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Found 24 results

  1. Going on my first game shoot in January but don't know what load to use, I have a 12 guage but need some advise as to the specific load to use for partridge and pheasant as I am very new to the sport, any advice would be greatly appreciated Ps. Any general advise would also be welcome
  2. I know its down here somewhere!! GG Milo 🐶
  3. Schoffel ptarmigan sandringham tweed 4 piece suit in excellent condition no rips or pulls jacket size is 46” waistcoat 46” goretex breeks 38” cap 58cm this was bought last year and was only worn for 8 days shooting last season £1000 I couldn’t upload more pictures but can send them over on request
  4. Background. The Shoot is located on the fantastic Estate on the outskirts of Lockerbie in the Scottish Lowlands of Dumfries and Galloway. This shoot has prime access, being only 10 minutes from the A74 and is set in excellent surroundings. This shoot is of prime location within the lowlands near to the Scottish/English Border which is across 1000 acres, giving plenty of scope and variety of terrain all of which is easily accessible. The shoot has undergone reformation along with an improvement programme. Safety. Safety is our number one priority. We have a fully comprehensive health and safety policy incorporating a risk assessment for all sporting activities and shoot management aspects for the syndicate. A safety brief is delivered by our team captains at the start of all shoot days. The day’s proceedings. Our shoot dates are Saturdays with some dates set over the Christmas period the guns would be split into two teams and managed on a stand 1 beat 1 basis. The Syndicate meets at 08:45hrs for a 09:00hrs start, the teams are briefed by the team captains, this includes a brief on safety and layout for the day. We will then proceed to the drives for the morning. At around midday we will head to the shoot bothy were we will enjoy a comfortable packed lunch away from the elements, enjoy each others company with plenty of usual chatter on which birds were missed and the performance on the other teams beating. The teams will then proceed to the drives for the afternoon and will finish around 15:30hrs, the team will again head to the shoot bothy and enjoy another well deserved break. What to expect. An enjoyable day with the syndicate and its members, plenty of laughter and with some excellent scenery, a variety of terrain and areas to shoot. Not to forget some excellent quality and challenging birds. The quarry to be expected is Pheasants and Woodcock with the chance of duck. The birds presented have proven to be a challenge for its members over past seasons. This shoot is ideal for the experienced, novice and both female and young shooters as we encourage and promote the future of the sport. Any Guns wishing to bring their Partners and/or dogs with them for the day are most welcome to do so. Expected bag 40 head. What not to expect. Champaign breakfast, the sky full of birds and members of the British Aristocracy. Availability. I have a vacancy for 2019 season for full guns shooting fortnightly - expected bag range 30 to 60 birds stand beat 9 (possibility to add more) days £850 inclusive of liability insurance Land & topography The shoot is set within the rolling hills of Dumfries and Galloway giving way to some valleys which give some testing birds on some drives. About the hosts The Syndicate always makes any guest of visitor feel most welcome, the team Captains and Shoot Captain have a professional approach in the way that the day is controlled and organised throughout the day. Reviews Mr. Frederick Corbett 19:27, 17 December 2017 Reviewing multiple visits Having been there for my first visit on the 2nd December 2017, I was impressed by the professional way this shoot is run and organised , which importantly instills confidence in the safety aspects which are high on my own agenda. The shoot captains and the syndicate members made me feel very welcome from the outset and i enjoyed my day here immensely. Would I recommend ?......I have booked a further four days, says it all. Visited multiple times Quarry Pheasant, Woodcock Overall average 5.8 points Mr. Jim Sutton 19:56, 12 February 2017 Reviewing January 28th 2017 Not the best weather on the day but that didn't ruin what was a very enjoyable day. Friendly team and good shooting Overall average 5.3 points Mr. James Syme 08:45, 11 January 2017 Reviewing March 18th 2019 Very friendly syndicate members, Keeper & son very organised & relaxed with clear instructions & worked very hard to retrieve every bird shot. Does what it says on the tin. Will be back Overall average 6 points Mr. Mark Butcher 18:25, 11 December 2016 Reviewing December 10th 2016 My wife and I enjoyed an excellent day here ,group of guns where friendly and soon you felt relaxed . We split into two teams and after the briefing by the shoot captain off we went. We saw plenty of birds and everyone had shooting , I saw some very good birds on one drive in particular . All in all this is a well organized shoot and a well executed day ,terrain is interesting and provides a variety of exciting shooting. We hope to go back for an other day. Value for money definitely. Visited in December 2016 Weather Bright & Still Quarry Pheasant, Woodcock Format Mini driven No. guns 10 Drives 6 Expected bag 40 Actual bag 38 Overall average 6 points Mr. Stephen Scott 10:10, 6 April 2016 Reviewing I took a place here for a gun for the day, we managed to get 3 drives in before we stopped due to extremely bad rain and wind it was the weekend that most of Cumbria got flooded in December. However I was very kindly invited back for another day FOC. I could tell that Jon who runs the shoot was desperate to show it in all of its glory. The second day did not disappoint! Great drives and really friendly people in wonderful countryside I don't think you can get better value for money than the Corrielaw syndicate.
