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  1. I wonder who the roundheads will appoint as the Protectorate?
  2. old'un

    Blood in Urine

    Good news, lets hope the vet is correct, should clear up but may need a course of antibiotics if it persists.
  3. old'un

    OK, What Was It?

    Yep, the first time I saw one about three years ago I had to look twice, quite large and very Humming bird like, even the wings are bird like, apparently this summer as been very good for them, nice to see them in the garden.
  4. old'un

    Blood in Urine

    There are so many things that could cause blood in the dogs urine, my first call would be the vet.
  5. old'un

    Shooting meetups

    I see, its just that your first post on the forum seems to be offering clay/game shooting, or have I read it wrong? Its not mandatory, but may I suggest you introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself, you may get more response…https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/forum/25-welcome-to-pigeon-watch/
  6. old'un

    Shooting meetups

    Welcome Ehaynes96…..Strange first post, would you care to elaborate?
  7. old'un

    UK Rubbish for kit

    Name and shame.
  8. old'un

    Guess the tool

    When I saw the title I was expecting to see a picture of Corbyn.
  9. Never heard of LUSH until this post by Debbie BASC, seems they are quite happy to print/promote all sort of inaccuracies and lies to further their attack on shooting, well spotted BASC and good on you for making the challenge to this rubbish, lets hope the outcome is in our favour. Links to LUSH and the article…https://beta.lush.com/en/article/englands-green-and-pheasant-land LUSH on Twitter...https://twitter.com/lushtimesen?lang=en
  10. old'un

    Sitty Trees?

    Fishing brolly, used one for years and works perfectly, also gives you some shelter from icy winds in winter.
  11. old'un

    Hide Seat

    If age is catching you up then the extra weight of these chairs might make the slog across that muddy field a little harder, I have one of the PW chairs but only use it when I can drive to my spot or its a shortish distance to walk….https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/store/product/5-bergara-folding-shooting-seat/
  12. old'un

    Hydro dipping - good or bad job??

    I would be looking at your hide, if they can see your gun they must be able to see you?
  13. One suggestion would be to use Google maps for your area, look for possible thing that might point to game shooting, then get knocking the doors of local farmers and explain what you are about, you never know you might drop on a farm that runs their own shoot or they might know of game shoots in your area. Good luck
  14. old'un

    What a day on Beans Stubble

    Well for someone who had no permissions and was new to pigeon shooting back in July of this year, you sure have done well.