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  1. some 30 years ago I approached a farmer about shooting the pigeons on his rape, after a bit of a chat he said ok, that sounds good, and what do you charge for this, he was a bit taken back when I said its free.
  2. old'un

    SxS .410

    this looks like it...https://www.gunwatch.co.uk/guns/22340-Spanish-for-sale it looks a nice gun for the money.
  3. old'un

    SxS .410

    a link may help him.
  4. A few pictures of the stock may help those with the talent to fix such things to give you some help.
  5. Not trying to twist things around or have a dig at you, just replying to a post on an open forum. My point was, if you post a write-up and pictures of thing you have shot, you then become “we” but then tell the OP, “do the dirty deed but not to tell everyone on the internet” could be a case of practise what “we” preach.
  6. So you dont post any pictures of things you have shot?
  7. I like that, made me laugh out loud.
  8. I wonder if vegans have anything to-do with all these viruses coming from animals?
  9. old'un

    SxS .410

    Good luck with your search, hope something comes up.
  10. I think you could apply the same reasoning to a few things we shoot and post pictures of.
  11. He could have perhaps worded it better, but all I can see is he is asking if its ok to shoot pheasants on his property, unless I have missed something.
  12. Never liked decoying pigeons at first light, flight line pigeons coming out of the woods yes, this time of year I find that if you hit them at first light when decoying you have a bit of shooting but after that you don't see them again as they have plenty of time to find something else. Having said that, you just never know with pigeons, they have a knack of making us look stupid.
  13. don't think this is far from you?...https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-55043486 Bird flu H5N6 virus recently found in humans in China (they can keep that one) and the other one we don't want from China is this one found in pigs...https://news.sky.com/story/new-swine-flu-found-in-pigs-in-china-with-human-pandemic-potential-12017782
  14. some of the reports I have seen say its being spread by wildfowl, lots of reports from up and down the country of Swans dying from bird flu.
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