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  1. Just watched the BBC News. Apparantly some reporter expert reckons this individual was released due to systematic failure. NO WAY ! This thing was released by some Richard Heads who as a result of their outstanding judgement, have been disciplined. As a detererent to such idiots, should be liable to being sued for damages or perhaps a jail sentence for the offence of Aid and Abet.
  2. There should be asterisk marks stamped on the barrel i.e. * * =full ** = 3/4 and so forth.
  3. Quite surpised as I owned an S510 which shot pellet on pellet at 40y with a variety of JSB's, as does my present Hw100. Have you cleaned the barrel ?
  4. Used 28g 5's in my 20 bore all last season. Express Supreme, Hull H.P.E and Proper. All equally very good. Strangely the felt recoil is less than using 28g in my 12 bore although they are similar weight and fit. Must be some reason for this but I haven't worked it out yet? Perhaps the 12g cartridges are a tad faster?
  5. For several years now I've been using Cheddite Universal Trap cartridges in 20 and 12 bore for practice on clays and I must say I am well impressed at the reasonable price and performance. But when it comes to game shooting I've never thought to try out the game cartridges. Am passing Malmo Guns next month and will pick some up but in the meantime I would be interested in any opinions based on use, on game.
  6. I think some on this forum have never been out the house, never mind shot game. This tread has turned rotten and should be deleted.
  7. Not good at links but if you search on ' Spanish Shotgun Date Codes' a table appears.
  8. Skirts are designed to open Sub 12. The diameter 5.51, 5.52 mm etc refers to the head size. If you're brain shooting stuff it matters not if you get the pellet deforms or not. Bench rested, using my S200 .22 JSB Express ( AKA Mosquitoes ) shoot one hole groups at 40y, .177 JSB Exact ( AKA AA Fields) through my HW 100, shoots the same. I use both to 55y. Any furher than that I will get closer. I will not be changing my pellets but it's fun and good practice to try things out.
  9. First outing. Feeded filled 3 days ago. 4 in less than 15 minutes. Shot one just seconds after another one had hit the deck ! Happy days. 1580.
  10. There was a thread on ' Shotgunworld ' 27.11.2017, re aftermarket chokes for the Walnut V3. Randy Wakeman stated that the Rem Chokes where actually made by Briley. Don't know if ths applies to the Versamax ?
  11. I replaced the fill valve. Think is was about £10 from ' Best Fittings '.
  12. I've had this and it was a cylinder valve leak. To test, detach it, fully charge it and stick it valve down in a pint glass of water.
  13. I've got no idea of the mechanics of high volume shotgun cartrige reloading but how could a rimless Cartrige get through all the processes. For starters, how can a case be primed without being retained in some sort of shell holder ? Or, has a case got jammed up during a later stage and had the rim swaged away? Thanks for posting this and I definitely will be examining my cartridges more closely.
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