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  1. Danger-Mouse

    Super squirrels BBC2

    They got Ratatosk!
  2. Danger-Mouse

    Super squirrels BBC2

    I know him.
  3. Danger-Mouse

    Winchester Grand European

    I'm sure Scully will elaborate far more than I can but I'll throw in what I know. The Grand European is pretty much top of the range, below it you have the Diamond Grade guns. Pricewise you're looking at at least a grand, probably more towards £1300-£1400, obviously depending on quality. Can't comment on how they shoot because I've only shot the Diamond grade guns. They are nice solid guns that imo fit similar to Brownings.
  4. Danger-Mouse


    I tend to agree that 1/2 is too tight. I'd go cylinder/skeet and 1/4, it's what I always shoot in an O&U. The 1/4 gives you the slightly tighter pattern for longer range stuff but is still ok for close range targets. That's what I use in my semi-auto.
  5. Danger-Mouse

    Should drugs be decriminalised

    You're welcome. No, this is the hazy side of decriminalisation. Netherlands for instance. It's legal to own a small amount, it's legal for the coffee shops to sell it, but the growers who sell it to the shops are breaking the law. The growers exploit the law somewhat by growing specific numbers of plants, I believe anything over 99 plants carries a very heavy sentence. I believe individuals can also grow something like 3 plants without any chance of prosecution. Elsewhere I would imagine it's similar except most of the countries don't have the coffee shops. Presumably most people still buy from street dealers. But I don't really know the circumstances for each country. Some interesting data from Colorado and Washington after 5 years of legalisation. https://news.lift.co/five-years-effects-legalization-colorado-washington-state/
  6. Danger-Mouse

    Should drugs be decriminalised

    Several US States have done so for marijuana. It has only been done at state level, technically under federal law it still remains illegal. My guess is the government is letting it play out and observing the effects, if the experiment fails they still have the option of clamping down at the federal level. Colorado was one of the first states to legalise it. They have released figures about the economic and criminal effects. Others that either legalised or decriminalised it, for personal use include, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Equador, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Greece, India, Jamaica, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA, Uruguay, US Virgin Islands. There are a few other countries that simply turn a blind eye to it's use like Thailand and Viet Nam. Portugal have decriminalised everything. Quite a number of other countries now allow small quantities of drugs for "personal use".
  7. Danger-Mouse

    Should drugs be decriminalised

    Very little data with those figures. I am pretty sure they will be counting deaths where cannabis was found in the person's system, possibly with other drugs and probably also includes causes of death like driving whilst under the influence of cannabis. The fact is that deaths caused directly by cannabis, ie overdoses, do not exist because it's impossible to smoke enough of it to kill yourself.
  8. Danger-Mouse

    Should drugs be decriminalised

    Portugal is a better example.
  9. Danger-Mouse

    Should drugs be decriminalised

    Maybe not but they certainly tried it in Columbia and the former president who was in power during the Escobar years now suggests legalisation as a better solution.
  10. Danger-Mouse

    Should drugs be decriminalised

    Yeah 'cos that's worked brilliantly over the last 50 or so years hasn't it? What was it Einstein said about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?
  11. Danger-Mouse

    Ufc Liverpool

    A very technical fight, Till followed his game plan and clearly deserved to win. Thompson's striking was on parr with Till's but that's where it ended for him. Till was the more aggressive and controlled the octagon for most of the fight. Throw in the knock down in the 5th and it's all over, easy decision for the judges.
  12. Danger-Mouse


    Meh, knew it was blind something, could only think of recall.
  13. Danger-Mouse


    Dummy launcher
  14. Danger-Mouse

    Clay pigeon South Yorkshire?

    AFAIK it is. I'm going to Sycamore tomorrow, you're welcome to join me if you fancy it.
  15. Danger-Mouse

    Pepto Bismol for dogs

    Hand to hand Paw, natural weapons only, I'd give you 5-1 on Walshie.