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  1. Have you bought ready made bands or the bits to make them yourself? Its just that whilst theraband is the most popular and powerful elastic for catapults, its also extremely unreliable. I have made quite a few catapults and you can fit a band set, test it and it will snap. no reason just snaps. Put another on and it will last 1000 shots. Replace that one and maybe 20 shots before that snaps. The stuff is a nightmare. What I mean is if you are going to buy the ready made bandsets buy quite a few.
  2. Are you going to use theraband gold?
  3. I could be wrong but it looks like a Tape measure next to a bit of metal.
  4. Well boredom got the better of me and I decided to sacrifice a tenon saw and started on a filleting knife, Lost all track of time and got quite a bit done, I found a Juma block which I didn't know I had, thats the handle sorted, after a rummage I found some bits of Nickel and some small bits of blue liner. I had a rough idea of what I wanted but as usual ended up winging it. Hell of a job getting a 2mm slot in the nickel finger guard, Had quite a few cups of coffee and roll ups while I came up with a campaign. In the end a line of 2mm holes then the smallest dremmel grinding disc I could find and slowly ground them into a slot. Unfortunately the slot got bigger and now the tang is too small, but I had a think and came up with a cunning plan, I ground the edges of the slot so I could get some dyed resin in there to fill the gap and hopefully look a bit decorative and not draw your eye. Lots of shaping and sanding its at 400 grit at the moment but tomorrow when I attach the butt end, will probably copy the front in reverse juma, stainless, liners, nickel cap. I can then shape these to the contours of the handle, give it a good sanding up to 1000 grit, and polish the granny out of it. Just hope I have enough bits and pieces to finish it. One mistake and it'll be game over. The blade is nice and flexible, bends back and forwards lovely with no sign of staying bent. As its from a saw blade it didn't need hardening obviously, Just hope I can get an edge on it, filleting knives are laser sharp. Its looking a bit scruffy at the moment but its work in progress .
  5. fatchap


    Painting bits of metal red?
  6. I would try heating it and bending it back into shape, let it cool on its own though don't put it in water its liable to crack.
  7. I got given Silverline welders clamps for a Birthday a while back 4 in a pack, 3 of them where in bits when I opened them up.
  8. Surprised you managed to get it out of its packaging without it breaking or already being broke. The worst tools out there.
  9. Wachsmuth & Krogmann who ever they are? Nice to see nobody is owning up to owning Silverline
  10. Thats a very nice offer thank you. These two bolts unfortunately are Grade 8 which makes them very hard grade 5 would have been nice. High carbon Alloy steel. The Alloy bit is what worries me as I have no idea what else is in the mix, probably chromium a dash of Molybdenum who knows even kryptonite knowing my luck. Grade 8 bolts are strong very strong but also brittle, I could try annealing them 3-5 times to see if they will soften down a bit. Or I could chuck em in the bin and take you up on your offer. Its the challenge I like but this might be a tad too much plus theres the obvious health risk.
  11. Screwfix still sell Titan heavy duty corded drills, But for a cheap drill from Screwfix its Mac Allister which you can get at B&Qs same company I beleive. Erauber drills are pretty good apparently.
  12. Sorry to hear that mate wish you both well. Lets us know about blanks when ever your ready. All the best
  13. Zinc oxide is one of them. metal fume fever is one of its names. thankfully not copped a bad blast of it but I know it can be really bad, shuts you down organ by organ, starts with flu like symptoms, sweet taste in the mouth and its pretty much down hill from then. Made me cough so bad I was sick. Still felt rough a few days on.
  14. I know makes you really sick. will be doing all of the work outside, Didn't take it off last time I put it straight in the forge, the fumes, I was puking everywhere felt like **** for a few days.
  15. Taking my allotted walk today with the woofer I found these two bolts in a skip. Shame they are galvanized will have to grind that off before they go in the forge, learnt a valuable lesson by not removing the galvanization first, I was as sick as a dog after. Maybe a few knives, may even weld them end to end and have a go at making a samurai sword they are quite chunky so will be a mission stretching them out one thing I do know my right arm will be a rival for popeye's.
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