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  1. I presume you have ruled out leather jackets? (not the sort you wear)
  2. The Suzuki Vitara is a more road-orientated SUV.
  3. Not wishing to steal your thunder PC, but another way he could try is, 3ft long sticks sharpened each end and pushed up the vent and into the ground, been using this method for 40 years and it works well.
  4. Old boy I used to know called his dog Fokker, I asked did you name the dog after the famous German aeroplane, he said no, its because the little Fokker never does as I tell it. Ill get my coat…
  5. I like most kids in the 50s/60s had a birds egg collection, if I think back to some of the eggs I had I would be in the dock today charged with wildlife crimes, how things change, strangely enough it did not seem to have a big impact on bird numbers considering most young lads had a collection, mind you we had an unwritten code of only taking 50% out the nest and if the eggs were haggled we would climb back up the tree and replace them. Like you say its amazing how more kids were not killed or seriously injured climbing some of the trees to reach birds nests high in the tree canopy and on the thinnest of branches, I shudder now thinking of some of the trees I climbed after rooks and crows eggs.
  6. When I was a young lad I used to climb trees like that for birds eggs.
  7. if you go down the road of getting a 12v motor and making one like walkers I would think you would need something around 120-150 rpm and to save on making pulleys you could use a double shaft motor similar to this….https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Double-Shaft-Worm-Gear-Motor-DC-12V-160RPM-High-Torque-Speed-Reduction-Motor/362590916953?hash=item546c1a5159&enc=AQADAAADIFjVrDbVsZ8oH%2F8PNHtt9VX4%2Fw7FZcmMuqsX8uaFEduVCsQUXBNjfRgUf5eAsfpUpkEC4sDIFMB2XhDLL8e7QZVPtH%2B4jCOlSaaCvIf2QanK4UUt3WKxVxNPf5nrJjvZaTw2sCy5RQKR7MzTbYyY8Nw3wCxNXWaxkroAxIUomyUXZehU2TXjZI3q23v5IK4bMphnhjf75f5xtwQ6SoSuRxRbL6YNiLKEjT6qvDVj6Wohu6mpHjlMVSSgv%2FAdgQOKc%2FNxasSZvBJyXBTXtJs2WoBhntaZ9udsovvXC9Yx6DmrbQ7bt08LFL6ZZNwFrvliaSVr%2BYFTGlZw9cBqZGx5C1QLIkw2BYAxGbjAnVX69q09lCAWkh0P3UdcjKiZlEw4S8hVDFCdL1PolHziYfheqCBuPhDYv7DSK4M3k6rRdp3YXRrdUiN6zsMzUMnCnthmap2m6Ov0JVn5HeqKYfzfNcGz4aVF4uegGpuq3i7%2FWz9BN8zU6amVxsbgAdrTHl3oMUYHFivD66oc7ShxBsuNJWgR74Qt7PUQidNl1s5h3DoqBekkMIckx4aMDSV2dNE7wZfjrqY%2FpPVi4nJR5OI8Fij8oOsrHcQx6U8WJLHUBpfeZf3oIefbNiuRiQjz7AC0QbPhMYafqujbv7glh3fBcgLsXDljBdzDYbIFANouNOufQ08ZBWViWMv1Fh5koqpvA7SsY85zohNxvzGypbw6h2mRrD9NR5wixvZkAznZBTQdosTMyiToUF5OhFRFy6DNFCTFl413MGjN0Hkrjui2OX%2FTNwMmZ86inW4PA%2FOV1M1t3eJ2%2FhnUFUhTVpGlcUolR05l4Y6%2BoEHC8hNYH1Grcnhgz0Apvnm0wGrLTDe6OfFVcD3TsjPj3KVP5IK%2FxLuRjrCNqv4NK%2B5cmlOZUWBgy9YhohiWni5FimxvY5raHrsCSSzAezMMnbGgixvoOqIbCZpWNoDeSx0Aaybg6i8Uu0b1QLBHtOsdSdnWoHcp6uI93fpPtdwtsXzLYfoOo0Khc5v%2B8DKLMFh7UNOagnGJkgGLWsIGhaeW1rdsH1E8CVlZ&checksum=3625909169536a161c0ff4494e4aa084f61d9e0533da
  8. If you want to use something other than an windscreen wiper motor there’s hundreds of small 12v motors on ebay, geared, non geared, from 5rpm to 1000rpm….https://www.ebay.co.uk/b/12V-Gear-Motor-in-Industrial-Electric-Gearmotors/65452/bn_7022763171
  9. Yep, a bit like British Leyland.
  10. You forgot the solution from ditchman, which I thought was one of the best suggestions.
  11. Well done, over the years I have seen a couple of deer (Roe) trapped by wire, each time they went berserk when we got close to them, I am amazed at how calm that deer is. Its unbelievable the amount of rubbish dumped in woods and pit holes by land owners, had a few injures to dogs over the years from old barbed wire and metal dumped in woods and pit holes.
  12. Well done what crop/stubble were they on, looks like barley? ok forget it you beat me to it
  13. I remember the old string operated flapper with a dead bird mounted on a cradle, pain in the rear end, specially on standing crops, give me battery operated any day.
  14. That’s ok, glad I could help.
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