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  1. Will def take a look, thanks for heads up. They have certainly come down in price
  2. Worth a punt at that money D1.
  3. No 1 should cut better now. No 2 waiting for plate to be rolled. Start stripping floor out of No 3 tomorrow.
  4. I have used a plasma cutter, they make life easy, sadly I dont own one. I have been using a disc cutter, not half getting through discs.😂
  5. No 2 getting tired cut bottom out today, measured and cut some plate to be rolled tomorrow
  6. First one was easy one, other than waiting for cutting edge, just a couple of cracks in ears to chase out and weld.
  7. They nice and green, watered them last night. Sorry couldnt resist. They all quick fit buckets Simon, the pins are static. Didnt know you was a Harford man, they had some kit.
  8. My grandson likes to keep me busy. New cutting edges , 2 or 3 floors to cut out and re skin, and one being turned into a riddle bucket.
  9. Yep Lansky and strop, a finish you can shave with.
  10. Thought I was going to pop something getting in down from old bench.😂
  11. Been wanting to get rid of the old wooden bench for some time. As luck had it some nice second hand 6mm plate came my way courtesy of my boy. A small all metal welding bench came to mind, nothing too big, I can always tack on outriggers, and something I can move around easily. I decided on 1250mm x 750mm x 6mm top on 50x50mm box frame and legs.
  12. Its got to be better for you than that other stuff you watch.
  13. Our tap water comes from Marham in Norfolk. When I make a mug of tea with tea bag I always pour the boiled water through a tea strainer. What you see in the pic is from 4-5 mugs of tea, I dont know if this is a mineral residue or some form of additive. I often think if I didnt use the strainer my gut would be well rendered.😂.
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