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  1. First rub it down get the shellac off, bring it back to at least an 800 grit then a coats of boiled linseed oil wipe off any that doesn't soak in after two coats. I would use carnauba wax, melt it on to the wood work it into the grain with fine wire wool and buff the granny out of it, repeat with the wire wool and again with the wax for three times, then when its nice and shiney hit it again with 400 grit up to 800 grit should go white, wipe it off and apply a coat of car body wax preferably one that contains carnauba wax and again buff the granny out of it. And it should almost have a glass like finish.Auto Glym is a good one.
  2. Thats very kind of you. appreciate the compliment.
  3. They are not protesting at Smithfield meat market , they are living there for the two weeks. Thats where they have been told they can stay, its full of tents looks like a mini Glastonbury. I have no time for these middle class idiots, they are nothing more than hypocrites. On the first day they dumped a trident missile on Victoria embankment, used a Land Rover to get it there. Also had the bright idea of spraying the treasury in fake blood, used a fire engine for the job diesel engined naturally this however ended hilariously when they realised they couldn't handle the power of the engines pump and ended up spraying everything and everyone when they let go of the hose due to the force. BUT.. the real cause of the chaos in London is the police. When the organizers said they would bring London to a standstill, they had no idea that the Met police would do it for them. Road closures everywhere. Lambeth bridge closed today, must have been 20 police on it, and not one protestor. No reason at all to shut the bridge the protesters where at Parliament Sq. The police should as said earlier, spray them with water canons preferably with ice cold water, and not just once either, keep them soaked all day they won't hang around long before scampering back to Mummy and Daddy's Surrey mansion.
  4. Thanks for that, it really deserves a posh tooled leather sheath, I can make a plain one for it no problems but was just wondering.....?
  5. I have been working on a Bowie Knife in the back ground sort of thing, when tempering a blade for instance I spend an hour or two on the bowie knife etc etc you get the story, Well I finally believe my Journey from flat stock bar of 01 tool steel , to "that's not a Knife this is a knife" is almost at an end. I still have a fair bit of polishing to do and I am seriously considering doing the whole handle again, maybe Theyla Burl doesn't take a CA finish but either way I'm not 100% happy with the handle finish. The brass still needs buffing an I have to make a sheath but I believe its looking pretty damn fine even if I say so myself. Note apologies for the pics, but that's a mirror finish and trying to keep my ugly mug out of the reflection was not impossible but did effect the final result.
  6. fatchap


    I tried and failed to get my son to follow in my interests of shooting and other country pursuits, started out ok he showed promise but eventually he gave in to peer pressure in the playground, didn't have the latest game or console, so he got segregated, bullied over "murdering" fluffy bunnies and eventually we crumbled and got him an X'box and he had friends again. Shame I know but couldn't stand to see him not wanting to go to school because no body would talk to him. So yep parents are to blame and I admit totally hypocritical bearing in mind what I said in my post, But even though guilty as charged still stand by what I said.
  7. Only the Brave or if its 80's night down pub then it has to be Kouros.
  8. I had a rack on the front of mine for my paper round in the morning it was like a bear trap but it certainly held those papers in place. On the subject of wheelies I never really mastered it, normally the bike carried on for a while as I was dusting off by backside after coming off the back
  9. fatchap


    I have just received a delivery from Amazon, a packet of 10. 5 inch cutting discs for my angle grinder. Why does Amazon insist on putting such a small item in a cardboard box not much smaller than a shipping container and don't forget the miles of screwed up paper they put in for packing.? Its not the first time, last week bought some welding clamps 3 of them the courier had trouble passing me the box through the door way it was that big. I thought what the **** is in this, until I opened it and in amongst the miles of screwed up paper was a small bag containing the clamps, Obviously recycle it but it dont arf take up some room in the bag.
  10. Loved the cow horns on my bike and with a little practise and a few bruises you could eventually navigate the two wooden posts that made up the pedestrian entrance to our local park. Never had tassels though created too much drag, but did have knobbly tyres.
  11. Own up who used to peg a playing card to the back forks of your bike so it hit the spokes and sounded sort of like a motorbike when you rode it?
  12. Thanks for that, I will get round to making a sheath after I've stumped up the enthusiasm to have a clean up in the workshop its funny how making one knife creates so much mess. And you need a spotless work area to make the sheath at the moment I haven't got one.
  13. Well a lot of polishing and tinkering and its pretty much there now still need to make a sheath, I think I chose well with the blue liners... I have been told I should have moved the etching slightly further along the blade, maybe next time...
  14. My best friend in the world has a rotten tooth, George is a 14 yr old Staffie who I have had since a pup, The vet wants to sedate him to remove the offending tooth, but has said there is a risk my mate won't wake up or could go into cardiac arrest. H e may seem fine for a few days after the OP but stress could kick in and cause a heart attack, I realise the vet is doing her job and giving me the worst case scenario but trust me she aint making this decision lightly. He has antibiotics and anti inflammatories for the pain which seem to be doing what I paid for, but its only temporary, The big question is do I stop being selfish and put him through the operation and hope he comes round OK or do I keep him on Antibiotics for the rest of his life and hope the infection doesn't spread? Help us put here chaps, has to be one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. I keep telling myself its just a tooth, not cancer or something but the vet was quite clear he may not survive the anesthetic.
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