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  1. I don't think the Picker Ups will be impressed with this thread !
  2. Robertt

    Havalon hydra knife

    Check out Outdoor Edge Razorlite. Similar system at half the price. Excellent bit of kit.
  3. Robertt

    Anyone ever seen this happen on a gun?

    I actually commented to my my mate that I felt sorry for anyone shooting out in that biblical deluge on Saturday. An extreme test for all equipment !
  4. Robertt

    Extended Forcing Cones & Fibre Wads

    I've found a really nice B525, circa 2006. Really tempted but I only use felt wads and all the above is putting me off ! 😕
  5. Robertt


    Shot big, big numbers of Cormorants in the 70's. The bounty was 50p a head which was the price of a pint at that time ! The favoured cartridge for the job was Eley Alphamax 1-1/4 oz ( 36g ) 3's & 4's. I would imagine Victory 35g 4's ( UK 3-1/2's ) would do a good job and not too expensive.
  6. Robertt

    Hull Superfast Pigeon?

    Been using 29g Express Pigeon Power on Pheasants, Partridge and Pigeon for 2 seasons and very impressed with the wow factor of the knock downs 👌
  7. Possibly my favourite calibre ! Had a significant improvement in accuracy using CCI small pistol primers. 40g Hornady, H110 ( cant remember if it was 10.5 or 11.0 g ) would shoot .4" @ 100y. I'll try and find my reloading log book to see how many thou off the lands, gave the best results, think it was 5 thou but will double check. '
  8. Robertt

    Air Bottle and Air Arms

    Should be a sticker attached with expiry date.
  9. Robertt

    Sbs help before I give up and sell it

    Mount it with your eyes shut at a fixed point, to see where its pointing. Probably cast, drop or both is out for you. I hard focus on the head / leading edge and if I see the gun it means I've stopped the swing and missed.
  10. Robertt

    Opinions please on co2 pistols

    I had a Crossman Revolver,which was a copy of Colt Python in .177. Extremely accuarate and only cost about £50 new, had a very good smooth trigger in both single and double action mode. Let it go as was too noisy for the back garden but as a super accurate plinker I would recommend one.
  11. Robertt

    Howa .223 bullet choice

    1-1/2" @ 50 y ?! Sounds like somethings loose? Or a bedding issue.
  12. Another feeding up a beech tree 1317
  13. Robertt

    SKB Semi Auto owners Manual

    Nice clean gun with a chrome barrel in 3/4 choke and 28" barrels. After owner was offered nothing from the gunsmith, my mate bought it for £50. Bargain. The main reason he wanted a manual was he had an issue with light loads. Whilst searching for the manual I have seen loads of SKB threads on th' net and have found answer, which is reverse a piston ring as per the Franchi and an A5. Simples. Thanks again.
  14. Robertt

    SKB Semi Auto owners Manual

    Followed the supplied links above and found Schematic for XL300 which seems to be the same, which is just what I needed. EDIT - Actually its an Ithaca 900 schematic which refers to the SKB in question. Thanks everyone for your assistance. 😀