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  1. This is where we are at, she had become so selfish and egocentric it's was beyond a joke, she clearly loves her daughter but has absolutely no idea how to parent or be parent/wife, it's very sad to watch really. She was increasingly out after work with her "work buddies" as it always seems to be someone's birthday or leaving do it got unbearable, me and my daughter would always go out for something to eat alone when she did that and it got to the point the car knew it's own way to the wimpy bar, chip shop and every pizza place in town, the final straw was seeing my five year old staring out of the pizza shop window looking for her mum to see if she was coming to eat with us on more than one occasion, sports day she couldn't come as she had to get false eyelashes done because she was out for dinner that night again without us, tbh the more I look back on the more I realise we will be better off without her now, thousands of pounds in the last year on hair, beauty treatments etc. Madness, and last night she admitted that she had not put any thought whatsoever into who our daughter should. Live with and when and how we should share her time when the divorce is done despite knowing we have mediation to come in the next week or so. But of course she is the font of all parenting knowledge and sees fit to demand and dictate how I should act, when I should act and what is best for my daughter
  2. She won't ever admit to adultery I'm afraid, that destroys her fantasy moral high ground she believes she has as sh etalks in a soft nice tone of voice :-), lots have changed recently regarding divorce and family /finances and there is absolutely nothing to be gained by adultery anymore, the court favour no fault divorces, children no longer automatically reside with the mum as they used to historically and the courts main interest is whatever is in the best interests of the child so far as the court is concerned, finances are divided up on the needs of the parties where it has been a long marriage and not who put what in so the ability to get a mortgage in future due to age and health are all taken into account when the judge decides, it's all so different now and actually a lot fairer than it ever was before, I shoud come out of this a lot betrer than she will when the law is applied it's just a year of pain until its all finished unfortunately, what disturbs me now I am wiser to her is just how easy lying comes to her, about the smallest of things, she lies so much its become like second nature to her which clearly makes me question most of what I was suspicious about ofr many years now, she alps has a habit of saying things then denying she did, it's like an illness she has
  3. Thanks chap, my. Solicitors instructions will simply be "rince her" as I am disabled with a huge clinical history any funny business will simply mean I will need a ground floor home at her expense Oh yes, always has been, hope you are well my friend, thanks for the chat the other night
  4. Thanks, I get what your saying about the drama but aside from some expletives and an angry tone of voice on my part she has already built herself a stage to protect her ego it appears and is Indeed away with the fairies and detatched from reality in most aspects, with regards to finance I have absolutely no interest in playing her games at mediation, been here before when they put a nice fluffy cardigan on and appear to be all sweet and innocent for the camera, I am going to take it all the way and simply tell my solicitor I want as much as she thinks I am entitled to regarding finances, not interested in plea bargains I have to put my daughter and I first now, Im 50, she is fully aware that I can never go back to work or get a mortgage whereas she can as she is 38 and I have given the last 20 years of my life and deteriorating health to this relationship, I have a clean conscious here so don't feel in the slightest bit guilty about carrying this through to the very letter of the law, I have no interest in my wants but will push 100% to get my legal entitlement
  5. She is a small unassuming Indian lady, the type you wouldn't see coming :-), from my best guess I went and found the best I could locally and the wife went and found the cheapest and probably ended up with the clerk
  6. Indeed I do, she has 25 years of just family matters, I also visited a different solicitor after my initial consultation with her to confirm what I was told was accurate and the other solicitor (23 years experience) was singing the praises of the first one so I dotted the I and crossed the t so to speak
  7. Nearly managed a conversation last night,turns out she just wanted to discuss how I should alter my behaviour to make her life easier for her and admitted that she hasn't given any thoughts whatsoever to our daughters living arrangements after we split which is what the mediation process is all about, it beggers belief that the singularly most important person in this entire facade isn't worthy of her thoughts or attention over herself, my solicitor has told me that the divorce isn't relevant to the family or financial matters and I should just sign her papers anyway, thanks for all the input and advice everyone
  8. Lol! She has already been caught over the other side but clearly denied and continues to deny it, I have ensured that I have exhausted every avenue to sort this amicably now and regardless of whatever the future holds my conscience is clear which as this is my second divorce now somehow seems of primary importance to me, the last one was 30 years back, so much has changed now
  9. Very true, yep, I will be wary thanks, I have offered to loan her one of my spare spinning rods a few times now to aid her fishing expeditions she seems to embark on regularly, did you know you use and apple I watch to record things without the phone being present? Amazing what you learn when uou have to, I think there has been a bit of that going on previously but I'm usually quite Aware if the things I say so naturally cautios
  10. Hope so, twenty years and I have done everything in my power to try and sort it out for the sake of my daughter but she clearly isn't interested In playing ball in any way
  11. I don't feel. I have a right, the law does though, its not up to me to interpret it as I see fit that's what I pay someone else £300ph to do
  12. That the law, I didn't make it or decipher it, I am. Unable to go get job and accrue a pension I guess as I have been stay at home dad for 6 years and am disabled, I'm 50 and she is 38 apparently all that is relevant, I'm. Just quoting what 2 solicitors told me and is freely available on the net, the families act 1973 sec 23 or 25
  13. She had the bank in her name, I get non means tested disability benefits that go into that account, she refused 4 times to allow me to access any money which as my solicitor said is domestic abuse, separated my money now, and what is this sex thing mentioned in the list?
  14. This was my thought as to the attempt to hurry that part through, maintenance for me and my daughter, a home, half her pensions, wondered if the rush a way to try and subvert that somehow, either that or she has been promised a pot of gold by her new man as soon as she is divorced
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