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  1. Just dont get one off a rear screen or it will fly forward and backwards.
  2. Nice job, and 10 out of ten on the wood turning lathe.
  3. I went out late this afternoon to get a friend a couple of rabbits. I dont think I have ever seen so many pigeon on the stubbles, nearly every field had feeding birds and strong flightlines with heavy traffic. I can see big days ahead for some. Fenland certainly has good numbers at the moment.
  4. There is a rifle and pistol club next door to you at Mepal. Its called Isle Target Sports Club.
  5. The lad still has one outlet MM, Took his birds in this morning, had 65 of them rejected with fly strike . Unless you have a chiller standing close by, this weather is a tad hot for pigeon shooting. Think he had 305 on the clicker but 270 picked up.
  6. Havnt seen your report Stu, guess your to cream crackered after a long hot day, Well done on your PB, a great solo day.
  7. You have power steering, now thats a luxury I do not have.
  8. Sorry I should have put close up when it was on tractor. The open ends of the box were capped and the whole thing was sprayed black.
  9. After adding a couple of gussets and final fitting today its off to work. Thats my project for this week.
  10. First job today remove bottom box section and cut holes for tine bushes. I am pleased the grandson asked for the reduction in frame height, it looks better. Its starting to look like a bale spike now. I think tomorrow should see it finished, well thats the plan, he wants it for Saturday.
  11. As the pics are a bit boring i thought i would add a little reading matter and props
  12. Well i eventually got my 20mm plate cut on the water cutter and got the fixings tacked on. Took the frame to the teleporter and it fits ok, small adjustment needed as the grandson decided he doesnt want the frame as deep, i will now have to cut the bottom box and raise it, not a problem as i was going to remove the bottom box anyway, as i need to cut 2 51mm holes in it for the spike bushes. The bales spikes arrived today so tomorrow I should get some welding started.
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