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  1. fatchap

    Well it's done .....

    I was thinking about making exactly the same thing when I got that bit of antler....... Well done mate glad to see you put it to good use.
  2. fatchap

    Guess the tool

    Made it any bigger and the words Geberit and Mapress would have been visible and kind of defeated the object.
  3. fatchap

    Guess the tool

    well done that man
  4. fatchap

    Guess the tool

    Bit bigger....
  5. fatchap

    Guess the tool

  6. fatchap

    Guess the tool

    I feel like a quiz. Can anyone tell me what the tool is by the small section of it in the picture?
  7. fatchap

    Modern life.

    People who have been kicked off masterchef early and try to hide their disappointment with the phrase "I'm sorry I am leaving but its been a great journey"
  8. fatchap

    Modern life.

    Things that annoy you....about modern stuff The use of the phrase "Life Hacks" what does that even mean? how can you hack your life? People who pick up their mobile and look at it for no reason at all then put it back down only to pick it up again five minutes later. People who hold their mobile like a piece of toast, whats all that about? People who say they are having and "existential crisis" just because they have had a bad day, unaware that it means that you realise your existence in the universe means nothing. Trying to find a normal coffee in a London coffee shop on the extensive coffee menu at the back of the counter. Tea is even harder to find. X factor Strictly come dancing. "I heard this tune today it was well Litt" need to get that in my life..."...........eh? People who think the glasses they got from specsavers suit them....well they dont.
  9. fatchap

    Varnishing over epoxy

    From my days working for ICI technical, most oil based paints and varnishes will take to partially cured epoxy, not fully cured epoxy.
  10. fatchap

    knife project.

    Thanks for the criticism, I am no way a professional knife maker and probably never will be. I work out of a 8x4 shed not much bigger than a dog kennel, I dont have milling machines, or a 2x72 belt grinder, one day I hope to but for now I have to make do with a bevel jig, ie a large piece of ply with eye bolts, various gauges of files and a guide bar. The blade is an approximation of a knife made on you tube called "Nostalgia in Red" its no way near perfect I am well aware of it, but I pretty much work from eye so some bits may not be 100% but its hand made not programmed into a cnc machine and ground and cut to within .2 thou.. Dont get me wrong your input and criticism is much appreciated. The scales are desert ironwood and had the granny polished out of them with medium and ultra fine vornax after a few hours of wet and dry ranging from 120 grit right up to 3000 grit.
  11. fatchap

    knife project.

    I made a similar knife a while back but it got a tad slated over the colour of the scales, so have been working on a MK2 for a while and finally finished it, Lots of brass and and a mirror polished blade and its come out ok, few blemishes here and there but hey ho , you can work on them for ever and still never be 100% happy with it. As usual my photographic skills are at their usual amateurish best.
  12. fatchap

    TV Broadband.

    Who offers the best deal at the moment, I am with Talk Talk and would like to move away from them, customer service is diabolical, slow speed etc etc. Trouble is I cant seem to look at rival providers on line as Talk Talk seem to have locked it. Every time I do a search online I get the companies home screen up such as sky or virgin but if I click "bundles" for instance on virgin I get access denied you are not allowed to view this page from this server. Does it on all of them, BT, Sky ,plusnet etc. I dont think thats very sporting of Talk Talk if I'm honest. Anyone help us out here?
  13. fatchap


    Best of luck with it, hope turns out ok what you have planned. Its a big old lump of antler so would imagine it will put up a fight
  14. fatchap


    Dont you use that for cleaning out your ferret cage?
  15. fatchap

    A few sticks

    Very therapeutic is stick making also good for the blood pressure especially after all that prep the handle and shank just dont quite marry up.