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  1. You won’t go wrong with a Clearview!
  2. Ive just had 3 months off work to re-evaluate my life, making some big decisions about what I want and my work. Looking at dropping hours to my bare minimum to keep bills paid, but that’s it. I’m giving up a good secure wage, but my mental health takes priority. I currently hate my job.
  3. Had mine today, and I’m only 39!
  4. Mine came through on Friday 13th. It’s now the luckiest day of the year for me!!
  5. have you tried L & S Engineers online? we get some of our parts from them. https://www.lsengineers.co.uk/stihl-08s-chainsaw-spares.html
  6. This is what I’m considering doing. I too am sick of the constant attachment to my phone. I need to break the addiction!
  7. Any pictures of Ned?! I’m talking myself into this!!
  8. Any good as a first proper dog though? I wouldn’t want to ruin it! I used to have a big boxer x mastiff from a rescue centre for 10 years, just as a pet. But never had a dog from a pup.
  9. An old mate of mine ruined his T3 by having an over the barrel type moderator put on it. It was not a bad tool until he had it threaded and the mod fitted. I’ve not seen him for years to find out how he resolved it.
  10. You’re missing out, silent shooting with a lamp from an electric car is great fun! And very lazy!
  11. I love my electric car, and it’s charged at home most nights so I rarely charge when out and about. The trick seems to be to drive a couple of miles from the motorway, usually to a local supermarket and charge up there. Unless in Wales, just don’t bother with Wales if you have an electric car, the charging infrastructure is non existent!!
  12. We used to have loads in our fields, but not seen one for a long time. What do you do with them?
  13. Medic1281


    Following this with interest. Although remember that all advice is worth what you pay for it!
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