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  1. That’s where we spent a bit of time, had a few weeks at a backpacking place on a farm near pukenui?! In the wild between there and 90mile beach. I loved that area. We went whale watching around the bay of islands too, got chatting to the guide, turns out he had only ever been to the uk once, but he stayed in my hometown when he did. So miles from home and me and this guide were talking about the same people in The same pubs!! It’s an amazing place.
  2. That looks amazing, hard work too! Where abouts in NZ is this? I went to nz in 2003, absolutely loved it and really want to go back. We only did the north of the north island, there’s so much more I want to see!
  3. I’m intrigued now, where abouts are you?
  4. Medic1281


    Our mowers used to run on gear oil, that was a lot thicker EP90 I think. Not sure what your gearbox should take. What make/model is the topper?
  5. I had my old black Q5 ceramic coated with gtechnic exo, I had it professionally cleaned, paintwork lightly buffed to get rid of swirls and then treated with the ceramic coat. I neglected that car after that, but every time I washed it it came up beautiful with minimal effort. I’d certainly do it again.
  6. Get the best solicitor you can afford, keep a diary of everything, keep it amicable but trust nothing she says. Be selfish and look after yourself. Try to predict and counter every argument she may throw your way. Don’t get drawn into fights. And, good luck!!
  7. You actually admit to that?! 🤣 I’m in Ellesmere, originally from Prees where my parents still have a farm. I work in wem quite often. Welcome to the forum!
  8. I’ve got those, they are brilliant, and easy to install with care.
  9. I’d go with this. Wilson farming have some good stuff on YouTube about it.
  10. That set in the rifle case looks amazing. I’ve one of your pens that I bought a few years ago, it’s lovely to write with, a really nice weight and balance! I’m very tempted by this set to compliment it!
  11. I’m very lucky, my job is safe, as long as I don’t die.
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