  5. What are people thoughts and experiences on the old age debate of what pheasant? Last year (and 1st season shoot) I had Manchuran x's and was forever dogging the bloody things back. This year I want to go for Blacknecks and although I know they may lack flying ability over what it a flat-ish topography I am hoping that they will stay at home a bit better which for me as a part timer with a business to run will result in a little less intense dogging in. However my poult supplier has ask if I would be willing to take Bazanty's which I believe may be a middle ground compromise between holding okay-ish and also perhaps flying a little better than a Blackneck. Thoughts??
  6. I’ve got a Peg booked for Four Farms Shoot Essex on Wednesday the 29th January, it’s 160 Bird day Pheasants and Partridge for £460. I’ve paid £230 with £230 to pay on the day (plus beaters tip) but unfortunately I’ve now got my appointment through for a hip operation on 14th January so won’t be able to shoot. Is anyone interested in buying the day off me for £400? (Transfer me £170 and then pay £230 on the day). The day is as follows:- Arrive at 9.00am for tea/coffee in the shoot room and draw pegs. Leave around 9.30am when the day begins. Light refreshments will be served mid morning along with drinks. A light lunch will be served back at the Shoot Room. When the day has finished everyone retires back to the Shoot Room for tea/coffee and cake. Many thanks Dave
  7. Hi All, myself and my son are experienced beaters (4/5 seasons) on a rough shoot, mixed cover and bramble woodland with our 7 & 3 year old Cocker Spaniels, unfortunately mid-season last year the landlord of out shoot in Kent decided he didn't want a soot there any more and closed it down mid-season! We managed to get onto the Marks Tey shoot for the last few of the season and my lad got to shoot on keeper's day (I don't shoot). Whilst we have an invite back to Marks Tey this coming season and beyond we would like something a little closer to home (Romford), ideally Brentwood area. I have been trying to get hold of the Hainault shoot and have this week spoken to them but it seems they have enough dogs and beaters. If you have vacancies or know of a shoot that does, please let me know and we can arrange to meet pre-season or on pigeon. Cheers.
  8. Hoping that someone here local to me (im in portsmouth) could spare me some frozen game from last season (still in feather) or some fresh/frozen pigeon? Looking to introduce the dog to cold game soon and have an empty freezer. Would be eternally grateful and would obviously drive to meet wherever you are!
  9. Hi Chaps, Just wondering how most shoots ask you to pay for a day and what methods people prefer? Do you usually pay a small deposit then the rest on the day, pay it all upfront a the time of booking, in instalments or another way? The reason I ask is that I'm going to be running a number of days next year of various sizes and would like to know the payment methods people prefer. I'd also be interested to know how people shooting in syndicates pay. Cheers, Matt
  10. Hi I have a large quantity of v mesh fencing ideal for pheasant release pens etc. It has been up for 7 years so has blown some of the plastic coating off but Is still in very useful condition I have The posts to concrete in the panels are 2.4m high. This is for collection only from near Hornsea East Yorkshire. I will be able to help load onto a trailer. Cash on collection £25 per panel £5 per post message for further details.
