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  1. I would not hold your breath for a reply as the original post is from 2010 and the last time he visited PW was back in 2014!
  2. old'un

    Home town

    Like I said you don’t know my background and where I come from and what my eyes have seen, not all people who come here are bad, true, but the % of imported crime pushes us way past the home grown crimes of the 60s. What’s that got to-do with importing more criminals?
  3. old'un

    Home town

    If that’s the case why was there less of the type of crimes we see today 50 years ago? My experiences and eyes don’t lie.
  4. old'un

    Home town

    Yes we do have our own home grown criminals so why import more? And who’s supplying all these drugs on the streets? Like I said, to many people coming into the country creating no-go areas, societies with society keeping a very closed shop.
  5. old'un

    Home town

    Yep, we have let to many people into our country with totally different values, we also have our own home grown criminals without importing more from around the world.
  6. There was a young law student named Rex, who had a very small sex organ, when charged with exposure, he said with composure, De minimis non curat lex.
  7. old'un

    Garden bird ID

    As you say pictures not great, it could be anything.
  8. Yes I know, went there last year, stopped in the Hotel Port Sitges, as you say nice place and a nudist beach if you feel inclined to join in? not my scene but the wife loved looking down onto the beach, perv.
  9. It was not eating barley it was heading somewhere else and that’s part of the problem we are trying to anticipate what the birds intentions are in those circumstances. Last October I was shooting on a field of cut maize, there were a few pigeons but it was mainly blacks, after shooting for about 3 hours I had a pile of blacks next to my hide, now if someone approached me and asked why I was killing them as they were doing no harm, my answer today would have to-be, ‘well the farmer is going to sow some winter barley soon so I have anticipated they will hit the barley when sown’ I could apply the same reasoning for shooting the passing pigeon, or wymberley shooting the passing blacks. Whether my judgment of the birds latter intentions would be a good defence in a court, I have no idea, but it’s the only defence I/we have. I think that if under the new GL you are shooting birds on any crop that is getting attention then you are safe to shoot said birds, the only thing in the licence that is open to interpretation is the words “serious damage”
  10. I remember a few years back shooting on a field of laid barley, it was getting hammered by blacks, strangely the pigeons were not interested but a lone pigeon flew over about 40 yards up going somewhere else, I mounted the gun and swung through and it folded falling in another field of barley behind me, now, was that a lawful shot?
  11. Hope you dressed appropriately for the Pride celebration parade.
  12. Would that not also apply to BASC and its fighting/war chest funds? And what if we wish to crowd fund in the future to possibly fight a bigger challenge from WJ? Sorry if I am putting the spanner in the works mate.
  13. Phil, I don’t want to put a damper on your idea, and I know who its aimed at, but couldn’t they just change the wording to membership fee, or simply donation. Or am I missing something???
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