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  1. Medic1281

    Does no one want a garden anymore?

    Gardens aren’t worth anything to the developers. Take gardens away from 5 houses and you’ve got another building plot!
  2. Medic1281

    Tradesman rates

    I’m both. FT with nhs but my rota means I work 14 days out of 35. I’m also self employed with a training company with a day rate of £225 per 8 hours plus expenses.
  3. Medic1281

    The Admirable Gordon R

    Excellent work! I missed out on a Myford lathe this morning, didn’t know I wanted one until I saw it for sale!
  4. Medic1281

    Ditchman manual flapper

    Any chance of a picture of it to see what the fuss is about?!
  5. Medic1281

    Shocking 999 Statistic

    We’ve had a member of the public call for an ambulance on average 3 times per day for a couple of years. Also made calls to police, made malicious allegations against members of the public. In the end she was restricted to just 1 GP appointment per week which needed 2 GP’s due to the history of allegations. After several years of this behaviour she has finally been jailed following multiple appearances in court.
  6. Medic1281

    Unwanted advertising

    I get them too
  7. Medic1281

    CCTV video enhancement

    You can’t enhance an image like they do in the films. It’s recorded in such a definition that you only get so many pixels per cm2 at certain ranges. Wide angle lenses are terrible for getting detail at anything over a couple of meters because the pixels are getting spread too much.
  8. Medic1281

    Tikka  m595 .222

    I wish I wanted one, this seems a bargain!
  9. Medic1281

    Engineering help!

    Well today I took this part out of the pulley it was mounted in, and it subsequently fell into 4 bits! So that’s the end of that. It’s very light material and non magnetic so it’s some sort of aluminium or alloy. Either way it’s scrap now! So I had a look around the garage for some spare plate to make a new part from. The only thing I could find was an old lawn mower blade. So I set about cutting, drilling, filing and tapping it to make a replacement part. Fitted it tonight and I works a treat. It’s no masterpiece of engineering, and I’m too embarrassed to post any pictures as ditchman might see it. But it’s doing the job so I’m happy. Thanks everyone for the offers of help, and pm’s offering solder and the like. It’s most appreciated!
  10. Medic1281

    "im mainly messing about"

    Well you could’ve polished it!! looks amazing though!
  11. Medic1281

    Trip wire alarm

    Please don’t take it apart just to satisfy curiosity. Leave it be and take pleasure in imagining how it works or what I may be for. You may ruin the charm of it by dismantling.
  12. Medic1281

    Engineering help!

    Yeah this is a pic taken from the internet. I’m not home again until midweek, but when I am I’ll put up a picture of the actual thing. All the advice has been good. Id happily build it up with weld once I’m sure that it’s steel and not some fancy alloy.
  13. Medic1281

    Engineering help!

    Thanks all for the advice. I’m taking it all on board. Hi Ditchman, what would be the right flux? I’ve got a rothenberger plumbers touch and silver solder. I’m wanting to try sorting it myself if possible. Just need some tips or guidance. Time to watch some YouTube I think!
  14. Medic1281

    Engineering help!

    Thanks for all the advice, I think it’s fair to say I’ve got “all the gear, but no idea!” Most of the tools needed I’ve got. And I’d like to attempt to fix it if possible. The part shown is the centre from the pulley. I can still buy the complete pulley if needed but seems a great waste as I only need the centre, and it’s £40! So, don’t think I’m losing much by having a go at fixing it myself.
  15. Medic1281

    Engineering help!

    I’ve got a lawn mower that needs attention on the drive roller. It appears the drive from the pulley to the roller goes via a shaft with flats that sits inside the bracket pictured. The trouble being, the bracket I’ve got has worn badly and the oblong hole is now nearly round. As this is an obsolete part so difficult to get hold of , I’m looking at trying to repair it. is there any way to build it up and then file back to shape. Either weld it, but I don’t know what metal /alloy I’m welding. Or build up with a type of resin? I don’t really want to have to take it to be milled, so anything I can do in my garage would be my plan. Any suggestions gratefully received!!