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  1. You can engrave brass and ally easy enough, Done a few brass name plates. Steel is possible if you paint it first, I doubt it will do stainless, not tried it but I wouldn't have thought so.
  2. It does leather really well. Not great its only 100x100 but it suits my purposes. It fits on my desk, can't have it the workshop as its not keen on dust.
  3. Brass and Ally ok, But for say stainless you need to spray the metal first with thin layer of paint.
  4. Its a cause for much celebration. I have finally got my new laser engraver to do as its told. Its a laserpecker Pro. And as an engraver its the dogs danglies, its just the App you need to control it. It could be so much easier and better if they had put a bit of thought into it. As it is its "That will do" And for something that expensive you would have thought they would have spent a bit more time on the app. The editing facility is as basic as basic can be. Best to use other software to edit your design and then upload it to the app. But now its working I am rapidly running out of things to engrave. I have done my phone, my hat, Numerous bits of wood, A box or two, My wallet..etc etc. Looking at how these two pictures have come out I need some practice with my phones camera as well.
  5. Could do with some assistance with my phone, well not the phone itself. The annoyingly cheerful self righteous. nosey, always listening built in personal assistant, that goes by the name of Bixby!! How in all that is holy do you turn this bloody thing off? On an Iphone you have to ask Siri something. Alexa you have to use a trigger word. But Bixby is constantly listening and has no qualms about butting in to your conversation and telling you that it can't find whatever in your contacts. I even have to clear it with her to turn the bloody phone off. The thing is I have no idea how it got activated and even less on how you permanently terminate the annoying piece of software. I have to admit its driving me mad. The thing just does not shut up. Its worse than the wife. its a Samsung FE20 and if it wasn't so expensive Bixby would be on the business end of a belt grinder. Anyone help me out here?
  6. There are some pretty good hunting and shooting shows on Netflix if you search for them. American obviously so they are all a bit gung ho. Been watching the BBQ cook outs on Netflix. Torturing myself as I have been put on a diet. Never knew baby back ribs cook better if you remove the skin on the inside. Some of the BBQ recipes look delicious but they are always closely guarded secrets. you see some of the spices etc that goes in but then the camera goes off when they put that something special in.
  7. Quite correct Sir, I constantly set my standards low and constantly fail to meet them.
  8. Never seen the film, pretty much gave up on the Jaws franchise after Jaws 3D A truly diabolical bit of film making. But watched Jaws the revenge last night out of curiosity as there was not much else on and I have to say what a pile of rubbish. Since when do sharks sound like elephants? I didn't know sharks had vocal cords. Micheal Caine obviously didn't want to be there and probably promptly sacked his agent as soon as filming finished. There are some terrible yet worth a watch Shark films out there such as House Shark. The Meg. All the Mega Shark films, and the classic Atomic Shark. But Jaws The Revenge was not worth watching at all. All the good shark films go out of their way to be rubbish deliberately. Jaws the revenge does not even have to try. Tremors was on afterwards, classic film that. But the peepers where having trouble staying open.
  9. I think it won't be long before Italy actually turn up and shock everyone, at the moment the other 5 teams know they are going to thrash them and its points on the board, but one year I reckon it will be a shocker.
  10. I blame my wife, she usually turns rivers red and milk sour but freezing the sea is not beyond her capabilities.
  11. There are some Dire films out there, but any film starring Pauly Shore is almost certainly guaranteed to be a total and utter unfathomable shile of pite
  12. It is on my worst film list hovering around No7. Biodome is No1 and will never be knocked off that spot.
  13. I remember me and a mate shot a magpie, cleaned it, plucked it and cooked it over the fire. Got to admit it looked lovely bit of charring here and there and nice and golden. Shame neither of us had the minerals to eat it.
  14. The script for Bill and Ted's excellent adventure was written in just four days in a coffee shop. Not that it shows.
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