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  1. While roost shooting pigeons yesterday , two came running towards me . Shot one head on , the other raced off 10yds but then stopped on a stump to see what had happened. Shot him too. Good old BSA Scorpion. SE. 662.
  2. So , where do they want us to go with cutting emissions. And saving the earth. Electric cars, charged from where ? No flying ,except in hot air balloons . No meat production/consumption . So empty fields , (no Animals/livestock ) just crops. Compulsory contraception , (all religious constraints on this banned?). Non recyclable, Plastic production banned . There is an old saying ," We don't own this world , we just borrow it from the next generation". Every species is designed to propagate , and as we all know , if one species over runs the others and its environment , its signs its own extinction certificate. As will we .
  3. JD , If you liked archery , have a look for your local Field Archery club, through the NFAS , website. There will be a club near to you . Instead of just shooting arrows at round targets , field archery is 'simulated hunting' which takes place in woodland. All types of bows are used including 'crossbows' , (not compound crossbows). Targets are usually 3d replicas of animals , so you could find yourself shooting at anything from a meer cat to a moose , or velocaraptor.. Its not expensive either. Most club competitions shooting 40 targets on a Sunday cost £7.00 , for an entry fee . That's all day for £7.00. With nice folk. Be warned ! i=Its highly addictive . PM me if you want any info.
  4. Dog fox and a Vixen this evening . 187
  5. I can help , most nights . If you need a hand. Open ticket , and NV.
  6. I got up 5.30 am on Saturday to get hidden in the shed overlooking the bird feeders, I didnt have to wait long, and the Grey's turned up at first light. I bagged all three , and two Jays that were raiding the feeders .Good old Scorpion SE .22. 636
  7. Good heavens 22 ! I have not seen 22 in the last two years, and I have half of Cheshire to shoot on . So jealous! !Empty freezer!
  8. I got Two today raiding the 'squirrel proof' bird feeder in my friends garden .Courtesy of BSA ULTRA SE .177. 559
  9. Our two trail cameras have captured three at first break of daylight , on the bird tables and feeders . But, nothing when we are there. The clever little beggars have learned when we are not about and adapted their feeding times.. So I put some fatballs in a live trap and bingo one each morning. It didn't feel very 'sporting' when dispatching them though!
  10. 1 today in a 'live trap' , dispatched . 402
  11. Spring powered air rifle will do everything you require it to . pcp's will do the same but just much easier. There are also new pre charged rifles appearing all the time. A friend has just bought a Krall NP02 . Now I can hear the nay sayer's already! And to be honest I was ready to be 'scathing' before I saw it and shot it. But , it really is quite good , and, comes with, 2 ten shot mags , side lever cocking, adjustable power .adjustable but pad . 200 plus shots from a fill , In a hard case for under £320. Now that's value. Some of the guns mentioned , have been around for donkeys years. And are very good, quality and accurate . But, have a good look around before you spend your cash.
  12. Mine too, its a twelve by eight shed. 18 yds from the feeder.
  13. Love mine too. HW95K .22 . Walther Terrus. 177. Walther LGU .177. The Terrus is very underrated .
  14. I set a trail camera over Saturday night , and yes they are on the feeders , but not when they used to be. Now its early am , from 7.10 onward . Squirrels , pigeons and crows . Next Saturday morning we shall meet.
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