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  1. I tried 'tapping two different sized coins, as seen on you tube' , and guess what ? It seemed to work ! 4 today to HW110 .177. 1231
  2. 5 today , called in to the golf club where they are destroying bird boxes, and feeders. 1226
  3. Medium mounts on my 110. With 50mm lens.
  4. Welcome back to 'Springers' , and what a top choice. I wouldn't part with my 95K.22 . Its now ten years old and shoots so sweetly. I took a rat with it in my garden only this week . Mine loves JSB Exact 14.3 grain .Superb rifle. Enjoy !
  5. In .22 they (Hedes)are great up to 21 ft/lbs , but after that open up a little , but not as accurate as the 18g heavies. Tried a trail pack , of .177 , and found them to be just as accurate as the heavies , which were just ,and only just worse than the excellent 8.4g. That was in my HW110 , 11.4 FT/LBS. For some reason AA Diablo are the guns choice, they just work.
  6. I used JSB Knock out slugs at 38 yards , from my BSA R10SE FAC .22 , running at 30ft/lbs. I was very impressed with both the accuracy and the hitting power .
  7. 3 over the last four days , running out to pick up bird seed on the lawn , under the bird feeding station. HW110 , Soooo, quiet. 189
  8. That will be RHD2 , (Rabbit haemorrhaging disease )in type 2. This kills them in as little as 4 hours . They look almost perfect , except for the trickle of blood sometimes found around the nostrils. Here ,around my area , it swept through about three years ago but slowly , they are recovering. For , the first year and a half , I could only see rabbits , in' Pets at home', they were virtually wiped out. I often wondered if, a similar thing could happen to humans ? Now , there's a thing.
  9. 7 more today , on the bird tables and boxes. This weekend I have been using my 30ft/lb FAC R10.22, shooting JSB .218 Knock out slugs. The effect on squirrels is incredible, They are so accurate. 1104
  10. Longbower

    Co2 or not

    Good luck with the squirrel bashing, they are really tough little creatures , so be accurate .
  11. 3 this week in the garden , on the bird table..177 HW110/JSB Heavies. 702
  12. Chicks are fledging from our 10 birdboxes in the woods, so grays , are very active. Me and my mate Ant, managed to bag four apiece over the weekend. +8 So 672.
  13. As long as you are operating within the general licences, and subject to the land owners request , for crop/fauna/livestock protection . Yes you can. I bagged four today , with the BSA Scorpion se .22 with JSB exact . 583.
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