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  1. Finally picked up my new pup the other day, he was called Seamus but my wife took out a court order banning the name seamus, its her brother and nephews name so a total no go. Now I am no dog expert but Webley as he is now officially called, wasn't the runt of the litter but he was quite small, he and his other sister where always pushed out the way by the other pups, What has surprised me was how quick he has settled in, almost instant, a cautious sniff here and there and then off he went, We have a quite large Rag Doll cat who got instantly rugby tackled by the pup but instead of shredding the pup to bits they ended up rolling around on the floor, the pup did clamp down on the cats gonads yesterday which briefly bought an end to the tussle but they where soon back jumping on each other. The cat seems to love it and waits for Webley to wander past and pounces on him. Its great to watch no malice from the cat at all which in my experience of cats is strange. Sounds like a good thing but its how quickly he has settled in that bothers me, my last pup moped around for days, sat in his basket with the blanket the breeder gave me. took him quite a while to find his feet/paws. This little fella thinks he owns the place, confident barks at the front door when someone knocks. Basically what I am asking is am I going to have problems with him when he's older? Silly question maybe but I have heard some dogs are difficult/impossible to train. His confidence and attitude got to admit worries me a bit. The mother who was a French Bulldog was a bit boisterous but that's understandable you are taking her pups The father who's quite a large Staffie was the most placid dog I've seen every time we went to see the pup, Frank thats the fathers name would walk up and roll over wanting his belly rubbed. So I was wondering where this little fella has got his attitude problem from?
  2. When I was a kid shops in our village used to shut half day on Wednesday, All Christmas and Shut all day Sunday.
  3. As I'm only 5 none of that rings a bell I'm afraid.
  4. My first Stickleback Knife I ever made was out of a circular saw blade. Difficult to work with I found, tends to warp a bit during heat treat.
  5. Thanks for the replies people Getting better swelling gone down, eye has now opened up and can see out of it. Jaw is still sore, been on soup and protein shakes, could murder steak and chips, Not heard anything from the police, gave a statement but they said they have everything they need on CCTV got him as clear as day, just got to find him, not where he is supposed to be, more than likely done a bunk. The older fella he gave a kicking to is ok, bruised and shaken up, told me he's been drinking in that pub for 35 years.....he won't be going back, frightened the life out of him. I was supposed to go back to work today but I think I'll swerve it till next week bit of luck me face will be mine again. Thanks again for the reply's and I hope they catch him and he ends up in Pentonville or better still The Scrubs see how long he lasts in there.
  6. Cheers, yes apparently the police have the whole thing on CCTV including him knocking a 67 year old man to the ground because he was on his phone.
  7. I'm not a fan of Christmas, something catastrophic usually occurs, illness in the family, Breakdown of something or other boiler, car etc. Only this year I thought I may have gotten away with it until the other night, Sunday night to be exact. I was having a sociable ale in the local, when this...to say the least angry individual walks in shouting and screaming at the bar staff, He obviously has a problem with the pub staff. He stands at the bar a few feet from me and is still hurling threats and abuse, So I decide to go for a cigarette. The next thing I know I am waking up in an ambulance. Apparently he hit with something hidden up his sleeve as I walked away. I said nothing to this fella at all, no eye contact nothing. He just decided he didn't like me and knocked me spark out. I have no idea who he was, never seen him before in me life. Spent the night in hospital as I lost consciousness, I have a face like beach ball on my right side, I cannot eat except soup my teeth don't seem to line up anymore and I have a constant ringing in my right ear,. And cannot see out of my right eye, Thankfully nothing broken and the swelling will go down in time, given anti inflammatories and pain killers so everything should return to normal according to the doctor. I seriously do not get why this happened. I said nothing to the bloke I am quite a proud person and I am kicking myself that I did nothing but as I said I didn't see it coming so what could I have done. Anyway hopefully only one day left of Christmas so praying that was the only incident, like I said Business as usual.
  8. I was going to quit smoking new year but my son bought the most hi tech lighter for me, its a plasma lighter lots of neon blue lights and two purple plasma streaks that look like the restraining beams from the Star Wars pod racing scene. No gas, flint, you just charge it with phone lead and away it goes, love it.
