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  1. Put a nail through the conkers, they wont carry them off then.
  2. Well I am 78, I think it will be young pup training old man.😂 You hit the nail on head Dougy.
  3. My boys new dog Buster. He 6 months old now and spends a bit of time with me, we have a nice walk mixed with just a wee bit of training. He is very headstrong at the moment which one can only expect of a pup, but i am well pleased with his learning skills. He is taking on board commands nicely but sometimes falls down on the recall if he has other things on his mind. If he turns out like Meg he will be a goodun.
  4. We used to take our feet to the local office of NFU, Two feet= One cartridge,
  5. Remembering those days marsh man, we only handed feet in for the cartridges. We would would still be left with the rest of the bird.
  6. Whats it like in your area. First it was bog rolls, now its fuel.
  7. Its handy stuff ditchman. A couple of years ago my grand daughter was cutting my wifes hair, my wife was on blood thinners at the time. My grand daughter managed to put a tiny nick in my wifes head. It was a tiny nick, you would never believe how much blood was coming out. Quick dob of super glue, done job.
  8. Can also be used to raise fingerprints from objects.
  9. As an overhead linesman in the 60s we used dampers on transmission lines to stop vibration.
  10. Just a little add on. Anyone thinking of jacking up a 4x4, get the props for the job. With the more acute angle normal props wont last long.
  11. Its a puzzle, you can hang on the handle and get 3-4 mm of disc glowing red but it still doesnt stall out. Well its off back to the son in law tomorrow, I am well pleased with my new chop saw with toothed blade. Next question, how long do toothed blades last.
  12. This is the ID plate, run speed 4000 rpm
  13. I am scratching my head on this one Simon, I even went down our welding centre and showed them the discs i was using, they said the wasnt mickey mouse discs. I came away with one of their discs and got the same results. I always fit discs with the name to the outside, if they were directional they would have arrow surely.
  14. I was given a Metabo chop saw by my son in law, virtually brand new. It came with a metal disc fitted and a box of metal cutting discs of a different make. Last weekend I tried to use it, well I just dont know whats wrong with it. I tried to cut some 50x50 box, It eventually wore its way through leaving a terrible cut with burrs. I tried the different make of discs with same outcome. I tried light, medium and heavy pressure on the handle, even the box section started to glow. Its no big deal as I have been out and bought myself an Evolution chop saw with a TCT blade, a proper chop saw. I would still be interested on your comments of what could be wrong.
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