  11. TOM ROBINSON SPORTING Tom Robinson Sporting agency is a dedicated fieldsport agency presenting a wide range of unique shooting opportunities on estates all across the UK. We also now proudly arrange shooting across Europe and beyond, for the client who has the, have gun, will travel itch. Having now built up strong relationships with many estates overseas. We offer the best sport and hospitality available. All of our shooting in our ever growing sporting portfolio is hand-selected and personally approved to guarantee you receive phenomenal value for money, without compromising on quality. DRIVEN GAME SHOOTING UK With numerous contacts across the UK, game shooting days are available throughout the season. We can cater the days to suit your exact requirements. All we need to know is your budget, the quarry you want to shoot, ( pheasant, partridge, grouse ), bag size and how far you're willing to travel, we will sort the rest. We can provide shooting for individual guns or for teams of up to 9 guns. All team bookings will be hosted personally buy a representive and ammunition can be supplied. ​ Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to discuss your personal requirements so that we can begin the journey of creating a bespoke and unforgettable sporting experience. www.tomrobinsonsporting.co.uk Instagram tomrobinsonsporting
  12. Hello, I am looking for shooting in the East Yorkshire area in exchange for fishing on a prime beat of the Driffield West Beck. I'm looking for preferably rough/walk up shooting and Duck flighting/wild fowling but would be more than happy with regular Pigeon shooting as well. If someone would be happy to take me a a guest or on a few trips then that would be great too . I am a young gun (18) but am very experienced and am currently training up a young springer who is coming along well and has accompanied me on a few trips. Many thanks Will
  13. SYNDICATE MEMBERS WANTED We run a small friendly shoot in Northumberland. (Rothbury). This year we have half guns/full gun available. 800 pheasant released Shooting fortnightly on Saturdays (October to February) - 7/8 drives per day Pigeon shooting available, as well as Duck shooting over pond. Prefer members with dogs. Reply to Ad or Contact me for further details: Mandy - 07880573387. Email: Richardsonhogg@hotmail.com
  14. Hi all, Trying to navigate though the new world of cyber meet and greet and throwing a line out to anyone that might be able able to help... Last year I returned back to the glorious rolling hillsides of Hampshire, after a 5 year stint in dry dusty Australia and I'm looking to meet someone/people that wouldn't mind giving me abit of a intro back into shooting.. I started shooting when I was about 12 originally with an old 410 hammer action poachers side by side, shooting pigeons and rats, rabbits, going along with a family friend on a rough shoot he was a member of. Then went along as a half gun on the same rough shoot and I absolutely loved it, got my shotgun licence owned a few labs decided the country life was for me.. then I hit 18 and booze and girls and gave up . I have never shot to a high standard but I just love being out, walking for hours, being with the dogs sitting in hides WAITING..!! Since I have been back I've tried to make contact with the old club I was part of but most of the old boys I went with I guess, don't have the internet.. I'm looking to join a rough shoot and chip in with feeding of birds, maintainanace of pens/woodland etc, I'd like to come along for a few days and not shoot and then join for next year, ideally carrying on abit of out of season pest control with my new shooting family.. I'm based in Portsmouth/Southampton half way in between but I'm neither Pompey or saints. I'm work mon-fri till 5 as an electrician so shooting sat would suit me best.. If you can put me in touch with any clubs I'd be more than grateful, I'm not looking for huge bags or a huge cost thanks in advance, Mike
  15. Last week with a bitter cold wind and two days walking in a cook up session was coming on. Triple PPP game pies as follows. I defrosted six pheasant legs and 8 pigeon breasts plus two strips of belly pork. Once thawed the legs were filleted, the pigeon breasts cubed as was the belly pork. Meantime two onions and two carrots and a touch of garlic were sweating in the saute pan. Tipped the veg into the slow cooker set at Low. Took a decent sized lidded polly box put in about two tablespoons fl;our some mixed herbs pepper and salt added the meat and shook it about until all the pieces were coated on the flour mix. Browned those in batches and added to the veg in the slow cooker. Broke up a chicken stock cube and sprinkled over then topped up enough to cover the mix with boiling water, gave it a good stir then left the mix for three hours. As the liquor looked a bit pale an OXO cube was added after the three hours the gravy still seemed thin so stirred in some butter and flour mix. When this looked satisfactory tipped the lot out into four alu foil pie dishes and allowed to cool. Covered with ready rolled puff pastry , baked one in the oven for that nights dinner and stucj the other three in the freezer. While the pie was cooking a wrapped the remains of the pheasant legs in foil and roasted them, took them out and boiled them down to make pheasant stock when the pie was cooked. A bit of belly pork is essential when cooking pigeon and pheasant in this way as it keeps the meat moist. Enjoy Blackpowder
  16. Due to cancellation I have two Guns available for a driven pheasant and duck day. Postcode of area is De44DE Itinerary 0830 meet, drawing of pegs and brief. 0930 - 1230 shoot the first two drives 1230-1330 Lunch at a local pub (included in the price) 1330 - 1500hrs last two drives. 1500 - back to the local pub, day end. One drive offers particularly high birds that will test your skills but at the same time offers some great sport. full support team, but we do request you use your own vehicles. The bag for this sat is 60-70, and as its late notice I am only asking for £215 per Gun.
