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  1. One of the organisers of the London protests was a proper posh bird whose dad owned the largest haulage company in Surrey. Hmm lorries, diesel fumes, pollution. Lets hold up london to ease my conscience, not forgetting to park my Bentley away from the media.
  2. As a driver in London, when they where there chaining themselves to anything that didn't move and some things that did. I have to admit the police with their knee jerk reaction to everything in London caused more congestion and chaos than the protestors could have ever hoped to achieve. The police closed roads that were not even close to where the protesters where or going, pretty much bringing London to a standstill which was what the protesters hoped to do over two weeks, and in the end didn't have to lift a finger to cause a fortnight of sheer carnage up there the rozzers did it for them
  3. Very nice, being a burl handle might I suggest some zapp it on the small holes and imperfections. Though they add character after time they will start to disintegrate. Even though its stabilized little bits will start to fall out. Zapp it will stop it. English handmade knives stock it. I use burls quite a bit and found out the hard way when I put the handle on a belt sander and wasn't left with much wood at all.
  4. I'm making 4 at the moment just finished casting the ally cores three are 6mm one is 10mm thick. Just planning the laminates now.
  5. Theraband gold tapered 25 down to 20 is pretty much the tops in catty elastic, hasn't got the life of tubes but is far more powerful, easily put a 9mm lead ball through a door at 20 meters.
  6. I make them, sold quite a few. Here's one I made earlier. Got a few in the pipeline at the moment all with aluminium cores and exotic laminates.
  7. Yep very nice crisps but not a patch on Marmite flavour, not the walkers ones the original Marmite in the black packet.
  8. I have a 18v cordless Milwaukee and to be honest its ****!! I replaced my Einhell with it and immediately wished I hadn't.
  9. Yes Jenks and Cattel made it. Bearded axes are quite the collectors items , I've made a few from old axe heads and they dont hang around on ebay for long. I'm still mastering the etching to make a real viking style axe. There are a lot of tutorials on you tube but they don't tell you the chemicals involved. There seems to be three they all use one does the actual etching. Then another goes on which looks like it removes it, then another which really darkens it and makes it really pop out. If you decide to fix and keep I would definitely give the axe head a mirror polish. a nice hickory handle coloured heare and there with a blow torch and then oiled and it will look the dogs!
  10. Its a Jenks and Cattel by the looks of the sticker on the handle and not of any particular value. Probably get a score for it on ebay. I would take an angle grinder to it and turn it into a bearded axe, Mirror polish it and give it a nice shaped handle with a leather weave at the top. Then put it on ebay and watch the bids pile up.
  11. In my experience as a full time delivery driver, parking tickets are almost impossible to get waived. I think the only time I got one waived was when I caught the warden slapping a ticket on me windscreen without his hat on, Managed to grab a picture of him, he told me it wouldn't make any difference but his superiours thought otherwise and waived the fine. Good luck with your situation but to be honest even if you do go to court I doubt it will go your way. As said above you can't prove otherwise,
  12. fatchap


    Just a guess but are you discussing football? women's football? or soccer as our friends across the pond call it.
  13. Nimbus 2000 wasn't it?
  14. Yep will flatten your battery in no time at all.
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