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  1. I pay £4.50, but that’s for a particularly bad hair cut! These Turkish barbers seem to be all the craze now, 1 style suits all.
  2. I think we still have our Amstrad in a cupboard somewhere
  3. But dispose of them as it’s all only a guess!
  4. Possibly amoxicillin clavulanic antibiotics. https://www.medicinenet.com/amoxicillinclavulanic_acid_tablet_500mg125mg/article.htm
  5. Looks simple enough on YouTube.
  6. Please set up the camera before the booby trap, we need to have a laugh at this!
  7. Glyphosate! No need to mow anything then!
  8. Medic1281

    Random Finds.

    I found 3 shotguns once! Stuffed under a hedge about 30 years ago. Police weren’t that interested at the time.
  9. Poached free range eggs on crumpets.
  10. If I remember correctly it was quicker and easier to remove the air box or take the whole headlight out to change the bulb.
  11. Sorry, that makes more sense now. I couldn’t quite work out how it went.
  12. Surely if you are replacing the bolt and nut it doesn’t matter what thread it is as long as it’s a matching set? Unless I’ve misunderstood and it screws into threads on the seat, but then it wouldn’t need the nut?
  13. My old man has something similar sat in the cupboard, I’ve never looked at it. Think I may get it out next time I’m over there.
  14. Then the fingers will be worth a bit on eBay!
  15. Medic1281

    9-5 rut

    Italy is cheap this year!
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