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  1. these are mobile, and I couldn’t fault them. https://www.pfjones.co.uk/tow-bars.html
  2. P f Jones were brilliant with mine
  3. Medic1281

    NM800 IR pill

    I might have one, fancy swapping for a white one?!
  4. Take the finance with all the discount possible. Then pay it off within 14days. They can’t ask you to pay back more than borrowed so you keep the discount. If that is, a cash deal is what you want.
  5. I lost mine that way. But it didn’t get put in their confiscation box, it got put on top of it. Some Greek guard got himself a nice leather man that day!!
  6. That sounds slightly different to ours. Ours are just a button on the end of a semi rigid flexible stalk. Push the button to talk on the radio.
  7. Medic1281


    Started couch to 5k running 2 weeks ago due to a fitness test for a new job. I’ve not ran for over 20years, and even then I’ve never run further than a couple of hundred meters. I’m finding it tough, but I’ll keep going. Feeling better already!
  8. I think I’ve got one of your bolt action ones, it’s my favourite pen with a lovely feel and weight to it.
  9. I would love this to match my Mercury mk1. Unfortunately won’t be able to collect though.
  10. I always found lightforce to be good. But led tech seems to be coming on so much now.
  11. I’d like second dibs on this please. Don’t need the charger though.
  12. Hi All, I’m looking for a teng middle box to suit my existing cabinet and top box. It’s an older style 7 series. I recently bought their 8 series mid box but feel the quality is poor compared to the older style. Does anyone have one they want rid of? Or happy to swap for my new one! Picture is what I’ve got and want to match to.
  13. How the heck did you manage that?!
  14. Handcuffed to the rear according to sky news.
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