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  1. Medic1281

    Ross Kemp with armed police

    All police put themselves in harms way, for me it takes more bravery to police unarmed. I asked the question in my last post, how many armed officers have being murdered on duty compared with unarmed officers. Bellow one example of unarmed officers being shot dead, there are others. i can not find any examples of armed officers being shot dead in mainland UK. I only know of one armed officer shot and killed on duty. That was in Shrewsbury over 10 years ago. https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/local-hubs/2017/05/03/force-remembers-murdered-colleague/
  2. Medic1281

    The Silent Killer Of Dogs

    I had my best mate put to sleep yesterday after 11 years. I feel your loss. The house feels so empty.
  3. Medic1281

    Audi Q7

    No major breakdowns but watch out for gearbox problems. It seems to eat brakes but that could be because it’s my first auto box, it’s pretty heavy and it’s not slow!! I’ve never had to top up anything other than washer fluid on it. I found it runs better on 18inch wheels instead of 20’s. it seemed to “tramline” on the bigger wider tyres, no such issue with the 18’s.
  4. Medic1281

    Audi Q7

    Agreed, especially with the Quattro too. Still hurts when you see how much it costs to run though!
  5. Medic1281

    Audi Q7

    I’ve used this app since the day I bought the car. I’ve never missed a fuelling.
  6. Medic1281

    Audi Q7

    I’ve got a 2013 Q5 with 3ltr v6 diesel and it’s returning 34.3mpg on average over the last 30k miles! Book says it would average 47!!
  7. Medic1281

    Gladius - Why is this PCP's action so noisy?

    You need to try out for the olympics with shooting like that. Well done! Interesting read too.
  8. Medic1281

    Italian Bridge Colapse

    Same with Sicily I believe.
  9. Medic1281

    Gladius - Why is this PCP's action so noisy?

    You probably already know this, and I may be barking up the wrong tree but, be careful with grease in any area that gets high pressure. You may get an effect where by the grease ignites similar to a Diesel engine.
  10. Medic1281

    Stopping drinking

    I gave up for 4 months after realising that we drank too much. We shared a bottle of wine every night. Doesn’t sound much, but it is too much. So after stopping for the 4 months, I now no longer have the taste for it. I’ve no interest in drinking anymore. That was nearly 5 years ago. I do now drink occasionally, by that I mean a single beer every few months.
  11. Medic1281

    Treating softwood for outside use

    After the research I’ve done into this recently then Team Tractors’ prices are some of the cheapest I could find. I found some locally that was more expensive but I could collect easily.
  12. Medic1281

    Help Required for Charity Shoot

    Hi, Sorry to hear this. Is there a ‘just giving ‘ type site to donate funds through? Always happy to donate to such worthy charities.
  13. Medic1281

    Hardwood bench slats

    Thanks for the suggestions, I’ve contacted border hardwood, will also pm team tractor when I get chance.
  14. Medic1281

    Hardwood bench slats

    Hi, I know this isn’t the right forum for this, but with such a diverse range of people and trades on here then maybe someone can help. I’m after some hardwood bench slats to rejuvenate a bench for the mother in law. I need 12 slats, 4ft long, approx 1 3/4 wide and 3/4 deep. Or similar! Any ideas for best place to get something suitable from? Or if any of you guys could supply? I’m in north Shropshire if that helps. Thanks In advance, Medic.
  15. Medic1281

    Annoying voice over on TV

    Look for a symbol similar to this on your remote AD)))