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  1. "im mainly (at it again)"

    You obviously drew the line through the hole after you drilled it. No one can drill on a line like that 😉

    Between 5 and 8 times a day for me!

    Glad they’ve sorted you out. It’s an amazing system that is prone to being abused, by staff and service users! But when it works, it works well!
  4. Dentists

    I fully agree. After having an abscess recently trying to get an nhs dentist was impossible. I was forced to go private for root canal treatment and almost needed to remortgage the house to do so!!
  5. France to bring back 'National Service'.

    Do you really want to give military training to youths that want to rebel against the system? Not a good idea in my mind.
  6. Anyone fancy moving to Shropshire

    That’s stunning. A very nice area too. Shouldn’t have too much trouble selling. Well out of my price bracket though I’m afraid. Good luck with the sale!
  7. Anyone fancy moving to Shropshire

    I’ve prob asked this before, but where abouts is it Ben? Out towards haimwood?
  8. Tikka 595 rail

    Try tier one, used to be known as third eye tactical. Not cheap but very good quality!
  9. Help for the decorators on here...

    Would that be similar to the vinyl wrap for cars?
  10. Help for the decorators on here...

    I see no reason why it can’t be painted, but I’m no expert either I’m afraid.
  11. Help for the decorators on here...

    Can you clean it with up close cleaner or CIF?
  12. "im mainly (at it again)"

    Nice penetration there ditchy! How did you put the groove in, angle grinder and steady hand?
  13. Comp X 21g Fibre

    My thoughts exactly. Just what I’m after!
  14. TPM sensors stolen

    I wasn’t aware, not made aware that that would be an option. It was on a 56 plate Audi A3 and 57plate Nissan navara. It was 10 years ago!
  15. TPM sensors stolen

    I had similar when my spare keys were stolen. Car insurance didn’t cover them as the keys are classed as an accessory! House insurance didn’t cover it as it was for a car. The best bit was, after I reported my keys had been stolen I was no longer insured against theft as I hadn’t got the keys! It cost £1200 to get locks and keys changed on the cars!