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  1. If that is a training term then the Bazooka bit is probably not necessary Back is normally ample. Once the dog releases and waits "Back"
  2. Use whatever it's happy to retrieve. I've never known a keen retriever refuse to get enthusiastic about a tennis ball, for instance. If you say 50 retrieves or 25 lefts and 25 rights, of a tennis ball over any given period of time, is a marathon retrieving session then... Nobody is saying put the stopwatch on and time the dog over distances. It's simple, right-back to hand, left-back to hand. As long as he's aware of a following retrieve. The dog is not a pup and I take it the owner knows the dogs limits. Personally, and honestly, I have never, ever, known a decent retrieving gundo
  3. Repetition is the name of the game but the dog has to want to give it over. Repetition of the release command, especially as the dog is already ignoring it, will only create repetition of the thing you don't want. The dog refusing to oblige. That will ingrain even further the dogs reluctance to hand the retrieve over. Put him in a situation where he can repeat the desired behavior over and over again. Not the behavior you don't want. He has to WANT to hand the retrieve over. He will when he knows there's another coming as soon as he releases the first retrieve so try the doubles. Make them
  4. This isn't a pup but use the amount happy with so long as it's enough to reboot him. BB-it is a delivery problem. The problem is he's reluctant to deliver or let go. My guess is it might have been that he's had a lot of runners recently or returned a lot of lively birds recently or it could be a genuine reluctance to hand the item over. Try dummies or tennis balls and see if you get the same deal. If so, and he's a keen retriever, he will quickly hand over any training item knowing there's another retrieve awaiting. Double memory or seen retrieves and high numbers of them. Is he damag
  5. All this talk of collapse being due to low blood sugar. If LBS is the cause, is it not simply easier to carry some sugar in a small bag and feed little and often? Why all the fancy and expensive nutritional bars of this and that?
  6. What about something like a double decker or a half a bag of revels? (small bag not the family size bag, obviously).
  7. A friend of mine said the same about a bitch he once owned. Steady as a rock until the hormones and pups came along. He was sure it was the hormonal thing that kicked the behavior off. Minstrel tension he said it was. Who knows? He did say the yellow ones are nuttier than the black ones though and to stay well away from the chocolate ones. Personally, I'm not sure it's as black and white as all that.
  8. Is there no way you could get the bar maid to come out to the car to serve you? It's an open top vehicle. I have found most of the bar maids these days only too willing to oblige and go well out of their way to keep a customer happy. Where there is a will there is a way.Try and get the space in the car park of the pup that is nearest to the window, that way you can watch the football as well while you eat you dinner and down a pint?
  9. Is common sense and understanding not the thing missing here? How a field trial dog is prepared to compete will be different to the way a regular shooting dog is prepared? No? The feeding patterns and amounts will vary considerably as will the amount of time training and resting between training.
  10. Would have thought a dog that hunts in short bursts in a trial would be less likely to need extra fuel for stamina. Reading through some old posts over the last few days there seems to be a common misconception that good dogs are dogs that can hunt all day long on a shoot.Quite the contrary would be the case in the wild.A wild Dingo (such as the one cocker boy owned, of the curley coat duck hunting variety) wouldn't last long if it had to hunt all day for food before finding some.No, dogs/wild cats, are not designed to be long distance atheletes (apart from the likes of the husky, a dog th
  11. You might be right there cocker boy. Thanks for your input.
  12. Lol. Nothing worse than getting your Gagarins mixed up with your Gellers. I think Gagarin did bend spoons as well you know? In the Apollo he showed how to do it because the gravity was missing?
  13. No it was Gagarin. Gellar was the first man in outer space. Wasn't he? Anyway, which ever one it was he was no spoon bender. Minton beat him all hands down. The fella turned up with his own spoon but he put it down on the table at the fate. Ethel De La Vere (our Mayors housekeeper) picked his spoon up by mistake and mixed it up with all the others on the table. She passed him a proper Sheffield Steel spoon to bend but he couldn't. He said the planets had to be aligned for it to work or something of that nature. His face went beetroot red trying to bend the thing.lol. Anyway. I placed one
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