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  1. Cracking Chub ! What did you catch it on?
  2. There was a new Remington V3 on Gun watch dated 2.6.19, for £750. Don't know if it's gone but well worth a look. Some great reviews on Youtube.
  3. Used to love the long range stuff. 200y falling plate with a pistol. 200y .22lr. Most recent was plinking with my lads at 100y with .22 S200. Amazing how they still group at ranges, way beyond the point where the tradjectory has become impractical for normal use. Lovely girl ( father Jack voice ) but boy, the size of those hands !
  4. I had one of the bars break and got it welded as a temporary fix. That was about 4 years ago and still going strong.
  5. There might be a flaw in your plan...... Pigeons instinctively come home !
  6. This is an extremely serious breach of security. Crimanals with our addresses. This is very bad.
  7. It's a tobacco pipe gun used by Spanish spys in the Civil War. 😃
  8. This shotgun has had excellent reviews and is at a bargain price. I am not in a position to buy this item, presently but if I was I'd snap it up. Good luck with your sale.
  9. Where I practice there are several sporting layouts. I only shoot the stands, that sort of represent some sort of live situation that would benifit me. The one's I ignore represent nothing and would be more akin to trick shooting at an old wild west show.
  10. I shoot Skeet for practice, gun down. Did 17 yesterday with 20g S x S, 1/2 & 1/2. Struggled on low tower with a strong head wind making them very dippy. I feel it does sharpen me up and bring home the importance of a consistant mount.
  11. Have you just stolen it ?
  12. Sorry to say that, if your are big into fine engineering / ownership of such a shotgun buy one. If you're into shooting get something else. The occasions I've used one I have handed it back and politely said ' thank you '.
  13. There are some bargain Falcon M18's on ' other sales.'
  14. Robertt

    Falcon m18

    Top drawer scope at a very bargain price. Head and shoulders above a Hawke. Although edit to show - 4-18 × 44.
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