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  1. Won't hear a word against Bob Ross the man was and still is a legend, he only painted about 1200 paintings, technically less because he painted three identical scenes for each episode. One as a reference one painted on the show. the third after used for training. The Smithsonian museum owns all of them from the TV shows but he is rumored to have painted more for charity and events, In the very rare occurrence that a bob ross original comes up for sale it can go for anything from 8-12 grand. However the last one to surface "Midnight waterfall" sold for $55.000. His paintings are very very rare and nobody knows for sure just how many in his life he painted.
  2. Started work this morning at 10 am before I knew it it was 9pm. No dinner she says she called me 3 times but I don't beleive her. Dinner....or whats left of it went in the dog. Very busy in the shed at the moment, Sticklebacks to do, skinning knife, 2 filleting knives, ones almost done, the other was what I was hoping to get done today, but time just flew. Blue snakeskin Juma was what he wanted, tried to talk him out of it as its pretty expensive and one wrong cut or too heavy on the belt sander and your 60 quid out of pocket. But he said he liked the other one I made so could I go with that. I done the blade last weekend and honestly thought I would get the handle done today. Yesterday was a no hoper as her nibs had plans for the car and as she don't drive her plans for the car included me. Still got plenty to do but hopefully should have it done by Wednesday..possibly Thursday, defiantly by Friday. Handle needs a good sand, right up to 1000 grit, Nickel Silver bolster and end cap and spacers need finishing, polishing etc etc. And I need to etch the blade as well. Its a bit of an ugly duckling at the moment.... Even roughed out you can see the scale effect, once polished it does look a bit special.
  3. I find this picture quite interesting for two reasons one she looks quite fit and 2 its obviously been doctered wonder if her mask is real as well.
  4. fatchap

    The Meg

    Watched a film last night called Walk Away. made 2020, must say brilliant and inspired idea for a survival horror film, sadly diabolical acting, terrible cheap cameras, and camera angles, lots of light flashes and all sorts in shot through most of the film let it down big time. Most of the time the cameraman seemed to be trying to stand on a large ball, he was wobbling all over the shop. The boom mike which is always a pleasure to see in shot, put in a sterling performance for most of the film. As I said the acting...well it wasn't acting as such it was a travesty. You could actually see the actors trying to remember thier lines when another actor was speaking. Sorry brilliant idea for a film, very clever but terribly made.
  5. Thanks for the reply's chaps and useful info. It looks like drivers are going to escape the cuts. Unfortunatly 5 hire desk staff went today and apparently thats not the end of it. Workshop, Stores and accounts are next in the firing line. Felt quite sorry for the 5 that went. Wasn't sure what to say to them, one was in bits screaming about her mortgage, and the look on her face when she had to hand over the keys to her company car I think that was the point when she realised this was actually happening. Glad I wasn't effected but feel bad for those that are going and those that still don't know if they are safe. Not a nice situation.
  6. Been there 7 years so if my names pulled out the hat at least I won't be leaving empty handed hopefully, what is it now a weeks money for every year? and is that not more depending on your age?
  7. Got back from work today, wage slip was delivered by post as usual, envelope felt a bit on the thick side, Opened it up there was a nice love letter from the boss informing all staff that over the next 2 weeks there will be drastic cost cutting ie overtime and unfortunately redundancies across all departments. Since coming back from furlough we have had hours cut, wash our own uniforms, The tea/coffee machine is now 70p used to be free BUT was promised there would be no job losses. The letter says that due to the different ranges in experience rather than the last in first out method they will be utilising a points system. Details to follow. I guarantee my boss has looked into this and has something up his sleeve to avoid paying out any redundancy to anyone who dosn't make the points. 2020 is proving to be quite the year.
  8. fatchap

    The Meg

    Good film, sadly spawned a hoard of rip off films that are all on Amazon and are diabolical.
  9. fatchap

    The Meg

    Watched it on Netflix if I remember. 99p on Amazon.
  10. Some really good factual WW2 films out there, shame they are made by Americans and as such change the facts so they take the credit.
  11. fatchap

    The Meg

    Its on Amazon and Netflix
  12. fatchap

    The Meg

    Have you seen a film called The Monster? Brilliant film and quite possibly the most ferocious looking monster since alien. Mother and Daughter trapped in thier broken down car in the woods. The Monster is one ugly *** with a mouth full of chainsaws. Well worth a watch, But I don't beleive the title of the film is aimed at the creature.
  13. fatchap

    The Meg

    Jason Statham was good in both Snatch and lock stock. But he struggles really bad with that American accent. Never thought much of Adam Sandler films but Pixels was pretty good.
  14. fatchap

    The Meg

    The Last Shark which is a blatent and shameless Spanish rip off of Jaws, same idea's Mayor don't want to know, lots of tourist coming to a surfing event lots of money coming in, dirty great 35 ft great white shark mooching about, eating people. It almost follows Jaws's plot to the letter. The shark ain't bad you don't see it until well into the film same as in Jaws.
  15. I thought the editing on Jurrasic Park was diabolical. Did you know out of all the dinosaurs and CGI used in the film the most expensive scene featured a cup of water,
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