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  1. DEFINITELY. Big hole saw cutter would fix that O F
  2. I don't want to be importing a section 1 into the country without a licence. Think you have already answered your own question bud.
  3. Recently had same type of problem on wifes Pug, this was censor and thermostat housing all in one. Think the bit was about 14 quid which included the thermostat too.
  4. A lot of talented and knowledgeable people on this forum always eager to help others. Pigeon Watch at its best.
  5. That was you silted our river up, tipping all the bl@@#y carp up our end.
  6. Good advice ditchman, Its surprising what a bit of fine wet and dry and some metal polish will do.
  7. Got the tailshaft flange off. The oil leak is self evident now, there is a bit of oil seal wear on the shaft. I have found one listed for 150 quid, I may have to put up with a leak. . I have also noticed the inner felt seal fitted is the seal for the outer end of halfshafts, it being black on one side. The correct one, is listed as waxed felt seal which is all white. The correct waxed seal.
  8. Come on man read the posts, Sort him out ditchman. .
  9. Now I dont know what the torque setting is for this nut i havnt looked it up yet, What i can say is, it was barely finger tight. No movement in the tail shaft, that must be a plus.
  10. Right where were we, Got the propshaft front coupling off, just got to get this split pin out of the castellated nut. Go on give it a good yank, oh dear this 76 year old skin is like tissue paper
  11. Thanks Saltings, Gearbox and Transfer box was reconditioned a couple of years back, I think a lot of the problems are they dont make seals like they used to.
  12. Think old TK Bedfords had them in the same place, disc though if my memory is correct. There is a Disc replacement kit for Series.
  13. It aint strictly lost Simon, I had swept the dust and carp from the workshop floor and left it in a heap below the transfer box. That will catch any oil me thinks, where did the nut fall. Yep somewhere in the middle of heap of dust, swarf and other bits and pieces.
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