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  1. fatchap

    Ebay rip offs

    Whats the worst thing you have bought from the bay after being duped into thinking you was getting something and what got delivered was just a shile of pit.? I bought an old rusty axe head recently, I like to referb them and give them a new lease of life. Anyway there was a axe head for sale on there lots of pictures showing damage splits bad rust etc, exactly what I look for, Got it on Buy it now for 12 quid plus postage. Anyway my parcel shows up and the first thing that gets my spidey sense a tingling was it wasnt as heavy as you would think a parcel containing an axe head inside should be. So I open said parcel to be presented by lots of tightly packed bubble wrap, and there nestled in the middle was the axe head and a sorry looking axe head it was, yes I thought its really bad. However I didn't realise just how bad till I lifted out of the box and it disintegrated in my hands, thing must have been on the titanic Defiantly been in the sea for a long time and washed up somewhere, Ok until it dries out then the metal just crumbles as its basically rust in an axe shape. Ripped off or what, not happy contacted the seller and ebay, awaiting response.
  2. Thats exactly what I had in mind!
  3. I have been given a knife to make which is not a problem, its what he wants for a handle that has me scratching me head. He has given me a sheet of Alligator skin which he wants on the handle. Obviously it going to be glued but what to do about the seam? Its a hidden tang knife so it will be wrapped round. Would sewing the ends together be the best bet? I was toying with the idea of a small brass T strip with a groove cut into the handle I would simply tuck the edges into the groove then push and glue the T strip in place, but I'm thinking that might look ****. My leather work is pretty poor compared to some of you chaps on here so any help would be much appreciated. I've looked at video's and most are people covering car handbrake levers in leather so was looking at going down that route. My other concern is I'm not sure that what he has given me is actually Alligator skin, its very soft, thin and smells like leather which is what I think it is, with a alligator skin pattern machined in. So not confident on gluing it either as its so thin, worried glue will soak through. It looks like its been cut from a sofa. Anyway it looks nothing like Alligator skin does in the pictures online. I've yet to make the handle, I've forged the blade and ground and bevelled it. But have ground to a halt on the handle. Any help and advice much appreciated.
  4. Drew Pritchard from salvage hunters is a bit of a lad, Divorced from Rebecca his wife on the show and Banned from almost every pub in Wales. The voice over bloke is apparently "Finchy" from The Office TV program Watched a few Pimple Popper video's on you tube, why are they strangely satisfying to watch or is it just me?
  5. I made my very first knife from a saw blade as it was a pretty small knife to start out with I didn't predict too many problems, it did wear the disc but the biggest problem was drilling the pin holes in the tang. Went through some drill bits, even cobalt turned its nose up and went black. In the end and with a great deal of speculation someone suggested a masonry bit and I was pleasantly surprised when it went through, you have to go slow but they will drill HSS.
  6. Lethal looking instrument. Just out of asking did it spark much and wear the disc down quick when you cut it? Just saying as circular saw blades are pretty hard and if your using it and theres a rock or brick such like hidden and you hit it that could shatter.
  7. My sons only interest in a slingshot would be if it was in his itinerary on call of duty on his Playstation.
  8. I watch these people shooting slingshots in total awe, cutting playing cards in half, putting candles out, and as for the vermin shooting, I have trouble hitting a rabbit at 10 yards with both barrels, How they bowl a bolting rabbit with head shot at 30 odd yards with a 9mm steel ball out of a slingshot just amazes me.
  9. Thanks OB. Yep ergo short for ergonomic. There are plenty of different designs online, I took the basics of 3 and came up with that. Really am gutted the bloke bought it!
  10. I've made a few slingshots before inspired by GKJ using 18mm multiplex ply but they do look a bit plain. I got asked if I could make an ergo type slingshot out of anything other than plywood and no secret waterproof coating, this fella is obviously not a fan of GKJ. So the shed was opened and the bandsaw fired up. 2 hours later I emerged after pretty much making my mind up that I was going to keep this one and make him another. picture to url I do love olive wood get hold of a good bit with plenty of grain action get it down to 1200 grit then a coat or two of tru oil and it really pops. but I will say Tru oil dont behave with the contours of the slingshot like it does with a rifle stock. I got it right in the end and with a few coats of shellac I was happy. Unfortunatly the fella really wanted the slingshot so he had that one and I m going to try and recreate another today.
  11. Got the new driver with a classic today. We was delivering to the new American Embassy in nine elms. I was training the new bloke and we had done the delivery. I told the new driver Geoff that we would need to drive through the red barrier and would then be American soil so as a matter of respect we need to drive round the rotary as its called past the barrier with one hand on our chests whilst singing the American national anthem, He looked at me and then claimed he didn't know the words. I told him to just hum it loudly and don't forget to put your hand on your chest and drive with the other hand. Any way the security guard opened the barrier and I started singing, he soon caught the jist of it and i sat back and tried not to laugh as he put his hand on his chest and started humming loudly passed the two bewildered looking heavily armed policemen guarding the doors. By now I had lost it at nearly wet meself laughing. He looked at me stopped humming and called me a **** and a ****** and other obscenities. Obviously had to tell the lads back at the yard and let the ribbing commence. Any of you lot got the new boy with a classic jape? cordless extension lead? skirting board ladder?
  12. i had one claiming to be from Microsoft, he told me my computer which wasn't even on had a virus. i told him he would have to ring back when the homeowners where back from holiday as i was actually robbing the place and didn't actually live there. He hung up.
  13. Cracking work Mr Ditchman great to see an old knife getting a new lease of life, I would have used a couple of fibre liners between the wood and metal as the amount of corrosion in the pictures showed moisture was getting in there. Liners aid the bond of epoxy especially when using a porous material for your scales. But a lot of people dont like using liners. I do plus they look pretty cool especially in red.
  14. fatchap


    I quite like a moccofrapalatterocdajino must have marshmallows floating on it and cinnamon powder sprinkled over the top. A bargain at £18. Give me a Nescafe gold blend any day rather than the pretentious overpriced dishwater starbucks and costa serve up.
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