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  1. Danger-Mouse

    Pigeon Watch Poloshirts

    Teal knows his market.
  2. Danger-Mouse

    Pigeon Watch Poloshirts

    I'd probably buy one or two.
  3. Danger-Mouse

    Raspberry Whiskey

    Yeah I've decanted and strained it, I have about a litre. The extra sugar was definitely needed but most of the sweetness came from the fruit itself. I always add sugar at the end of the process that way you don't end up with something too sweet. I've put the fruit to one side and I've been eating that with chocolate pudding and extra thick double cream, absolutely delicious.
  4. Danger-Mouse

    Raspberry Whiskey

    I made some of this last year and it has been sat in the cupboard until about a month ago. I had only added the fruit when it was bottled and when I first tried tried it it was whilst drinkable still a little harsh for my taste. So I added 50 grams of sugar and left it for another month. On Wednesday I'd had a pretty stressful day at work and arriving back home I decided that a glass of something strong was in order. Trawling through the cupboards I found the whiskey and decided to give it a whirl. I have to say it's a very nice drink and I think another couple of bottles will be in order once I can find some raspberries. Well worth knocking up a batch if you haven't tried it.
  5. Danger-Mouse

    A bit of ginger

    Sounds pretty good, have to give that a try.
  6. Danger-Mouse

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Great quote!
  7. Danger-Mouse

    Energy drinks

    So, basically some good parenting and discipline. See below. Good post.
  8. Danger-Mouse

    Energy drinks

    Heard it. Nanny state strikes again. 🙄
  9. Danger-Mouse

    Any knife makers who sell their creations.

    Related to Burnley Dave?
  10. Danger-Mouse

    Most Riculous Gun Accessories.

    Popped up in my YT suggestions. The number 1 choice had me literally in tears of laughter.
  11. Danger-Mouse

    the red arrows

    You've never seen them like this before!
  12. Danger-Mouse

    Jordan B. Peterson

    I've watched quite a bit of his stuff, a very clever fellow. I particularly enjoyed this brief and somewhat humerous clip.
  13. Danger-Mouse

    Alex Jones - Info Wars

    It's not about being friends with them, or agreeing with or liking what they say. It's about them having the right to speak. If you truly believe in free speech then everyone, no matter how distasteful their views may be should be allowed to speak their mind. I'm pretty sure that's what Munzy is saying too.
  14. Danger-Mouse

    Alex Jones - Info Wars

    I'm quite surprised a thread about this topic hasn't already popped up but then again I'm not sure how hard the story has hit the mainstream media. For those who don't know Alex Jones hosted a show called Info Wars on alternative media, primarily Youtube but also across the other social media sites. I've only ever seen a few bits from the show and from what I've seen AJ was a bit of a crackpot doing stories about conspiricy theories and the like. Now I'm not exactly sure if he genuinely believes the things he says or whether it's more of an act, as I've heard suggested by other commentators. However, aside from the sensationalistic stories AJ was also quite right wing and a supporter of Trump. Indeed it has been suggested that his show and it's support of Trump was influential in him winning the last US elections. It has also been suggested that the ban has come just as the US Midterm Elections are coming up. Jones has literally millions of followers and this ban will deny many of them the chance to hear content that would be pro-Trump. For those that are not aware AJ's account on YT was deleted last week. The reason given was that he had broken the rules of the site, alledgedly publishing content that they considered hate speech. This in itself does not seem too sinister. However, within hours of YT banning him several other alternative media outlets like FB, Spotify and Apple Podcasts had also removed his content and over the following days other sites also banned him. Following AJ's ban came an attack on Stefan Molyneux (another content producer often considered part of the Alt Right movement, and a Trump supporter) who received "2 strikes" from YT leaving him on the verge of also being banned. However, rapid response from his followers protesting about the strikes saw them quickly removed by YT. Now YT is clearly within it's rights to ban content that breaches it's terms of service. But is that what we are really seeing here? It has been suggested by other content creators like Sargon of Akkad and Computing Forever that YT is following a leftist agenda and actively censoring content that goes against it's own political leanings. If this is the case then it is a very worrying development. These media sites are essentially controlling what we can hear (or as Sargon suggested the users of the site are pressuring the site to ban content that does not conform to the user's political agendas) and if so this is an attack on free speech. Here is Sargon's take on the issue . . .
  15. Danger-Mouse

    Road Bike

    ZZR600, technically a sports bike but has a more relaxed seating position than the hardcore sports bikes, also has a very comfy seat. Almost a sports tourer. However they're still very rapid and capable of 150+mph.