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  1. indeed, i was shooting fiocchi 28gr 7.5 and they were fantastic. There were some long range crossers and i was confidently dusting them.
  2. I shot the ulster open 100 bird sporting and was pleasantly surprised at how i got on.
  3. Well the boring out has been completed, I only got to test it on the DTL as i had to get into work. I can now say with all honesty and complete confidence 3/8 and 5/8 will completely obliterate DTL targets. I was on my own so it was a little strange using the delay button to button your own targets but it worked well. I shot 2 lines first line a 22/25 and the 2nd line a 23/25 so i am happy enough with that. A bird or two shy of what i usually shoot but i will put it down to anticipation of weather or not it would do the job and having to button your own targets.
  4. Cheers for your input Uilleachan, I pick it up tomorrow morning. The shop that done it have a dtl ground a skeet ground and i think i saw a clay trap up on a manitou so i suspect he may have a small compack sporting layout also. I full indeed on test it on all three. ?
  5. ? ? If anyone is keeping an eye or has an interest in this thread.I have it booked in to be bored out 3/8 bottom and 5/8 top. I will be collecting it next week but I will have a go at the shops dtl range and skeet range and come back to let yous know how it has helped or hinderd me. Fingers and toes crossed.
  6. very true. Also an option, not convinced i can get the same size of spread out of a different cartridge from full choke to 5/8. But i appreciate your idea.
  7. Great stuff, they can put on the course what ever they like i will shoot at them and hope for the best lol. But that was my take on it too surely a wider spread on sporting targets my average should increase.
  8. So we have established that the 3/8 and 5/8 will break DTL targets fine. Will they give me a slightly better chance on the sporting shoots? Thanks Stevo, that gives me a more confidence that its the right choice.
  9. Solely affordability, also the gun is only worth £800 as its the mid 80's model but i love it.
  10. Just that you said "the hull cartridge DTL boys don’t use 3/4 and full" I wondered if hull shells where slightly different in some way.
  11. Cheers Stevo, Funny enough i use Hull supper fast shells, is there something with hull cartridges or am i missing a trick somewhere lol? Cheers Smokersmith, i am not to concerned about the breaks as in if it blows it into powder or just breaks it in half its 3 point on the card lol.
  12. Hi knowledge base, i am sure this has been covered but i am going to ask anyway. I bought a browning GTI trap 32" with fixed choke 3/4 and full 18 months ago for DTL shooting at my local club. I think its fantastic for DTL with my usual score being 19/20 and 20/20 on occasion. However i have started getting into the sporting discipline and feel that i am slightly disadvantaged with the fixed choke 3/4 and full, especially on close fast stuff. So, i have toyed with getting the gun bored out to 3/8 and 5/8, my concern is will this leave me a little to open for shooting DTL.
  13. Cheers Cm76, im new to all this camera carry on.
  14. Have borrowed/acquired a go pro hero 4 from work and brought it along to a small dtl club I go to. Just to see what I could capture. And thought I would share it with you guys and gals.
  15. Messing around to see what i could get out of a go pro on the clay ground.
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