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  1. The UK is a long way from Siberia, anyone could have had a pop at them on their journey, also because of their small size some hunters may mistake them for geese. Did they point out where these birds are possibly being shot at, if not, UK shooters will get tarnished with same brush and perfect propergander material for WJ.
  2. Blimey, I have never seen such large numbers shot, well done, I presume the were shot on different days and locations, did you bait them or just wood walk/stalk them? On the top and bottom pictures there must be 30+ plus squirrels, were they all shot on the same day?
  3. Yes, you will still need the other farmers permission to use a FAC rifle on his land, if you have an open ticket and you have his permission then you are good to go.
  4. Yep, don’t use any phone numbers/emails on the letter.
  5. I have one of those that will fit any vehicle, the width and height are adjustable, you can have it free of charge but it would be pickup only if you are interested.
  6. Strangely enough and talking raptors and feathers, I had a good day this Wednesday on some rape, there was a good breeze and the birds were decoying well but I must admit that I do like taking birds that have plenty of sky between them and the ground rather than hovering over the decoys, with the strong breeze behind me some of the high birds were falling well out into the field (70+ yards) and hitting the ground hard resulting in a good cloud of feathers on the ground, then this Buzzard turns up and drops into one of the feather clouds, stands there looking then lifts off and flies around the field and drops into another feather cloud, it was doing this for about 20 minutes and spooking incoming pigeons so I went out onto the field and told him/her to go away, guess he/she was looking for an easy meal, funny how Buzzard appear from nowhere when you start shooting.
  7. No, it signifies she is a virgin.
  8. lets hope she's not watching.
  9. Pigeons are so rare where he lives that when one stops for a drink and a breather the whole village comes out to look at it and take pictures.
  10. Yes, they have some good counter studies to WJ on the effects of predation and for that reason I joined back in May of this year (£20), as you say we need all the help we can get. Their numbers are being kept artificially high through feeding stations, nature finding a balance..NOT.
  11. Never noticed much difference in the pulling power of pristine dead birds and birds that have been used a few times and look a bit scruffy. One observation when shooting over winter rape was when you get a bird hit the ground hard and a cloud of feathers are left on the ground, any dead birds set near these feathers seem to make some incoming pigeons a bit shy of landing by them, does not seem to worry them during the summer months, mind you having said that, winter pigeons are a totally different bird to summer birds.
  12. Been a few years since I was there but there are plenty of people in the B,ham Jewellery quarter that do gold plating.
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