  17. So I went out this morning with the over and under for a very quick mooch about before the GF wanted to head off to town I popped out the back door and took the first rook out of a nice high beech tree, the other couple took to the air and the next was soon to hit the ground, 2 shots, 2 rooks. The thud of one hitting the shed roof was welcoming as some parts are covered with Perspex sheets, the rest of the day would've been spent fixing it!! I walked off into the field to try and get a better position on the rooks flightline next door, but enroute i saw and took a nice chunky hen pheasant. (This years are still a wee bit too small for my liking). As time was now moving along it was probably best that I made my way back; about to walk around the side of the house, mr rook No3 came in high and straight. Missed with the first, led a tad with the second and yet another thud of a different shed!! A "hair cut, brisket joint and some bones for the dog" later, I tried my luck again, took the next crow from the same high tree as the first. With no sight of any more corvid friends nearby I had to broaden my search and walk to another permission I have, just a 300m walk down the road to a farm shed where they usually sit about. For reference, these roads are in the middle of no where, very rural and rarely and cars use it, single track etc. About 30m before the farm lane i hear a car pull out of the turning behind and stops, reverses and then drives my way. I turn around and it's the blues and twos. I'm the most straight up kinda guy but it put the fear of god into me when your looking at a police officer holding a 12ga!!!! He asked to see my licence and checked it over thoroughly before asking what I was shooting, I said that I was shooting rooks as they were causing damage to the farmers crops where I was heading and they effect the lambs. He said that it needs to be classed as significant crop damage etc to be allowed. He checked the ammo I was using making sure it was modified into slugs or anything suspicious. Turns out he's working closely with the Environment Agency in a current join operation to catch poachers in the area. I tried to help as much as I could and pointed him in the right direction of where they usually operate and we ended on a good note. He did say i really should put it in a sling whilst carrying it on the road, which im definately going to do now!! Just a tad scary when he pulled up at first, having never been stopped before, for anything by a police officer!!! I returned home after a fruitless session at the farm shed and walked up through the small wood next door. A few squirrels later and as darkness approached it was time to call it a day. 4 rooks, 3 squirrels, 1 pheasant, and a police interrogation later it's been a good mixed bag!! Happy hunting
  18. Hi guys, I am looking for some beating in the Warwick area. I've had a years experience with beating, so I am not green, but I'm new to the area and I don't know where things are. I am currently studying the Farriery Access Course at Moreton Morrell Campus, as I can't drive I will need a lift to and from the shoot. I have BASC insurance, and a shotgun certificate with Hampshire Constabulary. Please PM me if anyone can help, any advice is much appreciated. Thank you, Verminator
  19. i have a cock pheasant for sale (stuffed type) looking for £55 posted, been mounted on my wall for the last 3 years time for a change, not a very good picture, but it is a very life like example, not like some i have seen. (location Bristol)
  20. After a successful pheasant season the shoot I go to is interested in catching up the hens and giving them to game breeders in exchange for some poults later. I was wondering if anyone knew if anybody wanted some in the West/East Sussex area. Thanks for reading
  21. Hi all, I have bought two guns on a great shoot for the 30th November, with the intention of me and Dad having a bit of day out. However, due to a work commitment I am no longer able to take my gun and am therefore offering it to back to the PW masses. The shoot is in the Driffield area and is being run by fellow PW member YDS. The link to the original advertisement is below: http://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/topic/254226-100-120-birds-days-yorkshire/?do=findComment&comment=2225532 In brief the day is a fully driven 100-120 bird day - mainly pheasant and partridge (with some cracking partridge drive too) - with a total of 9 guns. Having shot this land last year, to say I'm gutted to miss it this year is an epic understatement. However, work has to come first this time. I'm looking to recover my £310 for the day, which is superb value for a day like this. Please PM me if you are interested and we can discuss. I would be willing to sell the two guns (£310 each) if you and a friend wanted to join forces, if it helped secure the sale. Thanks 4eyes
