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  1. "im mainly (at it again)"

    Nice gesture walker
  2. Opening FAC

    Got mine opened after six months and my mate got his opened after 9 months, Just wrote and told them the reason why and the amount of land we had, that’s Westmid and Staffs, no problems.
  3. Hedgehogs

    The tree huggers will put it down to changing farming practices, loss of habitat, pesticides and anything else apart from Badgers.
  4. "im mainly (at it again)"

    I wouldn’t worry about chemical weapons....the way Norfolk is falling into the sea you better get some old pallets from Walker and build yourself a boat/Ark.
  5. message

    Now we will never know…..unless you tell us.
  6. Very strong wind

    Apart from what as already been said, the other thing in a really strong wind is your bloody hide poles end up at all sorts of angles, especially when the ground is soft, (I know, use guide ropes) as marsh man said 10-15 mph is just right, well for me it is. Yep JDog that wind over the last few days has been bloody cold and it does not take long for the heat to be drawn away from your body.
  7. Rotary problem

    You’ve had it two years and only used it twice, more than likely full of rust, what was you using before?
  8. Stainless steel rods

    Overall, 316 food grade stainless, you could try these people… https://www.metalsupermarkets.co.uk/ Can I ask why you are making these as you can buy them ready made on places like EBay, and they are cheaper than buying the steel and making them your self?
  9. "im mainly (at it again)"

    No, not at all, just hope you can understand some of my written explanations, I am not the best person at explaining things, I prefer pictures and a bit of text, guess that’s why I always liked the Beano and Dandy comics.
  10. "im mainly (at it again)"

    Another thing to keep in mind is tool steel when hardened and polished will also give a different colour to unhardened tool steel, you could try and see if the steel off cuts will harden, this will tell you if its tool steel or bright drawn mild.
  11. "im mainly (at it again)"

    Yep, that’s what I was saying about oil and how it can give false colour, also was the test pieces GFS or mild steel? What temperatures were you using and how long?
  12. "im mainly (at it again)"

    Yes it is a bit of a beast, so all you need is a old leaf spring and off you go, did you see what I was trying to get at with regards the rainbow temper, think it was about 11.60 into the video and the visual explanation is better than my written attempt.
  13. "im mainly (at it again)"

    So you will not be making one of these…..
  14. "im mainly (at it again)"

    Agreed, a blade that small will not need a softer spine, I was thinking more of blades of 6” or longer. Whats the weather like in Norfolk? Will this cold snap stop play?
  15. "im mainly (at it again)"

    If I can make a suggestion, if it’s a general purpose knife, camping/hunting I would try to get the back/spine of the knife a little bit softer/tempered, dark brown or blue, this will give the knife more flex without it snapping in two if side pressure is applied, this can be achieved with a blowtorch when its removed from the oven. Although there are other ways of doing this with a hot tempering plate and laying the back of the blade on it.