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  1. I’ve got those, they are brilliant, and easy to install with care.
  2. I’d go with this. Wilson farming have some good stuff on YouTube about it.
  3. That set in the rifle case looks amazing. I’ve one of your pens that I bought a few years ago, it’s lovely to write with, a really nice weight and balance! I’m very tempted by this set to compliment it!
  4. I’m very lucky, my job is safe, as long as I don’t die.
  5. I’m embarrassed by the fuss being made. We are paid well these days for what we do. Due to 12hr shifts I get plenty of days off. I can’t change jobs because I’m paid far too well. I was once told that as paramedics we are over paid 98% of the time for the work we do, but for the other 2% we do is impossible to put a price on.
  6. A friend of mine is trialling one at the moment. He runs his own business doing cctv installs. He’s recently expanded his range of cameras and what he’s trialling at the moment might be suitable. Are you still in Shropshire?
  7. Cheers, I did that as well. Not particularly hopeful but worth a try.
  8. Did this ever sell? It’s just what I’m looking for.
  9. Hi, I’m looking to buy a trail/wildlife camera as a present. We’ve got up to £100 to spend. Does anyone have any good recommendations for around that price?
  10. I’d guess it’s a seal gone somewhere, probably just an O ring that is failing and it’s drawing in air.
  11. these are mobile, and I couldn’t fault them. https://www.pfjones.co.uk/tow-bars.html
  12. P f Jones were brilliant with mine
  13. Medic1281

    NM800 IR pill

    I might have one, fancy swapping for a white one?!
  14. Take the finance with all the discount possible. Then pay it off within 14days. They can’t ask you to pay back more than borrowed so you keep the discount. If that is, a cash deal is what you want.
  15. I lost mine that way. But it didn’t get put in their confiscation box, it got put on top of it. Some Greek guard got himself a nice leather man that day!!
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