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  1. Unusual Light Fitting

    It looks like a festoon bulb holder to me, but I may be mistaken!
  2. Is it snowing yet

    Just steer clear of shrewsbury, it’s been chaos all day!! Traffic was horrendous!
  3. Up and over garage door HELP NEEDED PLEASE

    I have those type of locks, they are very good. They also prevent the bottom corners of the door being peeled up and access gained that way. Standard doors are very weak normally.
  4. Legal eagles any tips

    It was sales of goods act until middle of 2015, then changed to consumer rights act. Both slightly different so it depends on the date you bought it. Do a bit of research and quote the relevant legislation.
  5. Legal eagles any tips

    Trading standards state something should last a “reasonable amount of time” which is usually a lot longer than the 12month warranty, sometimes up to 6 years. I think it’s in something like the consumer goods act. But you’ll need to research it to find the details.
  6. ive got the foggiest

    Send it back is my advice.
  7. Metal to Metal adhesive

    Q bond is good , but is based on superglue, no good over time if it gets wet or damp That’s good to know! Thanks.
  8. Metal to Metal adhesive

    Try Q-bond. I’ve used it before to good effect, but it might depend on the metal/alloy in question
  9. Sonos Play 1 white

    It’s the playbase that I’ve got, I like it, it adds to the tv sound and makes a big difference. It’s connected to the sub and a pair of play 3 speakers. However the sub is turned right down as it can over power. I’m also going to swap the play3’s for play1’s as the 3’s are too good just for surrounds. For sound quality I think there are better speakers out there than sonos, but for connectivity and ease of use then sonos are very good. However, it’s all overpriced!
  10. Sonos Play 1 white

    ******!! If this falls through then I’d appreciate a chance at it. Thanks Yes it is isn’t it! It’s not the best sound, but the ease of use and connectivity without wires everywhere is great. I’ve got at least 1 in every room and the full surround and playbase + sub in the living room! I dread to add up the cost of it all.
  11. Harkila Pro Hunter Jacket

    How old is the coat, has it had much wear? I’ve got one of these but possibly looking for another at the right price.
  12. Carpet + fitting cost

    Buy the best underlay and then any carpet you like. You’ll change the carpets, but a decent underlay can stay down.
  13. Airbags

    The fire service won’t go near a car that’s been involved in a collision and the airbags not deployed until all airbags have been secured. More injuries are caused by delayed airbags firing than you’d imagine.
  14. BSA Meteor

    I’ve got a mk1 meteor from 73 I think. Serial number had z prefix. In similar or worse condition than yours. Would love to get it done up one day! It’s another project sat in the garage!
  15. Carb overhaul

    I like your style!