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  1. Try Saddlery and gun room Or brownhill Hth Den
  2. Yep had both,barrel on my SLR snapped off when I attached the bayonet.
  3. den5008


    Saw it@3:30 this morning whilst taking the dog for a walk.
  4. 2 weeks in all from filling in the form Feo coming round to inspect guns and cabinet on the 29th of November got my licence through today when I got in ,fantastic turnaround from Essex police and I an Flynn my Feo.
  5. Best bet is to look on the website or phone them. atb Den
  6. Try the key in the passengers door,that's what I did when my Mercedes ML had a flat battery,opens just the passenger side simple.
  7. Anything by those two ***s the Gallagher brothers,
  8. The Doors This is the end David Bowie Queen Bitch Clash I'm not down Kinks waterloo sunset Elvis In the Ghetto + plus thousands more.
  9. Should be for $695 dollars + shipping.
  10. Adrian Street, Johnny Kwango, Brian Rix Another blast from the past
  11. there's a BSA. Superten for sale in the for sale section mate. hth Den
  12. Took over 4 months for my renewal,And that was exactly a year ago, Mine runs out in 2020 so better apply now going by how long it is taking atb Den
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