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  1. Medic1281


    My first flight with it over the farm. I’m not a photographer so everything on default settings! But I’m impressed!
  2. Medic1281


    I took the mavic pro out today. Just finding my feet with it but, what a machine!! The stability is great, and the video and photos even on a generic setting are awesome!
  3. I would’ve thought £350 would’ve been a sensible offer. You’re certainly not over priced in my opinion. Lovely gun, I wouldn’t be without mine! Good luck with the sale.
  4. No point arguing which you’ll use, it’s just another option. No harm in it, or coordinates, postcodes, street names etc. It’s just another tool for the tool box!
  5. Medic1281


    Well I’ve bitten the bullet and bought a second hand mavic pro platinum with the fly more combo and a few other extras. It should be here next week sometime!
  6. We’ve just had a notification that West Midlands ambulance service is now set up to use what three words if required. It just means the call handlers can plot the destination accurately and send it automatically to our sat nav/ data terminal. I’ve downloaded it onto my phone, just in case!
  7. Have you looked at prostatitis? (? Spelling), An infection or inflammation of the prostate. Can stop you urinating easily, causing your bladder to remain full. Easily treated if seen early enough.
  8. He’ll get away with it all though. Some happened in a mental health high security hospital, he’ll just claim he wasn’t responsible for his actions.
  9. You don’t go to PICU (Bevan Ward) without having major mental health issues.
  10. Medic1281

    Climate Change

    That’s a very brave post. It’s certainly helped with my understanding of dyslexia. All the very best to you. And happy new year!
  11. Yes just today. Normally just get a list of threads to read, but now get the first few lines too. This is the button
  12. Medic1281


    That does sound like a bargain! I’ve been trying to see the differences between the platinum and the mavic 2. Apart from its nearly half the price! I’ve seen a mavic 2 zoom with the original dji goggles for sale for less than 1k, but then I’d probably need to buy the extra batteries or fly more pack which isn’t cheap.
  13. Medic1281


    I’m currently looking at the Mavics. Is it worth the extra to upgrade to the mavic 2 pro or zoom?
  14. Medic1281


    I’ve registered with the caa for a flyer ID and operator Id. For £9 a year and basic multi choice exam it’s a no brainer really. Even though my drone is a toy, with very limited capabilities, it’s over 250g so I try to remain legal. I’ve looked at the maps and apart from a small area we have few restricted fly zones.
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