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  1. Medic1281

    Would you take the shot #2

    Hell no. Rifles are for ground game, not for shooting into trees!! That .22 round will travel well past those houses 200yrds away, and on into the unknown. You need a true backstop
  2. Medic1281

    Think i need a new mattress

    Boots and beds, the 2 things worth spending money on. If your not in one your in the other as my grandad used to say.
  3. Medic1281

    Permanent Weed Killing

    This! Neat glyphosate is fine, but wasteful! You don’t need to do it and as stated above it doesn’t stay in the soil.
  4. Medic1281

    Permanent Weed Killing

    Salt, and lots of it!
  5. Medic1281

    Rolls Royce SUV

    I saw one of those Bentley suv things towing an ifor Williams trailer last week! It looked very strange!
  6. Medic1281

    Cost of towbar fitting

    Depends on what electrics are needed and if any coding to the ecu is required. The physical fitting is easy and relatively cheap.
  7. Medic1281

    looking for a new cordless/ battery sds drill

    Sell the Hilti and it’ll prob pay for most of a replacement makita!
  8. Medic1281

    Red kite siting.

    I used to doa lot of tractor driving around beeston and Huxley!
  9. Medic1281

    Woodburner tax

    Can’t go wrong with a nice Clearview!
  10. Medic1281

    Nuts and Bolts

    Thanks for the reply. I don’t know of any ironmongers near here, doesn’t mean there aren’t any though. I know what you mean by buying just the ones you need, but I’d still like an assortment in the shed to get me going and to go to for the odd one.
  11. Medic1281

    Nuts and Bolts

    I’ve bought wood screws from screw fix and they seem good. The cheap nuts and bolts I’ve bought online previously appear to be made from cheese, that are so soft! I assume you’ve no issues with the screwfix ones?
  12. Medic1281

    Kids Crayon Parafoil kite.

  13. Medic1281

    Nuts and Bolts

    Hi, with so many engineering types in here I figure someone will be able to point me in the right direction. I’m looking for an assortment of metric size nuts and bolts for my workshop/man cave. I like the idea of buying an assortment box and then just replacing the ones that run out as and when. There seem to be loads of choice on auction sites, but I can’t help but worry they are cheap and soft materials. Can anyone recommend good quality nuts and bolts, or where to get them from?
  14. Medic1281

    Kids Crayon Parafoil kite.

    Cool, no rush.
  15. Medic1281

    Kids Crayon Parafoil kite.

    Replied and funds sent.