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  1. It’s disappointing so far!!
  2. Just watched the first episode, I guess that’s tomorrow written off now!! Seemed to fit in well with the books too.
  3. Technically xenon lights need to have self levelling and self cleaning to pass an mot. Although never heard of many getting pulled up for it if adjusted properly.
  4. He must have a long stride if he covered 50yrds in 28paces!!
  5. Thank you! That’s really helpful. If anyone wants to support my Facebook page, feel free to look up “The Mowing Medic”. It’s all in its infancy yet though.
  6. Just to hijack the thread, does anyone know of any decent medium sized vans for sale at a reasonable price! Transit custom kind of size? The s/h market has gone mental!!
  7. I’m asking myself the same question, but for different reasons. I’m looking at doing general garden maintenance and labouring now that I’ve gone part time with my job. I’d love a pick up, but the back just isn’t big enough for mowers, and I don’t want to be lifting them that high anyway. I looked at medium size vans which seem to fit the bill better, but feel I’ll miss some of the rugged off road capabilities. What I’ve seen recently is vw transporters that have had a suspension lift and off road tyres put on. They really look the part and think it’ll tick most of the boxes for me. Since I’ve been looking at vans, most forums seem to be full of people that have swapped from a pick up to a van, and very few say they’ll go back to a pickup.
  8. I genuinely believe the Tory’s put the wrong candidate in to the by election. I think, from talking to lots of people around here, that if they’d put a more local candidate into the running it would have been a lot closer. No one I spoke to liked the Tory candidate, I believe in this case they’ve voted for the person and not the party.
  9. Would you be willing to sell a white bulb on its own? Mine has failed
  10. If the cons don’t win north Shropshire by election next week I think boris will have to go. It’s historically a very safe blue seat, but bookies have got Lib Dems as favourites at the moment.
  11. That’s the equivalent “brightness” of the bulb. Power consumption of led bulbs are a lot lower but the brightness is equivalent to the halogen bulbs. Hope that makes sense
  12. Out lamping one night with a mate, he gets out to chuck a fox in the back of the navara, he climbs back into the passenger seat with his rifle pointing down into the foot well, where he proceeds to send a round out through the floor pan of my nearly new truck! Needless to say, that was the last time he was invited out shooting with me!
  13. Don’t bother with stainless ones from Wilkinson sword. They bend, and their spades do too.
  14. So where do I start? Facebook business page and just see what happens? Get public liability insurance is a must. I’ve got all the tools needed to make a start so very little expenditure needed. How do you actually set up a business, how does it start? These may seem stupid questions to some, but having always been employed, it’s stuff I’ve never had to deal with.
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