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  1. Yesterdays result . 2 young males. 2446 Courtesy of Peanut retrieving.
  2. £1000 for Christmas, nice . Call her bluff, tell your insurance.
  3. Got 9 this weekend , only 7 recovered . They are really hitting the sweet chestnuts . 2272
  4. Having an ADR is no guarantee of obtaining employment in that sector. As you need further training on the equipment to safely connect you vehicle to storage tanks, and deliver what ever you are carrying. Eg ; A 'petrol passport' relevant to the company you are working for. That's what the military have recently been training for. As for passing you HGV Test, under no circumstances use 'intermediate' companies from the newspapers. As they are just middle men , sitting in an office , creaming money off gullible people. Go to a reputable training company , that has good reviews . Ask for an assessment drive, and a good company will assess your level of current ability , and the instructor will discuss with you how many hours of training he/she thinks you will need. Cat 'C' intensive courses average 16 hours . Then test. Cat C+e depending on how well you can reverse a 'bendy' , probably average another 10-14 hours. Always get 1 to 1 training , never two trainees in a cab at once . Only my humble opinion, and advice.
  5. 18 years of age, is the minimum.
  6. I too received mine today. We need to remember though that the majority of parents want their children , to leave school , go to college , then on to university , to gain an academic qualification. Not , to become a 'Tradesperson ' as 'Trade was made a dirty word stemming back to the Thatcher days, or a Truck driver? So , with young brits pursuing that academic route , we had to import the required skills from Europe. The fact they also accepted poor rates was an absolute bonus. But the ,crazy thing was ,the British public decided they didn't like all these foreigners being here . So we decided to stand alone. So how many 18 year olds are now going to give up college, a gap year , and then Uni for 3 years to gain a qualification ,or their Parents sanction such , to drive a truck ? So where are this pool of future HGV Drivers going to come from ? And could other non academic roles, find they are short, because people have moved on to drive HGV's? As a country , do we not have to learn from this, that we all have a part to play in making the system work , and all those parts however 'lowly' they may have been regarded in the past , are valued?
  7. Yep, since 1984 , And so I didn't spell it right just like Govenment. , and you don't know her , respect is earned (not horizontally). Probably soon.
  8. I am an HGV /PCV Instructor, at a very well established training school here in the North West. Today and most of this week , our 3 Artic's are not booked out on training courses. No body interested ! I have All my licences, and a current ADR , which allows me to transport fuel , chemicals , and even explosives. I cant get a job on the petrol tankers , no matter how many times I apply. There is actually a waiting list at Stanlow. These advertised 'massive wages' are for massive hours. How much do I earn as an Experienced registered Instructor ? £11.75 per hour . The whole industry has been undervalued by society for decades, and despite all the rhetoric , I cant see anything changing soon. All the parasitic ,scumbag agencies need shutting down , as they have lived off the backs of drivers far too long. Lots of companies install camera's in the cabs, as well as 'tele metrics' that record how hard you accelerate , brake , corner etc, and then when you get back to base , some ;bimbo; with a degree and a only a car licence , drags you over the coals , over the way you have driven. As a driver you are regarded as little more than 'pond life' . I know some ex HGV drivers , that actually gave up to work 'picking' at Amazon , because they know what time they start , and get to go home, but more than that they actually get treated like human beings and appreciated. HGV Licence is worth what , when you have no petrol, bread , milk for your family? The government is now sending letters to HGV drivers who no longer work in the industry. Their NOT GETTING THE CAUSES OF THIS SITUATION ARE THEY?
  9. One today from the tree tops .( And two pigeons) . 2215. courtesy of the remarkable £20 single barrel Baikal.
  10. As stated above , the BSA Ultra and AAS200 , Are light to carry and 'stalwarts' of tried and tested PCP's . I have another suggestion . The BSA Scorpion se , which is an Ultra , with a slightly longer barrel, and air cylinder without adding too much weight. A very much overlooked, and underrated rifle.
  11. They dont run away from a .22 CCI. Subsonic 👍
  12. 4 of the six shot today , 2 not recovered in thick brambles . They were dead I could see them all snagged up . 2250 Mate got these at the other end of the woods . Mate got these at the other end of the woods . 2253
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