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    retired. spend my days rabbit and pigeon clearance

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  1. la bala

    My 4 x 4 just keeps going

    My daughter and son in law used to live in southern Spain. Some of the expats had Pajeros, my son in law asked the locals why they laughed when a Pajero passed by. He was told to look for slang Spanish or some South American translations.
  2. la bala

    For single men

    Well thats the Cantley sewers free from fatbergs
  3. la bala

    Trip wire

  4. la bala

    Im not dead yet........

    The envelope i get that gives me the biggest lift is from my personal pension people. Its just a form which i have to confirm my name and address and sign it. I have a good laugh when i send it back with a little note attached, it goes something like this. YEP I AM STILL ALIVE, THATS ANOTHER YEARS MONEY I HAVE HAD OUT OF YOU AND I DONT INTEND TO DIE ANY TIME SOON. .
  5. la bala


    Top job
  6. la bala

    Amazon Echo? Is it safe?

    I doubt he is aware or knows anything about that.
  7. la bala

    Amazon Echo? Is it safe?

    For what its worth, my grandson is a cyber security analyst, he told me he would not have one in his house.
  8. la bala

    Chinese inverter welder

    Were Stubbs 65 nickel ditchman, its many moons ago when i last came across them.
  9. la bala

    Professional jump starter battery pack

    Dont know how you stand jumping modern stuff. I worked in heavy earthmoving most of my life and if something needed jumping, we jumped it directly to starter not through the dead battery. Ditchman will know what i am on about.
  10. la bala

    A little something for the mrs

    Thats one heck of a dining table
  11. la bala

    Easy pickings.

    And yes, what goes in comes out.
  12. la bala

    Vegetable Oil

    I ran an old 205 Pug on it with no problems. I think the supermarkets cottoned on, they just kept upping the prices
  13. la bala

    "im mainly......"..Different...

    Another tip top job coming up. That ebony is going to look good.
  14. la bala

    New project.

    There is a little story here. Just over a week ago my grandaughter was involved in a minor shunt through no fault of her own. The other driver excepted full responsibilty. His insurance company on purely photographic evidence wrote her car off as an uneconomical repair. I was quite impressed with what they were offering for an 05 plate and told her to except but do a deal on a buy back, this they were happy to do. Final tally, my son in scrap yard for 2 hours removing wing, headlight, and wheel with nearly new michilen tyre. £65. My self flatting down and spraying wing, 2 hours, paint about 30 quid. My boy and I worked from 4pm until 8m tonight putting together. As it was classed as category N the only stipulation my grandaughters insurance asked for was she had it M O Td again.