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  1. Robertt

    Remington 1100

    Eastender Voice :- Sor ted.
  2. Robertt

    Remington 1100

    Got complete unit. Am near Ormskirk.
  3. Robertt


    USA Improved Cylinder = 1/4 UK. So its an I / C you want.
  4. This is a good price for an excellent gun. Had this model a while ago and won loads of DTL, Skeet and Sporting comps. Great game gun also. Must have suffering temporary brain damage when I sold mine. Good luck with the sale.
  5. For searching I prefer 7 x 50. Massive field of view, great depth of field and superb light gathering. For studying objects 8 x plus. Helios do good reseasonably priced knockabouts with good optics.
  6. Next time you head shoot one and it does one, if you can get a second shot into it and recover it a PM will reveal all. Many years ago I had to look after a bloke who had been shot in the head at a range of 3 feet with a 9mm. The bullet went straight through his head breaking his jaw, smashing through his teeth and pallet. A different / heavier bullet would have made no difference. Unfortunately the brain was missed and several years later he killed the man that shot him.
  7. Over penetrating? If it goes through its doing its job. 22LR, 223, 308 they all go through. Shot placement is the answer. No animal is going far with a bullet though the brain.
  8. Picked up a 6 1/4 lb 20 bore S x S with 30" last year which, I think is similar in weight to a Silver Pigeon. I have been using Hull Extreme and L/Vale Supreme both 28g 5's, on game and found the recoil to be very mild and very effective at the business end.
  9. Robertt

    RWS Supermag

    99.9% of squirrels, I shoot through the Brain. Out of several hundreds I have had what you desribed twice and on both occasions a PM revealed, a head shot but at an angle causing little if any Brain damage. A Squirrel with its brains in bits doesn't go digging holes.
  10. Robertt

    RWS Supermag

    Last time this happened to me I got a second shot PDQ into the ribs and that was that. If they don't jump about, something's not right, be ready to get another shot off. Out of astonishment I carried out a PM on the head shot and the animal must have turned slightly and the pellet had just touched the brain and caused no damage. No change of pellet would have changed the outcome. If its still about a PM will reveal all.
  11. They came in 4 different stock lengths. Long, medium short and bantam. If you got one with right length for you the recoil was OK. The butt plate is desisgned to be opened with a live round. Accurate rifle and great fun to shoot.
  12. A can of worms indeed. In the past 25" barrels and now 32" barrels are a marketing hype. Perhaps the long barreled fowling guns were a hype.
  13. ' Why were traditional wildfowling guns built to have extra weight and longer barrel.' That is a question for the folk that made them. Perhap a spill over from the black powder days. I can understand the weight of fowling guns but not the barrel length. I think weight is more relevant to a shotguns handling characteristics rather than barrel length.
  14. Have a look into the chamber and throat with a bright torch and check there's nothing untoward.
  15. Robertt

    for a change

    I have the same model. Extremely accurate but I had an issue with a wandering zero. Not by much and but for the fact I was practicing with it daily, I mightn't have noticed. I researched the matter and discovered it was caused by the air cylinder flexing and did the following which was easy. Bought a shim washer from Accugroup, 28 x 20 x 0.5 mm, which was less than 50p.and fitted it to the cylinder, Then overbored the barrel band ( I used a round file ) so as the barrel no longer contacts the band. Slight improvement in accuracy and no zero shift whatsoever.
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