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  1. I know one of these ' some people' who says prefers a single shots system to a mag. The truth is he bought a used S200 with a single shot ramp and is too tight to buy a mag. So now when asked, he lies through his teeth, stating they're more accurate to justify his decision. If the mag is aligned as it should be, in my experience there is no difference.
  2. Yes, your gut feelings speaks volumes. They have put so much expertise into this site that I vehemently suspect they have numerous websites in order to live the very rich party life. I am a friend of a Fruad Squad squad officer who has interpol connections. I'm confident he can connect me to Officers who'd love to fry this scumhead.
  3. Use it at your peril. ' About us' states Manchester based which is BS. You have been warned. Look up the reviews. The only blag ones are the positive ones. Ring the Manchester number and you get the international dialling code. But a very well presented and plusable site but it's a spiders web !
  4. No, debit card. They don't do Paypal which I should have clocked as a red flag. I recieved one email only that stated there'll be a delay due to re-organisation of the company. I took this in good faith which took me over the 28 day ruling. Having said that I think they are untouchable being in the Canary Isles. I put this behind me as a loss but was recently informed by the review company that they had challenged my negative review as bogus and it would be deleted and I really saw my bottom over this. I only got done for £57. I strongly suspect some folk ha
  5. At least he received something. Could somebody please put this on Stalking Directory as not member Ta. They are presently on the offensive attacking all negative reviews in an attempt to get them withdrawn. It would surprise me if we get a brand new member come onto the forum telling us how great they are.
  6. The site is well presented and extremely plausible. I only used it as what I required was unavailable with my usual trusted source. 1st and hopefully the last time I have been ripped off online.
  7. HUNTERS KNIVES These thieves scammed me and many others. I am going to speak to trading standards today but being based in the Canary Isles they may be out of their jurisdiction.
  8. You've not noticed all the recent 'steel' posts?
  9. The power of suggestion.............nice one BASC 😯
  10. I don't know, a doctor or pharmacist may help you with that query. The Ayatollah cannot take ibuprofen as she has a intestinal issue but can use gel.
  11. Ibuprofen gel10% helps 👍
  12. Dont know if it's gone but there was a Falcon M18 ffp for sale on here last week. Got both Hawke and Falcon. The Falcon is alot better.
  13. A while ago I had shot one on the feeder and then 30 mins of nothing. Just about to go and my phone went. Had to interupt the phone call twice to shoot another 2 that turned up. So sometimes a little more time can pay dividends. When theres nothing doing a call sometimes gets them moving and inevitably they show up for food.
  14. Robertt

    EE scam

    My father received a letter form Legal and General stating he was owed the proceeds of a works pension he was unaware of. All he needed to do was send his passport. Letter looked extremely plausible but the address was not L & G's and the phone number was Turkish. A search of the number was flagged 'extremely dangerous scam number'.
  15. The ones I used where 12 bore No 2's, normal colour, from Monks of Wrexham perhaps 1972 ish. The box was marked Maximum 32g not the 34g that the UK ones where. The box did have German writing. The cases had the shot size in mm. The owner said they were diverted from Germany as a result of the explosion.
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