, But if no Brexit....would that not mean we live in a dictatorship. Your allowed to vote then we will do what we want...…..government
  10. Konnie

    14 million in poverty

    Possibly 8 million are people that cannot have what they want NOW...… and consider that poverty, Work is a wonderful thing.....Mrs works for a company that pays all sick pay at normal rate...I work for places that don't guess which area has least sick days and I doubt my work mates are any healthier
  11. do you have a patio cleaning head for your washer, as this does the job without the jet damage of the normal lance I personally find, this will help with grout issue,
  12. Konnie

    .17 hmr range

    100 mt in all day in those conditions, With time on quarry to calculate 150m regular
  13. Konnie

    Treated wheat

    if I get any I 50/50 mix it and use for loose feeding, if you put it in feeders the birds peck it out looking for better stuff. Yes it is treated but it's what they are eating on drilled fields pigeons pheasants rooks etc, Never turn free feed down
  14. Konnie

    Gravestones and Gold leaf

    Do plenty of research no rush as I would say best results will be gained in dry summer days, granite will remain moist and cold all day this time of year,
  15. Konnie

    fox red lab mistaken for fox

    If you have such little faith in the guns find another shoot, not being funny with you, but guns are in use and rules should be laid down no hazy edges, I state no ground game full stop the rifle will deal with foxes, guns will not be given 2nd chance. If you are not happy with shoot captains talk walk away or just pick up after end of drive whistle.