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  1. Perazzishot. You must be built like a brick outhouse! That many shots with a pair of 9lb guns. That would put me in physio for a week. Well done though you're living the dream 👌
  2. If it coincides with the cold weather it may the action / hammer has been over greased in the factory. Easy fixed and a step by step vid on Youtube.
  3. Robertt

    squirrel control

    Nuthatches. I stack the ledge on the feeder then go home and have some brekky. I turn up an hour later and by that time the small birds are pinching the nuts off the ledge. Rightly or wrongly, I think the bird activity is a dinner bell for the greys. Also its a bit of entertainment for me between squirrels. The other day a Nuthatch took a nut and landed on the side of a tree about 10 feet away. It then stuck the nut in the crevice in the bark and hammered it in. Another one turned up and a scrap ensued and the second bird stole the nut and did one. Never seen this before but on researcing it, they store 90% of what they take and derive there name from the way they hammer the nut into crevices etc. Never too old to learn. 👍
  4. 12 bore - Hull 28g Imperial Game, in a side by side, very smooth. Found Impax, which were my favourite in the 70's and 80's, to be a bit jabby compared to the Imperials. In 20 bore I've found all the below 28g offerings ive tred out 'smooth'. This includes Hull, Express, Eley, Cheddite,and Proper. Have yet to try Gamebore, Fiocci and RC.
  5. 4 on feeder. 121 There's one that legs it on seeing my car and it doesn't return to the feeder whilst I'm present. I have a cunning plan but it will be 48 yard shot ( Sub 12 ) Drops no issue it's about getting the windage right. Have a wind flag not far from the feeder which is invaluable.
  6. Baikel MP53. Deadly accurate and a joy to use.
  7. 100% happy with my 1100, shot several thousand cartridges over the last 2 years or so without a glitch. I use 2 O rings to cycle 24g and take one off for 28g and heavier. Give the innards a wipe with an oily rag every 250 ish cartridges and it keeps going. Impressive work horse.
  8. Robertt

    squirrel control

    Fisher. I am not shooting for sport but control. I'm not sure what you mean?
  9. Robertt

    squirrel control

    Thank you for your recipe Walker. Am too busy to make it up presently so will supply my hungary customers neat peatnuts for the time being. I don't mind shelling out for the nuts and to be fair everytime I bump into the landowner in the local, he reimburses me with lashings of beer. A win, win situation 👍
  10. Robertt

    squirrel control

    Found a free source of wheat and have been using it on my main feeder. I observed that is less attractive than peanuts but it keeps them visiting when I am unable to attend. Last night I topped up with peanuts and this morning.....happy days 4 greys in half an hour and in the meantime I had the pleasure of watching numerous Nuthatches and other small birds feeding. A Jay also turned up for its final breakfast.
  11. Not everyone can accurately judge 40 yards. I have seen alot of pricked birds shot at over 40y this season with 7-1/2's. Why pay all that money out for a days driven shooting and not using a cartridge capable of shooting high screamers. I use 5's for that reason.
  12. Using UK 7's, 21g has similar pellet count to 34g 5's. So, using an appropriate amount of choke I can only guess at how far they will cleanly drop pigeons. I use them for clays and choked up they break clays at silly distances but as we know clays are different.
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