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  1. Good football. Very entertaining. 'Ditchy , Its nice to see some 'normal' women , on the TV . It makes my Mrs feel much better.
  2. Corvids , are the same as many birds , very territorial. Robins , as cute as they are will fight to the death to keep control of 'their patch. And you have guessed correctly in that they see their own reflection as a threat. The same as they will attack a 'call bird' in a larsen. Solution , Shoot them, but they are very wary. Or, get some plain brown paper and some masking tape and apply it to the outside of the windows. A picture of a moggy , or cuddly toy , can also make them stay away. Anything that stops the reflection. Good luck '
  3. 7 Today , on the bird feeders . .177 HW110 With JSB heavies. 849
  4. J MickeyH, Welcome to the club , I have spent hours and hours watching with binoculars ,setting up different pattern etc etc. And the expense of Decoys, Nets ,Magnet bouncers, seat . Only to get maybe half a dozen or so, over stubble. So now i prefer to roost shoot . Its just easier,
  5. Longbower

    Euro election

    I will vote again when 'bozzo's like Grayling, and every other MP, are liable to be held accountable if they ...... Up, Accountable In a court Of Law Charge? 'Incompetence In Public Office'. Carrying a heavy fine at least , or a custodial sentence. Or do we just go on repeating the same old mistakes in the same old system ?
  6. Longbower

    Euro election

    I will vote for....................................................................... Non of the above./listed. There is absolutely no point. We are as a Nation basically 'screwed'. And I mean F.U.B.A.R. We all want our house value to go up , then bitch and moan when our kids cant get on the property ladder.(the only real winners are the financial institutions an estate agents). We all want our kids to go to University to get some degree or other , then bitch and moan because we have to import , plumbers , plasterers, brickies Electricians etc , because training for a trade has become so 'valueless' to UK natives no one wants to do them. And that's just for starters. Brexit Party , yeh really , THEN WHAT? (as above)RE;' nobodyathome.' Our little 'lifeboat to the world' island nation, is in danger of sinking, because no one wants to bail out the water , while we all want to paddle in different directions. If it wasn't so tragic , it would be amusing.
  7. 'Do birds use a toilet"? They normally go together, after dancing around their handbags ! Well, they did in the 70's.
  8. 4 Today . BSA Scorpion .22 using JSB Hedes pellet. 796
  9. 2 this evening , with the HW110 .177. 571
  10. Oh , i forgot to add , just how quiet they are .
  11. I have owned my HW110 .177 for over two years. I cannot rate it highly enough. It is a standard one , the fit and finish are still superb ,. Its accurate , reliable , and I cant think of a better airgun for the money. Two mags , regulated , anti double load .
  12. 2 males yesterday with the HW110 .177. @28 yards using JSB Heavies. Its nice that people are rescuing grey's ,and releasing them, as as there are no rabbits anywhere around here.. 764
  13. 1 Jackdaw , and 1 Magpie, both attacking a Blackbird chick. It was pecked to ribbons ,To far gone to save unfortunately. Both fell to the BSA Scorpion se .22. TOTAL = 298
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