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  1. Robertt

    Lighter loads Rem 1100 .... ports ?

    Try 2 O rings for light loads and if it works, it works. For 28g - 42g I remove the extra O ring. The 1187 is slightly different spec and thus the barrels are not interchangeable.
  2. Robertt

    Lighter loads Rem 1100 .... ports ?

    My 1100's minimum cycling load was 28g. Using 2 x 'O ' rings it now happily cycles 24g. Haven't tried 21g but will put some through it this week.
  3. In my No 4 & No 2, 4 cartridges stand out as patterning well, death ray performance and light on the shoulder. For game, Hull Imperial 28g 6's, Lylvale Supreme Game 30g, 5 & 6's and Lylvale Power Pigeon 6's ( UK 5-1/2 ). For pigeon NSI 28g 7-1/2 ( UK 7 ). For a true picture you'll have to get some cheap rolls of wallpaper and do some pattern testing. In recent year Impax have gone a bit fierce perhaps to compete in the speed war.
  4. Robertt

    Remington V3 waterfowl

    Google Remington V3 deals USA and have a look ! $536.99 is the best I've found = £470.
  5. Robertt

    Remington V3 waterfowl

    Have only hanlded the synthetic and walnut version and I like it. Would have one tomorrow but having checked out the USA deals of under £500 I can't fathom out how they can run at £1000 +, in the UK ?
  6. Robertt

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    These women have aided and abetted the most heniuos crimes against humanity. The Baghdad Courts have no time for them, especially foreigners and sentenced many to death and life imprisonmment. They decided there own fate when they joined this barbaric cult.
  7. One afternoon, being totally rained off I opened a couple of different cartridges. LV Supreme Game 5 were UK 5' s. LV Power Pigeon 6' s, UK 5-1/2. Victory 6' s , were UK 5' s and LV 42g Super Game 1' s, were UK 2's. Mad things you do when you're bored !! As stated, size in mm would help.
  8. Robertt

    Norham on the Tweed flyfishing

    My brother owns the Mason Arms in Norham. He gets loads of anglers staying there. I'll speak to him in the week and report. I'm sure he mentioned the 1st April which is particuler to that part of the Tweed.
  9. Robertt

    Air arms s200 mk 2

    I bought a cheapish bolt off fleabay and it lasted about 4 months and then fell to bits. Replaced it with a Rowan which is a very high quality product and been on the Mk2 for several years.
  10. Robertt

    Semi Auto Advise

    I've a Rem 1100 which was born in 1978. Give it a cursery wipe and lube every now and then and it has never let me down. Probably the gun I shoot the best with. The downside is that I'm not allowed to shoot driven game with it.
  11. Robertt

    Shooting top barrel first

    I have watched a slow motion vid dispelling the muzzle flip myth. Might have been YouTube but I can't remember. I thought ( most probably wrongly ) bottom barrel first reduced the heat haze around the rib when doing DTL. Decoying etc, I used to put heavier choke in the bottom and fire top first for easier loading. Gladly I don't have such a ridiculous weapon as an over and under so it's no longer an issue.
  12. Robertt

    Low incoming floating target

    As mentioned, hard to advise without seeing it. I would trust in your mount and shoot as early as possible. I struggle with the incomer on station 7 on skeet if I leave it late but smoke it if I take it before or over the centre peg.
  13. Robertt

    Motion to Ban Lead Shot

    I heard that the Anti's have realised they can't eat an Elephant in one go. Thus the tack they have taken is a lead shot ban for starters.
  14. Robertt

    bsa airsporter s.

    Try JSB Express. Is the barrel clean?
  15. Robertt

    Shock horror my HW100 goes wrong!

    Does the gauge reàd empty ?