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  1. The Ultra ,is a good light very accurate tool, but when i take any gun out of its case I like to check it for zero if I am hunting. This has to be done near your re-fill air tank with an Ultra , or you can lose 25% of your air capacity just re zeroing it . The Scorpion se is basically the same gun , with a slightly longer barrel and air cylinder. Ie higher shot count.(much overlooked). The HW110 , is awesome ! regulated , two mags , anti double load ,moderator , straight out of the box . Some early ones had issues , mine never has. 120 x 11.3 ft/lbs ,regulated shots from a single fill. Air arms 410/510 , A 'stalwart ' of an air rifle ! stunning accuracy , and dead reliable . But your going to have to pay extra for a moderator, and a regulator. Quality ,but being left behind now for the price , (like buying a new car without aircon/bluetooth). The AA S200 , is also worth a look . (especially if your carrying your rifle for a distance /time). I own all three ,and can only offer my humble opinion . Others may dis agree.
  2. 12ft/lbs .22 up to 30 yds , 12ft/lbs .177 up to 40 yds , FAC .22 30ft/lbs up to 55yds , .22 sub sonic up to 75yds . .22WMR up to 125 yds. Only given the right weather conditions . This is what I shoot according to MY, own personal limitations . Better shots than I could and, probably would , do better with the same or different equipment. Shot placement is ALL important, to me as power is nothing without control.
  3. Still no problem with mine , and its getting on a bit now. Still shooting JSB heavies at 11.7. And its shot thousands of them. I can only report on mine though. I just clean the barrel after every tin , and all seems ok.
  4. We Were Soldiers , Mel Gibsons character , after finding his forces were surrounded " Now I know how Custer felt " his Sgt Major replied," Custer was a pussy, your not". Battle of Britain , Polish training flight ' instructed to return to base but say "repeat please " and peel off one by one. And start jabbering in there own language , and the flight leader shouts " Silence in Polish".
  5. Hi there , I ran a mk3 07 (up and over hatch) 2.2 cdti EX , which was a very nice ROAD car , and ultra reliable, and can handle a muddy track. But , they are not a patch on the 02-06 Mk2 , as far as shooting goes . The mk2 has a separate flip up rear window and a higher squarer roofline .I can park up in a field slide the rear seats forward , sit in the back with the window flipped up , using the tailgate as a rifle rest with loads of space for gear . I couldn't do that in my mk3. So , I went back to a mk2. The mk3 has better road manners and more up to date equipment though .
  6. 3 Today , early morning , 22 Ruger 10/22. 460
  7. A farm where I have a perm, has now over 800 lambs , and, not a fox to be seen anywhere. No rabbits , a couple of hares (farmer likes hares). Grey squirrels seem to be my main quarry nowadays. The two guys who shoot the adjacent land use thermal , and seem to have been very efficient.
  8. NON here in Cheshire , or very few . Although there are one or two road kills about in the last two weeks. As requested , please put your location when reporting sightings,, then we can draw up a map of where there are , and any increases or decreases. Scary , as we face our own virus.
  9. Its been very quiet on the bird feeders just recently, just one today again after 3 hrs of sitting still. It fell to the trusty 12g Baikal. 330
  10. Could be , isolated locations are keeping some safe from the virus,
  11. Could we , do an impromptu "Rabbit Watch?" As I am wondering how badly RHD2 has affected rabbits across the country. We could build a picture of where they are in good numbers , I spotted 2 , on a roundabout nr Alderley Edge today. And they are the first two I have seen in many months of travelling across the Cheshire countryside driving the school minibus. So if you could say where you are , and the Rabbit situation , I can plot a map.
  12. Do you think the flooding may wash away this RHD2, and allow the numbers to recover? There have been non here for 3 years or more.
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