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    retired. spend my days rabbit and pigeon clearance

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  1. la bala

    Shooting over hemp?

    Give it a go, you should have a tranquil day.
  2. la bala

    Ditchman and God

    Take it easy Simon, get your feet up for a bit.
  3. la bala

    "Im mainly dioptering"......

    Some high tech stuff there ditchman, way above my head, hats off to you.
  4. la bala

    New DIY project tomorrow

    They marked up on the springs ditchman, O/S and N/S
  5. la bala

    New DIY project tomorrow

    Just one important thing I forgot to say, When you fit your new springs just do all the nuts and bolts finger tight. Give it a run up and down your drive, to settle everything, and then torque all the bolts without jacking it up.
  6. la bala

    New DIY project tomorrow

    Where was we, oh yes. Remove the u/bolts and bin, you should have new ones with your springs, if you dont want to bin them just hoard them like i do. I now just release the trolley jack slightly, this allows the spring to just drop slightly and the u/bolt mounting plate to drop away. Next I hold the front of the spring, remove the bolt and lower it to the floor. Lastly hold the back of the spring and lower it to the floor. When you fit the new spring do it all in reverse sequence, jobs a goodun. I did have a couple of setbacks, the rear chassis bushes need replacing, I thought I had some in the stores, I had but they were for the front. Also needed rubber bushes for shock absorbers but have only enough for one side.
  7. la bala

    New DIY project tomorrow

    Right lets get on, but firstly just have a little think about your safety. I think most of us in our younger days have had vehicles balanced on bricks and scissor jacks. Imagine your poor wife coming out to the workshop and seeing you with a ton of motor on you, just give a little thought before you start. Okay this is how I do it, I jack the back of the truck as high as i can without stretching the rear flexi brake pipes. Oh by the way I have taken the wheel off. I place good heavy duty axle stands under the chassis just forward of the front of the springs. I then place a small trolley under the brake drum, just enough to take the weight of the axle. Number one job, remove the split pin from bottom of shock absorber and swing shocker out of the way. Next loosen off the nuts and bolts from the spring hangers and mountings, also all the nuts on the u/bolts. This is an easy job as you soaked them all in penetrating oil several days ago, what you didnt, well best you get a big bar. Thats enough of that, On Your Bike.
  8. la bala

    New DIY project tomorrow

    The new parabolics came today, not to impressed with colour so they will get a coat of black. Will give a brief account how I do it, others may do it different. The springs are made in this country so hopefully will last longer than the tat I am taking off.
  9. She has got her new boots on. Starting tomorrow its going to get a bit manual. New set of parabolic springs being delivered to replace the tired old blue box ones fitted a couple of years ago. I put the tape measure on today, front offside 40mm lower than front nearside.
  10. la bala

    Not "off topic"

  11. la bala

    Navy Diver

    Fingers crossed, hope all goes well for the many people involved in this rescue.
  12. la bala

    Fac break barrel

    Had a Theoben Eliminator back in the day, needed arms like popeye to cock it.
  13. la bala

    Hosepipe ban

    Go and sit down in the cool somewhere, your putting your blood pressure up.
  14. la bala

    Navy Diver

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-44734385 What a sad loss, R.I.P. Respect.
  15. la bala

    Insa Turbo Tyres

    Most of my permissions are within 5 miles so mostly off road. I was running 235x70x16 on my series 88 inch. Have decided to come down to 205x80x16 which is very much on par with the old cross plys she would have come out with. Ordered today, now busy derusting and painting wheels