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  1. That number does not bring anything up on Ebay. Its easy to put a link up, just go the page on ebay, then left click anywhere in the address bar (the one with the padlock next to it) it will turn blue, then right click and select copy, then come back to this page and click reply, at the top of the reply page you will see a paper clip, left click it, that will open a box, hover the mouse pointer over the URL box (top box) and right click, select paste from the menu, then hit the blue box below saying insert into post, job done.
  2. It’s the Bull Pub on the corner of Price st and Loveday st. Gunmakers Arms are on the corner of Bath St and Little Shadwell St. that picture of Wisemans brings back many a happy memory of hours spent in there and Ben Wilds.
  3. The Strengthen the 2004 Hunting Act, is totally different from the one about hunt hounds being shot.
  4. don't know about millions of dog lovers, so far there is less than a 1000...https://www.change.org/p/uk-parliament-ban-the-inhumane-killing-of-hunt-dogs-in-the-u-k?source_location=petitions_browse
  5. I am glad that the few people you have encountered were not against shooting but if tomorrow a vote was put before the general public to ban all killing/shooting of wildlife I wonder what the outcome would be?
  6. Do you honestly think the antis and the general public give a flying **** about you controlling pigeon numbers, no, most if not all see you/us as someone who blasts wildlife out of the sky, you can argue with them till you are blue in the face but you will never win the argument that what you/we are doing is justified in the name of crop protection, “pigeon shooting can prove its case” no it cannot. Get your head out of the clouds mate.
  7. I shouldn't worry as I honestly believe that what we do today (shooting, hunting, call it what you will) will not be acceptable in 20 years from now, or it maybe sooner.
  8. Its a good job the BBC has not got the franchise for JB, gawd only knows who they would pick for the role of JB.
  9. There maybe spelling mistakes but how does that make his posts garbage? Your reply looks very much like you are “playing the man, not the ball”
  10. Think I need to have a word with you about a tooth I put under my pillow in 1956.
  11. I was thinking more on the lines of food, but yes manufacturing in the UK is not what it once was, mind you I would never have bought anything that came out of British Leyland.
  12. Makes me wonder how I ever survived growing up during the 50s 60s without all those imports.
  13. When you say “empty shelves” empty of what? I for one would like to see interest rates move up, might get some return on my saving then.
  14. old'un

    Mattress sales.

    Most, if not all are counterfeit mattresses.
  15. There's a few around Worcester area. Kestrelway Gundogs, Evesham...https://yellow.place/en/kestrelway-gundog-training-centre-evesham-britain Fortiscorde gundog training..http://www.fortiscordegundogs.co.uk/gundog-training-worcestershire/ Worcestershire Gundog Society…https://www.worcsgundogsociety.co.uk/ If none of the above are able to fit you in they may know someone who can. I know Ian Openshaw has a big rabbit pen but he is based near Telford Shropshire, there's also Bob Longville at Stourbridge but not sure if he still has his rabbit pen. What side of Worcester are you?
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