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    retired. spend my days rabbit and pigeon clearance
  1. Project next week.

    Nah, I have more pressing things to do in my life
  2. Project next week.

    Well if I ever need to replace the spring eye bushes on the Landrover again it will be a piece of cake. In the back of the workshop I had the original springs I took off my 76 short wheel base. As I was on my own I cut the end off one of the scrap springs to make for easy handling. I dont know if the bushes were original but prior to wire brushing they looked well rusted. As i didnt have any mandrels I had to resort to sockets, DONT TRY THIS AT HOME sockets have been known to shatter, although one was an impact socket. I am in no doubt a 10 ton press would have done it just as well, but this was just another little play exercise. I pressed it back in just to complete the exercise.
  3. Project next week.

    Log splitter johnphilip, now there is a project for the future.
  4. Handfasting Ceremony

    Her paper thong would be like chewing jerky.
  5. Project next week.

    Some people go train spotting, I go out with my rifle or play with metal.
  6. Project next week.

    Made up a rough tool for folding angle brackets, not that I want to make any brackets, just playing. Just had a few scrap ends lying about, 2, 3 and 6mm, it handled the 6mm without effort. I am pretty happy with the way its turned out
  7. Project next week.

    Big Mat said. You didn't collect the bar from an engineering shop with the big white doors on harecroft road did you? I sure did Big Mat, is it your place of work. Some impressive CNC machines in there.
  8. Project next week.

    What you doing on here, your supposed to be fettling your Land Rover, get on with it.
  9. Any advice on an old knife

    That should tidy up nice
  10. Project next week.

    Get um in there hawkeye i will man the handle
  11. Project next week.

    Bit of fine tuning, The press bar had just a tiny bit of end float, a couple of pieces of 1mm brass sheet sorted it. Time to go through the scrap heap for some pressing tools.

    Anyone crossing the channel on a flight path to Stansted will have a good display.
  13. Project next week.

    You and me both.
  14. Project next week.

    Paint almost done, soon be ready for another test run.
  15. Project next week.

    Finished the welding today. Went to buy a tin of red paint. Cor blimey, had to pay £9-80, tell you what i didnt buy any undercoat, it will get 2 coats of red. Thats my pension gone for this month .