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  1. If you weren't at the front you'd probably not have heard it but it prompted spontaneous laughter from the crowd. I'd never heard a player shout back at the crowd , let alone swear back at them it was very funny and I always chuckled about it everytime I saw him on the box.
  2. In the 70's I was watching Liverpool v Leeds and I was right at the front of the Kop. During a LFC attack the goalie went out to the edge of the area and Keegan chipped him, a goal was a certainty till big Jack ran towards the goal and headed it over the bar. He came to rest with his hands on the Kop wall and someone shouted ' Charlton you're a ******g big Yarddog.' To which Jack replied ' I and a ******g well paid Yarddog at that '. What a character !
  3. Walker 570, he doesn't reload. I once arrived in Scotland without ammo which is the sort of thing I do. Scrounged some S & B .270, 150g I think which grouped into a a lid of a coffee jar at 100 y. Not great but was woodland stalking and a 100y shot about as far as it gets. Did 4 Reds anyway, no issues.
  4. Alot of faults to be sorted here and I'm not sure where to start ! How are you setting your parallax ? Has the barrel been cleaned ? Are you shooting bench rested ? Is the barrel free floating ? Groups look too tight for silencer clipping but would check by painting exit with tippex. Try using a different rifle to compare group pattern and a visit to an indoor range may help.
  5. If you move the target till it 'fits' what distance is it ?
  6. The scope maxing out doesn't sound right I would eliminate that first. Remove and refit in case it has moved on the rail but it could be internal damage. Been given quite a few 'head scratchers' to look atover the years that been ok but for the scope going duff.
  7. Used to see the occasional Polecat in Wales in the headlights. Never seen one a in daytime. There a couple of american chaps use mink and dogs for ratting on Youtube. Very impressive.
  8. The top 3 in my No 4 are, Lylvale Supreme 30g, Pigeon Power 29g and Hull Imperial.
  9. Simple method for zeroing an air rifle from scratch is set point of impact 1/2" low at 10yds. This will get you somewhere near at 30 ish yards then fine adjust.
  10. That's going cheep. Good luck !
  11. This ^ A 6 x42 S & B will do it all.
  12. Bought mine off a very obnoxious man who was extremely dissapointed with the accuracy and couldn't get rid of it fast enough. What a pity he didn't clean the factory gunge out the barrel and realise he had a tack driver. 😭
  13. I have found this thread extremely disheartening. I thought Watership Down was a true story 😯
  14. I'm afraid the Media has turned into a Loose Canon and Frenzy Generator which now creates it's own sensational events, fuels lynch mobs then ' reports' on the situations of their making. The mayors of Bristol and London have been very predictable in that they had years to act re Statues, Road names etc but now it's No1 on their agenda to promote their P.R profile. The 'News' infuriates me. About one minute is about as much as I can stand. Rant over.
  15. The preferred shot, as stated is broadside head shot between the eye and the ear. I shoot a bit closer to the ear than the eye. Generally rabbits feed and do a hop or 2, so if your patient sooner or later your rabbit will present a broadside shot. If they're head down feeding and you can't see a full head, just emit a tiny squeak and they'll pop their head up and freeze.
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