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  1. Hello all, Appologies if this is in the wrong section. Does anybody know of a game dealer in Leicester area, or is anybody interested in taking pigeons fresh or frozen. Not particularly interested in making money off it, the amount being shot is exceeding demand between friends and family but crops still need protecting. Any help appreciated
  2. On the rare occasion with work snow, but not very regular.
  3. Appologies. Retail around 100, would take 80.
  4. I have 225 gamebore regal 28gram 5's for sale in 28 bore wool wad. Ideal on fibre only estates. Open to offers, collection from Leicester
  5. joshcank

    O/U wanted

    I have just the gun fenboy, private message me if you would like some more details. I am located in Leicester
  6. After completing my magnet project I decided to breathe some life into the stock on my daystate. I've started to strip back the varnish or lacquer and its some seriously hard stuff. In the patches where its stripped back the cracks I thought were in the clear coat can still be seen. Their not cracks as such, there almost like long pores in the grain. Does anyone know how I can minimize the look of these? I'm using the stock kit from welsh willy. Cheers, josh
  7. Just the job mate cheers, I'll knock some of them up in the week👍
  8. the motor runs fine off a single 12volt battery and pulls 0.1 of an amp extra, so there will be no lugging extra batteries mate. I have some pictures Ill try and upload if anyones interested!
  9. two 12volt batteries connected in series gives you 24v, however I ran the motor with a 12v battery on its own to try it and it gave me pretty much a perfect speed and drew hardly any extra current. no converting needing mate, just either run it off one battery or put in a 4 quid speed controller! how did you attach your birds or decoys to the ends of the poles bud? cheers
  10. afternoon everyone! im very new to this forum, im a young shot from Leicestershire and ive just got myself some rough shooting after being on the clay scene for a while. today ive started to build my own magnet rather than pay the price of a ready made one. ive made a nice little base up and good a little 24 volt motor out of a welder wire feeder unit all mounted up(ive got a plan in mind for speed control too, helps being an electrician!). found some nice aluminium tubing to make the arms out of but im stuck on how to attach either dead birds or decoys to the end of the arms. have any of you lads got any ideas? anything you may of done yourselves or seen done? any help would be greatly appreciated. cheers, josh
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