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  1. Robertt

    GT 85

    Used GT85 for years, good stuff, no complaints. Having run out I am presently trialling Hornady One Shot, which is excellent but not cheap.
  2. At 13 my youngest started with a 12g Rem 1100, which is no ' lightweight ', with a 14" stock. He still shoots it at 17 but being alot taller he uses a slip on pad to correct the L.O.P.
  3. Thought it was Chris Kamara !
  4. You havn't stated what the issue is but the vast majority of gunsmiths should be able to help you. As a rule Semi Auto's arn't that complicated.
  5. Yep, if the hammer's falling it does sound like pin. If you remove the bolt you should be able to confirm.
  6. They are very easy to work on. Out of interest, what are the symptoms ?
  7. Extra Full.......Ounce of 9's..... ' Bon Appetit ' 😲 Well done and great report.
  8. Apparently the one's that arrive here are just not breeding well. I have heard of the odd sighting ( South Lanc's ) but I havn't seen one for 30 ish years. Environmentally I think things are changing subtly which must have a knock on effect. I vividly remember in the 80's using a hot soapy sponge, to remove insects off the front of the car and windscreen, which doesn't happen anymore ! ?
  9. Nobody would put a loaded gun in a cabinet. So why use a flag ?
  10. Found Autan spray works well.👍
  11. Robertt

    Butterflies !

    Last decade or so have been underwhelmed by the amount of Butterflies on my magnificent Buddlier. This morning was uplifted by the fabulous sight of 30+ Painted Ladies, feet away from my kitchen window. Whats going on ?
  12. Robertt


    Check out Helios.👍
  13. I had a W.Richards Damascus BLE ( Liverpool ) built in 1907. Proofed to 1-1/8 oz but was advised by Richards 1-3/16 oz was OK. Tight as a drum. Normal diet was Impax and Eley Maximum 4's for Pinks. Sold it at a loss in the late eighties due to the the steel shot scare. 😕
  14. Did a 100 sporting on Thursday with the Rem 1100 using 21g Cheddite. Virtually recoiless and a decent one can be picked up for £300 ish.
  15. Is this reflection of how flat the forum seems presently?
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