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  1. GREENGRASS is your man, he takes some cracking pictures...https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/390736-milvus-milvus/
  2. old'un

    What air rifle?

    Yes, but its his only posting since joining in 2010. he only took 9 years thinking about it.
  3. 100 birds picked, a nice finish to your day, now go and have a nice rest and enjoy your hols, think you are right about the amount of shooters out on the stubble's, all with the same setup, don’t take pigeon long to recognise this pattern as danger. As a matter of interest the first field of partly cut wheat wouldn’t happen to have been Charles farm?
  4. old'un


    You can do a complete copy/clone of your hard drive and run your software from it, but unless you have the install program for the deleted software I don’t think its possible. One of the reasons is to stop anyone from cloning individual software programs and giving/selling copies of the software. Also the program has registry entries and other files spread across Windows so it's not possible to copy/clone an individual program as such. Possible solution. If you are having problems with the OS on your existing hard drive (C) you could put a new drive in your computer and just install the OS on it, once done set the bios to boot from this new drive (now C), you can then run your old programs from the old drive (now D) by clicking the relevant .exe file.
  5. I’m thankful that I have lived the last 69 years with relative freedom to-do what I like, these people worry me, their demands and actions are surely a form of dictatorship through the back door. Most of these people seem to-be under 30 and are still wet behind the ears, they are locked onto their mobile phones like a baby with a dummy, social media is their life, whatever comes upon that little oblong screen is gospel, you only need the right people/person to feed the gullible with enough rubbish/lies and eventually they believe and follow the crowd. If someone was trying to invent a way of brainwashing the gullible/young en masse then the mobile phone and social media would (is) the perfect tool.
  6. Reading some of the updated reports on the incident it would appear that PC Andrew Harper was hit by a pursuing police vehicle, does that mean that if cause of death was a result of being hit by the police vehicle they may get off with just a charge of attempted burglary, or at worst involuntary manslaughter?
  7. Seems he was killed by being dragged along the road underneath a car, 26 and recently married and was due to go on his honeymoon next week, feel for his young wife, his family and friends, lets hope this scum get what they deserve.
  8. All the winter barley and rape are in but still loads of winter wheat and spring barley to cut, doubt I will see much combining over the next few days, its pouring down here as I type, will need a good few days of warm weather to dry it out.
  9. Try telling that to the thousands of foxes killed with this round, perfectly good round at the right distance and shot placement.
  10. Think its all here…https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/profile?pid=424
  11. Illegally held guns are another question, I was giving my opinion on…”Do you think its OK for someone to shoot two people” and without going into the details of this case (which we are all aware of) my answer was, Yes.
  12. This winter gone I was shooting a rape field not far from Bromsgrove, on walking the length of the field to get to my desired spot I could see fresh tyre marks running in all directions across the field, so when I finished shooting I popped around the farm and asked him if he knew about the tyre tracks, no, he said, must be bloody poachers after the rabbits and hares, next night he spotted lights in the same field so he drove down the lane and into the field blocking the only exit, they must have spotted him as they drove towards the exit with their headlights on full beam trying to dazzle him, when they realised they could not get out the passenger got out and approached the farmer and started shouting at him to move his f-ing car or they would brake his legs, being on his own he reversed into the lane and they sped of up the lane, on his way back home the farmer noticed them parked in a gateway about a mile up the lane, as soon as he went passed them they started to follow him with headlights on full and about three feet from his bumper, the farmer drove into the yard and they followed, stopped and just sat there, so the farmer started to approach them, they then drove straight at him but swerved off at the last minute and out onto the lane. The farmer reported this to the police and the police put a few signs up around the area about reporting poaching, the farmer managed to get the reg but they were false plates. These people are nasty and think nothing of using violence should you get in their way, I told him if he sees anything again just call the police and let them deal with it.
  13. Or kiss the back of your hand, never had a fox call and I have squeaked a few foxes over the years.
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