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  1. Does any one know if pigeon man from gowdell still sells cabinets thx
  2. Mostmaverman

    lyman vise

    any body got a lyman vise for sale thx
  3. Any tell me if trapped squirrels are worth out catch loads
  4. As title says I'm after some uk mk 4 traps if any body has some to sell thx Steve please pm me
  5. I'm after the above with 28 inch barrel if any one is selling one thx
  6. Could smell a rat from the start was to good to be true but folks on here said leave him alone hope you lot are reading this
  7. Nice write up got a 28 bore day on high partridge next week can't wait
  8. Its of in bedroom and I think your wrong there fella
  9. Cheers for that but it will be on show so needs to be in good condition wife would go off on one if it looks tatty thx for offer
  10. I'm after a 14 gun cabinet with locking top safe if any one is selling theirs thx Steve
  11. Has any body got any tickets for Friday for sale thx
  12. Mostmaverman

    sad news

    Feel for you and your family life just ain't fair some times
  13. I've scraped dozens of artexed ceiling before skimming them
  14. If u have a iPhone fella pair it up to it that and use it as your remote
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