  22. Rough Shooting near Northop in North Wales (easy access - 5 minutes from A55 expressway and not far from Chester.) We have two vacancies to join our small, friendly rough shoot which was established around 10 years ago. We rear and release pheasants each year and enjoy a few informal days in season on Saturdays/Wednesdays, as well as rough shooting year around. There are pheasants, wild duck, geese, snipe, woodcock, wood pigeon, and crows. Good pigeon shooting over crops / stubble in the Summer. We overlook the River Dee, and have good wooded areas & several flight ponds. Membership would suit safe guns looking for year round rough shooting with some informal organised shoot days in season. Guns with dogs preferred, but not essential. £350 per Gun. Please send PM if you would like more details. Cheers, Spitzer
  23. Hello, We have some opportunities for full and half Gun membership of our friendly game shoot in North Wales (about 15 minutes from Chester) . It is a stand and beat shoot, shooting on 8 Saturdays throughout the season with several pheasant drives on each shoot day. Ducks are driven over standing Guns and there are also woodcock on the shoot. Vermin is controlled through the year with good pigeon/crow shooting over crops, and rabbit shooting in the Summer months. The farms are pasture with some arable crops, plenty of hedgerows and several well placed woodlands. We also grow a cover crop and have two duck ponds. The land lies across 2 small valleys so the drives provide some challenging birds. We have two release pens and rear a few hundred pheasants and some ducks each year. There are voluntary work parties in the summer, a summer fun clay shoot and social, and an informal shoot dinner in January. We aim to have enjoyable shoot days with memorable birds, rather than just “how many are in the bag?”. Saying that, we do aim for and regularly get, bags of 30+ and make sure that every Gun has fair and equal opportunities to shoot. The shoot has improved and grown each year, and we are expecting this year to be even better again. The bag is shared at the end of the shoot day and everyone gets at least a brace to take home if they so wish. We have syndicate rules to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment of shoot days. Guns with dogs are preferred, but not essential as we also have some regular volunteer beaters. If you are interested please pm me and we can arrange to chat on the ‘phone and meet for a walk around the shoot before membership is offered/taken. Some PW guys are already members and I am sure that they will give you their views! Full Guns £780 8 days (plus 1st February rough shoot) Summer vermin shooting. ½ Guns £440 4 days (plus 1st February rough shoot) Summer vermin shooting. There is also a one-off Joining fee of £30 Opportunities are limited, so send me a pm as soon as you can if you are interested.. Spitzer
  24. I have now had one of my digital paintings printed successfully and to a quality which I am happy with so I am pleased to be able to offer prints for sale. The paintings can be printed pretty much any size you like but I have priced up what I think are the most popular sizes. The printers can do custom sizes but I would have to price up anything outside of what I have listed (larger sizes get expensive to print). Any of the paintings can be printed any of the sizes listed and if you would like a specific background colour then just let me know as I can change the colour of the background easily. If you have a specific photograph or a request for another game species which you would like me to paint in a similar style then you can PM me and we can discuss the requirements and pricing (would email painting first for approval then print on payment). The sizes available and costs are as below: 12" x 16" £60 each or two for £100 delivered 16" x 20" £80 each or two for £140 delivered 20" x 24" £100 each or two for £160 delivered Below is a photograph of the printed canvas I picked up today to illustrate the quality of the printing. The current paintings available are: The last one will be finished this week with a grass foreground. I will add more photos to this thread as I complete them. Any questions just ask. Anthony
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