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Found 6 results

  1. Has anyone renewed ect w/ Surrey/Sussex recently and give an indication on waiting times? I have filled all of table 2 so want to get a new certificate with space in Table 2 if I want to buy something else, but weighing that against being without my cert for a time? I asked and they said they wouldn't tell me and also I asked if I had to send it in or just a copy and they said I had to send in original. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  2. Just a few words to give some credit to Cleveland Police. Sometimes I hear horror stories of other forces taking an age to deal with things and forget just how lucky we are here. When my FAC was granted about this time a year ago, I had ideas originally of using certain rifles for pest control and had added a .22lr and .17HMR along with my target rifles etc. Anyway, the HMR was never purchased, the .22LR does everything I need up to maybe 120yds or so and is much quieter than my friends HMR. With thoughts to using the next rifle for both pest/vermin up to maybe 300+ yards and for targets as well I put in a variation to have the HMR removed and a .204 ruger CF rifle added in it's place. Put in a one-for-one on my current semi-auto .22lr for a bolt action so I don't have to go without a gun and upped my ammo amounts a bit and also hopefully have my ticket opened up. Posted on 17th, cheque cashed 19th and licence back in my hands with everything sorted by the 24th. One week from postbox to letterbox. Amazing. Very happy. Just thought I'd share. Seems not all forces are equal. I honestly have a huge amount of sympathy for those of you that are waiting months on end etc. I can barely imagine how frustrating it must be.
  3. Hi guys, This is the only scenario where i would carry knives: - 2 opinels (lock knives) and 1 Elk ridge 12.5” Bowie (fixed blade) will be taken to the field from my owned property in the boot of my car in my field bag. - When i arrive at the land (where i have permission from the land owner to shoot) i attach 1 opinel in a pouch to my belt and the bowie in a sheath to my belt. - I mainly hunt pigeon, rabbit, pheasant and duck (both in season of course and not on a Sunday). - When im done for the day i put the knives back in my bag in the boot of the car and i drive home. IS THIS LEGAL?? IS MY REASON OF HUNTING A GOOD ENOUGH REASON TO CARRY THESE KNIVES? Links for the 2 knives are: http://www.bladesandbows.co.uk/elk-ridge-125-bowie-knife-5961 http://www.uttings.co.uk/p104756-opinel-classic-originals-high-grade-carbon-steel-knife/#.VK8TISihxic Thanks in advance for any comments
  4. So I went out this morning with the over and under for a very quick mooch about before the GF wanted to head off to town I popped out the back door and took the first rook out of a nice high beech tree, the other couple took to the air and the next was soon to hit the ground, 2 shots, 2 rooks. The thud of one hitting the shed roof was welcoming as some parts are covered with Perspex sheets, the rest of the day would've been spent fixing it!! I walked off into the field to try and get a better position on the rooks flightline next door, but enroute i saw and took a nice chunky hen pheasant. (This years are still a wee bit too small for my liking). As time was now moving along it was probably best that I made my way back; about to walk around the side of the house, mr rook No3 came in high and straight. Missed with the first, led a tad with the second and yet another thud of a different shed!! A "hair cut, brisket joint and some bones for the dog" later, I tried my luck again, took the next crow from the same high tree as the first. With no sight of any more corvid friends nearby I had to broaden my search and walk to another permission I have, just a 300m walk down the road to a farm shed where they usually sit about. For reference, these roads are in the middle of no where, very rural and rarely and cars use it, single track etc. About 30m before the farm lane i hear a car pull out of the turning behind and stops, reverses and then drives my way. I turn around and it's the blues and twos. I'm the most straight up kinda guy but it put the fear of god into me when your looking at a police officer holding a 12ga!!!! He asked to see my licence and checked it over thoroughly before asking what I was shooting, I said that I was shooting rooks as they were causing damage to the farmers crops where I was heading and they effect the lambs. He said that it needs to be classed as significant crop damage etc to be allowed. He checked the ammo I was using making sure it was modified into slugs or anything suspicious. Turns out he's working closely with the Environment Agency in a current join operation to catch poachers in the area. I tried to help as much as I could and pointed him in the right direction of where they usually operate and we ended on a good note. He did say i really should put it in a sling whilst carrying it on the road, which im definately going to do now!! Just a tad scary when he pulled up at first, having never been stopped before, for anything by a police officer!!! I returned home after a fruitless session at the farm shed and walked up through the small wood next door. A few squirrels later and as darkness approached it was time to call it a day. 4 rooks, 3 squirrels, 1 pheasant, and a police interrogation later it's been a good mixed bag!! Happy hunting
  5. I love to go pigeon shooting with my shotgun. But what gets me is that there are some absolutely huge woodies that sit on my fence in the back garden. I can shoot them safely ( my neighbour wants them gone, and it would be a safe shot angle wise ). My only problem is the lack of an Air-Rifle................but I do have a HW45 Pistol that is accurate and hits hard ( .177 ) Is it considered not the done thing to shoot a pigeon with an Air-Pistol ? I can hit an extra strong mint at the distance I am planning to whack the cereal killers from !! So I think a head shot would work !! What say you all?? And don't start slagging me off for asking !! I am seeking advice.............I haven't done it yet !!!! I'm quite sure the old HW45 has enough clout...........................at the range I am gonna shoot ( 10-12M ) it consistently pierces both sides of an empty dog food tin, so I imagine it will tear through a pigeons noggin with ease !! I await your helpful responses !!!! ps. Please don't bombard me with all the legal jargon !! I know it already !! I live way out in the sticks, so there's no little kiddies eyes to be shot out etc !!
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-22449442 Beware of what you write........ Big Brother is watching..............
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