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  1. 1 this week . A big male . Peanut the J R , liked him though 1196
  2. CE-LIT , comes in a little packet , looks like iron filings . Works better than most .
  3. I wish I was a little closer (Warrington) , What a great offer.
  4. I have not seen one in the woods for weeks now. Traps nil , no peanuts going from the feeders, and nothing but little birds on the camera's . I'm getting bored 🤔
  5. Just keep at it buddy , you seem to be doing everything in the correct manner . It took me a couple of years to get even a tiny permission. Lost some and gained some over the years , and gave some up as well. They can be like buses, nothing , then suddenly three at once! Good luck.
  6. Some twenty odd years ago , there were a couple of folk around here (Lymm Cheshire), that would go and pick up 'Road Killed ' animals . They had yellow flashing beacons on their cars ,and a sticker in the rear window with 'Animal Dignity' in reflective lettering. I saw them a couple of times at roadkill incidents . Not in recent years though. I always thought what a 'noble' but dangerous thing to do . On another incident , I was passed by a young female driver , on a lane well over the speed limit , who then hit a couple of ducks a few hundred metres further down the road which were
  7. 1 today , he was sunbathing bless. So , i did bless him with a .177 Hades in the lughole ! 760
  8. I dont think its that , but it would help! I think that 'self discipline' , Respect for others , and manners are decreasing by each generation. Badly behaved , undisciplined children/puppies/monkeys, basically any species , grow up to be ?....................................................................................................................! We have just had an 85 year old gran , visiting her husbands grave , beaten up , for asking someone not to litter, in the graveyard. There are simply no longer any 'consequences' , for behaving badly, aggressively, violently, o
  9. As some of his supporters stated on an American TV clip ,(My Daughter lives in Seattle), she sent it ! Quote; Donald J Trump is a Genius,, That's what the J stands for. America has the best political system , politicians , police , etc that money can buy. Sometimes you beat the system , but most times the system beats you.
  10. If someone was breaking in to one of these protesters house, or threatening their families , Guess who they would ring ? I hope it doesn't spread to other cities, but these days no one is held accountable for their actions.
  11. 1 more today. Big male . .22 Regal FAC Shooting JSB Hedes. 698
  12. 1 today , with the 12g single. It was still picking up old acorns , despite full feeders ! 695
  13. My electronic fox call , is just cheap ! A bluetooth speaker from Tesco, (works 4hrs when charged) , and a Fox call app on my iphone. It has 20 different noises on a loop . ie; Distress rabbit , Baby rabbit, Mating Call. Totally amateur , But it works.
  14. The law say's 30 mph . Go over it and you break the law because it takes longer to stop, and that '2mtrs' could contain a person . 12 Ft/lbs Maximum on an air rifle, go over it and its possession of an Illegal Firearm,( without an FAC), you wanna see the penalty for that. 'Speed awareness courses', are to do what they say. The more time you spend on the road, the more likely you are to fall foul of a missed limit, etc . As they say, . . . . happens. The op should be fine , if they are within the criteria.
  15. I have the TeePee hide, and its brilliant for the rifle for most quarry or even pigeons as they commit to land , with a shotgun. I have had it ten years , and its been well used, and still going strong.
  16. 2 today , but only 1 recovered as the other fell in thick brambles . 638
  17. Hi buddy, You need to get your bottle 'Hydro static ' pressure tested. For this YOU DO NOT NEED A 'DIVE SHOP', they only send it to a air tank testing company and treble the price. If you are any where near Liverpool CTS , will test your bottle for £15, including the fill up. If you do some research you might be able to find an gas cylinder testing company near you.
  18. A legend, and a fantastic ambassador for motor sport. The drivers loved him dearly,and rightly so. (mumbly talker). A good innings , and will always be remembered by us (of his era). R.I.P. Sir.
  19. I have my Honda CRV , and Jazz on the same multi car policy. With L V , its actually gone up less than 10 quid in three years. They don't hassle you for further business, ie home / Life. I can thoroughly recommend.
  20. Grand dads a Greek , Grandma is of cross European heritage . Brothers Bald , and he's Ginger. And , Markle has one of those 'furry' cash register' thingies, and knows how to use it, and will be dining on being a so called 'victim' of the Royal's for the rest of her life. He , should be ashamed of himself , and once she has gone , and she will dump him as soon as he is no longer of any benefit ,as certain as the Sun rises. He will be aware of just what a short sharp thing he has been. And more than anything , she was aware what his mother life was like. So this was just so predictab
  21. Sorry I forgot, my Bus depot is just around the other side of the Ind Estate. If you a pest controller and need it for work , your ok though.
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