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  1. The opponents have done extremely well, gradually banning several Field Sports and we are next in the crosswires and eventually they will succeed. Ironically they do not give a damn about foxes, hares, pheasants or lead. Does anybody genuinely think a lead shot ban will will give us respite from the onslaught. When the shootings gone will they pack in ? NO they'll go for the fishing. To voluntarily play into their agenda is very foolish and naive. We should defend what we've got kicking and screaming and not volunteer an inch. Rant over
  2. I'm Alright Jack. Ian Carmicael, ' and what do you do at the factory ? ' Liz Frazer, ' I'm a spindle polisher '.
  3. NO. Once lead shots gone they'll find a problem with steel shot.
  4. If a available near you, Victory 6's are 5's..
  5. Have resent. Please PM me if it hasnt landed. Ta
  6. Ta

    How do you want me to pay?

    Cheers Rob

    1. 12 bore leather hand guard. Doesn't have to be pristine but nothing tatty. Ta.
    2. I had a Greener Riot gun that had been converted from 14 to 12 bore. If you search Greener Police Gun there's a good write up on them.
    3. Yes I have and enjoyed it. Some of the stands simulated no legal quarry I know and were more like trick shots. But I would go again and pick my stands.
    4. Unless you take a colour blindness test you may not realise that you have the condition. Quite common in men but rare in woman. Loads of online tests if you dare 😕
    5. Shot DTL at Altcar, years ago when a true Gentleman called Fred Code ran it. He'd shout ' blot em out ' when you missed He sold Eley ' Trap shooting ' , paper cased 7's. Only a few of us wore ear protection which no doubt contributed to my present deafness. Happy days. Since the new bridge opening at Runcorn it takes me virtaully the same time to get to North Wales Shooting School as it does to get to Ribble Bank. I prefer NWSS as it has Skeet and a high tower. Am able to go midweek and rarely have to queue.
    6. Thanks lads, handing it back later and advising it goes to a Smith.
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