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  1. engine carbon clean is a giant scam thats why you have to have it repeated every few months, the ignorance of the idiots doing it is astounding though as they all want a fast buck. You connect the machine to the intake and it pumps oxygen and hydrogen in, the hydrogen acts as a fuel and over the 30 mins it is connected the extra fuel is recognised by the o2 sensors which re-learn their fuel tables and make your engines management system inject less fuel so when you remove their device your emissions appear lower as the engine is running lean and not adding enough fuel to compensate until it re-learns its parameters, this gives the engine the feeling of more power as its not bogged down with an over-rich condition(all engines are set to run a little rich as a safety margin). I know this because I was one of the first people in the UK to attempt to commercially manufacture these devices. I sold 50 of them at £3500 each to a big biofuels company and 49 owners came back claiming fuel savings but none of them provided any data to back it up so we went to milbrook, paid a ransom and had them tested on a double decker bus, the unit was supposed to be a fuel saver and drew 16A from the cars alternator to make the gas so more load was added, it made fuel consumption about 15% worse but showed a slight reduction in emissions while it was running. So the lessons learned were that the placebo effect is vastly underrated to the point that 49 people (hauliers mostly) experienced a non existent fuel saving when it in fact made it worse which I can only attribute to them changing their driving style. I ceased with my endeavour after seeing the results but a friend of mine kept going, he made a few quid but now the proverbial cat is out of the bag and everyone's at it dot com.
  2. £150 if you can collect tomorrow (Wednesday) or it'll be sold to my nearest RFD
  3. i think its funny, all those people driving round in electric teslas to reduce their c02 output and then the boss decides to completely undo their good planet saving work by sending a huge rocket up so he can watch a car orbit the earth
  4. reduced to £40 plus p&p before i put it away in the wardrobe again, this really is unmarked and as new gents
  5. Price drop to £35 posted before it goes on the bay of many fleas
  6. new and unused quick release PSG cartridge belt, holds 30 12g carts, 45" long, perfect for psg and hard to find , £45 posted royal mail 1st class recorded delivery
  7. old gun cabinet, my feo passed it and said it will fit 5 guns in last time although there are holders for three, also said it was also for pistols? two different locks , 2 keys for each lock, £30 collected from Rickmansworth
  8. Brought a few years back but never used been hanging on my clothes rail dark green Deerhunter Montana coat, unmarked as new condition(less the tags) with the hood, fleece and waterproof liner marked as size 52 which I'm going to guess is large to xl size, smoke free household ( do have a dog though so it might have picked up the odd hair), £50 plus £5 towards the p&p
  9. price dropped to £250 with a free new gunslip
  10. price dropped to £175 with a free cabinet sock and gunslip
  11. Sorry, I asked and my rfd want £25 plus vat, then another £25 to package it as I don't have a gun sized or shaped box here, then your rfd will probably want £25 as well
  12. Their is and never was any intention to build a bridge, it's just designed to be a huge distraction from all the other things they want to take people's attention away from, like carillon, the deliberate destruction of the NHS so they can sell the rest of it off to beardy Branson and God only knows what else
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