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  1. Won't mention their name but they like it to be Friday, Daughters 22nd birthday yesterday and she picked this establishment as to where she wanted to go. I have never been to one before always wanted to but never got round to it, so was quite looking forward to babyback ribs, steaks, wings etc. Anyway after 30 minutes of being shown to our table we still hadn't been asked what drinks we would like, the wife was getting the hump, eventually someone turned up, a very enthusiastic bloke who you could tell on the outside was putting on a show, but on the inside he was dying. Ordered the drinks which took a further 15 minutes to arrive. I ordered a root beer never had one but as its an American based restaurant best go the whole hog, What can I say root beer smells and tastes like Deep Heat muscle cream. Ordered food I had sesame chicken, wife had a burger daughter, steak ,son had blackened tuna. Now every 5 minutes in this place there is lots of shouting as 2 or 3 "servers" gather round a table and start chanting some rubbish to a customer, then everyone cheers, not sure whats that about but I do believe its the cause of the **** poor service in the place as we was quite close to the food prep area, under the hot lamps there must have been at least 20 plates of food ready to be served but not one person taking the stuff out to waiting and probably starving customers. I could understand if the place was teaming with customers but it wasn't exactly busy. If they didn't insist on embarrasing a customer with a barrage of chanting and got on and served the food out to the customers I would assume service would improve. We eventually got our food my chicken was dry, presumably from sun bathing under the hot lamps for a long time, My wifes burger was apparently ok, but not worth £14, my daughters steak was dry as a bone, again probably from the heat lamps, and my sons blackened tuna wasn't black it was white with brown chargrill strips across it. As I said I've always wanted to visit this chain, now I have, and wont be again. Absolute rubbish and bloody expensive.
  2. Obviously this caught my attention, B&Ms dont appear to sell jerky,.Unless they have removed them from thier site and stores already.
  3. Thanks for the reply's people, We decided to have him cremated rather than buried in the garden, couldn't stand the idea of going out there and some fox had dug him up, At least I will have something of him to say hello to and goodnight to, such a shame the urn can't wag its tail like he did every time he saw me or anyone else come to that.
  4. Sadly had to have my best friend put down today, he was a lot worse than the vet suspected, Final stage renal failure. Goodbye old friend RIP and will see ya.
  5. I recently posted in the dog section about my best friend George, lovely lad had him for 14 wonderful years, He was in all sorts of trouble with his stomach, wouldn't eat or drink or take his medication, Took him to the vets today and after a blood test it transpires he was at final stage renal failure and nothing they can do. So me and the family said goodbye to possibly the most one off staffie ever, I am in bits just as bad when I lost my mum, I feel I have let him down and should have done more but the vet assures me there was nothing that could have been done, yes they could put him on fluids that would clean his blood but after a short time the toxins would be back resulting in liver and heart failure. My heart has been torn out of my chest, I know I have done him the best favour I could as his friend, so why do I feel like ****? RIP George safe journey my son my mum is waiting for you.
  6. I will give that a go now, he's due a tablet, Holding his mouth shut will be the easy part, letting go and getting away with it is another story. He's not in the best of moods obviously.
  7. He won't eat anything, he's drinking water but turns his nose up at everything I offer him food wise.
  8. He's a Staffie. And I have been told by plenty of Staffie owners that when they get ill they go down pretty quick,
  9. My dog is not at all well, he's not a working or gun dog he's a pet and has been for 14 years, About a week ago he developed an upset stomach, diarrhea vomiting the works, starved him for a few days but no effect, yellow watery stools and he's lost a lot of weight, Took him to the vet and they diagnosed bad food poisoning, probably eaten something he shouldn't but because of his age his immune system is no match for the bacteria so they gave him very powerful antibiotics, worming tablets and this paste that you squirt into his mouth, which judging by his reaction does not taste too clever, He's drinking ok but wont eat anything, turns his nose up at his food, which at the moment is boiled chicken and rice, he's very lethargic and sleeps a lot, The reason I want some advice or help is how if he wont eat anything do I get that dirty great tablet into him twice a day? He just spits it out, At the beginning of the course I wrapped it in ham and he swallowed it, now he wont eat a thing. I'm really worried about him he seems to have given up, I am sick of people saying he's 14 years old he's had a good run, He's my best pal, His stools are still sloppy but no longer yellow, they are brown, he also tries to go but nothing comes out almost as if he's now constipated, but when he does its still watery but brown in colour and doesn't smell half as bad as when it was yellow. Some of the side effects of these antibiotic is vomiting and diarrhea, which is confusing as to why a vet would prescribe them for a bacterial infection that cased sickness and diarrhea in the first place?? Any help or advice greatly appreciated.
  10. Actually having a nightmare with the stuff at this very moment, sealed it with linseed oil(boiled) wiped off what didn't soak in then gave it a light coat of shellac........talk about nightmare its grinned and is as rough as a badgers ****, 400 grit later and upto 1000 grade and its still putting up a fight, If it wasn't for the storming grain patterns I would swerve using olive wood all day long Persevere with the stuff as you can make it look like its been dipped in very shiny plastic........................if your lucky enough.
  11. Dosn't take a polyurethane varnish too well, extend the drying time by at least a day before sanding and extra coats, no idea why perhaps because its quite an oily wood so to speak or am I talking carp.?
  12. Nice work there from the lad, wish I had a fork lift in my workshop.
  13. Agree there too early still got fireworks going off round here.
  14. Nice try John Lewis, ASDA, Argos M&S etc, But Sky TV has smashed it by bringing back ET and a grown up Elliot now with kids, Quality christmas advert.
  15. Is it not the point for the siren to be loud and the lights bright and easy to see? Unfortunately in London even with the blues and two's going you cannot get out of the way for emergency services there is just no room to pull over.
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