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  1. Possibly, when they get canker they can no longer swallow food and lose weight quickly, they become very weak and lethargic and die, very few pigeons recover from pigeon canker.
  2. More than likely pigeon canker, seen a lot of it the last few years, next time you find one open its beak and see if you can see what looks like yellowish growth in its mouth and throat.
  3. old'un

    Pigeon Magnet

    If nothing closer to home comes up I have an home made one, it’s a bit heavy, you can have free if you wish to pick it up, I am about one and half hours from you, PM me if interested.
  4. Funny how you should say that as I also noticed lots healthy looking volunteer rape, some of it around eight inches high, if I did not know any different I would have sworn the field had been sown with rape.
  5. This time of year they are busy hiding their nuts, sat and watched a pair this week flying up and down the hedgerow, picking acorns and burying them along the margins.
  6. Have seen lots of pigeons this last week, all in the woods and hedgerows, walking one hedgerow/field with lots of oaks there must have been 20/30 birds in and around each oak, putting the binoculars across the woods I could see plenty of bird movement, mainly around oaks, they are defiantly on the acorns around here.
  7. Have you been for a drive round to get some idea of where and how much rape as been sown?, talking to a few farmers who were going to sow rape in August but said the conditions were not right (to dry) for the rape to get away and put some growth on before winter, some have sown winter beans instead or looking at winter corn if the conditions improve or spring corn.
  8. What will he reseed the lost rape with? spring rape?
  9. Or it could be a bonus if you have a field or two to shoot as you may see big numbers concentrated on those fields, bit like it was in the early days of rape back in the 70s
  10. Well you are lucky, I phoned a farmer today that has grown rape for the last 30+ years, he’s not put any rape in this year and doubts he will next year. Looking at this article from April 2019, the south seems to have been hit the hardest…https://www.fwi.co.uk/arable/osr/oilseed-rape-area-to-shrink-as-growers-weigh-up-alternatives
  11. These will keep your extremities warm, 100% wool.
  12. Try some silicon spray or grease, you only need a very small amount, apply to your hand and rub it into the wood, it will give a nice sheen, its also very water proof and none greasy, I treat the wood and metal work on my guns with it, its a surface protection so will need re-applying.
  13. Fair play to you JDog, this is how it should be, people sharing a days shooting with those who are less fortunate than some of us.
  14. Young birds have no white on their neck but they still attract other pigeons
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