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  1. If your wiring is reasonably modern the 240v ring mains should be protected by a RCD or RCBO which trips within a fraction of second so 110v or 240v it makes little difference. I totally agree with you for site based applications where cables are at risk of damage and theres water all over the place. 110V CTE will give a max 55V shock which wont kill you. If you have a transformer and the 110v is cheaper go for that.
  2. We had to keep his pay under the £100k for tax reasons
  3. LOL...we decided not to go with the deer farming side of things as the fencing was about £110,000.......It would have taken over 30 years to turn a profit. I ll head down to Devon and Dorset and shoot the ******* for free instead
  4. Wish we had deer here...but then that would be something else I didnt have time to shoot To be fair I have plenty of offers to go and shoot deer just dont have time for a weekend away..maybe 2020 lol.
  5. Lol ...im just lazy really.
  6. Never a truer word spoken....forgotten what the rifle or a fox looks like However a very consistent start to the year...yep...1 fox Jan and 1 in Feb...pathetic Ignoring the time part the weather here has been vile of late..hopefully it improves next week so I can finish the roof and get out with the rifle. Keep up the good work gents
  7. Yes. I have had mistakes come back on my cert, conditions added etc etc. Always read your new cert carefully before signing it.
  8. yellow cartridge cases lol
  9. Excellent work mate, well done. Nicely done mate
  10. Good result there mate, nicely done.
  11. Dont buy one...rubbish... Got an XQ38F a couple of weeks ago. Fantastic bits of kit but you spend way longer watching all manner of wildlife you would never have seen without one. I spent 10 minutes watching hares charging about the other night. If you can come to terms with the price well worth the money. I need to stop DIY and get out and do some more field testing
  12. X bolt or Howa 1500. I have both in .243 and both shoot a heck of a lot better then I do
  13. Well done gents. Been up on the roof for the last 11 or so days so itching to get out. Hopefully tomorrow night I can get out with the rifle.
  14. Good call..pardon the pun
  15. Out last night. To cut a long story short I missed a fox off the sticks at shotgun range...40 yard miss ...Plonker No excuses .... I ll be quiet for the next couple of weeks as the roofing starts tomorrow...joy lol
  16. To be fair to Mark he is pretty devastating with a lamp and rifle so doesnt need it making any easier. I am slow so need all the help I can get
  17. Cracking job gents Headed out last night...it was great to be out and I have missed getting out and about. Over to farm 1 who are due to start lambing shortly . The XQ38F is a stunning bit of kit but there is to much to watch so lots more time spent spotting lots or rabbits and badgers and then the tell tail slim figure of Mr Fox....who disappeared off...lol. Put the caller on the misc injured furry woodland creature call and he appeared down at the bottom of the field. Set up behind the rifle, NV on and as usual he was sat trying to figure out what was what. 58 Grain .243 in the chest and down he went. Nice looking dog and only one seen. Bumped into the farmer on the way back to the truck and he was happy as usual. Back out tonight
  18. Cracking job Nicely done Mark. To much rain for me to go out so stayed in lol... catch up time this week so fingers crossed.
  19. I was advised by Pulsar that the velcro suit generated static and may damage the spotter...not sure what the best option is for continued success on the sheep front.....stealth
  20. Lol...cheers gents. The hand is healed so I can actually get out ..weather is **** though ..so need to wait a couple of days. Had great fun watching 2 hares chasing each other round one of our fields..awesome bit of kit..doubt it will make my shooting any better though
  21. When your cast comes off it will pong so much you can bait the fox with it Hope it heals well and take care not to do any more damage to yourself buddy.
  22. Nice pic, cute little squeaker. That will be tasty when it grows up.
  23. Cracking pics as always. Fair wound on the pup...ouch.
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