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  1. Danger-Mouse

    Tyson Fury - The Gypsy King

    A rare video on boxing by probably the best MMA video maker on YT, MixedMollyWhoppery. I can't post the video because MMW tends to swear a few times in his videos but if you add a www to the following link you can watch it. If you enjoy it then it might be worth keeping an eye on the channel because I suspect there may be a follow up in the near future. Link below. .youtube.com/watch?v=eLrZnjcDRdU
  2. Danger-Mouse

    Fury vs Wilder

    I was just watching the highlights on YT and spotted this brilliant quip in the comments " First time a traveller has ever been robbed "
  3. Danger-Mouse

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Now we have "Brexit - The Movie"! No seriously, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/benedict-cumberbatch-brexit-hbo-trailer-769578/
  4. Danger-Mouse

    Sloe gin

    Maybe me? Although I posted about raspberry whiskey not sloe whiskey.
  5. Danger-Mouse

    BREXIT - merged threads

    What a great speech!
  6. Danger-Mouse

    BREXIT - merged threads

    She is. However, she chose to run for PM so she only has herself to blame. She could have sat back and let someone else take the heat but either ambition or greed made her throw her hat into the ring and now she's reaping the whirlwind. Sympathy? I have none for her.
  7. Danger-Mouse

    I'm going vegan

  8. Danger-Mouse

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Isn't that BBC policy? On a side note I see Angela Raynor was taught maths by Diane Abbot. Last night she (Angela Raynor) stated that we do 60% of our trade with the rest of the world, and 44% with the EU.
  9. Danger-Mouse

    Jonathon Pie

    If you want to watch some great political satire, may I recommend Jonathon Pie. A fictional reporter played by Tom Walker. I would post a few of his videos but they are littered with swearing. However I will recommend a few if you want to check him out on YT. The Gender Pay Gap BREAKING NEWS: All leave voters are thick! It's a JOKE! The Fear of Language.
  10. Danger-Mouse

    Deliverance on in 20 minutes on TCM

    It's a classic, well worth watching. Probably Burt's best role.
  11. Danger-Mouse

    Andy Serkis - Theresa May

    Genius parody.
  12. Danger-Mouse

    BREXIT - merged threads

    A different view of the Brixit march and counter march.
  13. Danger-Mouse

    The French yellow vest protests

    Brixton riots?
  14. Danger-Mouse

    BREXIT - merged threads

    But a European commission spokesman insisted that there was no scope for negotiation, saying: “This deal is the best and only deal possible. We will not renegotiate the deal that is on the table right now. That is very clear. “Our position has therefore not changed and as far as we’re concerned the UK is leaving the EU on the 29 March 2019. We are prepared for all scenarios.” Wouldn't that be the ultimate irony. A no deal Brexit forced on us by the EU.