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  1. Hi all, and thanks in advance. i have just got some new permissions and have seen a few fox around so was thinking of getting a caller, the question is which one. Icotec or foxpro and which model. How easy is it to upload calls to these machines, I'm not the most adapt with technologies lol and the ones I have seen have none native calls on. new or second hand what's your thoughts. cheers guys and girls.
  2. Hi stu what do you shoot rifle, shottie,air rifles, Maybe a ruff location where you are and where you would be willing to travel to for a day out mate might help your cause a little.
  3. As the title says, looking for days or a syndicate to join I with fully insured and experience gun.
  4. There Plummers flynny, all of them grafted really well the day
  5. Yeah mother I own and two litter sisters nearly two years old and the good old faithful rio. Yeah daz digging the rock pile was brill like the hill around the back smoker went in and ten shot out brill.
  6. Had a great outing today ratting with rabbiter and the dogs.
  7. Looking forward to meeting every one tomorrow as well and will try and get some pics as well. Daz see ya at seven mate cheers
  8. Took me two and a half years through Durham police they wanted me to jump through hoops, 4 months after applying I got divorceed so they said they wouldn't issue because they spoke to my ex and she never wanted me to have it lol police force. Moved to Northumbria put in my application 4 days later got a phone call to book a visit so hung my cabinet three days later they turn up, I explained my situation regarding divorcee Durham police and I was also part of basc who would be getting informed of the out come of there visit, the firearms officer agreed the way I had been tret by Durham IDIOTIC
  9. Good job mate, the little fella looks well happy there....
  10. Daz that sounds like a good plan mate look forward to it
  11. No I'm not, You don't need to be a nutritionist to have a opinion. Your ferrets may do well on what u feed them which is great. When I got my ferrets i used to feed cat food along with fresh meat and a vet advised me it doesn't have a high enough protein content
  12. If you judge around the north east lurcher you will have judged these two or at least seen them in The flesh mate. The last two litters I breed have produce some belting little pups, fiery as, and full of beans. There noses have never been wrong it's only my shooting round corners that does lol
  13. Yeah lurcher there are some funny shaped plummers around biggest of the two is 12 inch tts. I breed the black faced one they are mother and daughter. They work to the gun, rat, marking dogs when ferreting and aren't afraid of the dark. Thanks for the comments guys
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