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  1. Made some myself last weekend after reading this thread. The 15mm poles cost £2.95 each from a well known store (rhymes with homeface!) and had some inner tube laying around. Used cable ties to stop the rolled up inner tube unrolling. To top the sticks I didn't have access to heat shrink, but a 700c road bike tube fits tightly when pulled over the top. Took them for a test an improved my grouping massively! Shooting 3/4 inch groups at 50yards, which for me is good (.17hmr). Massive thanks to all who've posted ideas previously; best value for money to quickly improve accuracy!
  2. Looks great fun! a sensible small run shoot, Kudos!!
  3. I think the officer was just giving advIce TBH, he said about shooting fox with a 12ga and how if done incorrectly could come under animal cruelty and amongst a few other useful things to know. Like someone's said before, I don't think I was breaking the law, but it makes it more black and white by carrying in a case to any person/officer who doesn't understand the law, also reduces people calling the police saying the next 'Raoul Moat' is on the loose!!
  4. Helicopter and armed police; whoa!!! Understandable with a mad man on the run, that's definitely a story to tell down the pub!!
  5. So I went out this morning with the over and under for a very quick mooch about before the GF wanted to head off to town I popped out the back door and took the first rook out of a nice high beech tree, the other couple took to the air and the next was soon to hit the ground, 2 shots, 2 rooks. The thud of one hitting the shed roof was welcoming as some parts are covered with Perspex sheets, the rest of the day would've been spent fixing it!! I walked off into the field to try and get a better position on the rooks flightline next door, but enroute i saw and took a nice chunky hen pheasant. (This years are still a wee bit too small for my liking). As time was now moving along it was probably best that I made my way back; about to walk around the side of the house, mr rook No3 came in high and straight. Missed with the first, led a tad with the second and yet another thud of a different shed!! A "hair cut, brisket joint and some bones for the dog" later, I tried my luck again, took the next crow from the same high tree as the first. With no sight of any more corvid friends nearby I had to broaden my search and walk to another permission I have, just a 300m walk down the road to a farm shed where they usually sit about. For reference, these roads are in the middle of no where, very rural and rarely and cars use it, single track etc. About 30m before the farm lane i hear a car pull out of the turning behind and stops, reverses and then drives my way. I turn around and it's the blues and twos. I'm the most straight up kinda guy but it put the fear of god into me when your looking at a police officer holding a 12ga!!!! He asked to see my licence and checked it over thoroughly before asking what I was shooting, I said that I was shooting rooks as they were causing damage to the farmers crops where I was heading and they effect the lambs. He said that it needs to be classed as significant crop damage etc to be allowed. He checked the ammo I was using making sure it was modified into slugs or anything suspicious. Turns out he's working closely with the Environment Agency in a current join operation to catch poachers in the area. I tried to help as much as I could and pointed him in the right direction of where they usually operate and we ended on a good note. He did say i really should put it in a sling whilst carrying it on the road, which im definately going to do now!! Just a tad scary when he pulled up at first, having never been stopped before, for anything by a police officer!!! I returned home after a fruitless session at the farm shed and walked up through the small wood next door. A few squirrels later and as darkness approached it was time to call it a day. 4 rooks, 3 squirrels, 1 pheasant, and a police interrogation later it's been a good mixed bag!! Happy hunting
  6. Thank you, handy to know. I work away in Taunton so that'd be great!
  7. Pretty cool. We have a few 'Blue' pheasants (blackish) which I leave alone during the season, makes for a more varied shooting trip out
  8. Thanks for all of your replies folks. I've got to head down to Ladds when my lisence comes back to have my SG fixed so will have a mooch when I'm there. Good to know the shop in ilfracombe sells it, by far one of the closest places for me I bought both my SG's in there but didnt knew he did FAC stuff. +1 for the amount of holiday makers he gets in there, it sure would do my head in telling parents to keep their kids under control during peak season. Sportsman gun centre is a tad far, but it's a massive one apparently. Convenient to take the other half shopping in Exeter for the day too!!
  9. Would you consider posting at all? I'd pay for postage depending on size and weight
  10. +1 to all above. I got my SGC at 17, and asked the officer doing my interview about minimum ages etc. He said as long as you can prove to be safe and trustworthy, along with being able to shoot the gun (recoil) you should be okay.
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