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  1. Used to see Jerry on a regular basis shooting skeet at North Wales Shooting School. Nice man.
  2. I have used a Fabarm Classis 20 bore 30", for 3 seasons now and love it and shoot well with it. I didn't buy it because it was a 20, I bought it because it handles beautifully. It weighs about the same as a 12 bore S x S and thus using 28 and 30g it is not an issue. 21g for clay practice. Use same chokes both barrels which works for me. I also have shovel hands but it doesn't balk me.
  3. Plus 28 some trapped most shot on feeder. 2035?
  4. For those of you using live catch traps.... Its been a bumper year for natural food and my traps are only just startng to catch this week. I'm doing a bit of research on the subject and really need to know when others started to catch and how well or not the yields were. Thanks in advance. R.
  5. It was a bit tongue in cheek. The same thing happens every year. I think I've done all the locals for now. It'll be quiet for about 10 to 14 days and then the vacuem will start to fill. Just on the grey side of a buffer zone here and it would absolutely delight me to see a red.
  6. Possibly shot the last one in this copse. Only time will tell. 1721
  7. Robertt

    PCP virgin

    Costs buttons to free float. The barrel band can be opened up internally till it doesn't touch and you'll need a washer for the cylinder where it screws into the action to remove flex. Thats it...
  8. Robertt

    PCP virgin

    After 7 years use I had to replace the same filler valve, with the same fault as yours, in my S200 a couple of months ago. In hindsight I should have replaced it with the T bar version which is easier to use. Best fittings have all these parts at a reasonable price and are a pleasant company to deal with.
  9. Just got 2 on feeder before biblical rain stopped play. 1647
  10. Malmo guns near Lancaster had them in stock prior to 1st lockdown. Oops didn't see last post !
  11. My 1100 wouldn't cycle less than 28g till I picked up a tip from a US forum. Use 2 O rings. Now cycles 21g which is great for clay practice. I remove the added O ring if using 32g plus.
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