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    retired. spend my days rabbit and pigeon clearance

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  1. la bala

    Series 2a

    This post is going to be longer than Vikings.
  2. la bala

    Series 2a

    Come on SE, did it fit.
  3. la bala

    im no expert...wine

    Si Hombre
  4. la bala

    Series 2a

    Before you get too far in, just check the threads will marry up. Let us know how you get on.
  5. la bala


  6. la bala

    Series 2a

    Ah I see, opposite to a series 3 then.
  7. la bala

    Series 2a

    And the next bit, check threads on new parts, metric or imperial.
  8. la bala

    Series 2a

    I am a little confused, your saying the cylinder on the right is clutch. It looks like brake to me.
  9. la bala

    Series 2a

    Yer cant have crud getting into your bits. Now get it put on and stop messing about
  10. la bala

    Series 2a

    This is my set up of brake master cylinder.
  11. la bala

    Series 2a

    Put a pic up, lets have a look.
  12. la bala

    Series 2a

    Your having some bad luck with wrong spares turning up. Hope you get sorted. If it was a common old series 3 you wouldnt have a problem.
  13. la bala

    Series 2a

    Yep filing the leading edge is a good way forward.
  14. la bala

    Series 2a

    I have had the same problem when fitting master cylinders. Did try one of those easy bleed things but couldnt get on with it..