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  1. I spent 5 hours at the Golf club , under cover in the machine shed , and bagged 9 in total. .177 HW110. The green keeper then took me out on his 'gator' to show me around the course, and we must have seen at least a dozen more just running around. On Saturday , we walked our dogs around Eastham Park (Wirral) , and there were dozens of them. They were everywhere! Shame on the council , on a peninsula, where some Reds remain, they could make an effort to eliminate them. 1659
  2. Bruno , that's exactly why I got rid of my S410 Carbine. The indexing post broke ten minutes into a hunting outing. After an hours drive to get there, getting all 'togged' up second shot and it wouldn't index again . Pitch black , in the middle of a muddy field . "Oh, Bother "I said , "Its done a post again". Back to the car for 'back up rifle (HW95K). I decided enough was enough . So sold it and bought the HW 110. and 'touch wood 'never had a problem .
  3. I indeed chose a HW110 , simply because of the following . The S200 , is a fine tool , but really needs a 10 shot conversion adding, and also a moderator , all additional cost , and its not regulated. The S410 is a fine weapon and a best seller for good reason , but no regulator . The HW110 , Regulated, anti double load , class leading moderated 2 mags , polymer breech , rubberised stock. 120 regulated shots in .177 in a small light rifle. Accurate as anything. Slap a scope on and BINGO , your in business. All the sub 12 gun you will ever need.
  4. My perms here in Cheshire are now totally devoid of Rabbits. When I used to get some I would get £1.50 each for them. Like I say , there just isn't any now. Non on the fields , non on the roads and its been like this for a couple of years now.!
  5. 1 , traversing a tree , a lovely shot if I say so myself. 2nd in the live trap . 1558
  6. Another 3 today , while roost shooting pigeons ,with the HW110. 1540
  7. Well they have turned up in our woods again , dropping sweet chestnuts , and then running down the trees to forage them . There is too much leaf cover to get them in the trees with an air rifle , but on the ground I bagged 3 yesterday. 1509
  8. The same at Quarry Bank Mill , near Manchester Airport. Greys absolutely everywhere, and people throwing and offering food to them.
  9. I got one on the bird table in the back garden today. 177 HW110. 1466
  10. My first 2 squirrels in 6 weeks. I have never seen so many sweet chestnuts on the trees. So , I am expecting a 'squirrel fest' in a month 1464
  11. Don't get me wrong , the XT is probably a cracking piece of kit, Just not in my hands.
  12. I have one in my cupboard , as I found it very difficult to judge distances through the scope. Zero, also wondered about a bit. Went back to a Hawke 3-12 x50 Sub sonic dedicated scope. Sorted
  13. I roamed the 28 acre wood today , after filling the feeders and the small dishes on their lids . I returned to after two hours , and sat in the 'shed' where I have a 25-32 yd clear shot at all the tables and feeders through an open flap. Nothing , Nowt, Zilch, with four legs. I'm happy to report though , plenty of Coal Tits, Blue Tits, Nuthatches, Spotted Woodpeckers, and Tree Creepers.
  14. Keep on them boys . I havn't seen one in three weeks. !
  15. 2 Jackdaws and a magpie , with the single barrel Baikal 12g , they were going for the squirrel carcasses I threw into the field. 490
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