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    retired. spend my days rabbit and pigeon clearance

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  1. la bala

    410 refreshed

    Very neat job.
  2. la bala

    Another one crossed off.

    He said he saw you. He set up at 8am, he had 88 by eleven then things dried up. He stuck it out until 1pm which gave him the ton on the clicker. I went by the field at 2-30 and it was grey, I actually rang him, thought he was shooting elsewhere.
  3. la bala

    Another one crossed off.

    Did you find any birds in Fenland on Saturday Motty.
  4. la bala

    Flat Pack computer desk

    Hey that JD works wonders, I would never be without it.
  5. la bala

    Home made bits

    I found a couple of bits today which i made many years ago. I used to use them when ornamental ironwork was in fashion, candlesticks and stuff like that. The one in the picture was made for cage/basket making. The chuck capacity is 12mm which will cold twist easily. Today I twisted a simple barley twist. 4 lengths of 6mm round bar weld at the end, stick it in the jig and twist. When cage/basket making, its a slightly different operation. 4 lengths 6mm square bar welded at ends, When you twist bar it shortens, the tailstock on the machine slides along the beam with it. At this stage you just have what looks like a twisted bar. I then lock the tailstock where it is and turn the chuck the opposite way, as the chuck is threaded it forces the bar to untwist and a cage/basket is formed. The other machine is purely for twisting and will twist lengths about 1200mm.
  6. la bala


    Well done, keep at um.
  7. One of our protected species, costing developers lots of money. And rightly so they have lost much of their habitat.
  8. la bala

    What size box section

    oh by the way give the supplier a cutting scheduale...i pay sometimes nothing and sometimes 30-50p a cut Lazy old Bu##er
  9. la bala

    What size box section

    Looking at the diagram, if that wheel is 6 inches in diameter then the box is 1 inch x 1inch by x 1/8
  10. la bala

    On Leave

    Tell you what he once he once shot a bolting rabbit and winged the ferret what bolted it. . It was a good outcome though, the ferret was only grazed.
  11. la bala

    On Leave

    Had a great few hours with the grandson yesterday. He is on a weeks leave from the Paras after a grueling time in P Company. We took the 452 out and we wasnt long getting through a 150 Winchester subs. Its as well i remembered to pack the pull through, things started to go astray after about 20 rounds. After a clean and a bit of releading and a re-zero we were enjoying the sunshine, he shooting and grandad watching, it was great watching him chilling out and enjoying himself. We started the session at a pinged 50yds which is the zero i always use, and then moved to 90yds. I have always considered myself a reasonable rifle shot but that boy is going to way outshine this old geezer . A great afternoon in great company.
  12. la bala

    TVP Renewal and doctors letter

    A good result.
  13. la bala

    TVP Renewal and doctors letter

    I have just read all four pages of this post and not a murmur from BASC. Maybe next year I will join the AA or RAC.
  14. la bala

    Airgun or .22lr Target Shooting??

    Every one to there own bud, I just think a 22lr is wasted at that range, you have your views, i have mine. End of.
  15. la bala

    Airgun or .22lr Target Shooting??

    Yep like i said boring, 100 metres is far better.