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  1. Moments and memories to cherish. As my Dad used to say when we used to go fishing together. "Time well wasted". Well done.👍
  2. E;ey40g were fantastic . 38g less so. Ive gone to CCI 40g Subs , not as accurate as the Eley 40's , but miles better than the Eley 38g's.
  3. I have had my 2006 CRV for many years, its the brick shaped one with the pop open rear window , and the spare wheel on the back.(great gun rest). Nearly All maintenance for my 2.2cdti is on you tube, Its never got stuck in the mud , also it has a cam chain driven engine. On a run I get 48 - 50 mpg at 60mph. If it were to break , I would search out another one , without a second thought. (See CRV , playing in the mud ,on u tube).
  4. I took a Walther 'Terrus' as a payment for a bad debt . It was new and boxed . I is extremely well made , and extremely unbelievably consistent. (check reviews) I couldn't advise buying a BSA Break barrel , though they were fair in their day , that day is long past.
  5. Just two today Courtesy of the .22 Daystate Huntsman Regal FAC and Hades. Only one in the photo the other fell stone dead in deep brambles , The Hedes really hit them hard ! 1844
  6. Just one today , courtesy of Baikal and 23g of 7.5 . 1814 .
  7. Ive Used CTS ,for years , and never had anything other than top service from them.
  8. Switched to ‘Hobby’s’ as I already had them . Better ,but not as accurate . Did the job though . 22 in two evenings .👍
  9. I used Hedes . going straight through on head shots .
  10. Has anyone done any close range (barn)Feral pigeon shooting "? I got a request today from a farmer , who didnt want to have them killed , but in the end decided there was too much mess. I used a sub 12 .177 . would a .22 be better?
  11. I do rats out of my bedroom window , (ten mins ago). Virtually silent HW110 .177, using Hedes Neighbours not keen until I told them how many rats were around my , and therefore probably their bird feeders.
  12. I never would have thought they would climb , der.
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