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    retired. spend my days rabbit and pigeon clearance

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  1. Well if you cant cover your rabbits Julean give me a shout
  2. My wife and i our now looking out from our patio. There is a male blackbird sitting on one roof going frantic giving alarm call, on the next roof there a magpie sitting with its beady eye on something. I guess thats one brood of blackbird nestlings wont be growing up
  3. Same for my Landy, It puts me in he mind of the old Duckhams.
  4. This ole boi knows what he,s torqueing about.
  5. My newly painted fence has just become one, The paint is called Sage Green with White highlights.
  6. Was that you doing those pigeon distress calls.
  7. Pigeon Alarm Call. What a joke, Who pays these people. I hope BASC records all this tosh and shoves it down their throats.
  8. I shouldnt be speaking of this at 76 but i have such a young mind
  9. Its me I am thinking of TC, I get blood pressure but not in the right places
  10. How many do I need to lower my blood pressure lol. Thanks for your input guys.
  11. The pic was taken through a fence TC, are the berries edible, they look a lot like grapes.
  12. Another one for the botanists or arborists. Could someone tell me what this is please. The wife suggested Mahonia.
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