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  1. old'un

    Light & durable

    Although I have been shooting all my life I was fortunate that I was able to retire at 58, (now 68) for those who only have the weekend to find and shoot birds it is as you say not easy unless you have farmers who give you the nod or you drop on a field early that looks promising with lots of pigeons coming and going. But one thing I can never get my head around is why so many people take so much gear and a bag of 15-20 decoys. The one thing about retirement is age, when I was in my 20s 30s I would stop on the field till the sun started to go down hoping for the last pigeon of the day, but as I have got older I find the desire to shoot large bags (especially on stubble) as gone.
  2. old'un

    Light & durable

    The most decoys I have ever carried up the field is 12 full/shell, most times I only take 6 and two dead birds for the magnet, depending how the birds are reacting I have on occasions just took 2 dead birds for the magnet, I always sit and watch the birds and how they are responding to their mates already on the ground, I try to assess the need before I decide how many to take up the field.
  3. old'un

    Bush/Tree ID please

    Thanks for the replies guys, with a little research it seems there are two common types, American Cranberry (Viburnum trilobum) and is used to make jams. The European Cranberry (Viburnum opulus) the fruit is described as inedible/bitter and mildly toxic un-cooked, will have to taste next time I am there.
  4. old'un

    First PCP

    If I was in the market for a PCP think I would give the WEIRAUCH HW100 range a long hard look. review of the HW100S bit expensive but the build quality is superb, there are others in the range that are a bit cheaper, my preference would be .22.
  5. old'un

    Bush/Tree ID please

    These bushes/trees are growing on the side of an old railway embankment on one of the farms I shoot on, they have been there for as long as I can remember, The berries are about the size of a black currant and the bushes/trees are about 10-15 foot tall, any ideas what they are please, they look like they are edible but??
  6. old'un

    Ex miners or interested in mining.

    My Gt Granddad worked the Black Country mines most of his working life (mainly West Bromwich) from around 1860s to 1913, during my family research I have read many sad stories of mining disasters, and just how hard it was with long hours and the consent fear of fire, cave-in or being gassed. The link gives some interesting reading, its a bit long but if you have a spare hour it lists lots of collieries, pay and conditions, number of deaths at each colliery etc….http://etheses.whiterose.ac.uk/11331/1/621436.pdf
  7. old'un

    Anyone what any pigeons frozen about 100

    Think you will see more of this, some of the pigeon shooters who shoot 100+ are finding it more and more difficult to move birds on, I know some say they will not shoot pigeons if they cannot move them into the food chain, but take it from me if you don’t shoot them someone else will, even if it means leaving them for Fox food.
  8. old'un

    Deer Poaching

    The heads, limbs and innards of three fallow deer have been found in a country lane about a mile away from the farmland near Kinlet, Bewdley, They were found on Monday morning by a local land tenant, all 15 deer were shot with a rifle/s and its believed to be the same gang of poachers. I think that more than one person/rifle was involved/used and its possible they intended to remove the rest of the deer but were possibly disturbed and did not return for the remaining deer.
  9. old'un

    pigeon magnet batterys

    Never heard of a ‘makbat’ but if they are any good that’s a good price including P&P.
  10. old'un

    pigeon magnet batterys

    I usually get my batteries from ‘The Battery Bay’, Cannock, think its free delivery…https://www.batterybayuk.co.uk/leoch-lp12-70s---12v-7ah-alarm-battery-167-p.asp Why do you need such a large ah battery? I use an 7ah battery and it will run the magnet at full speed for 5 or 6 hours.
  11. old'un

    Deer Poaching

    The point is, if these are legally held guns what type of person/s are they, knowing the law and what the consequences would be if caught, if they are illegally held where the hell do they acquire such guns and ammo?
  12. old'un

    SGC without cabinet at home?

    Cannot see why that would not be possible, after all if it was your first time SGC and you had not purchased a gun your ticket would be blank, but you could use your ticket to shoot at a clay ground with their guns or a borrowed gun from a friend, you are licensed to be in possession of a shotgun.
  13. old'un

    Deer Poaching

    Yep, it looks possible a rifle was used and possibly night vision, wonder if they were legally held?
  14. old'un

    Who's a silly boy then...