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    retired. spend my days rabbit and pigeon clearance

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  1. I once owned a Theoben Eliminator in .22 FAC. It was a nice accurate rifle but you needed arms like popeye to cock it and it was heavy, I soon swapped it for a rimfire.
  2. That is one nice bit of kit.
  3. Whilst walking some hedgerows some childhood memories came flooding back. As kids we all had penknives, and one of the things we would amuse ourselves with was the forerunner of the pea shooter. We would cut a suitable size stem of Elder, then cut a twig of hardwood which would be used to pierce a hole through the centre of the Elder stem. That sorted we would fill our pockets with elderberries for hours of fun. Do you remember it. I just couldnt help myself, my mrs said i was going senile..
  4. Yep all sorted, and like you said going to flog it.
  5. Thats smart Simon, I will look out for you on Antiques Roadshow . Joking aside very nice mate keep up the good work.
  6. Nice session Muncher, Stu did well too.
  7. The actual hanger wont be as bad, its thicker metal. Its the rest of it will let you down. Fix now or pay later.
  8. Front Dumb iron repair piece about 35 quid, angle grinder with cutting wheel and welder. Easy fix, I covered it on here sometime ago.
  9. Divers see this every day.
  10. Are they front dumb irons
  11. Ready for the paint, now what will it be.
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