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  1. Perfect, thank you. Is there a different name for the female version of it?
  2. It’s just a 6/12v charger for kids bikes. It’s would be easy to cut off both ends and change it all, but as it’s moulded into the bike I’d like the correct fitting if I can find one. I just didn’t know the term to search for.
  3. Does anybody know what this type of connector is called. I need the female version of it but don’t know what it’s called to search for it.
  4. Seconds please if this falls through
  5. Medic1281


    I think you’re right. The MP’s aren’t representing the wishes of their constituents, so effectively not doing their job. They need sacking, and Replacing with people who will carry out the wishes of the voting majority.
  6. I know exactly where you are coming from, and fully understand your position. However, our farm will be sold within the next 10 years, if we don’t develop it, then someone else will. My family have worked hard building the farm up, making many sacrifices. I feel it should be my family that benefits from the inevitable development.
  7. Thanks, that’s pretty much along the lines we were thinking. The field is 20acres and all within what I’d call natural boundaries within the villiage. But we were considering just doing infill along the short edge of the field and release something like 20 plots.
  8. https://shropshire.gov.uk/media/7609/s18-whitchurch.pdf this is the area. It’s in s18 inset 7, Our field is within the natural boundaries of the main roads, however it isn’t within the highlighted red bits.
  9. Thank gdadphil, that’s not quite the area we are looking at but the info very useful all the same. I’ve looked up the plan for the area in question, but our field isn’t included in the plan, but is on the map. However, other plots on the map have been developed and they were not included in the plan. So maybe there is some hope.
  10. Has anyone any experience on developing farm land. We have a field that I think is prime for development, but I’ve very little idea about how to go about trying to get planning, or who to talk to to see if it’s viable. I’m thinking about getting in touch with local planning officer to discuss the plausibility initially. Would it be better, easier to contact a developer instead? Im interested to get your views on this. Regards. Medic.
  11. I was trying to squeak in a fox one night when a barn owl hovered about 4ft above my head for a few seconds, then went on to land on the gate post about 10 yards away! I didn’t fire a shot that night, but was a very enjoyable night!
  12. Hi Paul. I can’t help with the questions you ask, but I have been through a messy divorce where considerable assets were involved. I started off thinking it would all be amicable, but that soon changes, and has done in most divorces I’ve known of. My advice to you is to keep a diary of everything, every penny you spend, every conversation you have, any work you do on the house. Document everything!! If it’s not needed in the divorce then great, but if it is, it’s absolute gold to have! Lastly, best of luck with it, it could be a tough year or two coming up!
  13. Medic1281


    I Have a look at cctv 42. I used them, not cheap but seem to be quality, and the help from them is really good. Lots of advice on their website https://www.cctv42.co.uk/
  14. Mark a line with biro at the edges of the redness, make a note of the time. If it continues to spread, go see the doc.
  15. We’ve had a few good photos of the farm from them. It’s quite funny though as they come round asking for an extortionate rate for photos that they’ve already printed. I remember once I just said no, then offered a tenner for them. I reasoned that they had no value to anyone else, so he either gets £10 for the photos and digital copy, or he gets nothing!
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