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  1. old'un

    Webley Falcon

    Possibly not, but without any pictures of the op rifle and dimensions of the dovetail the links are just a possibility.
  2. old'un

    Webley Falcon

    Dovetail sight….https://www.airgunspares.com/ar77webleymk3rearsightassembly.html Also these may fit your rifle… sight..https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/325191695876?hash=item4bb6ef7e04:g:rN4AAOSwiANieTqH sight..https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/125326576915?hash=item1d2e0bcd13:g:n0MAAOSw8AliZTaT
  3. Don't know who you have emailed but the importers SMK state they are trade only and all enquiries will be referred accordingly… As others have said it sounds like a fault, why would the rifle need to discharge all the air once it gets to 100 bar?
  4. Some good tips/advice above. If you get an older ferret and it bites it will sink its teeth down to the bone, you will get a few nips from kits, its part of the fun but regular handling should stop this, just watching their antics when playing will give you hours of fun, don't know why but I always found Jill's more playful than Hobs. Make sure your run is easy to wash down, clean out run regularly, it will help stop flies and smell. If you want to get a bit more fun from your ferrets build an enclosed play area in your garden, put some lengths of drainpipe in it and a few toys.
  5. I had one last attempt at getting a reply so I emailed the head of sales in Hong Kong telling them what I thought of their after sales service, they came back with an offer of a discount on a new camera (no mention of how much) they also said they do not repair cameras but replace.
  6. Just a heads up on Campark after sale service, I purchased a T85 trail cam from Toguard Direct (Ebay) on the 3 June 2020, after about 15 months it stopped recording at night but worked ok during the daytime, I tried everything I could to see if I could get it working, new batteries, new card and reset but all this made little difference. Over the last 6 months I have tried contacting Toguard Direct through Ebay but they have not answered one of my emails, I have also sent a number of emails to Campark (uk.support@campark.net) and not one reply from them. Others may have had better response from customer services but so far its not happened in my case, they are good cameras but I don't think I will buy another Campark camera.
  7. And why do you think that most are afraid to speak out?
  8. I would love to help you out, but unfortunately I have been sworn to secrecy, all I can say is keep doing what you are doing and it will all become clear in time. Enjoy your brake in Greece, think all the pigeons must have followed you over there. I remember some of the bad winters of the 70s and 80s and even though there was a fair bit of rape about if we had 4 or 5 inches of snow for prolonged periods the they would have to move onto some of the crops you mention, shot a lot of pigeons on winter cabbage during times like that but their condition was poor.
  9. old'un


    You only need to get one letter wrong
  10. Although I cannot stand the man or Bill Oddie, I do agree with a lot of his comments in the article, apart from diverting cancer research funds.
  11. I presume from your post that you have no land/farms to shoot over? if your use of a FAC rifle as only been at a club/range then it maybe difficult for you to get the area passed for a FAC rifle. As others have said I think 12ft1lb air rifle the way to go.
  12. I would say very little as changed from 90s, the pigeons are still hitting the rape during the winter, also spring rape, they are still hitting badly sown fields, spring and autumn sown, they are still hitting laid corn and then the stubbles, the problem is the same as its always been and that is finding an area with a good head of pigeons and next finding the field they want, although I have seen fields with tons of seed on the top but not a pigeon in sight. I will add that most sown fields now don't have a lot on the top due to the drills being more efficient and the use of more direct drilling, although I did have some cracking shooting last spring on a badly direct drilled field of beans. Also I don't see the big numbers on winter rape that I did during the 70s, 80s, and early part of the 90s, when I say big numbers I am talking 5000+ pigeons. There is another thing that as changed over the last 20-30 years and that's the weather.
  13. If reports are correct it looks like the Ukrainians are taking the fight to the Russians after a possible missile strike on two targets 80miles into Russia. What type of system would they need to strike this far into Russia?....https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10749921/Giant-inferno-Russian-oil-storage-amid-suspicion-strike-Ukraine.html
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