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  1. What's the first symptoms for the hips going ?
  2. Light blue touch paper ( or mention chokes !! ) and retire immediately ! This is a wind up.
  3. My son is learning with a S/A using true cylinder and the one's he's missing, he's missed. Just enjoy it and don't get involved in being obssed with chokes, which is a form of mental illness with some folk. BTW if it's a small stepped ' choke checker ' it may be way out !
  4. Unless you really want to bring a whole world of poo on your head, I wouldn't bother. In this present climate the American authorities will want to speak to you at length. As would the Special branch when you land in the UK.
  5. Don't remember if I had fouling issues with CCI but..... Not sure if this is still the case but 3 of us did a massive Rabbit control job in N.Wales and used nothing but Eley Subs, which stopped stuff in it's tracks. We had a spell were we couldn't get Eley and went to CCI Subs. The change was instantly apparent. The accuracy was acceptable but we had loads which ran a fair way before they dropped giving the impression that they were penciling through and not imparting much shock. Intrigued by this I did a test using wet phone books.The theory being the one that went the deepest was the one expanding the least / slowest. Eley, Winchester and Remington HP subs were all considerably shallower than the the CCI. As mentioned that may have changed now, as I have not used CCI for ages.
  6. Should have mentioned the .22/250 was used in Rep of Ireland when then max calibre for deer was a non military .22 centrefire. .22/250 and 5.6 x 57 were the common one's and neck shots only at sensible distances were the order of the day.
  7. Have used many calibres on Red Stag, even 22/250. Every one I shot with a 243 was polaxed but I didn't shoot any with the 243, over 300y. However, the big calibres can cause excessive damage on Roe and as mentioned using a heavier bullet can remedy this, i.e. a 165g in an '06. But, having used 5 calibres on Stag, which all did a splendid job my go to rifle in your situation would be a .243 using a 100g Interlock or similar. I found, the light recoil generated enabled you to see the strike, which is desirable.
  8. As stated any of the above would do a good job with the right bullet. I would base your decision on what ammo's available near to you.
  9. Check out the Falcon M18 FFP. Great value for money scope with superb optics. Several reviews on YouTube.
  10. My eye dominance switched to left after a medical issue. I struggled for some time but now I hard focus on the leading edge of the target and the barrels dissappear. I shoot as soon as the gun is mounted. The gun must fit you well, for this to work.
  11. Gave up with XS floating as had issues with the last 4 foot or so sinking. Picked up some Cortland 444 F, in a sale and it's spot on.
  12. The most insane reply I have ever seen on this forum !!!
  13. As stated compile evidence and hand it over to the council. Stay squeeky clean and don't get involved in trapping !
  14. It would be easier to fit a sling to a lightweight single barrel shotgun and take both out, although I would have thought that clattering around a wood after birds, would not be compatible with deer stalking.
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