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  1. Almost there now. Blade is still putting up a fight Handle I'm quite pleased with, got the grain to pop.
  2. Handle repair... Wave my magic wand....Expelearnus!! And its gone.....sort of, well it will after polishing.
  3. . Spine cleaning up ok and the blade is looking pretty cool too
  4. Fixed it sort of, all upside down for some reason.
  5. Ninjaferret has asked me to give his old Bushcraft knife a going over, turns out its quite and expensive item, you don't want to know what he was using it for but there are plenty of less expensive methods. The blade itself is not too bad despite what its been used for. Few minor pits but will polish up nice. Awkward bit of damage on the rosewood handle, matching it in should be fun.. Makers mark, and as I said quite an expensive bit of kit. The sheath has seen some action as well. Rubbed down, soaked in conditioner dried and first coat of dye, some
  6. Another good tip for a good fixing of the brass end cap or what ever other material you use is to stabilize the marrow/pith inside the antler, because over time it does breakdown. So you can either drill a few small holes in it about 1mm and pour the really runny super glue over it, not the gel. Or soak it for 24 hours in wood sealer then let it dry obviously remove the sealer from the outside with white spirit . This will set the marrow like wood and give your screws or rods a really good fixing, still use epoxy as you can't beat a chemical and mechanical fixing for strength.. Works really we
  7. You can Hire a tower easy enough and erect it but without a PASMA cert you CANNOT strike it (take it down) not sure if this stupid rule applies on a residential property but its certainly in force on building sites. I work for a hire company and the H&S rules change daily, but I'm sure that one still stands.
  8. Here in Essex its Nando's. Or Jams from Tiptree and Maldon Salt.
  9. I just thought it appropriate.
  10. fatchap


    Does imgbb not work on here anymore since the forum change? Can't seem to upload pictures to here using it. Used the onboard one but your limited to size.
  11. As said above a nice bit of brass polished up but well piined in place. I made one a little while back used brass for the impact point but capped it on the crown with brass spacer and a cow horn cap. I filled the crown with lead for an extra bit of weight,
  12. Made a few knives including a hatchet from circular saw blades, they do have a tendancy to warp during heat treat, easy enough to put right unless you hear that lovely click sound and a nice crack has appeared from nowhere.
  13. You normally get an idea of how long it takes to make on the video's by the makers change of clothes obviously if they work on it consistently. I have to get a full make of a knife edited down to 12 mins, Takes me about a week to make a knife if I work on it every day. so either edit and crop the hell out of the video or like everyone else time lapse it. But even then can't get it down to 12 minutes.
  14. Watched it last night while flicking through You Tube, Any idea what the attachment was that finished off the ball, Never seen anything like it, not that you get a good look at it. Never had anything like that when I done my apprenticeship .
  15. You lucky *******. If I had the money and the space one of those would be top of my shopping list.
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