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  1. Take the carpet up, Get a thing called a paper tiger, if you are re wallpapering, 5L pump sprayer fill with water and fairy liquid stir to mix so it doesn't bubble in sprayer, a good wooden handle scraper 3" And away you go If painting do a small section without paper tiger and see what quality the walls are as your plans may change. I'm no decorator but rip out council properties 4 days a week for refurbishment so have delt with various situations and this method deals with the majority.
  2. What room is it in. Painted or not shiney coating or the like
  3. Konnie


    Decent bit of moon light and they will move constantly.
  4. Take pics from different angles even with tape measure next to top etc, and ask at builders merchants some are really helpful.
  5. Bet fat Sahara throws some shapes down the local after few sherberts
  6. Konnie

    Beating stick

    As above 1m will do you and you won't mind if you loose it and doubt it will be pinched
  7. Just a thought if she feels so very strongly about climate change, her next stop will be China and preach to them about building coal power stations etc.
  8. Konnie

    rump steak

    That's a early start ditchy
  9. Would the wigeon have overwintered here or a arrival in your area. Good start to the season
  10. Some excellent shooting there, great sport flightline pigeon shooting
  11. Outstanding piece of work.
  12. As above dont think chemical treatments solve all all round up based sprays are contact kills, if a small weed is under a cold or stone and sprayed it will not die,
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