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  1. Top class, very nice ditchman.
  2. First job today remove bottom box section and cut holes for tine bushes. I am pleased the grandson asked for the reduction in frame height, it looks better. Its starting to look like a bale spike now. I think tomorrow should see it finished, well thats the plan, he wants it for Saturday.
  3. As the pics are a bit boring i thought i would add a little reading matter and props
  4. Well i eventually got my 20mm plate cut on the water cutter and got the fixings tacked on. Took the frame to the teleporter and it fits ok, small adjustment needed as the grandson decided he doesnt want the frame as deep, i will now have to cut the bottom box and raise it, not a problem as i was going to remove the bottom box anyway, as i need to cut 2 51mm holes in it for the spike bushes. The bales spikes arrived today so tomorrow I should get some welding started.
  5. 500 amp, thats a serious piece of kit Rob, what wire does it run. Makes my 250 Migatronic look like a toy.
  6. Not a very productive day, didnt get the box until 4pm and my fixings didnt get cut with the water cutter. I managed to get the main frame tacked. Drove the five miles to the teleporter, it wouldnt start so couldnt take the forks off the quick hitch. Thats the problem making something for a machine down the road, if you havnt a set of drawings you have to do a bit then go check it out, or you could complete it and then find it dont fit..
  7. You are right Rob about stick welding, but my little oil cooled Cytrogen is in the corner with about 25 years of dust on it, and the furred up rods long gone. That must have been quite a chore cutting hardox with a 4 1/2 grinder. I did ask my relation how long it would take him to cut the plates and 80mm holes on the water cutter, he replied oh about 10 minutes I dont normally cut anything thinner than 30mm
  8. My grandson has been cutting and balling his hay, he now wants a bale spike with quick hitch making for his big bales. I have started sorting out some fixings, that 16mm plate takes some cutting without gas. I have managed to get some marked out and ready for water jet cutting tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow my 80x80x5mm box for the main frame should be ready for collection.Pic 4 is only a jack but its a great adjustable workbench.
  9. Well I hope it holds, I havnt got any plate thicker than 16mm, and no longer having any gas gear I dont want to be cutting anything thicker.
  10. This what you mean Simon.
  11. New beefed up fixings. He is going to try and break it again this weekend. Next project is bale spikes on a quick hitch..
  12. Do bale spikes fit into a tapered bush. My next project for my grandson is to fabricate a quick hitch bale spike for the large round bales. The closest i have been to one of these is on google. I have been looking at the actual spikes online and the fixing end looks tapered. Any advice gladly accepted.
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