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  1. I have a wood lathe small one and I improvised due to lack of space with a flip over workbench. Got the idea off you tube. Lathe sits underneath till you need it, then you just flip the workbench over and lathe is now on top. Makes very good use of lack of space if you want all the toys.
  2. Now thats an idea!! bloody good idea, like it!! a couple of handles on the side to aid lifting, barrel has a bit of weight to it. And jobs a goodun! Cheers for that. 👍
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    That would be frowned upon in London, effective yes but still frowned upon no matter how much you try and justify it.
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    I work for a large independant Plant Hire company, not for much longer when I get my knife making off the ground....hopefully. Anyway at this company the drivers which inc me, are treated like utter dogs ****. Lowest paid, less anual holiday than other staff, yet we have the hardest job by a country mile. We get spoken to like we are 5 years old by management. The Boss calls us Dippies as he tars us with the same brush, not interested in some of the qualifications we have behind us but due to whatever circumstances we have ended up working here. Its safe to say our boss couldn't give a toss ab
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    I had to do that bike ride for FORS all around Mayfair in London, And to be honest I **** myself. Have you seen the size of a bus wheel up close and personal? or a lorry. Got told by the instructor to "Boss" the road. Tipper lorries and Busses "Boss" the road as a cyclist I think you should do as your told. That was one scary day up there and it left me wondering why cyclists act the way they do. In the few hours I was on that bike, my life past by eyes more than once. The fact is no matter what precautions are put in place unless there are more laws governing cyclists such as times and t
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    Don't get me started on cyclists, especially in London. Some are ok, others either have a death wish or think they are above the law or indestructible. You have the cycle lanes in London, that cost the tax payer millions, a majority of the cyclist use them others however don't. Why if seen by the police these errant cyclists using the road where a cycle lane is in place are not nicked I don't know. Get caught in a bus lane in a car its £100 fine. I know its difficult to enforce as they obviously have no Reg No but if the police see the cyclist in the wrong, stop them ask them for ID and t
  7. Thats the plan. It comes with a purpose made aluminum bar for that but its not long enough, so string will do.
  8. Thats my plan for tomorrow, turn the barrel upside down, work out the center of the lid and screw a screw into the middle, then some string attached to the router and use the string for my circle rather than the rim. If that don't work, Buy another barrel and try again.
  9. Couldn't keep a smooth cut, I think in hindsight I should have kept going in one direction, but I went about half way round and then cut in the oposite direction and for some reason the cuts never met up, I followed the lip with the jigsaw plate up against it but when I got to the end of the first cut from the other direction I was inch and half at least out. No idea why that happened, the cuts should have married up. And now it looks total ****.
  10. Honestly you will rip me to bits if I put pictures on here. imagine the barrel with its top removed by a blunt axe. I think tomorrow I'm going to turn it upside down and see if I can make a better job of the other end.
  11. Ever had a brilliant idea, planned it to perfection, executed it and it goes totally tits up? Today amongst other projects I have been making a container for my propane bottle, wife wants it outside the shed, not a problem, so in keeping with the rustic style of the garden I purchase a oak whisky barrel. Thinking that will be an ideal home for the gas bottle, place it close to the shed, bore a hole in the side and through the shed, feed the pipe from the forge through the holes and connect to the bottle simple. My first plan was to cut the top off the barrel and hinge it but after a
  12. Well do you think its going to be funny? Its on Brit Box sometime in the autumn. Watched the trailer and it looks to be fairly funny. Boris's hair seems to move on its own. And Putin looks like something out of a BDSM film. The first time it was out it sort of run out of steam or some say it was gagged and they made the excuse that each episode cost 1000's to make and ITV couldn't afford it. This time it looks like both the BBC and ITV will be taking the flack if Spitting Image steps out of line.
  13. Maybe not Saturday. Definatly Monday. Had to do a final bit of tinkering and polishing. And its done. It did look like this. Sheath has come out better than I had hoped. Still the odd dent but lets call them character. Just shy of a mirror polish but you can see my new Makitta T- Shirt in it, that I nicked from work. Still very happy with it and will be on its way to you pronto ninjaferret.
  14. Arriving today, will make slotting finger guards a doddle. Just got to find a space for it.
  15. Very nice, like that a lot, be nice in the garden. Only trouble is those cable reels are quite hard to come by. I see loads of empty one on sites, ask if I can have one and always get told no, company takes them back and all must be accounted for. Never seen one dumped
  16. Well not being inked today. She cancelled my appointment on Thursday due to a covid related incident, track and trace malarkey. So my new appointment is in two weeks time, Lockdown changes may effect that as well.
  17. Will be in the post Saturday mate.
  18. Got Google maps on your phone? Brilliant Sat Nav live traffic updates. Road closure notifications on your route.
  19. Won't need numbing cream, balls of British steel. Plus I will have passed out at the first sight of the needle so won't feel a thing.
  20. 51 years old and about to get my first tattoo. if its not too bad I might get two. I will confess this is my third attempt at getting one, Lose me bottle before I get in the car. But not this time. Saturday morning off to the tattooist to get my arm ruined for the rest of my life. Please feel free to talk me out of it, ie pain, infection etc etc..
  21. Is it the worlds smallest and most uncomfortable Hybrid penny fathing cycle?
  22. I would have had a hell of a job trying to fit a brass finger guard, that close to the blade the tang is more than likely as hard as the blade itself, and being 5mm thick drilling the holes to pin the guard in place would not be drill bit friendly so to speak, probably possible to fit a brass pommel as the tang probably won't have been effected by the heat treat that far down. As bushcraft knives are designed to be used as mini axes and hit with bits of wood on the blade, using just epoxy to hold the finger guard in place wouldn't last very long.
  23. Almost there now. Blade is still putting up a fight Handle I'm quite pleased with, got the grain to pop.
  24. Handle repair... Wave my magic wand....Expelearnus!! And its gone.....sort of, well it will after polishing.
  25. . Spine cleaning up ok and the blade is looking pretty cool too
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