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  1. Suzuki Jimny long wheelbase, rumoured to be coming out in 2022, a few camouflaged prototypes have been spotted in Europe….https://www.carwow.co.uk/suzuki/jimny/news/5159/new-suzuki-jimny-long-wheelbase-pickup-spotted-price-specs-release-date
  2. Same here, always had Ad-Blocker running and never had a problem but since a recent update to PW I have had the same problems logging in and it will not let me make a post with it running, if I turn it off there's not a problem. Might be worth disabling it for PW and see what results you get.
  3. Have you ever tried squeaking them by kissing hand?
  4. Have you got ad-blocker running?
  5. Or one of these, rumoured to be coming to the UK in 2022, I like it a lot, it makes the SUV a much more practical car, plus its to have an upgraded turbo engine to meet the EU emissions, no mention on cost but as the short wheelbase is around £29k I would think the long wheelbase will hit the £30k+ mark.
  6. Find a field the pigeon want, get in the right position and you will shoot pigeons (most of the time) my setup has change a little over the years, I now only use 6 plastic decoys and the magnet with two dead birds, sometimes I don't even put the plastic birds out if they are coming in strong and in numbers, if I get it right I will kill pigeons. I will admit that on occasions you do need a little more help to pull the birds if you cannot get in the right position or the birds are a little shy but generally shooting pigeons on some of the first stubbles is fairly easy, you don't need a flapper or all the other stuff they keep bringing out.
  7. Not doing a very good job of it by the look of things …..only joking mate, nice offer for someone, but like most of the offers I have seen over the last few years the response was poor, good luck.
  8. University of East Anglia is to ‘decolonise’ its courses following demands from students, but they do not say what percentage of students are demanding this change. The UK’s track record may have its flaws, as do most countries, but I am proud of my country and its history, why are these youngster so bent on trying to rub out history, what do they hope to achieve by it? If this is all off the back of BLM (George Floyd) then I think someone needs to look at more recent history of the 20th century and the genocide in Africa, where around 10 million people were murdered.
  9. Its almost like there is an agenda to remove our history and the Englishness from the English.
  10. Will it be a ban on sales and manufacture or a total ban on its use in 4 years?
  11. More woke nonsense, University of East Anglia is removing the works of Shakespeare from its courses in what it calls the “decolonising of the English language” whatever next…https://twnews.co.uk/amp/uk-news/english-operated-as-a-language-of-the-coloniser-students-are-told
  12. old'un

    Born Mucky

    Quest 9.00 pm tonight I enjoyed the last series but not sure if this one is new or repeat of the last series.
  13. 30+ years is not old for a gun, what guns are they?
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