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  1. fatchap

    Pretty insect

    I was just about to say it looks like a ruby tailed wasp, but then my internet crashed.
  2. fatchap

    A classic wife over reaction.

    I put 6 dirty 6 inch buffing wheels in the washing machine on a 40 degree wash with some liquitabs and the wife promptly exploded. Talk about an over reaction what possible harm can happen? None I thought. Seems its finished but the door wont open. This was an hour ago and she still hasn't calmed down. She is in full banshee mode at the moment. And that bloody door still wont open
  3. fatchap


    thanks for the replies
  4. fatchap


    Been busy in the workshop/shed/greenhouse. Figgy asked me to make him a Stickleback Knife. Hope you like it mate. It wont let me upload anymore.
  5. fatchap

    UPS lying driver.

    Yodel used to hold the title for me, but my recent UPS experience has put yodel now into 2nd place. As said above Hermes dont give a flying about your parcel, contents of parcel, your property, house, car on driveway etc. Annoys me when Hermes backs onto my driveway almost to the front door just to deliver a small box, the only courier company that does that. But at least they do card you and its filled in correctly ie left with next door or taken back to depot and will try again 2 more times. Parcelforce are not too bad, never had a run in with them.
  6. fatchap

    UPS lying driver.

    I change my nail varnish colour 4 or 5 times a day. I get through quite a bit of acetone if i'm honest
  7. fatchap

    Flower/plant ID please ?

    hibiscus lilac?
  8. fatchap

    Own Up , Did You Watch It ( Or Some Of It ) ?

    Watched a bit of it. Was prince Charles sound asleep at one point? certainly looked like it. I hope Megan and Ed Shearan are very happy together.
  9. fatchap

    Flower/plant ID please ?

  10. fatchap

    UPS lying driver.

    I ordered a 5ltr bottle of Acetone from Amazon last week, Checked the track package, and it was supposedly delivered on Wednesday, 16th By none other than Useless Parcel Service. Now I do believe I was in all day on Wednesday the 16th as we are having work done and not a knock at the door or card put through the door. Tracked the package via ups site and its at their barking facility awaiting collection as the driver failed to get a reply at the door what a shile of pite. Driver is one lying ***. I can safely say goodbye to that delivery. UPS customer service is located in the Philippines so Stephen will be of no help at all or care. UPS have pages and pages of bad reviews on yell, why do suppliers use them? Thankfully Amazon Customer services came to the rescue and gave me a full refund.
  11. fatchap

    fish walking stick.

    I have used some similar stuff before with greatly varying results. 0ne time I must have got the mix ratio spot on as it cured rock hard. Other times I've ended up with gloop,to putty. I do prefer the embedding perspex you can buy its a lot simpler to use. By the way nice stick and fly from earlier post. Is it a wading stick? You said horn was difficult to get hold of, try.. www.highlandhorn.co.uk
  12. fatchap

    fish walking stick.

    Its best to get rid of as much marrow as possible as its not very strong. Carbon tetra chloride will stabilize it, But its dodgy stuff, fume wise and it also causes all sorts of skin problems. I make a "peg" at the top of the stick the same size as the hole you have made in the antler after you have removed the marrow to about 1 inch deep and then obviously make your peg the same length. Make the peg a couple of thou thicker so its a nice snug fit, always dry fit it first with and without the collar, checking for daylight at the join. If its not marrying up properly, you can sand the peg or the peg base till everything fits. Obviously working with antler nothing is ever straight and you have to have a bit of whittle at it. Sometimes you just cant get it bob on and thats where the collar comes helps the final product. When your doing your dry fit, and its all marrying up ok mark the bottom of the antler and stick where they meet as when you glue up, bring these two marks together you know its the position of the best fit. I have found the peg method of fitting is surprisingly stronger than the threaded bar. The bar wont break but over time becomes loose with use as the marrow hardens and becomes brittle. A wood to antler join is better
  13. fatchap

    fish walking stick.

    Mate, I have no idea about fly fishing only that J.R Hartley invented it back in the 80's. So I just made a fly as best I could from the kit I bought and following a you tube video.. In the end it sort of looked right so before I decided I wasnt happy with it I stuck it in milliput and encased it in plastic forever. Didn't take your comment to be derogatory at all. kind of knew what you was implying.
  14. fatchap

    fish walking stick.

    http://www.thestickman.co.uk/ Failing that Google Kieth Pickering.
  15. fatchap

    fish walking stick.

    Hello old boggy, Yes I shaped the antler at the bottom so it fits inside the lip of the brass collar. Its a bit hit and miss as obviously antler being a naturally occurring product, its never perfectly round and the edge may be thicker on one side so when you take out the marrow to facilitate the stick it wont go in equal and you may see daylight at the join so a brass collar is quite forgiving and makes up for natures randomness. The plastic I roughed out on the bandsaw then filed it bit by bit offering it up to the hole after each file. too much off and you basically have had it and need to cut a new piece. then using a dremel with small sanding band about a P80 shaped it .to the contours of the antler and then onto the buffing wheel with vornax to polish it up like glass. Try to get a bit of a polish on the edges of the disc as when you set it in the antler after polishing you can see the rough edges through the front, it looks nasty. Also use a 2 pk epoxy that cure clear, Gorilla glue cures slightly yellow again you can see it through the plastic. Hope this helps.