  9. Thank you all, I was expecting some "way too early comments" but I can understand some saying that, I think young Seamus will fit into the family quite well, also since George passed That cat has been strutting around like he owns the place. Had the christmas tree over 3 time so far. So hopefully Seamus will restore some authority If anyone is wondering why Seamus,? my brother in law is called Seamus and he to say the least dislikes all bully breeds for some unfounded reason, when we first got George him and his wife refused to come over just in case George who was a 13 week old pup when we got him, tore their 5 year old daughter to bits. Not been to visit for 14 years, we have to go to them. Soon as they found out George had passed away they wanted to come down for Xmas, I told them to do one (or words to that effect) anyway my brother in law also sports the most gigantic set of ears you have seen this side of a fruit bat. So Seamus it is. Merry Christmas all and a Happy New year. Tight lines, good shooting etc etc.
  10. I have a bobbin sander, apart from my belt grinder its THE most useful bit of kit in my shed, Shame its so big as its a pain to keep getting it off the shelf and making space on the work top using it then putting it back, just haven't got the room for a permanent place for it. Its a clarke model. Do like bit of clarke machinery very reliable.
  11. After the passing of George my Staffie a few weeks back, I made the conscious decision of no more dogs. Unfortunately my daughter didn't share my decision, she said she couldn't bare to see me so miserable. So she hatched a plan to get me to take her to look at a mountain bike she bought on Gumtree oe Spock whatever its called, So we goto this house and I am surrounded by seven Staffie/French bulldog X. My daughter says "Pick one" anyway I wasn't best pleased, but after 6 of them had run off to attack something far more interesting, one pup remained at my feet. My daughter says "pick him up then dad" I reluctantly do and he looked at me and.................well you know the story. Pick him 7th January. This is him after having the micro chip and a few injections. Don't look very happy does he? nor would I if someone stuck a knitting needle in the back of my neck. Took this as I was leaving, I think I have a new friend. None of the others where there just him. And the give away French Bulldog lug holes. Don't get me wrong I was serious about not getting another dog and I still am not best pleased with my daughters underhanded tactics, but she was right I have been one miserable ****** lately, not been in my workshop at all, snapping at people, short tempered, Not a very nice person to be around. This new little chap is not a replacement for George that would be impossible, But one thing is for sure I have to have a dog in my life.
  12. I got an Evolution power saw last year and its the mutts danglies. That TCT blade that comes with it just don't go blunt, I've ripped through old decking with it, hit the odd decking screw on the way and it just keeps going. I would imagine it will wear soon and be probably cheaper to buy a new saw inc the blade. Those TCT blades ain't cheap.
  13. Went to the cinema last night with my son to see the new Star Wars film, Not brilliant if I'm honest. Obviously the last film so they had to wrap up the whole story and all the loose ends etc and it all seemed a bit rushed to me. Also there are furter 51 marvel films due out, sure its 51 could be wrong. Seriously though can they take the Avengers any further?, The Hulk by far the best character is now a professor stupid premise. the hulk smashes things that's what he does, that's all he does. Giving him an IQ to rival stephen hawking is ridiculous.
  14. Well still no sign of a 2x72 belt grinder shaped present under the tree, However I did spot pre wrapped a nice sized blacksmith hammer, got to be mine no one else at home as a use for one, And I know its the thought that counts but I was a tad perturbed to see in a bag a Silverline set of 3 long nosed pliers. Hate Silverline tools probably has this on the packaging somewhere Not that I'm ungrateful after all its the thought that counts but in my experience Silverline tools rarely survive removal from the packaging let alone light wear and tear. C'mon Santa get with the program mate, next year 2x72 belt grinder!! Thankfully silverline don't make one.....yet. My little clark belt grinder which has done me proud for the last 4 years is now showing signs of calling it a day, she asked me if I wanted a new one but clark have updated mine to a newer design and you can't remove the top wheel guard, on mine you can remove it exposing a wheel that is ideal for shaping handles etc.. I also asked for a PC engraver, my wife must have looked up the price as she hasn't mentioned it again so I can take it as fact that I ain't getting one of those either. What you chaps hoping for tool/shed wise?
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