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    retired. spend my days rabbit and pigeon clearance

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  1. Thats smart Simon, I will look out for you on Antiques Roadshow . Joking aside very nice mate keep up the good work.
  2. Nice session Muncher, Stu did well too.
  3. The actual hanger wont be as bad, its thicker metal. Its the rest of it will let you down. Fix now or pay later.
  4. Front Dumb iron repair piece about 35 quid, angle grinder with cutting wheel and welder. Easy fix, I covered it on here sometime ago.
  5. Divers see this every day.
  6. Are they front dumb irons
  7. Ready for the paint, now what will it be.
  8. ditchman if you ever get withdrawal symptoms you can always work on mine.
  9. That has got to be the cleanest Land Rover engine on the planet
  10. Smart, look better without the shed roof.
  11. Well today before causing any heat by welding, i found a little slide hammer which i could just fiddle down the outer bearing race, Bingo the outer race is started to move, I am busy watching it coming closer to the top of the housing and oh dear, I am pulling the whole ruddy innards out. Well at least the outer race has cleared the casing but not the way i wanted it too. I decided to make another puller to hopefully get it off. No its not having any of it, just bending the puller. My last hope now is a fine cutting wheel in the grinder, try and get a few cuts in the race and fracture it out. I just dont know why its not moving, I am still doubting myself.
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