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  1. If I see pigeons or blacks on land I do not shoot I will go knock his door, after a chat and a bit of name dropping I am usually successful in getting permission.
  2. Reading between the lines I think there is more to this than meets the eye, you mention a farm manager, how big is the farm? As there been talk between the farm manager and the potential income from the sporting rights? I think the nephew is a smoke screen, but like you say its his land and he can do as he pleases. As London Best said, always try to make as much contact/friendship with the farmer as possible, it goes a long way when someone else comes knocking at the door for shooting.
  3. Is it the case that the nephew is just having a walk round with his gun, if so, can you not approach him and see if you can work something out together? If on the other hand the nephew has friends who have got together and plan on turning it into a small walk round shoot, then this would annoy me that you were never asked to join in, although this type of thing happens a lot, I think its totally unfair of the farmer and his nephew, unfortunately there ain't much you can do about it. Or is it the case that the farmer just wants you off the ground?
  4. don't know how far out you had your decoys set but most of those birds were over your decoy pattern and looked well in range, the chokes you were using were perfect for decoyed pigeons, If I can make a suggestion, try a couple of boxes of 28g 7/7.5 you will be surprised at how well they kill at 30-40 yards.
  5. Must admit I do fear for the future of animals like this, we are losing forests and wildlife at an alarming rate and as said the people trying to protect them face some real dangers from organised gangs exploiting wild life such as this.
  6. oops, sorry about that, don't tell her where I live. Hope you keep your gear and find someone to shoot with, its a brilliant sport once you get into it, mind you pigeons can some times brake your heart, ill never understand them, good luck with the sale or your future pigeon shooting.
  7. sorry to hear that, I am sure that if you have some shooting? it would not have been to difficult to find someone to shoot with, have you asked on here for a shooting buddy?
  8. I would think at least £200 but its like everything, its what someone is willing to pay, you might do better splitting it up because you will get offers for individual items anyway. As a matter of interest why are you selling your gear?
  9. If you want to view the video at near real time left click the cog in the lower right hand and set video speed to 2. if his decoys were 20-25 or even 30 yards out then most of those birds were well in range, it may have been the case that more open chokes would have been better.
  10. Something odd about this thread, an hour ago you posted a reply to spider man’s post (8 hours ago) requesting to buy them for £10, strange thing is you posted on a 5 year old thread but spider man as not posted on this thread?? how did you mange that or am I missing something?
  11. Have you tried Riflemags….https://riflemags.co.uk/cz-magazines/?filters[category1][0][0]=Magazines&filters[category2][0][0]=Cz
  12. This….https://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2021-02-21/suspicious-item-found-in-norfolk-countryside-turns-out-to-be-pair-of-mannequin-legs
  13. I would not of thought a .22 rimfire was the first choice of a gangster, they might have nicked them for the scrap metal.
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