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  1. I use a stout wire brush to clean the polish and finish mop. But first as you do its up the grades on the emery cloth but I use Duzzit as lube seems to work ok for me. then its on to the polishing mops Black soap first...clean, brown vornax....clean, then smurf poo....clean then finally cream vornax. Its a lot less hard work if you get as near as mirror finish before you harden and temper the blade, Opinal blades are high carbon and extremely hard but as they have been heat treated already you do not have that luxury. You obviously know your stuff Ditchman but..cut free gloves in my opinion are a better option. Welding gauntlets do what they are supposed to do and insulate you from heat, but the downside is you cannot feel the blade getting hot, not a problem with the opinals but a blade thats fixed via 2pk epoxy, heat will reactivate the glue. It does "go off" again but its significantly weaker. No cut gloves you can feel the heat and obviously protect you from cuts and stabs as I have had more than my fair share of wheel snatches thankfully they usually throw the blade downwards but it still scares the granny out of you.
  2. Do you find mirror polishing a blade quite therapeutic? I do, sit there all day doing them, same as re-pointing brick work, people hate it. I don't! give me 200 ft by 8 ft brick wall that needs re-pointing and I'm as happy as a pig in ****
  3. I have just got my seeds through. I have a propagator on the kitchen window sill ready to go, But looking and reading through this thread I may be a little late getting them in the dirt. I've gone for reapers as I have balls of British steel.....well I don't really never have much above a jalfrezi in an indian heat wise. Aparently they are slow growing and may not even fruit but I thought it was worth a rattle, Am I too late to plant?
  4. fatchap

    Knife crime.

    Never been in the Bear pub in the 20 odd years I have lived here.
  5. fatchap

    Knife crime.

    I'm just assuming. I've seen some cheap survival/zombie knives and the blade has hardly any fixing to the handle at all so would probably break off given enough force, I always thought that Stanley knives where the "weapon" of choice for these people. . Fits in the pocket, you just have to convince the police your a carpet fitter if you get collared with it. I honestly have no idea how the powers that be can tackle knife crime. Ban selling them? impossible to many legitimate uses. They are too easily available after all some scroat that was to stab someone as said on here only has to look in the kitchen drawer and is spoilt for choice.
  6. fatchap

    Knife crime.

    Apparently she was stabbed so hard the handle broke off the knife, There was supposed to be a candle light vigil over the weekend but the police are still looking for the handle in the park. I'd guess the knife in question was cheap survival knife or zombie knife for the handle to break off, he probably still has it. I have heard they have arrested someone in connection with it up in Leicester but there is lots of talk flying around the area at the moment.
  7. fatchap

    Knife crime.

    All good points. Rumour has it that it was a gang initiation. How can you want to be part of a gang so bad that you stab some totally innocent person you dont even know?
  8. fatchap

    Knife crime.

    The one about items of murder was from a woman I have known for years someone I considered a friend.
  9. fatchap

    Knife crime.

    There is only the one left on the hill the rest have shut down, other pubs would mean a drive or cab. my local is 100 yards from me house well within acceptable staggering distance.
  10. fatchap

    Knife crime.

    Not had the best weekend, In the light of recent tragic events around Harold Hill, My hobby of making knives has made me quite unpopular over my local pub. People I have known for years giving me grief while I'm trying to enjoy a quiet pint. People asking how do I sleep at night knowing I make items of MURDER, seriously? I make tools for hunting and fishing. And I only make them for people I know personally or the few I have made for guys on here, I can be pretty sure they are not gang members and will use the knife for what it is intended. I can understand feelings running high obviously but the way I see it a drunk driver who mows down a pedestrian, its not the pub that sold him the beer thats at fault or the maker of the car to blame its the person themselves, but try telling people around here that who even after a week of that young girl getting stabbed, which happened 50 yards from my house are still looking for someone to blame. I think I will stay out of the local until things calm down a bit, I shouldn't have to as I haven't done anything wrong but I think its a healthy plan.
  11. Westminster traffic wardens are genetically engineered to do the job. No reasoning with them, I was backed into a loading bay in Greycote St but my front wheels where slightly over, a traffic warden materialised out of nowhere and slapped a ticket on me screen, Its a long van and wouldn't go back any further. You would have thought the warden would have used a bit of common sense and discretion. It was in no way blocking the pavement like he claimed. I'm sure part of the training to be a traffic warden is your put in a room with say Roy Chubby Brown for instance and he bombards you with personal insults about you and your parentage, if you show the slightest sign of cracking you dont get the job. If you can handle an hour of that your ready for the streets of London. I have insulted traffic wardens even had a go at one who turned out to be a police officer, the things I called him, how I didnt get nicked I dont know. But it dosnt matter what insult or threat you throw at them they just shrug it off. Its one job I could never do, or clamping dont get me started on that.
  12. There is a proper creepy film on netflix at the moment called the Autopsy of Jane Doe. Watched it over a couple of days (bit of a wimp when it comes to horror/supernatural films) It really gets into your head to the point that you well I did anyway think she may not be completely dead.
  13. No liners on these, kyronite dosnt attract moisture like wooden scales even if they are sealed and polished. A liner creates a barrier between the scales and tang, Some say it also aids a chemical fixing but I'm not so sure on that . Polycarbonate liners are really shiny so to say that 2pk would bite into them is rubbish. A liner does however look nice I believe yours figgy where red? I did think about liners just for aesthetic value but could find gold ones, I've got yellow but that wouldn't have gone at all. So I just polished the tang to almost chrome and I think it does the trick.
  14. fatchap

    Six nations

    I think it will be Ireland all the way.
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