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  1. Nothing , Zero , Zilch , all weekend ! they must be staying in watching Netflix!! Got a few Magpies in the Lambing shed though.😀
  2. May I respectfully point out ,I am NO fan , however a Bachelors Degree in Zoology, has to be, and is recognized as an achievement. However, as you say, his application of such knowledge , pertinent to real life does leave much to be desired.
  3. He has thousands and thousands of adoring fans , who think he is a valiant warrior for the cause. The BBC, just provide the platform , to allow him to preach his gospel to his believers. He is a very knowledgeable man , and is fully entitled to his opinion, however misguided we believe him to be. What's wrong is , the total absence, of an equal platform for people of a contrary opinion .
  4. OMG ! And I thought I was 'tight' !😂
  5. Avery old Film , Ice cold in Alex, set in 1943 , has a mk1 Landy as an Army vehicle. Burt Lancaster in 'The Crimson Pirate ' has an Aircraft trail across the sky. Oldies , show its always happened.
  6. Brilliant write up . The dogs look like they know what to do. My cocker was completely stumped when a squirrel he was chasing went up a tree? Bless him, I do miss him. I've, run out of Squirrels , (four hours in a hide yesterday next to full feeders, and never saw one). Ran out of Rabbits three years ago , and the parrot plague hasn't hit us yet ! Anyone , want some air rifles?😂
  7. Airguns of Arizona , have a good range of Air rifles, with free stateside shipping. The Weihrauch HW30 , is on their Website within your budget. Also Bass Pro Shops , have a fair range of Rifles , including the Gamo Swarm package (Scope ,pellets ,Case) also within your price. Good luck with your search.
  8. I use shallow black plastic guttering , cut just a little longer than the 'duffus traps , for a roof over the traps, lightly covered with soil, they keep out the light, are light to carry ,and stack and easy to wash off. I drill mine in the middle to take a wooden dowel with insulation tape as a flag , so I can find them . All my secrets, given away😂
  9. Leave the Verminator well alone. Stick with 'Duffus' traps. Its coming up to mole breeding time soon, so it could get busier. The level they burrow at depends on how deep their prey is (mostly worms). The depth of the worms depend on the temperature and moistness of the soil. I find brand new traps tend to be 'backfilled' (where Mr Mole is suspicious turns around and shovels soil into the trap). Although sometimes, they are successful straight out of the box. I like to bury mine for a few days to 'soil' them in. Keep raking the hills flat , so any new runs show up , and re se
  10. Tried all of that for hours today, (the wife and the African Grey are as fed up as each other), and I have to say following all his advise and methods , My ACME' Crow call' Still sounds like a duck ! 😁
  11. 1 more for me today. not near the feeders though , it was on the floor eating an Acorn. Courtesy of the HW110 .177 . Slow but steady 27.
  12. Never had a problem with 'Anti's. But a member at the Golf Club , did call the police. So did a neighbor at the cricket club. Where an officer and a PCSO, attended , despite having rang 101, informing them I was there and what I was doing. So it works for me. I obviously would not leave such information on show in Tesco's car park.
  13. Even in 'normal' times, when parked out in the countryside , I leave a copy of my permission , on view in the car. My Choice, I don't really care what anyone else thinks.
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