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  1. I’m well down this year , only a couple each month . Feeders hardly touched , the nuthatches are like seagulls 😂 Three in two weeks.
  2. Hi , I no longer own the R10, I sold it to my friend , but I played with the power output ,via the hammer spring. using 14.3 grain @ 780ft/per/s (same trajectory as a sub 12 .177 ) I could get 60 plus shots with the huma reg fitted.. I now own a Scorpion se FAC (huma reg) set at the same power output , and get 35 shots. 18 - 20 ft /lbs is enough and I can keep all my distances similar
  3. There are a good dozen or so on my permission , and a few at the golf club. I will not shoot them as it may help them to recover. 'Stupid fish who drank the pool'. Switched most of my attention to Grey squirrels and rats.
  4. Not really a Hamilton Fan , but hope George does well . I've watched F1 avidly since before the Mansell era , but paying SKY all that money just to have some Aussie bloke in an office break his own rules, and award the world title to a driver was a step too far for me. So i have switched to Formula E.
  5. I hope they never close , they are brilliant.
  6. Very similar in my woods . no sign of any , anywhere.
  7. Soooo, it sounds like something strange is going on .In the last two months , just one squirrel , despite keeping the feeders topped up with nuts , neither myself , or the wildlife camera's have seen a squirrel . I wonder if something similar to RHD2 , which wiped out 70% of the UK's wild rabbits has hit the grey's.?
  8. I wonder if Mr Rock , will think twice before he takes the p... out of someone's else's illness. If so , job done.
  9. Now dont hide your feelings , just express yourself.
  10. The ultimate responsibility for any dogs behavior, is its owners. The dog is a animal , which is supposed to be less intelligent than the human it belongs to . I work with the public every day , and find the above , in many cases , not to be the case. Self discipline , that of their children and their Animals leave much to be desired. Ill be in a tin in the next twenty years , so what will be will be.
  11. I have not seen or heard a Squirrel in the woods for weeks . Shot a couple at the golf course bird feeders , but apart from them zero.
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