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  2. I honestly believe that one day humans will be infected with an almost unstoppable virus, bit like Myxomatosis, that or nuclear war. Mind you global warming is just around the corner if we believe all we are told.
  3. Unless something like this slows the worlds population down…https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/18/world/asia/china-virus-wuhan-coronavirus.html
  4. old'un


    Yes I did watch it and yes it was refreshing to hear someone not afraid to speak out and tell it how it is……But! The media molds the minds of young and old (well some of the old’uns)
  5. You did ok in the conditions you found yourself in, thanks for your report and don’t worry you are not alone but at least you are seeing some good flight lines, those birds flying high and heading for their desired feeding table are hard to pull, you might have better luck next time.
  6. Been out this morning to have a look at a couple of reasonably good rape fields, there were 5 pigeons in the trees around the field, looking through the binoculars there was not a bird moving anywhere, mind you on days like this, sunny and calm, they spend most of the day just sitting there. This year is one of the worst I have known although I did expect to hear of some big numbers from shooters in areas where the rape has done reasonably well.
  7. Might be because they are not shooting any, or very few, in the last two weeks I have shot 12, don’t think the regular posters are doing much better, nearly all the rape in this area has failed or is very poor, not much to hold birds in the area.
  8. Either way he did not get much use out of it has he died in August 1989 aged 73.
  9. dont know if this link will work but it says first registered 31 December 1987...https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/
  10. Yep, and its needed a fair amount of work on it over the last few years to get it through the MOT’s, I wonder if the owner knows the history of the Land Rover, might be a shooting man? possibly a PW member?
  11. Archie Coats Land Rover still going and has covered over 240k miles, it was first registered in December 1987, I wonder who owns it now?
  12. Yep, and look at the size of his horseshoe pattern, remember him giving demos at the game fairs, he always built his hide in a V shape, did he live in Herefordshire?
  13. there you go...https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/breaking-armed-cops-swoop-shrewsbury-21308722
  14. Don’t bother unless you intend eating mushrooms everyday for a couple of weeks, also a lot don’t freeze well, I have grow a few different mushrooms from kits, you need to give the right conditions to grow and they can be a bit like fruit in the autumn, you get a glut then nothing. Easier to buy from the super market or online, or you could do as I did and join a fungus foraging group, great fun and they are free.
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