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  1. Endangering an aircraft. Not a good thing to do.
  2. You were unsure so let it go. Perfect!
  3. Now there’s a trench I wouldn’t mind exploring!
  4. Does it just need a good service and setting up properly by someone that knows what they are doing?
  5. Not sure about that, surely a power of attorney needs to be in place. Especially as he’s improving he may well have capacity so they have no right to sell his stuff, no matter if their intentions are well meaning or not.
  6. I’d imagine though that they will have retained the right to cancel the order and return deposits if they want to. So, be careful as they may well just do that. And you’ll be left without a rifle.
  7. We have powered respirator hoods for level 3 ppe as so many people failed the fit testing on the ffp3 masks we had. They would only source one make and the fit wasn’t great. in the back of an ambulance isn’t too bad as we now have aircon, but in someone’s garden / sun trap, or conservatory then I’m sweating before I’ve seen the patient!! We’ve been told that we will be getting personal issue respirators soon, so atleast it’s only your own sweat in it each time we put it on! thankfully in Shropshire we’ve not seen huge numbers of fatalities due to the virus, however I fear we are to peak in the next few weeks just as people are getting out and about. Our peak may even be the start of a second wave.
  8. Fair play! It’s not any more fun doing CPR in a similar outfit!
  9. here’s what I found with a 2 minute search. However, I don’t know if/how these references will hold up to proper scrutiny. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting_of_Justine_Damond https://www.npr.org/2020/05/28/863605594/george-floyd-is-not-the-first-black-man-to-die-in-minneapolis-police-custody
  10. 1 white woman killed by a black officer, and 4 other deaths in custody recorded since 2018. I’ve not found details of those yet, but as the mayor stated 5 deaths since 2018 and nearly all were black I’m assuming that those 4 were black. (From a very quick google search, figures not fully verified)
  11. I’m still trying to work out what bit of this horrendous episode was racist?! A suspect was identified and apprehended, what went on after that is sickening and abhorrent. But at what point did it become due to race?
  12. My old man dropped an oak tree across his leg. It fell back on him as we misjudged the balance.
  13. What’s the running total as it stands today?
  14. I got the facelift mk1 Q5, it’s lovely. Looked at new Q5 but felt cheaper inside. Recently ordered the E-Tron 50 on salary sacrifice scheme at work. Can’t wait for it to turn up! Still love my Q5 though.
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