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  1. 4 on squiggle feeder. Has been too stormy most days but wind dropped this morning, so I took advantage . Since starting I've been getting about 70% males turning up on the feeder. Is this peculiar to my location ? 2117
  2. Robertt

    Victory Cartridges

    A local farmer gifted me with a bag full of Europa 29g 6's and Mini Mag 40g 4's. They were badly stored and out about 50 only half a dozen were fit for shooting. Out of interest I cut some shells open and the 6's where uk 5's and the 4's where about 3's. So there !
  3. Robertt

    Brno opinions

    Shot several thousand rabbits with the bruno. Had it cut to 17" and it shot tighter than before. Again Eley subs were the best. 👍
  4. Robertt

    Side by Side Club

    1. Johnfromuk sorry, I've just spotted your reply re BLNE 'Holland and Holland '. I think it was a carp european forgery which was sold to me by a since proven, shyster. To add insult to injury it was well out of proof and only worth £20 in a part ex. 2. Re Fabarm Classis 20 bore, this gun is as seductive as a super model who fancies you and owns a pub. The round action is a bonus like her mums after you too 😂
  5. Robertt

    Side by Side Club

    Thank you. That's proper user feedback. I will probably buy it and will keep an eye on the issue you've highlighted. I mounted this gun in the shop an embarrassingly amount of times, trying to catch it out but it pointed where I was looking everytime. Only downside is nice 28" AYA No 2 is being PX' ed to fund it.
  6. Robertt

    Side by Side Club

    Contemplating adding a Fabarm Classis 20g to my arsenal. S x S, 30" barrels, SS trigger multichoke. Looks good and handles well but can't find much user feedback. Anyone out there got one ?
  7. Robertt

    Side by Side Club

    It actually had ' Holland & Holland ' engraved on the side of the action, although I very much doubt they made it.
  8. Robertt

    Side by Side Club

    Trying to pick your brains with this one. In the mid seventies I bought a Holland & Holland boxlock non ejector. There was no engraving, just the Holland & Holland logo. It was choked Cylinder and Full and I was told it was what was known as a ' keepers gun . The gun shot loose twice and I got fed up with it and sold it on. Out of curiosity I searched on the net and couldn't find any record of such a gun. Any ideas?
  9. Robertt

    Ejector problems Miroku MK 60 HP

    Gunman. Is this not a O/U phenomenon? All my S x S ' s lob every make of fired cartridge insane distances.
  10. Robertt

    Ejector problems Miroku MK 60 HP

    Seems to be common in alot of O/U 's. My mates new Browning only ejects cleanly with a few brands. Are the ejector springs detuned for easier closing ?
  11. Robertt

    Ammo Search

    Definitely a typo error.... Should read.....' long time bull ****er ' 😆
  12. Robertt

    How many Corvids are killed in 2018

    Really unlucky day for a local Jay. Landed on my sqiggle feeder this morning and promptly shot. On the way down was hit by a female sparrow hawk. Second time this has happened in this area but last time it hit a woody. ( Plus 6 magpies and 2 Jackdaws September / October ) 1727.
  13. 2 more on feeder. 1761 .