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  1. Watched the trailer on you tube and to be honest its a bit distracting, it just looks weird. However this led me to the new Tom and Jerry movie which is even worse. 1 You should NEVER see human faces in a Tom And Jerry cartoon. 2 Tom's scream in the film is just not funny enough, in the cartoons it was one of the best bits. 3 Seems very PC, watered down violence to the point of non existence. Will be swerving that as well.
  2. Love Pickled eggs, got some in the cupboard at the moment with a hint of Reaper Chilies in the mix. But like said above 2 or 3 of them and about an hour later my farts have weapons grade applications, never mind social distancing and 2 meters apart. 500 yards is not far enough.
  3. There are some pretty good hunting simulators not games available for consoles. The Boar and Deer hunting ones especially. Trophy Buck 3 on the Playstation 4 is very good.
  4. I tried to get him into shooting/Country pursuits when he was younger, bought him an Air Rifle which he was over the moon with, all the Jack Pyke camo gear etc. He showed a great deal of promise. But I was no match for peer pressure in the playground from other kids. No other kids wanted to hear about lamping, and the latest fieldsports equipment, but the latest Xbox game or PlayStation game was far more popular. and he got left out and eventually bullied, which I promptly put a stop to. Teachers where useless. Threatening the bully's dad face to face is far more effective. So I gave up t
  5. One of the dog walkers I chat to over the manor where I walk the barker, carries a Jiff lemon squeezy with him, any dog that comes over to his whatever dog he has, scruffy looking thing resembling a drowned rat its called Frank, he just gives the offending dog a blast across the eyes. Apparently the dog is none too keen on this and runs off, works every time he says, unlike a baseball bat the plod can't nick you for it. Dealing with the dogs peed off owner, same story straight in the eyes. I think its defiantly something worth thinking about.
  6. Best of luck with that mate.
  7. Yes I have been a good boy but I don't want a Playstation, I want Mylene Klass in a leopard skin bikini wearing open toed stilettoes for Christmas. Probably got more chance with the PlayStation.
  8. Did you manage to get one? I have John Lewis, Curry's, Argos and Game to email as soon as stock arrives. Amazon cannot promise they will have it back in stock for Christmas, which I don't believe for one minute.
  9. ....and panicking already. Bloody Playstation5. Cant get me paws on one anywhere, and its not even out yet, 5 days time is the official release date and they have all sold on pre order. No shops even Amazon are guaranteeing new stock before crimbo. Plenty of skimmers on ebay selling them for 6-700 quid, but as they haven't actually got it in their possession they are breaking ebay rules. They managed to snare a pre order and are just selling it on for profit when they get it, can't blame them. but still breaking ebay rules. Really would like to get one for my son. He's 19, wor
  10. Samantha Fox has been a carpet muncher for years, she came out when her "singing" career fell on its **** back in the mid 80's
  11. Had a test drive in one before the first Lockdown, and a Skoda Yeti. The Dacia is very plastic and basic inside. The Yeti however beat it hands down on just about everything exept price.
  12. https://www.wearemarmalade.co.uk/learner-driver-insurance My son wants a brand new car Fiesta or similar nothing sporty he's 19 and has asked me about the above company, who appear to supply a car plus insurance on a for instance 1 ltr eco boost fiesta with all the gadgets for a deposit of 500 quid and then £260 a month for the car and the insurance. My son has been getting quotes from the likes of Tesco's, Swinton etc in the region of 4 grand on a 15 plate Fiesta but he really wants brand new. To me this company seems a little too good to be true any of you legal experts take a look
  13. My delivery arrived at 17.55. Quite relived, honestly thought it wasn't going to get here.
  14. Cheers for that, will be ordering some pronto.
  15. Cactus Juice is as rare as rocking horse **** in the UK. You can find it on the American sites but I haven't found one yet that ships to the UK. Depending on the size and shape of the wood, a wood stabilizer would do the trick, brushing it on won't fully penertrate the wood. you would need to put say the sawn end in a bucket of stabilizer and it will be drawn up the grain, probably take a while but it does work, similar method with preserving fence post's
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