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  1. Well my Miroku seems to have lasted longer than the OP Beretta, as you say, we will have to agree to disagree.
  2. Well from an engineering point of view (my profession before retirement) I have to disagree with you, mine is 45+ years old, had thousands of cartridges through and still closes like a bank safe door, dont know about modern Miroku’s but the old ones were built to last.
  3. He’s a shooting man and no fan of the anti mob.
  4. Buy a Miroku next time , had my Miroku from new, its 45+ years old and still going strong.
  5. Don't think I have ever seen a gun that is stamped “lead only” on the barrels.
  6. Is that actually stamped onto the barrels?
  7. I see there is a campaign/petition calling on the government to make sure the Environment Bill sets a legally binding ‘State of Nature’ target to begin the reverse of nature’s decline by 2030, I also see it has the backing of Mark Avery and Chris Packham (WJ) and a few others, I am always suspicious when these two get involved with anything like this, do they see it as an open-door/a platform to influence what the bill may contain?...https://e-activist.com/page/75310/petition/1?ea.tracking.id=Wild Justice
  8. This may help if you are looking for new….https://riflemags.co.uk/cz-magazines/?filters[category1][0][0]=Magazines&filters[category2][0][0]=Cz
  9. That was my initial thoughts but thinking about it he may have been a weak/feeble man, or possibly threatened with violence and fearing for his life. But as you say, I would also think most reasonably fit men could put up some sort of resistance to stop being raped, but if a gun or knife was being held at your head or throat then what's your next move?
  10. Are Beretta's prone to this type of wear/failure? Or as the gun had some abuse over its life and how old was the gun?
  11. If you enjoy a walk around the Maze Park Nature Reserve in Middlesbrough just be on your guard as there's some nutter stalking the woods….https://freenews.today/2021/05/03/man-in-40s-pinned-down-and-raped-near-middlesbrough-nature-reserve/
  12. You may-well be correct, but unless you have any better ideas, I will for now carry on responding to such surveys in the hope it may, I say may just make a little difference.
  13. Never found the need to use anything like “Photobucket” I just use an online photo editor and resize, save as jpeg and then upload to any website I may wish to post a picture on, simples.
  14. Good response from the dealer and outcome , as a matter of interest what was the problem with the gun?
  15. Well I guess that if none of us makes an effort, then we will only get what we deserve, a biased one sided view, like I said it may not make any difference but at least it makes me feel better knowing I have made an effort.
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