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  1. Why? It either goes well and everyone thinks you’re a hero, or, it’s not your problem anymore!! (said with tongue firmly in cheek!!)
  2. Looks like a jet2 flight to dalaman took off nearly 4 hours ago from east mids but has only just taken off from stanstead. What is prowler1?!
  3. Exactly the reasons I like it. Absolutely stunning!
  4. That lamp is stunning. If you ever thought of selling it I’d be very interested.
  5. We’ve just bought this for the father in law. Grabber AT3’s going on it tomorrow. 06, 120k miles, full history and 12months mot. Everything works. Paid £2300 for it from a dealer with 3 month no quibble warranty. Dearer than some, but convenience and no hassle are worth a bit to us.
  6. True. Although the ms360 she’s currently got, that was her dads until he passed away is a bit of a beast, and totally not suitable for her. So she’s selling that. She feels, and I agree, that on her 10acres with horses and the very little wood she cuts up that a battery saw would be more appropriate. It’s the ideal saw for her.
  7. It’s down to ease of use. She doesn’t want mixed petrol lying around, usually struggles to start the saw due to stale petrol. She just wants the convenience of picking it up and going. Also, it’s confidence, personally I think the petrol ones scare her although she won’t admit to it!
  8. It certainly makes it expensive. But I’ve already got the batteries and charger so it makes sense for me. I’m looking at getting my friend the stihl cordless as she’s got no other cordless tools or batteries.
  9. I’ve got a cordless makita and it’s ideal for such jobs. In fact, a mate of mine is selling her stihl ms360 in favour of the makita. The 360 is way too much saw for her!!
  10. I was recently looking for a cheap basic 4x4. The two that seemed to tick boxes were the old LR 90, and a fourtrak. But nothing now is that simple or basic!
  11. Malpas tractors list a liner kit for a 454 so it may have liners. https://www.malpasonline.co.uk/s/c/tractor-parts/engine-filters/engine-parts/block-components/pistons-rings-liners/piston-ring-liner-kits/m/case-ih-454-agricultural-tractor-international
  12. I’ll have a word with my old man this week, we used to have international’s, 454 and 574. They are lovely and simple to work on!
  13. I’m selling my Q5 S-line, as I’ve now got a lease car through work. It’s a 2013 facelift, 3litre diesel, with 84k miles on the clock. Full Audi history, 12 month MOT, lots of extras/options such as adaptive cruise, memory seats, B&O sound system, powered tailgate. Tow bar only used for bike rack. It’s also got the less sporty suspension so the ride isn’t harsh. I’m looking for £13500. pictures can be sent via email or WhatsApp by request.
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