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    retired. spend my days rabbit and pigeon clearance
  1. "im mainly (at it again)"

    I dont possess end mills but when i altered my table i used allen bolts with countersunk heads, maybe thats all ditchman had in his stores.
  2. Any Hampshire members?

    Time flies when your pigeon shooting.
  3. "im mainly (at it again)"

    As they say in the west country, jabs a goodun . Have PMd you Simon.
  4. "im mainly (at it again)"

    That centre roller looks much better ditchman, its coming together now boi
  5. drill bits

    And if you do find one, dont use it with a left handed chisel.
  6. "im mainly (at it again)"

    Something about a nice puddle weld Looking good ditchman.
  7. Can't log onto my p.c

    You havnt changed the case button have you?
  8. "im mainly (at it again)"

    Will you rubber mount the motor down ditchman, I got a big old compressor, she stands on conveyor belting.
  9. "im mainly (at it again)"

  10. Old uk silver coins

    You have really answered your own question. If you dont want to research the dates, weigh them in., quick fix job done.
  11. Old uk silver coins

    Sound advice
  12. "im mainly (at it again)"

    Where is he.
  13. "im mainly (at it again)"

    Every time i see that motor i see this.