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  1. Thanks for all your comments. Would be great to find a advert from a old shooting magazine or someone from a gunshop who remembers selling them, please ask around !
  2. As anyone seen these before made by Newboult & thorp everlasting clay pigeons with 10 in a box. Any information as to age etc would be welcome.
  3. After looking at all available makes I have just received my Vario Revolution 4 custom plugs supplied by Peter Byrom Audiology (Sheffield). Peter offers a very professional service using the latest scanning equipment to take ear measurements for your plugs and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for custom made ear plugs.
  4. Hi, i don't think there are any bad traps among the top makers just small build differences and it depends what you ask of them. Best design for me is Bowman, just keep away from the cheaper Chinese makes !!!
  5. Hi, Give Brown's lock stock & barrel gun shop a call ( near Hillsborough ) they have new and used chokes in stock ! Closed Monday's !
  6. Hi, I wold be interested if you go for a price drop kind regards. Chris.
  7. Had a conversation with the people involved today, much work as been going on and the shoot will reopen this Sunday 24th March, I wish them all the best, more shooting grounds we have he better !!!!!!
  8. Hi, I know the one at Hathersage = Highlow hall S32 1AX thanks
  9. Hi, can you please add this, peakdistrictclaypigeonshooting.co.uk Thanks
  10. J F Neville at Alfreton have second hand a cut down Yildiz.410 O/U at the moment !
  11. Hi all, I got a Perkin from a stall at the Midland Game Fair a few years ago, suppose to be a Damascus blade , not sure but it's a nice knive, leather sheath, good wood and great price ! Can't say no more.
  12. I will take it please if still available ?
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