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    Aw, come on guy's (organ donors) cyclist are always required by the NHS. 😇 The country lanes of Cheshire are full of these Lycra clad packs of tarmac Nazi's , every weekend. They can behave however they want, because they are totally 'anonymous'. Also , the police are about as hard to find as a bacon butty in a mosque. I ride a sit up and beg cycle two miles to work and back every day , and when I stop at a red light , i get swamped by other cyclists riding straight through , or hopping up on the pavement and using the pedestrian route. Madness, no consideration for anyone
  2. I cant wait for them to get back on the feeders! I have been getting the odd one or two in the tree tops with the 12g , but they are few and far between. I was fishing the Trent and Mersey canal near Anderton Boat lift , and the trees , on the other side in Marbury Park , were ' bouncing' with the grey rats !!! All I could do was watch. Talk about frustrating!
  3. Whats a Rabbit? That long since I have seen one! I have .177 sub 12 , and a .22 FAC . The FAC is set to the same speed and zero'd at the same range as the .177, using 14.5 JSB Exacts. Just like , my crossbow bolts, shot from the same crossbow (Excalibur Matrix) , the larger diameter diameter bolts penetrate the same 3D Target, less than the thinner bolts. As previously said , Its shot placement that is the most important thing . You always have the option 'not ' to shoot unless your certain, and I mean absolutely certain , one shot= one kill.
  4. Maybe , just maybe they have all self quarantined , having tested positive for 'coovid'.🙄
  5. Hi , the guy from Decoy Deals was kind enough to send some photos of how to assemble the floaters , and with them I have had them out in the fields working ok . We still didnt see a single pigeon on , or flying over on a flight line ! Thanks for all the info and help . I only run an old Nokia phone, as i only make phone calls , and txt , so photo's are difficult.
  6. Hi , if the goods you are delivering belong to you or are manufactured by you , you can be a 'nominated' transport manager and run your vehicles on the 'Restricted' Orange Disc . This tells DVSA that you are not conducting 'General Haulage' , but are restricted to carriage of goods as described above. This 'nominated' Transport manager does not need a Transport Managers qualification as such,( Certificate of Professional Competence) Road Haulage. But , would still be responsible for the Driver and Vehicle Records, Maintenance and Standards. Whereas , the CPC Holder for a Gene
  7. 1 this morning while hacking out a hide for pigeons over barley. 1409.
  8. Here in Cheshire , we seem to get a few on our perms, but then they are gone again. We have stopped shooting them , hoping, it can help numbers recover. No road kill either , and I do 120 miles a day, around west Cheshire. I dont want to be the fish that drank the pool.
  9. 1 Bad boy under the bird table. .177 JSB Heavy interrupted his evening meal Sorry 196
  10. Ok , I have three enormous fields of cut Barley, bailed and free from machinery, No Pigeons? I drive a private school mini bus , through the country side of Cheshire , many many fields have been cut , and are in stubble. No Pigeons. Crows and Seagulls in abundance , but no pigeons ! Have you lot shot them all?
  11. I will try to get a photo or two , if i can work out how to get them from my phone to the computer. No holes under the wings unfortunately ! The two poles just push together, and push into the ground spike. But what happens with the dangly spring on catgut that makes the wings flap?
  12. I bought some bouncers , flappers from Decoy Deals . They come with poles , cradles , but no instructions. Do suppliers think we are all experienced ? These have some catgut attached to the wings, with a metal spring hanging down under the body. Which obviously *** the wings when pulled. I cant work out what the cradles are for, because the bird mounts by the pole inserted through a hole in the tail. How do you set these up to flap , or bounce or both?
  13. I have single shot devices , for both my multi's(BSA Scorpion and HW110 , but I hardly ever use them. I have used the BSA one for shooting .22 JSB Beasts at short range. but not used the HW110 at all.
  14. If you need any more , just let me know. I will have Sweet chestnuts in a few weeks as well. (If the squirrels dont get them all first)👀
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