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  1. Marmalade Vodka

    Probably. My original batch still had undissolved marmalade even after several months and a lot of shaking.
  2. Boris Threatens Reprisals Against Russia.

    Very, very carefully.
  3. Marmalade Vodka

    Planning on doing a bottle of bourbon with honey.
  4. Marmalade Vodka

    Impatient lot aren't you? For those desirous of instant gratification I recommend honey vodka. Simply add a decent amount of honey, maybe a 5th or 6th part of whatever container you're using. Top up with vodka and then shake until the honey is dissolved. Then drink. Smooth, warm and sweet .
  5. Marmalade Vodka

    Well, I should have, but in truth I walked in from a long day at work. Fancied a drink. Saw the bottle. Decided to give it a try and just threw a drop into a glass.
  6. Marmalade Vodka

    Give it a whirl lads, I don't think you'll be disappointed (as long as you like marmalade). I used Lidl thick cut marmalade. Some heavy shaking for the first week or two, the marmalade doesn't completely break down, at least not in the quantity I used. No extra sugar needed imho. Then just leave for a while. Might have to give the marmalade gin a try next. Let me know how yours comes out hambone.
  7. Marmalade Vodka

    A while back I saw a bottle of this up for sale and quite fancied trying it. Of course in best Yorkshire fashion I muttered "I'm not paying that much for a bloody drink, I'll make some meself". And so I did, just a little 200ml bottle with some Lidl marmalade spooned into the bottom and topped up with the selfsame store's own vodka. It's been sat around for about 3 months and tonight I spotted it and decided to give it a try. Verdict: Bloody delicious. When you take a drink you have that wonderful citrus note hit first your nose and then your tongue where you taste that wonderful warm orange/marmalade flavour, not sweet but slightly tart/sour and backed up with the taste of vodka. I'm definitely going to try a full sized batch of this.
  8. Weather forcast

  9. Weather forcast

    Lucky ****. I've just spent 7 hours covering 33 miles and doing about 40 drops. Returned to depot about 15:00 because the side roads I was trying to get around were just lethal to drive on. Have seen a couple of cars sliding down roads and one doing a 180 when he tried to turn in a bit too sharpley. We haven't even had it that bad in Sheffield, compared to many other areas. Definitely poor conditions for driving but as long as you keep your speed down and maintain a reasonable distance from other cars then it's safe enough on the main roads.

    I didn't do a Cameron meme but I'm still rather proud of this one . . .

    Completely inaccurate. Cameron et al made it perfectly clear that even if the result was as close as a single vote the decision would be upheld. Soft and hard are just terms invented post referendum to attempt to muddy the waters and dilute the democratic decision made by the voters of this country.

    I think things would have been rather different. Whilst I agree the Brexiteers would have been hoping for another referendum they would have been looking 20 years ahead rather than the immediate future. The difference between the two sides is that the leavers, whilst hopeful of winning, weren't really very confident they would, but those that wanted to stay couldn't see themselves losing and as a result are now choking on a huge dose of humble pie. Wanting Labour to win is a bit like the comment made in Generation Kill by Lance Cpl. Harold James Trombley: "I know this may sound weird but deep down, I kinda wanted to know what it feels like to get shot. . ."

    That may well be true, but there is nothing to say that we have to enforce any such border. Such a decision, and all costs incurred by such a decision would have to be met by the EU/Eire if we said we had no interest in establishing such a border. A point made not so long ago by JRM.
  14. 1,000,0000 visitor

    I don't see any of this carp.
  15. Shooter series

    Yup, all written by the same author. Point of Impact is the book on which Shooter is based. The film was modernised to make Wahlberg's character a Gulf War vet rather than a Vietnam vet as in the original. Black Light deals with the death of Bob's father, Earl Swagger (there are 3 books based on him too). Dirty White Boys ties the three together, albeit somewhat loosely. Time To Hunt is the third Bob Lee Swagger book, and probably my favourite in the series. Hunter is a pretty decent thriller writer but he has stretched out Bob's career rather too far. It's not that the later books aren't entertaining, because they are, but when your hero is almost a pensioner then it's probably time to write a new guy into your plots. I'm still happy to recommend the books I've already mentioned though, and the Earl Swagger books, "Hot Springs", "Pale Horse Coming" and "Havana" are all decent reads, especially "Hot Springs".