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  1. Thanks mate I’ve seen this but it’s on an fac so no good for me
  2. As above guys, does anyone have one sitting unused in the cabinet, either pump action or O/U cheers Dave
  3. Provisionally sold cheers
  4. Afternoon all, For sale are my viperflex elite sticks with the go low kit fitted. I’ve had these for about a year and can honestly say I’ve used them not even half a dozen times, I just can’t get on with quad sticks so I went back to my trusty 3 pole bushwear sticks that I’ve had for years so these are just sat in my man cave gathering dust. Can send pics on request £155 posted RMSD Cheers
  5. Haha technically your right motty, no spare nets and poles though
  6. Edited just for you mate
  7. Having a clear out as I’ve got far too much gear in my shed, rather sell as a lot collected from Rayleigh, Essex Basically got 2 set ups here minus nets and poles as pointed out so going to sell one of them 24 fuds Rotary with arms Some turbo flapper I’m not sure what make 1 hyperflap Another bouncer Poles for bouncers controller for rotary and I’ll throw in a 12v 7ah battery as well also have 6 brand new mallard fuds £25 can send pictures as they’re too large to upload here £240 ono
  8. Provisionally sold pending payment thanks all
  9. For sale is my Sinclair loadmaster, bought new last season and used on 2 days. I’m not shooting this year so it’s sat unused in the cupboard. For 12 bore but has the 20 bore inserts included which you can take out. £100 posted
  10. still got miruko

    1. ddanby111


      hi, where are you, can you call me on 07809880929 or text

  11. As above guys does anyone have a set of the above for sale. For a sako 85 M action (270, 30-06 etc). Sako no longer make these in stainless for some strange reason
  12. Thanks Steve but has to be illuminated mate. Ever since I had a zeiss scope years ago with it I cant do without. Makes a big difference at twilight and sunrise to my eyes
  13. As above chaps, looking for one of these or a similar German brand Cheers Dave
  14. This is my rifle guys any questions please ask
  15. I have a sako 75 deluxe A1 for sale in 223 1-12 twist if the op really wants to treat himself. It's absolutely mint
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