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  1. you need to get some double wheels on it mate and then hook up the roe sledge and I ll come back up for a tour lol
  2. I didnt see anything resembling a hill when I came up and saw you....get yourself down here but best bringing your mobility scooter so I dont cause you too much shame
  3. At Marks age I doubt he would get much
  4. ....oh dear...a slippery slope Mark this isnt going to end well.
  5. You will be too busy bothering fluffy badgers by the sounds of if Good result.
  6. I knew you were strange mate but what goes on in your head...molesting badgers...really
  7. But my skirting boards still need lots of work Hard life for some eh Grant Hope your keeping well mate.
  8. Any chuffing excuse for your deep seated hatred of the rare tree fox...its only jealousy
  9. Good result. Bit unsporting shooting it while it was on top of a gate though
  10. Good result and all very true. They are very bright and when they find an easy source of food they will exploit it and also train their cubs to do the same. The only fox that wont cause an issue is one thats dead. I love seeing them and think they are intelligent and resourceful....just not when they kill livestock and I am the one who gets the call to sort them out.
  11. Nicely done Ed, good result. I have seen a couple of good sized cubs either dead on the road or crossing the road at night. Once the silage is off at home in a couple of weeks time I ll see whats about. Missing having the time to get out with the rifle.....mansion is getting there...still a bit of skirting to finish off
  12. Nicely done mate Well done on the fox Ed, sure the buck will be in the freezer shortly.
  13. Lol...2020 any good for you
  14. Did you try and call me bud? I didnt notice a missed call on the phone..... You are more then welcome to come down though you keep promising only to let me down . We have a few at home but I havent bothered with them until the fields are cut for hay in a few weeks time. I shot a magpie in the pig pen and hung it on the gate and that was gone overnight.
  15. Gents...sorry for the absence...the house and other things has somewhat taken over. Well done all round on the fox shooting efforts ...and fencing work I have been so busy that I havent had chance (or need) to be out after the foxes. Bumpy asked me whether the rifles had seized up and then suggested that I was working for Wild Justice lol. I had checked with my chicken farm owner and all was quiet so more refurb work on the house...must have tempted fate as he called yesterday to say they had lost some chickens. Finished doing brickwork about 21.15 last night and by the time I cleared up and got all the kit it was about 22.30 and dark enough to head out. I took my camping chair and set up watching the one pen but after about 30 mins needed to stretch my legs so went for a walk to warm up...second stint saw nothing but there were 80 or more birds out so I couldnt risk leaving them...about 23.15 I decided to put the chair back in the truck before going for a walk round. In the couple of minutes I took to drop the chair off the fox was in the pen finishing off the first of its victims. Quick chest shot at about 100 yards and Mrs fox was down. Farmer is happy and hopefully I can catch up with the rest of the family in the next week. There are woods everywhere along with badger sets and lots of owners who dont like shooting so never simple. Keep up the good work.
  16. Farmers and Mercantile are pretty good. Been with them for 18 months, small holding with buildings, lots of liability cover. Had a break in to one of the barns and £1500 of tools nicked. All sorted with no hassle and premium didnt go up much. Have accidental damage away from the home for the rifles, NV, Thermal etc
  17. Good start as always Mark, keep up the good work bud
  18. Well done mate. Usual house related absence as always. Managed 2 dogs and a vixen one night last week. Full moon so sat and waited under a hedge, caller on...flat battery in the handset so that was a waste of time. Dog called in the wood so I picked him up on the thermal and let him have it when he came out into the field. Bit of hand calling brought a vixen in (barren). Next farm I spent 10 mins following the fox about and another 10 mins trying to get a shot at it. Fox was curled up in the wood and easy to pick up on the thermal but not so easy to pick up with the NV and get a clear shot. Eventually he put his head up and expired. Not bothering much unless I get a call...more time to sort the mansion out
  19. At least I am consistently mental At least the tress were native...not poxy walnut trees lol
  20. You did what you thought was right so no knocking you for that. One farm I shot on had hundreds in every field so anything that showed got shot regardless of size.
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