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  1. fatchap


    I too looked into it as finding ready done is quite difficult now unless your Drew Pritchard and have access to rambling country mansions where the owners have gone skint. The polystyrene "moulds" are a bit saucy on the price in my opinion for what they are. So I never pursued it any further.
  2. fatchap


    Seen it in the butchers never tried it not much meat on it by the looks of it, bit like lamb shanks, looks lovely slow cooked but hardly any meat. Oxtail soup is nice though probably a million miles away from true oxtail flavour.
  3. fatchap

    Shop bought Pork Pie

    Not on a pork pie.....piccalilli now your talking
  4. fatchap

    Dug this up today, metal thing but what is it?

    Just a stab in the dark here but it looks like a very rusty piece of metal. Or one of my local Chinese bbq spare ribs 😁
  5. fatchap

    Amazon Echo? Is it safe?

    Apparently it dosn,t work for the government. And your not to ask it questions at 3am in the morning. And contrary to popular belief hasnt got a really creepy laugh. At this very moment mine is singing I know a song that will get on your nerves, get on your nerves get get get on your nerves ......and it is.
  6. fatchap

    Coat Rack

    Very Nice OB. If I may, probably a bit picky but would some washers at the front between the antler and the wood have helped spread out the downward force, Just a thought as a soaking wet Harris tweed is on the heavy side.
  7. fatchap

    Amazon Echo? Is it safe?

    Having read the thread on here about smart homes, I was wondering as I got an Echo Plus for crimbo. How its so fast at assessing information and playing music? I'm a bit worried to be honest, it runs rings round my PC which is extremely fast at currently 267 mbs virgin media. I have it so it recognises my voice and It interrupted me and my wife last night when we arguing what goes into margarita cocktail, and thats no bull, i do not remember saying the wake up word at all. I have read online that its not clever to let it have full access to your contacts on your phone, which is one of its key features as it can make catastrophically expensive misinterpretations. Also the lights worry me as the green in the blue seems to track you around the room.
  8. fatchap

    Christmas Goose

    We had a Code Red in the kitchen yesterday, Turkey crown from Icelands was a tad ripe when she unwrapped it. It stunk the house out. sending her into a meltdown the outcome was it was my fault. Luckily my brother works for a large pub chain and we managed to wrangle plenty of ready sliced turkey even enough for the obligatory turkey sarnies. Still my fault even this morning. I've only had goose once for Christmas dinner and about an hour later I was on the toilet for the rest of the day and into the night with my world pouring out of me. Rest of the family was fine.
  9. fatchap

    "im mainly......"..Different...

    That explains that then, again very impressed mate.
  10. fatchap

    "im mainly......"..Different...

    Most Impressed......but how is the rod secured t'other end inside the antler? Or did I miss that bit?
  11. fatchap

    Christmas presents!

    Well as I appear to have a permanent personal hygiene problem the usual lynx gift set, coal tar soap a bottle of high karate( I ask for Kuros every year but end up with something out of pound town) Boxers and socks. I very much doubt there will be a 2x72 belt grinder shaped prezzie under the tree this year again.😖
  12. fatchap

    Rambo fbp1

    The last one was pretty good, Just called Rambo where he has to rescue the religeous types. Lots of gore, explosions and the machine gun scene toward the end was very good.
  13. fatchap

    Golden Dragon knife scales.

    That is pretty much how they look, Another picture slightly lighter.....
  14. Need some help, has anyone had any experience with Juma Golden dragon knife scales? I have just finished a knife and fitted it with these scales, now on the website they look fantastic all shiney and with the inlaid gold scales. But I am having trouble getting them to "pop" I can achieve the effect on the top and bottom of the handle but the sides they remain unclear, I have spent hours polishing the granny out them to no avail. Is there a nack to these scales or have I been duped by some photoshop expertise? You can see the effect clear enough here on the top. And here.But a side view is not so good........... Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong. As I have spent hours on this knife and to be honest the scales arnt the cheapest so I am a tad disappointed.
  15. fatchap

    Fans of Forged in Fire

    Forged in Fire is a cookery programme for blokes, Produced by the same company that make the dire Chopped cookery programme. Most of the contestants are pretty much skint earning minimum money making cutlery, I make the odd knife or two and have to say I am no expert but some of the abortions they turn out on there is unbelievable, I can hammer a bar out flat, forge a point on it and put an edge on it and call it done, where is the tempering done? you see them quench the blades. I know tempering takes a while and would not make interesting watching but surely they should make reference to it. Would an untempered blade survive some of their ridiculous tests such as being thrust through a car door? Or chopping through cow bones? Not many factory made knives would survive some of their tests. And I like the line "your blade has suffered a catastrophic strength failure please surrender whats left of your weapon.? Not surprised it suffered a failure Why not use it to dig out the pointing on a wall? Chop down a 300 year old oak tree? Leaver out 6" hilti nails from your skirting boards? Its a bit rubbish if I'm honest.