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  1. fatchap

    Super glue "varnish"

    Now thats a finish. Holy grail for me on a knife handle. Maybe it only works on wood turning.
  2. fatchap

    Super glue "varnish"

    Has anyone tried this and had any degree of success with it? I have seen it done on videos on youtube and the results are amazing but I just cannot get it to work. A rag soaked in boiled linseed oil with a penny sized amount of super glue added to the center then applied to the wood. The result is like glass, seriously shiny with the grain popping , I have had many attempts on wood knife scales and the result is streaky and pretty awful its also a job to get off as well as it dries so quickly. Anyone know how they do it?
  3. fatchap

    This can't be true surely....

    We have this problem with our vans. A lot of companies assume the reversing camera is geared into the steering (its supposed to move slightly when you turn the wheel aids parking allegedly) They say they can adjust the tracking but cannot adjust the camera to match the alterations. Sounds a load of bowlax to me.
  4. fatchap

    Does anyone else trap Crayfish?

    Can I add, its best to use tinned bait such as budget tuna in brine. Just puncture a few holes in the lid place it in the trap and chuck it in the water. I used to trap 100's of them and found if you put fish bits in there, the first come crayfish will just eat it after ripping the bait pouch to shreads, no more bait and no further attraction for others, but a tin of tuna will continue to attract them into the trap all day long as they cant actually get at the fish, Tuna in oil does work but the oil floats to the top and dosnt spread about the water like brine does.
  5. fatchap

    Game priest

    He did like it and bought it. Thanks for the replies, people.
  6. fatchap

    Game priest

    I've made a few fishing priests before and got asked by a shooting pal of mine to make him a game priest. He wanted it for dispatching birds, pigeon etc. After a bit of research It seems there is not much difference between a game and fishing priest, unfortunatly all the antler I had was an ugly crown and I hate working with them, especially for making priests, a nice straight roll is what I like, but hey ho. This particular bit still had fur on it, had 3 cuts and a nasty twist at the end which would have been ideal if the person was left handed, as I didn't know I had to cut the twist off, making the antler too short. So I binned it. Had another rummage through my antler box and couldn't find anything suitable. So dug it back out of the bin and had a think...........and more thinking......then went and had a beer. Day2...How can I make this look anyway presentable not to mention sellable? I cut off the fur, cleaned up the crown with the belt grinder, bored it out making sure I didn't burst the sides as it thinned rapidly, filled the cavity with molten lead. I then cut some brass block to cover one of the cuts and to double as the bit that does the buisness. on the unfortunate birdie. Glued and screwed it into place. Filled and ground it to a teardrop shape, Then made a cap to cover the lead, which was some brass plate topped with some fancy wood I found, which also made the handle. I then shaped a handle to replace the twist I cut off, used a brass spacer between the antler and wood. Then ground and polished the hell out of it. Its still ugly in my opinion.....
  7. fatchap

    Licorice Allsorts

    you can get them sold seperatly, they are called "Spogs"
  8. fatchap

    Horse fly bites

    Never been bitten by one, and hope never to either, nasty little nippers. Shame as they are quite a stunning insect, here's one that landed in my garden the other day.....
  9. fatchap

    Posh Rod Rest

    I did ask her Maj to give it the royal seal, but she was busy playing poker Gold wingnuts eh?.......maybe on the next one.
  10. fatchap

    Posh Rod Rest

    sadly not my decision chaps, I agree antler would have looked nice, but he wanted olive wood and olive he got. I'm off to the workshop to have a rifle through my antler stocks, bit of luck there maybe a rod rest friendly bit in there. Thanks for the replies chaps.
  11. fatchap

    Posh Rod Rest

    A keen fisherman mate of mine asked me to make a one off rod rest so he can show off on his next fishing holiday in Devon. He gave me a plastic one to model off, he wants wood, and brass. so after many hours of bandsaw work and sanding up to 2000 grit. And making the 3/8 BSF thread attachment which he wanted to pivot, I have come up with this........ To be honest with the materials, time etc he is going to keel over when I tell him the price, especially when compared to the plastic one he gave me to copy, 2.99 on the bay, this one slightly more expensive but dont do the job any differently.
  12. fatchap

    flaying the flag

    Maybe some truth to it, my next neighbour works for parcelforce, and they have told all their drivers that putting a england flag of any kind on or in their van will result in a disciplinary. He says they claim its for health and safety reasons...... Something I dont have to worry about as Ireland never qualify anyway.
  13. fatchap

    Grub screw rounded off

    Is it proud enough from the silencer body to cut a slot with a junior hacksaw and then you may get a bite with a small flat screwdriver? Dont use a screw extractor as they generrally snap leaving hardened steel behind making the last resort of drilling it out almost impossible.
  14. I have been told by seasoned meat smokers the best thing to make a cold smoker out of is an old but still working fridge. Cold smoking they say is a bit russian roulette in the summer. It can go dramatically wrong if the temp inside hits the magical 40. So a working fridge is ideal.
  15. fatchap


    I have just sat through 4 long endless hours of FORS training. FORS is Freight Operators Recognition Scheme, It comes in Gold silver and bronze. We have Silver at the moment, This course is for Gold. You cannot go on site in your van/Lorry anywhere in London now without at least Bronze. 4 hours of watching cyclists in London (CGI) making disastrous mistakes and blaming the lorry driver. You have to decide who was at fault. I have never been so bored in my life. And the voice over acting was diabolical, especially the female transport manager who wanted everyone to go out overloaded, break the speed limits so they could get back early as it was a Friday and they where all going out on the lash. This was about drinking and working/driving the next day. I dont know if any other drivers on here have done this Module but if you havent and your boss makes you do it. Go Sick!!!