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    retired. spend my days rabbit and pigeon clearance

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  1. A well worded post by someone who understands long range shooting.
  2. Talking about other people looking in on this forum. If your avatar is looking down the barrels of two handguns, thats just what CP mob wants to see.
  3. I sat watching a guy through the binos one day. He had a good pattern of decoys and a magnet, every incoming bird flared at about 50 yrds, his magnet arms were flashing in the sun like beacons.
  4. Achieving what nature normally does, well done Walker.
  5. Very smart that, it would grace any table.
  6. Had a Milbro as a kid but not for long, after a few black thumbnails I made my own from a nice Holly crutch.
  7. Stand by Stu the 50yd shooters are out.
  8. Hope your ready for some flack, a few years ago I downed a rabbit at 195 pinged yds with my .22LR and made the mistake of posting on here. Got a right going over. We must not be long range shooters, end of. Well done Stu.
  9. Maybe they would pay you more for bunny mince
  10. We should rename this man, The Dogs Doodaas.
  11. Now I had you down as a Douglas Dragonfly man ditchman.
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