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  1. old'un

    Forum change

    The only thing I do not like is the info box on the right, it is only on threads/topics with 3 or more pages, I maybe missing something but it seems totally pointless info.
  2. old'un

    Forum change

    How did you reply to this thread then?
  3. old'un

    Forum change

    Don’t see any adverts, I am using AdBlocker, free add-on in Firefox.
  4. I am surprised there’s not been more of this type of crime, or a lone shooter robed of their gun when out shooting, not a lot you could do if two guys approach you with knives, well there is one thing, but I doubt it would look good come renewal time.
  5. old'un

    Forum change

    Yes there is a change but it looks ok to me, looks cleaner/sharper, viewing on desktop PC, browser Firefox.
  6. I am sure we can help you iron out any faults you may have picked up over the years, look forward to seeing the video.
  7. Ok, just wanted to make sure you were not putting yourself or anyone else in any danger.
  8. old'un

    Plant ID

    friend has this growing in his garden, anyone know what it is?
  9. Yep, the reason for asking is he states “I am a total novice to guns and cartridges compared to others” he maybe totally unaware of what the gun is chambered for.
  10. I see you are using 70mm cartridges, is it chambered for 70mm?
  11. Not sure I would agree that pretty well everything was missed in front, too much lead?
  12. To me those cartridges are a little bit of an overkill at those ranges, I would be looking at 1oz of 6s or 7s (7.5 maybe) those chokes are open enough but for some reason and it might be the video, on some of the birds it looks like you are not following the bird or anticipating its flight path, good example is 50s in, your first shot is high and a touch behind, your second shot is way behind and way low, mind you the bird 2.08 in was lucky, you looked bang on (red dot). Think when you start to connect and you get a few kill images imprinted in your head you should start to kill more bird
  13. I thought there was going to-be a picture of some MP. They will not be able to gather in groups of more than six come Monday, people that is not breasts. Mind you and joking apart have these young people not seen the latest news on who is spreading Covid-19.
  14. Maybe he only wants English Acorns.
  15. Enjoyed watching your video, your setup looks good, perhaps if you put a few more decoys out you might do better. There were a couple of shoots that looked like they were only a few yards away and although you were not on target when you pulled the trigger, at that range I thought they may have caught the edge of the pattern, but they flew off untouched, what cartridge, choke combination are you using?
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